An archive of everything worn to MoMA from November 1, 2017, to January 28, 2018 Emily Spivack

8:21 AM NOV 01 2017

black jeans, black leather short booties, black and white spotted shirt, bright red scarf, red lipstick, a crochet and beaded flower necklace and braided hair

8:42 AM NOV 01 2017

Red hooded sweatshirt, white jeans, rain boots

8:42 AM NOV 01 2017

Thick grey coat, white shirt with buttons, brown boots with lamb skin inner

8:43 AM NOV 01 2017

Neon green rain coat, light blue jeans

9:46 AM NOV 01 2017

Adidas jogging bottoms, white shirt, red jacket

10:14 AM NOV 01 2017

Black pants, red 70's shirt, sandals

10:51 AM NOV 01 2017

Black sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a parka that the person who soldit to me called a "piece"

10:54 AM NOV 01 2017

Ties leatherS WATCHES

10:55 AM NOV 01 2017

Black riding boots, black dress, flowery top, black belt, gold square necklace

11:01 AM NOV 01 2017

Jeans, white nikes and a hot pink t-shirt

11:08 AM NOV 01 2017

Black pants, grey turtleneck, black boots

11:09 AM NOV 01 2017

Black Suit and blue dress, black shoes, bag

11:10 AM NOV 01 2017

Red sweatshirt, blue sweatpants, & white converse

11:11 AM NOV 01 2017

Wool suit pants, a striped tank top, combat boots from ebay. pashmina from a table in union square.

11:13 AM NOV 01 2017

Gray sweater, black shirt, jeans, gray boots

11:13 AM NOV 01 2017

Black oxford shirt, blue pants and light brown leather shoes with no-show socks

11:16 AM NOV 01 2017

Black nirvana t-shirt from middle school and my brother's old jeans. and moccasins.

11:17 AM NOV 01 2017

yellow and black hi-top nikes, Lakers baseball cap

11:39 AM NOV 01 2017

I'm wearing a navy blue fleece jacket, my favorite sweatshirt, skinny jeans, black oxfords, black socks and a necklace that was my mom's

11:39 AM NOV 01 2017

Long black velour dress with a black belt from Alberta

11:40 AM NOV 01 2017

blazer & Button down shirt & jeans & loafers

11:40 AM NOV 01 2017

Green Jott jacket, cashmere blue pull over, blue jeans, blue Converse

11:41 AM NOV 01 2017

Reeboks I got yesterday from a store on 14th street and my friend's jean jacket because I was cold

11:55 AM NOV 01 2017

Black high waisted pants and black and white vans, white socks and a pink sparkly shirt that says "Good Girl" :)

11:56 AM NOV 01 2017

Black jeans, white tees, black converse. Blue hair, blue eyes, I saw her.

11:58 AM NOV 01 2017

T-shirt, jeans and sneaker.

12:01 PM NOV 01 2017

Black pants,black sweater,

12:08 PM NOV 01 2017

Shorts, shirt,boots, hat

12:15 PM NOV 01 2017

Black sweater, plaid white shirt, olive Levi skinny jeans, brown shade shoes, tan glasses

12:16 PM NOV 01 2017

Ripped camo jeans, green boots, denim jacket

12:23 PM NOV 01 2017

I'm wearing a flannel with jeans and converse. I am also wearing a north face sweatshirt because I'm a little bit chilly.

12:23 PM NOV 01 2017

Jeans, turtleneck, black boots accented with faux fur, and an accent scarf.

12:25 PM NOV 01 2017

Red scarf, heathered black and red tights, tight skirt, pointy witch shoes

12:31 PM NOV 01 2017

Purple and green sweater, grey pants, black shoes, black and white hat

12:32 PM NOV 01 2017

Brown riding boots, blue cashmere sweater, jeans, leather jacket and a beige scarf I bought yesterday because it was freezing outside......

12:34 PM NOV 01 2017

Jean shirt and navy type pants and a lucky charm from Thailand ... and a white shirt , wearing black shoes ( dirty ) with white and grey socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:38 PM NOV 01 2017

Black wool sweater, jeans and leather boots with plum colored trench coat and scarf

1:27 PM NOV 01 2017

Purple Paul Smith Docs. Levi Jeans. Fred Perry. Trench Coat. Herring Bone cap.... A Beaut!

1:46 PM NOV 01 2017

Black crop-top with white skirt and suspenders

2:01 PM NOV 01 2017

Burgundy doc martens, no show socks, wide leg black pants, textured white sweater, mix and match earrings, eye glasses.

2:30 PM NOV 01 2017

Scarf, Zara blouse, Gap jeans, heart socks, Platform boots

2:38 PM NOV 01 2017

Black Nike, black jeans, blue shirt

2:40 PM NOV 01 2017

I have a grey sweater and Nike shoes and pants

2:43 PM NOV 01 2017

Midi length denim dress, pink and black sneakers, hoop earrings, assorted silver rings, black lipstick

3:15 PM NOV 01 2017

Black furry Pom Pom headband, black crushed velvet bomber, vampish red velvet Adidas dress with a turtle neck, black leggings and black NB trainers ++ some rings that I had all my life :)

3:22 PM NOV 01 2017

Tory birch bracelet, fluffy sleeve black romper

3:28 PM NOV 01 2017

Me:A black long sleeve top, jeans/trousers with wide ends, charcoal pink trainers/sneakers and a pink, purple, lilac, brown, beige and blue matching beanie hat and sweater My Dad: Clothes

3:59 PM NOV 01 2017

Wool sweater, dark blue jeans, multi-color leather boots, bold gold watch and black cotton cross bag.

4:00 PM NOV 01 2017

Jean dress, wool vest, adidas shoes with cute socks.

4:17 PM NOV 01 2017

White nike Air Force. Black Paige jeans. Blue crop top. Black bomber jacket. Supreme iPhone case. Black purse

4:19 PM NOV 01 2017

Black chunky platform boots, black Paige jeans, dark grey sweater, and black leather cross body bag by le cock.

4:27 PM NOV 01 2017

I wear a jeans with a pull and a T-shirt from levi's. The socks from thommy hill finger. My shoes are from Nike

4:45 PM NOV 01 2017

Christmas pants, tennis, jackets

4:47 PM NOV 01 2017

Nike sweats, Patagonia organic cotton tee from and flannel from goodwill

4:48 PM NOV 01 2017

Beige sweater, grey acid wash high-waisted jeans, pink scarf, black socks, pink shoes

4:55 PM NOV 01 2017

Beige sweater, navy sweatpants and orange pineapple hat

5:02 PM NOV 01 2017

Black Rick and Morty Shirt, Blue jeans - black and red Nike Air max

5:15 PM NOV 01 2017

I'm wearing asics sneakers, a black Zara jeans, a sweater, a scarf and a grey jacket !

5:17 PM NOV 01 2017

I am wearing black Nike sneakers, a comfy chino, a warm gray pullover. Jacket under my arm because it's really warm inside here :D

5:17 PM NOV 01 2017

I'm wearing Nike sneakers, black jeans, a red sweater and a watch.

5:22 PM NOV 01 2017

I am also wearing a maroon scrunchie in my hair but I didn't have enough room in my last entry to say so

5:23 PM NOV 01 2017

Black thermal shirt, grey leggings, high heeled boots, Foxing dad hat with three dogs (listen to Foxing)

5:24 PM NOV 01 2017

!!! And my fur coat how could I forget

10:49 AM NOV 02 2017

Tshirt, jeans, scarf

11:34 AM NOV 02 2017

Brown leather jacket, mustard yellow hoodie, light blue jeans, and brown/gray ankle boots

11:45 AM NOV 02 2017

I'm wearing a black Calvin Klein jumpsuit, a Seiko watch and an necklace with St. Catherine of Alexandria and of Siena

11:51 AM NOV 02 2017

Black slacks, blue shirt, black windbreaker

11:52 AM NOV 02 2017

Black corduroys, white button down shirt, black boots, gray fleece

11:56 AM NOV 02 2017

Brown fur coat, graphic t shirt, vintage Levi jeans, converse high tops

11:56 AM NOV 02 2017

Olive green bomber jacket, orange tee, black skinny jeans, and brown chelsea boots

12:16 PM NOV 02 2017

I am wearing rainbow Stonewall laces to subtlety challenge the homophobic persecution of sharia law in the country of Brunei where I currently live and work

12:20 PM NOV 02 2017

Black down vest, white long sleeve t, jeans and sneakers

12:23 PM NOV 02 2017

Blue jeans, green sweater, black day of the dead cowboy boots, necklace

12:24 PM NOV 02 2017

Black pants, gray sweater, black flat shoes, sapphire earrings and ring, gold necklace with pendant.

1:14 PM NOV 02 2017

Jean leggings, blue blouse, mustard knit jacket, pink suede loafers

1:29 PM NOV 02 2017

I'm wearing black pants and a red and dark blue checkered shirt with a black top underneath. Black sketchers. My husband is wearing a purple sweater and dark blue pants.

3:27 PM NOV 02 2017

Overpriced stripe shirt, high waisted black trousers, off white sneakers & oversized dark grey herringbone coat

3:30 PM NOV 02 2017

Dark jeans, black turtle neck, lack t-shirt, black blazer

3:41 PM NOV 02 2017

V neck t shirt, black pants, stingray shoes , a long matrix like cape

3:46 PM NOV 02 2017

Stan smith, white t-shirt and brown shirt. Caharrt blue jeans and green jacket from 2nd hand skut skut

3:50 PM NOV 02 2017

Square striped green/black shirt, covering a brown buttoned t-shirt, beneath a double-zipped black jacket. Green trousers and tied hair. And a sling bag.

4:23 PM NOV 02 2017

Black jacket, black dress shirt, blue jeans, blue socks, yellow Nikes.

4:29 PM NOV 02 2017

Ich trage ein blaues T-Shirt mit Pailletten und einer Moewe, eine Kuscheljacke mit grauen Fusseln drauf. Eine blaue Hose, blaue Socken und tuerkis-orangene Sneakers.

4:53 PM NOV 02 2017

Dark pink dress, black tights and buts

5:24 PM NOV 02 2017

Stripy blue & white Ralph shirt with blue trousers, both concealing my shoulder strapped green man thong

9:50 AM NOV 03 2017

Black wide-leg jeans, a blue denim shirt, black onyx earrings and black leather slip-on loafers

10:14 AM NOV 03 2017

All black jumpsuit and mustard Pumas. Black turtle neck.

10:24 AM NOV 03 2017

It's a blue and white day: brilliant blue corduroy pants, long white linen shirt, blue tie-dye scarf, white sneakers and a cream overcoat. With a bun in my hair and small blue dangling earrings.

10:33 AM NOV 03 2017

I am wearing a denim dress that was my mothers from the 80s and long black boots

10:48 AM NOV 03 2017

I' m wearing white blouse and jeans... and of course, sneakers!

10:50 AM NOV 03 2017

I'm wearing a white sweater with doodles, a grey sweat shirt and blue jeans. With Nike sneakers.

10:52 AM NOV 03 2017

I'm wearing white Zara t-shirt +Black denims +Pink ripped jacket +Adidas sneakers .

10:54 AM NOV 03 2017

black velvet skirt, black turtle neck and black dr a satin pink scrunchie for a pop of color

10:59 AM NOV 03 2017

Heather grey cardigan, olive green t-shirt, black skinny jeans, black off-brand combat boots

10:59 AM NOV 03 2017

converse, ripped black jeans, flannel cardigan, a space shirt, and bracelets that have meaning to me

11:04 AM NOV 03 2017

T shirt green black shorts black hooded jacket - Leitrim boy

11:17 AM NOV 03 2017

Black t shirt featuring a guitar,pair of blue jeans and my iconic doc martens shoes.

11:23 AM NOV 03 2017

A denim skirt with floral embroidery. It is paired with a solid navy blue v neck top.

11:23 AM NOV 03 2017

Old flannel with minimal paint stains. Jeans I stole from my mom. Doc Martens.

11:26 AM NOV 03 2017

Sneakers leather pants

11:27 AM NOV 03 2017

Jeans sweatshirt sneakers

11:30 AM NOV 03 2017

Jeans Salopette green tee shirt and red doc martens

11:32 AM NOV 03 2017

Red moccasin, mustard jean, green blouse n bleue glasses

11:36 AM NOV 03 2017

Heeled black vinyl boots, washed mom jeans, black turtleneck rolled at sleeves. Orange eyeshadow, 3 mismatched earrings.

11:43 AM NOV 03 2017

I am full of color today! I am wearing my favorite Levi's with print in orange, red and white and a basic pink top.

11:45 AM NOV 03 2017

Black long skirt Black sweater

11:49 AM NOV 03 2017

Nike frees, black leggings, mauve t-shirt and an oatmeal cardigan. Rebecca Minkoff bag :)

11:49 AM NOV 03 2017

Converse sneaks, skinny jeans, thermal long-sleeve tee, Sundance necklace, rings, Kate spade bag

11:50 AM NOV 03 2017

I wear only pullovers by Peter Scheffler.

11:51 AM NOV 03 2017

Black & white plaid Nordstrom blouse, jeans, white Roxy sneakers. Silver hoop earrings.

11:52 AM NOV 03 2017

Black Sketchers, blue jeans, blue J Crew vest, flower & polka dot blouse. Silver earrings.

11:55 AM NOV 03 2017

Mauve collared button down knee length dress with long sleeves, black tights, tall brown boots

11:57 AM NOV 03 2017

Navy pants, plaid shirt, chuck taylors and a belt that I made

11:58 AM NOV 03 2017

Light blue fancy long t-shirt with polka dots. Ripped skinny jeans, white and green adidas shoes with no show socks. Hair ties and bracelets, poor cat necklaces.

11:59 AM NOV 03 2017

Green sweater with ripped skinny jeans and white low top converse and silver necklace.

11:59 AM NOV 03 2017

Light was jeans, white sweater with a black vest and black Steve Madden slip ons

12:00 PM NOV 03 2017

Green Diary Of A Wimpy Kid T-shirt with long black sleeve shirt. Long blue jeans with Nike sneakers

12:02 PM NOV 03 2017

Aqua blue shift, black sweater shrug, black suede chunky heel pumps, silver knot bracelet

12:04 PM NOV 03 2017

A striped sweater with the colors white and pink. Dark blue wind jacket. Dark blue denim jeans, black grey and red socks in pink shoes.

12:08 PM NOV 03 2017

Western brands:D Starting from the new Nike black kicks, dark blue jeans to a grey sweater of matching somehow. Cheers

12:10 PM NOV 03 2017

Campera y pantalon negro con una remera gris de David Gilmore

12:11 PM NOV 03 2017

Zapatillas grises, Jean recto y Claro y sweater rojo y azul.

12:23 PM NOV 03 2017

Black jacket, white shirt, black trousers, black shoes

12:26 PM NOV 03 2017

Hudson jeans, tank top, plaid shirt & Adidas Tennis shoes

12:38 PM NOV 03 2017

Jeans, crop shoulder top, choker, platform sneakers

12:38 PM NOV 03 2017

Levi's jeans and white T-Shirt, bright blue Nike sneakers

12:39 PM NOV 03 2017

Blue Jeans, green polo shirt, orange running shoes, and a garmin watch

12:40 PM NOV 03 2017

Blue jeans, blue sneakers, grey jacket, smart watch

12:45 PM NOV 03 2017

Black t-shirt White jeans Gold metallic sneakers Cashmere scarf

12:46 PM NOV 03 2017

A white pirate top, grey jeans, adidas sneakers, socks, underwear, and my gold bag!

12:47 PM NOV 03 2017

Black watch plaid shirt, khakis, white Tretorn sneakers

12:57 PM NOV 03 2017

Black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, floral bomber jacket, black leather slip ons

12:58 PM NOV 03 2017

Dark blue skinny jeans with beige long sleeve top and Nike sneakers.

1:14 PM NOV 03 2017

White long sleeved tshirt Native American print jacket Dark blue skinny jeans Brown low heeled booties

1:15 PM NOV 03 2017

Linen long sleeved top - white with pink and blue flowers Pink camisole Black skinny jeans Black flats

1:19 PM NOV 03 2017

Basic t-shirt, black jeans, Vans shoes

1:19 PM NOV 03 2017

Black jeggins, cardigan and shirt with stripes

1:37 PM NOV 03 2017

A double dark-wash denim outfit (jacket and bottoms). I'm also wearing my Nike Roche runs and some gold jewelry. On my face I have bronzer and mascara on

1:39 PM NOV 03 2017

Stripped blue and white jumper, grey cashmere scarp, black jeans, camel Faye Chloe bag, and Adidas Gazelles in nude.

1:48 PM NOV 03 2017

Palace everything. All blu. We out here #MoMa

1:55 PM NOV 03 2017

Levi's jeans red polo and pm shoes

1:57 PM NOV 03 2017

I am wearing a grey sweat and a black jeans, MP3 wear baskets Nike which are black and white, my friends and I always kava a Todd bag to go to school and for the week end.

2:31 PM NOV 03 2017

Red pant, black shirt, black jacket

2:42 PM NOV 03 2017

Practicality with undercurrents of flair

2:42 PM NOV 03 2017

A floral ensemble - walking photosynthesis

2:46 PM NOV 03 2017

Green shirt, black pants, my hopes and dreams

2:53 PM NOV 03 2017

Maroon infinity scarf, white long sleeved v-neck underneath a camel leather jacket with zippered pockets, blue Levi skinny jeans, dark gray socks underneath brown leather lucky brand boots.

2:54 PM NOV 03 2017

Brown oxfords, grey khakis, short sleeve striped shirt, dark grey jacket

3:16 PM NOV 03 2017

Black sneakers, blue jeans, pink and cream striped shirt Blue and red sneakers, blue jeans, and bright yellow long-sleeved t-shirt

3:19 PM NOV 03 2017

Boot cut blue jeans, floral chiffon tank top with a black cotton back.

3:19 PM NOV 03 2017

Jeans and a T-shirt with a black hand made belt and running shoes. I also have a garmin running watch on.

3:21 PM NOV 03 2017

Uniform Shirt, blue jeans, grey Nike's, black North Face Jacket, and a black headband.

3:23 PM NOV 03 2017

Grey hoodie, burgundy jacket, black jeans, black and white Nike's, black and white Nike hat.

3:23 PM NOV 03 2017

Grey North face hoodie, black jeans, black mx flux adidas shoes.

3:38 PM NOV 03 2017

Black dress pants, leather flats, black and white polka dot tank, and a tan cardigan

3:52 PM NOV 03 2017

Dusty pink mock neck top, medium wash high waisted ripped jeans, black air max nikes, STARRY NIGHT SOCKS!!!!

3:53 PM NOV 03 2017

White shirt, jeans and red sweater

3:54 PM NOV 03 2017

Color block sweater (navy blue, red, white), mid wash jeans, tasseled loafers, camera in hand

4:12 PM NOV 03 2017

Jeans Jacket w/ patch by Paul Pope, light grey sweater, all white vans, khaki joggers and circle glasses

4:19 PM NOV 03 2017

Taupe V-neck tshirt, jeans, structured brown leather bag, black low heeled ankle boots

4:20 PM NOV 03 2017

Khaki shorts, blue T Shirt, gray socks

4:30 PM NOV 03 2017

I am wearing a black shirt with a pair of ripped jeans, my shoes are leather boots with red inside. I have a brown backpack

4:34 PM NOV 03 2017

Tweed dress, black leggings, slouchy suede black boots, a shiny black bomber jacket.

4:34 PM NOV 03 2017

Black bomber jacket, grey scarf, black skinny jeans, vans old skool. - KR

4:38 PM NOV 03 2017

H&M Polo,Chinos,Pumas

4:40 PM NOV 03 2017

Black Blundstone Boots, black and grey plaid pants, red and white striped shirt, black Fitbit, white gold earrings.

4:43 PM NOV 03 2017

I am wearing a Mabel D'Amico knitted cap and signature rope belt. Only from Amagansett....

4:49 PM NOV 03 2017

A gray pusheen t-shirt, black jeans and long gray and white sweater.

4:53 PM NOV 03 2017

I'm wearing some fly looking clothes, ya dig? Trust me on this one, they

4:59 PM NOV 03 2017

red Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, blue Calvin Klein Jeans jacket, dark blue jeans, golden/khaki 97 Nike Air Max

5:00 PM NOV 03 2017

Black Nike TN , pink socks, black Levi's jeans , tommy Hilfinger t-shirt, Jeans jacked

5:02 PM NOV 03 2017

Red Tommy Hilfiger sweater, blue jeans, black and white converse

5:06 PM NOV 03 2017

Black tank top, black sweater, high waisted olive green pants and a distressed belt

5:07 PM NOV 03 2017

Hawaiian shirt, green utility jacket, faded green slacks, Matisse socks, Nike sneakers, and a Kanken backpack

5:11 PM NOV 03 2017

My favorite vintage jeans jacket, black Levi's, black t-shirt, black boots, a fanny pack, glasses and red lipstick.

5:19 PM NOV 03 2017

A New York T-Shirt Under Armor Leggings Nike Flynit Shoes

5:28 PM NOV 03 2017

Red t-shirt, beige long pants

5:29 PM NOV 03 2017

Black dress with tights, black suede over the knee boots and a black trench jacket

5:30 PM NOV 03 2017

Black vans tshirt, light blue jean jacket, black jeans and black toms. All black everything booooiiiiiiiii.

5:38 PM NOV 03 2017

Grey t-shirt, ripped jeans, black booties

5:38 PM NOV 03 2017

Maroon t-shirt, light blue skinny jeans, and brown booties

5:39 PM NOV 03 2017

Pink vans, jeans, royal blue blouse

5:40 PM NOV 03 2017

All black. Dress. Tights. Vans Old Skool Sneakers.

5:48 PM NOV 03 2017

Floral black pants, velvet red shoes and a second-hand shirt from San Francisco

5:49 PM NOV 03 2017

Blue v neck from uni qlo, levi 514s, gray chukkas, a leather belt with an origin long forgot, warby parker glasses, and a Nomos watch in blue

6:03 PM NOV 03 2017

Peach-colored canvas Vans, blue jeans, short sleeve white button down shirt.

6:07 PM NOV 03 2017

Refined like the night sky, wearing nothing but his own confidence, this guy pulls off the white sneakers and black upper like it's his damn job to do so.

6:09 PM NOV 03 2017

A blue Polaroid t-shirt with a camera puking a rainbow, a black pair of shorts with a with thin line on the side. running shoes with a yellow and orange pattern. A grey jacket and black thin glasses.

6:09 PM NOV 03 2017

Black watch, brown belt - a rebel at heart.

6:10 PM NOV 03 2017

The only not following his otherwise black outfit consisting of black, t-shirt, pants and dr. Martens, is his white tennis socks which he wear proudly.

6:21 PM NOV 03 2017

Alexander Mc queen dress , Gucci belt and Prada slip on's

6:30 PM NOV 03 2017

Navy blue suit with white shirt

6:33 PM NOV 03 2017

Grey chuck taylors, green Levi's 501s, KAWS Snoopy ghost T, Colbert Show sweatshirt, blue Moleskine in the back pocket, pens and markers in the front pocket

6:49 PM NOV 03 2017

Comme des Garcon X Converse and WATR Uzumaki Jacket

6:51 PM NOV 03 2017

Denim jacket from my grandpa closet, black and white shirt I bought last night, denim jeans cause I'm cool, maroon adidas, jewelry, that's it

7:08 PM NOV 03 2017

Blue jeans, blue plaid flannel, burgundy colored converse

7:13 PM NOV 03 2017

Gingham Molly Goddard dress over old Morrissey tshirt, black nikes and lots of gold necklaces and rings

7:26 PM NOV 03 2017

Jacket, pants, shoes, sneakers, socks, boots,

7:28 PM NOV 03 2017

Army green long sleeve crew neck cotton crop tee, black high waist jeans and white AF1s.

7:30 PM NOV 03 2017

Black cut sleeve crop top, high waist black denim skinny jeans, gray vans and an army green denim trench acc with a royal blue Michael kors backpack

7:34 PM NOV 03 2017

Blue Marvel graphic tee, blue jeans, black sneakers.

7:35 PM NOV 03 2017

Dark green t-shirt with black abstract print, dark blue jeans with a small fray on the right knee, black sweater with blue and grey argyle pattern, brown faux leather Oxford shoes, black leather belt

7:44 PM NOV 03 2017

Pink uniqlo 'moma' art t shirt and top man jeans.

7:52 PM NOV 03 2017

bender tokyo top, kenneth cole rose gold and black leather watch. uniqlo black selvedge denim jeans. white vans!

8:23 PM NOV 03 2017

Black and blue leopard print Rebecca Taylor dress with a black leather jacket and a metallic silver clutch purse

8:29 PM NOV 03 2017

Red Beenie from h&m, black opening ceremony t-shirt, black uniqlo pants, infrared 7 Jordan's and black velvet bomber. All black everything NY state of mind.

10:31 AM NOV 04 2017

All black converse, black high waist jeans, MTV music sweatshirt, light gray croptop turtle neck, light gray beanie

10:46 AM NOV 04 2017

Tight black paints. White tailored shirt. Burnt umber suede vest. Black cardigan cashmere sweater. Blue topaz earrings. Black boots.

10:50 AM NOV 04 2017

505 Levi blue jeans black plaid shirt brown leather boots

10:54 AM NOV 04 2017

A black Champions hoodie with blue Arizona jeans and Jordan six rings

11:01 AM NOV 04 2017

I am wearing black leggings and a white and black sweater accented with my mothers opal earrings.

11:01 AM NOV 04 2017

Light Navy blouse with a white floral pattern, navy sweater, jeans and brown boots.

11:04 AM NOV 04 2017

Black jacket, light blue button down long sleeve shirt, jeans, black shoes.

11:15 AM NOV 04 2017

I'm wearing red jeans, red and white sweater, grey socks and brown leather shoes.

11:18 AM NOV 04 2017

Llevo puesta una falda gris, con un jersey gris con motivos otonales y unas comidasimas zapatillas para recorrer New York!

11:21 AM NOV 04 2017

LIM college grey sweatshirt, grey leggings, black short, flouncy skirt, black Chelsea boots, orange Prada crossover bag, black rimmed glasses

11:21 AM NOV 04 2017

Alexander McQueen Skull scarf over a James Perse Worn T Frame black denim jeans and a LIM College Sweatshirt all under a Rag & Bone Leather hoodie. Too small socks in my Golden Goose sneakers

12:13 PM NOV 04 2017

I am wearing a sportive outfit with on (Swiss brand) shoes and a New York City sweater... mostly black and a Hugo boss watch, also black

12:14 PM NOV 04 2017

Black Barnett boots, skinny dark jeans, orange metallic bomber jacket

12:15 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue velvet combat boots, black fuzzy sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, green knitted beret, a smile

12:17 PM NOV 04 2017

A black dress with embroidered flowers, black knee-high boots, a fur vest and heat-tech leggings

12:26 PM NOV 04 2017

Long sleeve t-shirt, leggings, high top sneakers, Fitbit, earrings, bracelet, socks, underwear

12:26 PM NOV 04 2017

Sweater, jeans, t-shirt, earrings, underwear, bra, handbag, sneakers

12:29 PM NOV 04 2017

White Sneakers, black trousers with cargo pockets, black polo and pull over....Piero, Lugano-Switzerland

12:30 PM NOV 04 2017

Trousers shirts bags rings bracelets watch glasses

12:32 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue sneakers, blue trousers, blue shirt and multicolor scarf, Rosy, Lugano-Switzerland

12:35 PM NOV 04 2017

Military green hooded jumpsuit, Cortez Nike shoes, Pichulik necklace and Maria McCloy earrings

12:35 PM NOV 04 2017

Ripped jeans, shirt with palette, Stan smith shoes, pandora bracelet

12:39 PM NOV 04 2017

A black and white striped shirt with burgundy outlines, light blue Levi's, black and white high top Converse with red and black fluffy Halloween socks

12:42 PM NOV 04 2017

My mom's sweater, black jeans, all of my rings, and my old chucks.

12:42 PM NOV 04 2017

Black leggings, hunter green flows three quarters sleeve shirt, mustard yellow scarf, grey beenie, Hofstra windbreaker

12:52 PM NOV 04 2017

I'm wearing a red puffy jacket, a large patterned shawl scarf, comfortable black cotton pants, black. Low shoes

12:55 PM NOV 04 2017

A sweatshirt, a jean jacket, a vest, a long shirt two short sleeve shirts, jeans, leggings, sports pants, undies, socks, and shoes.

12:55 PM NOV 04 2017

Nike hoodie, Nike sport pants, Nike sneakers, and Fitbit Alta watch

1:19 PM NOV 04 2017

Black&White stripped sweater with gold buttons, blue high waisted jeans, sneakers, black cross body bag

1:28 PM NOV 04 2017

Pale blue jeans, rolled at the bottom, dark blue suede shoes, a red and blue checked shirt, and glasses

1:29 PM NOV 04 2017

Jeans, a gray shirt, black boots and a gilded child's backpack painted gold

1:29 PM NOV 04 2017

Dark jeans, purple sweater, combat boots, blue and white glasses.

1:31 PM NOV 04 2017

Whatever makes me hate myself the least in the morning. Most days, nothing works.

1:39 PM NOV 04 2017

Black polar fleece jacket with hood. Navy pants. Brown shoes. Off white cardigan. Infinity scarf in white with black and yellow pattern

1:40 PM NOV 04 2017

Jeans, pale blue polo shirt, grey cotton track jacket.

1:42 PM NOV 04 2017

All black. Distressed sweater, leggings, nikes. Vince Camuto puffy vest with fur hood. Alexis Bittar choker. "Wicked" lipstick from Lime Crime.

1:43 PM NOV 04 2017

Black and gold Packers snap back, dark grey flannel, tan jeans, camel sperrys, gold watch.

1:44 PM NOV 04 2017

Spijkers&spijkers black silk top, Hema bra And ubderpants, theory black pants & Cos ankle boots

1:45 PM NOV 04 2017

Pink sweater, blue jeans, black leather sneakers

1:45 PM NOV 04 2017

Black tunic Skinny blue jeans Black booties

1:46 PM NOV 04 2017

Timberland walking shoes, Levi's jeans, an oxford cloth button down collar shirt, and a dress jacket.

1:47 PM NOV 04 2017

Black Birkenstock boots, black jeggings, paisley blouse, black double-breasted jacket, b&w rosepashmini from street vendor.

1:50 PM NOV 04 2017

Olive t-shirt, denim jeans, Chelsea boots, wool work jacket.

1:51 PM NOV 04 2017

Black Suede pants, black cashmere t shirt, long white sweater, black boots, gold hoop earrings, blue and gold cross body bag, red lipstick

1:52 PM NOV 04 2017

Jeans, pirate pullover, vans, colorful socks

1:56 PM NOV 04 2017

A yellow scarf a yellow purse a yellow sweater and a green jacket

1:56 PM NOV 04 2017

A gray sweater, dark blue jeans, Nike sneakers, and a black jacket

1:57 PM NOV 04 2017

A large black puffy jacket, with a maroon flannel underneath. Black gloves, black jeans with fleece on the inside, and black nike running shoes

2:14 PM NOV 04 2017

Red body suit, black skinny jeans, blue jean jacket, white classic vans, ray bans club master rounds

2:21 PM NOV 04 2017

White t shirt, boyfriend jeans, un matching colorful socks, hair tie on my wrist, my cross fit sneakers,

2:21 PM NOV 04 2017

White t shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. My shirt is slight stained. My jeans are excessively large. My belt is two sizes too big. Yet, I feel compressed. Like a panini.

2:26 PM NOV 04 2017

Red lipstick. Grey long sweatshirt. Brownish leggings. Tall black sorrel rain boots. A large personality.

2:28 PM NOV 04 2017

Metallic tapestry sneakers with bluebird applique

2:31 PM NOV 04 2017

Black leather sneakers, a blue shirt that I wish was reversible because I like the inside better, and a watch my gf got me from Japan

2:32 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue hooded quiksilver sweat shirt, fitted blue jeans, puma high tops, a gold ring from mom on my left ring finger, and of course, hoop earrings.

2:33 PM NOV 04 2017

A striped shirt under a black dress. Grey leggings, green wool socks and short leather boots.

2:36 PM NOV 04 2017

Black Ludlow Guitar t-shirt, jeans and black corduroy jacket

2:37 PM NOV 04 2017

Black silky shirt, jeans an annoying size too big, trusty fleece pullover, and Brooks running shoes which are ugly but needed for the marathon tomorrow - I was trying to pack light for the flight.

2:39 PM NOV 04 2017

My fiance is wearing white Nikes that almost match mine, blue jeans, a sweater with pictures of other clothes on it, and a white quilted jacket

2:39 PM NOV 04 2017

See through pink, white, and gold sweater; ombre gray black scarf, maroon leggings; elegant sneakers with rhinestones

2:55 PM NOV 04 2017

Black converse, mustard cropped hoodie, low rise blue jeans ripped at the knee, and Billie jean king style glasses

2:55 PM NOV 04 2017

Yellow off-the-shoulder flowy tube top, high waisted ripped blue jeans, a vintage Guess jean jacket, and white high top Converse

3:03 PM NOV 04 2017

I'm also wearing a red patterned sweater brown with a pink cotton Turtleneck underneath. A purple down jacket. A multicolored barret.

3:07 PM NOV 04 2017

Rust colored sweater, green corduroys, black boots

3:07 PM NOV 04 2017

White converse, Hollister blue jeans, grey sweater, J-Crew black vest

3:14 PM NOV 04 2017

black and white striped tshirt, ripped blue boyfriend jeans, black hightop converse.

3:15 PM NOV 04 2017

Black leggings, black tank top, and a black dress I just bought because I was cold!!!!

3:15 PM NOV 04 2017

Jenn Im eggie oversized hoodie with diy target canvas jacket over the knee black boots and long red socks. Whitechapel diy metal vest black skinny jeans high top black vans

3:17 PM NOV 04 2017

Black shirt, khaki pants, white vans

3:19 PM NOV 04 2017

Bjorn Suede Boots

3:20 PM NOV 04 2017

Vintage Plaid Jacket

3:22 PM NOV 04 2017

Flower pants and a happy day words band flower

3:25 PM NOV 04 2017

I'm wearing a Sonoma flannel, a tee-shirt from a burger place in New Hope called "Moo", American Eagle black skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse

3:26 PM NOV 04 2017

Old Navy blue denim jeans, a mauve Garage mock turtleneck, beige knee high boots, a maroon Sam Elderman motorcycle jacket, a Kate Spade backpack, Juicy Couture earrings, and my mom's scarf

3:28 PM NOV 04 2017

Black mockneck, blue jeans, black Chelsea boots, camel overcoat, Glossier BoyBrow, and a bright yellow notebook

3:30 PM NOV 04 2017

OVO x Jordan Cap, Nike Tech Crewneck, Nike Tech Pants, Nike Tech Parka, Jordan 1's.

3:31 PM NOV 04 2017

Air Prestos, Nike Sportswear Leggings, Nike Running Shirt.

3:36 PM NOV 04 2017

Black skinny jeans, black long sleeve shirt, black beanie, black docs, plaid flannel

3:37 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, beautiful girlfriend under arm

3:41 PM NOV 04 2017

Black jeans and white and blue sweater and pink shirt

3:49 PM NOV 04 2017

Green Old Navy t-shirt with bears, dark Aeropostale jeans, black Columbia fleece jacket, and blue Vans

3:49 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey fleece jacket, dark jeans, red floral vans, and a heather white t-shirt

3:53 PM NOV 04 2017

Leopard-skin thong.

3:54 PM NOV 04 2017

Denim and Flowers white button-down shirt

3:54 PM NOV 04 2017

ation watch, brass finish, brown leather strap

3:58 PM NOV 04 2017

Black sweater that isn't warm enough with polka dot and stripe underlay. Comfy black pants that feel like leggings. Average looking boots.

4:03 PM NOV 04 2017

Roots gray knitted weather, black jeans, and redwood Blundstones!

4:04 PM NOV 04 2017

Colorful knitted sweater gem necklace army green jeans and Nike running shoes

4:07 PM NOV 04 2017

I'm wearing a yellow jacket with black skinny jeans and fur ugg boots

4:08 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue suede boots, ripped jeans, grey sweater with open sides, and gold earrings!

4:09 PM NOV 04 2017

Black high tops, black jeans, and a military green hoodie.

4:11 PM NOV 04 2017

A gray sweater, black leggings, faded blue sperry's and millennial pink & faux diamond earrings.

4:14 PM NOV 04 2017

Denim layered look jacket, jeans and, of course my specs.

4:17 PM NOV 04 2017

A ring that hugs my finger (literally).

4:31 PM NOV 04 2017

(I'm from Italy )ho una maglia della Santa Cruz e una felpa della Thrasher con dei leggins neri e le scarpe della Nike

4:33 PM NOV 04 2017

Camel color lleather jacket, black jeans, white long sleeve top, white sneakers

4:38 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey sweater dress, scarf, and black booties

4:40 PM NOV 04 2017

Brown slacks with multisweater in tans and pink. Sneakers. Earrings that include 35-years old turkeys that I wear only in November.

4:40 PM NOV 04 2017

Naked in spirit but actually jeans and shirt and leather jacket

4:42 PM NOV 04 2017

Pleather top shop leather jacket, burgundy F21 off the shoulder top, American eagle jeans, white converse

4:42 PM NOV 04 2017

Black ASICs Nimbus 18, Black Rag/Bone Jeans, Grey [Run Detroit] sweatshirt, Rolex Submariner... #champagneandvitamins

4:44 PM NOV 04 2017

I'm wearing a mustard knit sweater with ripped black jeans over fishnets. Shoes are black buckled, short boots

4:45 PM NOV 04 2017

White Nikes with blue Ralph Lauren khakis and a New York Giants SnapBack.

4:47 PM NOV 04 2017

High-waisted Skinny jeans with a black tank and a blue knit sweater. Ballet flats.

4:48 PM NOV 04 2017

Green Cheek Beer Company hat, baseball tee, demin button up shirt, grey jeans, vans, camo socks, and spiewak blue canvas jacket with a black band Timex and anchor clasp leather bracelet.

4:48 PM NOV 04 2017

Patterned jogger pant, white adidas sneakers, red moto jacket

4:48 PM NOV 04 2017

Work boots, blue jeans, a snug fit long sleeve t-shirt and an Alcatraz hoodie.

4:50 PM NOV 04 2017

Sport watch, Tiffany T bracelet, LV pouchette, black cashmere boatneck sweater, dark blue jeans, Hogan sneakers from a trip to Italy, and a large smoky topaz ring I took from my mom when I was 16

4:52 PM NOV 04 2017

I am wearing skinny blue jeans, trail running shoes, wool socks, lapis blue cashmere sweater, and comfy bra and panties.

5:04 PM NOV 04 2017

I wear a jean, a big black t-shirts and Nike sneakers yellow and withe

5:04 PM NOV 04 2017

Black leather boots I painted white, 2009 Rick Owens aircut waxed denim, black crop top, black hoodie and bomber

5:05 PM NOV 04 2017

Black Leather Jacket (John Elliott), Black pullover Hoodie (American Apparel), Grey Skinny Jeans (Saint Laurent), & Black Wyatt Boots (Saint Laurent).

5:05 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey t-shirt, yellow snickers, black pants, dark green coat.

5:09 PM NOV 04 2017

Rick Owens and cartoon alpaca printed socks from forever 21

5:13 PM NOV 04 2017

My favorite skinny jeans from Aero, a white t shirt, a super soft blue and red cardigan from Target, and a pair of black Nikes (I don't actually run)

5:15 PM NOV 04 2017

Black leather pants and glittery tops to Studio 54

5:16 PM NOV 04 2017

A purple knit sweater from Ralph Lauren

5:20 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey shirt with three buttons and pocket, grey sweater, jeans and nikes

5:21 PM NOV 04 2017

Distressed jeans, plum colored peplum shirt, a black coat, cat socks and black Toms.

5:33 PM NOV 04 2017

Jeans, blue jacket, beige turtle neck sweater and adidas sneakers

5:37 PM NOV 04 2017

Beige jacket (dad sized), the fluffiest green sweater, reliable jeans and converse that have seen too much.

5:38 PM NOV 04 2017

Green flannel, khakis, white socks, white shoes, and a Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

5:43 PM NOV 04 2017

Red cap Glasses Gray surfish sweater Black skinny jeans Black low top vans

5:43 PM NOV 04 2017

Boots, grey jeans, so far so good grey sweater, leather jacket and ray ban glasses. She looks lovely

5:56 PM NOV 04 2017

White Levi's jeans, white "Wet" band t-shirt, white vintage Manhattan neon crewneck, Levi's blue denim jacket, white Vans Old Skool sneakers, Dooney and Burke brown leather purse

6:17 PM NOV 04 2017

I got a fresh pair of TIMS on. Can't get with the yeazy's!

6:37 PM NOV 04 2017

A 20-dollar Baja hoodie from Mexico

6:38 PM NOV 04 2017

I am wearing a tri-blend solid indigo shirt with grey jeans and high tops.

6:41 PM NOV 04 2017

Black and beige vertical striped shirt from the 80's, black Everlane pants, Zara shoes with the straps cut off, Warby Parker glasses

6:45 PM NOV 04 2017

Something probably only worth a total of $100

6:45 PM NOV 04 2017

Sleeveless jumpsuit, with baggy pant legs, black cardigan, family heirloom silver bracelet and granny panties.

6:48 PM NOV 04 2017

Basically what I saw on the mannequin and thought it was cute.

6:53 PM NOV 04 2017

Cleats, timex iron man watch, khaki of awesome pants, and a cotton black of awesome shirt.

7:05 PM NOV 04 2017

Floral long sleeve, acid washed jeans, and "nice" pink and black Pumas.

7:07 PM NOV 04 2017

Grungy striped sweater, blue shirt, charcoal pants rolled at the ankle, blue and white polka dot socks and an old pair of classic white suede adidas, blue boxers

7:07 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey jeans. Blue sweater. Blue shirt. White shoes. Viva Mexico Cabrones

7:14 PM NOV 04 2017

Cleats, the necklace my mom made me, khaki rockets of awesome pants, a blue timex iron man watch, and a cotton black rockets of awesome shirt.

7:27 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue long sleeve American Eagle T shirt, Black fleece pants, fuschia pink sneakers, and my fave canvas tote bag that goes with me whenever i travel

7:28 PM NOV 04 2017

Jeans, white shirt with camel leather jacket, orange scarf with fringes and taupe wedge booties...

7:49 PM NOV 04 2017

Brown polo cap light grey sweater black 510's brown desert boots kdv

7:53 PM NOV 04 2017

A green sweater, black skinny jeans, white Stan Smiths, a pink purse.

7:57 PM NOV 04 2017

Blue jacket, black and grey socks, a grey sweater and a smile on her face

7:57 PM NOV 04 2017

Zwarte Cross T-shirt met een nozembroek, gecombineerd met Tante Rikie's ondergoed

8:00 PM NOV 04 2017

Grey turtle neck shirt, Velvet Blazer bow tie lapel, Blue Nudie Jeans Nudie fly with a cutie pie Harlem, brown leather shoes.

8:06 PM NOV 04 2017

Morocco, China, China, China, Vietnam.

8:16 PM NOV 04 2017

Naked but happy with a cap found on the street

8:31 PM NOV 04 2017

Black patterned jeans, a Steve Jobs inspired turtle neck, and a charcoal grey trench coat which I received as a Christmas present last year.

8:31 PM NOV 04 2017

Clothes, made of all types of materials. And a big fat smile.

11:35 AM NOV 05 2017

Black pants, black shirt, Adidas Superstars and a long pink suede vest

11:42 AM NOV 05 2017

Pink shirts, the whole planetary system, and hearts.

11:58 AM NOV 05 2017

Red jeans, grey top, white/black scarf, black jacket, comfy black boots

12:13 PM NOV 05 2017

Silver boots, white striped leggings, t shirt with bunny hopping, rain jacket. (9 year old!)

12:19 PM NOV 05 2017

Jacket pants sport shoes

12:24 PM NOV 05 2017

Gray sweater, black leggings, black over-the-knee boots

12:26 PM NOV 05 2017

White t-shirt with a green/black flannel. Railcar raw denim blue jeans and oxblood redwing heritage boots

12:29 PM NOV 05 2017

Jeans, shoes, shirt

12:30 PM NOV 05 2017

Glass, skirt, shirt

12:32 PM NOV 05 2017

Coat, shoes, bag, glasses, watch

12:42 PM NOV 05 2017

Tight jeans, white ribbed long-sleeved shirt, black pointed boots

12:58 PM NOV 05 2017

Basket Blanche, pantalon beige couvrant un calecon blue marine, polo Gris et sweat zip Avec capuche rouge...

1:00 PM NOV 05 2017

Black bell-sleeve top, maroon jeans, black loafers.

1:01 PM NOV 05 2017

Green army jacket Grey turtle neck chestnut brown booties High waisted dark wash boyfriend jeans

1:02 PM NOV 05 2017

Black polo windbreaker Red and black striped collared pull over shirt. Blue jeans. White sneakers

1:03 PM NOV 05 2017

Limited edition kotare blue wool sneakers, orangey red pants, highly patterned fuzzy sweater, moustache (today unwaxed)

1:14 PM NOV 05 2017

My mom is wearing a pink sweater, black jeans and black boots.My sister is wearing a red shirt with flowers, gray tights and dark gray sneakers.

1:19 PM NOV 05 2017

High water blue denim pants, too short socks with brown suede slip on shoes, grey lightweight hoodie and New York snap back hat.

1:20 PM NOV 05 2017

Floral leggings, black socks, paint splattered Vans, and pink zip up sweatshirts.

1:21 PM NOV 05 2017

My friend Is wearing a blue iron giant shirt, a blue lands end sweater, gray sweat pants and gray converse.My other friend is wearing a gray t-shirt, purple sweater, purple leggings and gray shoes.

1:21 PM NOV 05 2017

Jeans tshirt sneakers socks camera watch

1:25 PM NOV 05 2017

Right side makeing a dress

1:26 PM NOV 05 2017

Penguin pajamas from New York

1:26 PM NOV 05 2017

My favorite cobalt blue trench coat jacket from JCrew, light purple sweater, black and silver scarf, gray leather purse, black pants, black sneakers andlast but not the least, my favorite eau de toilette, Coco Channel

1:29 PM NOV 05 2017

Gray v-neck, asymmetrical, midi length dress, black leggings, and dark red booties

1:38 PM NOV 05 2017

Black ballet flats

1:53 PM NOV 05 2017

Lamb, dark brown leather jacket, blue shirt with stripes, black trousers, belt, underwear, and Clarks black shoes. The part of my outfit are also my glasses.

1:55 PM NOV 05 2017

Silver faith, black ram peacoat bracelet soul stealer

2:14 PM NOV 05 2017

Camel-colored coat my grandma bought me off a mannequin yesterday because it was cold. 40% off.

2:20 PM NOV 05 2017

Timberland boots, dark jeans, blue Victoria secret bra, grey blue hoodie, dark plum shirt

2:20 PM NOV 05 2017

Black dress, mustard sweater, black leggings, black boots, my grandma's ring and necklace, a choker from claire's

2:23 PM NOV 05 2017

Yellow sweatshirt, charcoal grey leggings, jean jacket, black doc martens

2:23 PM NOV 05 2017

Brown patterned bell bottom trousers, acrylic leather-lined embellished long sleeved fitted top, chunky bongo platform lace-up loafers

2:29 PM NOV 05 2017

white Common Projects sneakers, black Acne Studios jeans, grey Theory terry cloth sweater, taupe John Elliot bomber

2:32 PM NOV 05 2017

Black skinny jeans, black boots, a patterned scarf and a green combat jacket

2:47 PM NOV 05 2017

Plum off the shoulder blouse, black skinny jeans, black satchel purse, sneakers, lime green socks

2:53 PM NOV 05 2017

Mon amie Porte Un tee-shirt en coton rouge, de forever 21, un jean skinny, noir, des chaussettes noires et blanche, et des baskets noire et Blanche de chez primark

2:54 PM NOV 05 2017

Mon amie Porte un pull bleu superman qui vient de Turquie, un jeans bleu Clair qui vient d'Hollister, des chaussures bordeaux vans, je l'aime beaucoup

2:55 PM NOV 05 2017

Ma meilleure amie porte un jeans bleu clair qui vient d'H&M, un pull Bordeau, et des vans !

2:59 PM NOV 05 2017

Jeans jacket thrifted, graphic tee from Arizona brand, a high waisted jeans from MIM and leather boots thrifted

3:03 PM NOV 05 2017

Wearing at Moma: wrangled black denim jacket, silver spider pin, cotton tee shirt with comic character Dr. Strange on it, Levis 501 jeans in blue, black

3:03 PM NOV 05 2017

leather belt with two sets of holes, black sneakers, white socks, blue framed reading glasses, green stripe Fruit of the loom underwear, white athletic undershirt, steel claw shaped wedding band. Body heavily tattooed.

3:05 PM NOV 05 2017

A striped turtleneck shirt, a white hoodie, black combat boots, white canvas shoes, black windbreaker, jeans, leggings.

3:06 PM NOV 05 2017

White athletic undershirt, steel claw shaped wedding band. Body heavily tattooed.

3:18 PM NOV 05 2017

Blue jeans by AG, lightweight hiking shoes, watch by montblanc, polo shirt

3:18 PM NOV 05 2017

high wasted black cut off jeans -reformation

3:19 PM NOV 05 2017

grey crew neck sweatshirt, black sports leggings, black socks, black & white stan smith sneakers

3:37 PM NOV 05 2017

My companion wore a floral top, Gucci sunglasses, blue jeans, a moss green jacket, tan boots, hoop earrings, a Bulova watch, a choker/necklace hybrid, and a quirky smile.

3:39 PM NOV 05 2017

Burgundy knit sweater, black pants, platform sneakers, the sleep debt I owe, apparent on my face.

3:47 PM NOV 05 2017

Animal print Leggings

3:57 PM NOV 05 2017

Sweat blanc yale, jean, baskets Nike noires, simple basique

3:58 PM NOV 05 2017

Body noir, pantalon noir avec une ceinture marron et tennis noires. E.M

3:58 PM NOV 05 2017

Black vans shoes with white squares, blue jeans, white and blue jacket Aeropostale

3:59 PM NOV 05 2017

Basket blanches, legging noir,haut kaki,gilet long et veste en jean Levi's

4:00 PM NOV 05 2017

Black converse, black jeans, vintage jeans jacket, extra basic white T shirt and ... a messy bun :)

4:16 PM NOV 05 2017

I am cliche wearing a turtle head colored turtle head

4:39 PM NOV 05 2017

Lululemon pants, adidas sneakers, good vibes t shirt and UCLA hat

4:39 PM NOV 05 2017

Gap thrift store teddy jacket

4:40 PM NOV 05 2017

Black, ripped jeans and a gray cashmere sweater with sneakers

4:40 PM NOV 05 2017

I'm sad I wore jeans instead of my grey sweatpants

4:45 PM NOV 05 2017

I'm wearing: Organic cotton tunic shirt by Henri London, denim stretch trousers from Uniqlo, navy hoodie, vintage knit nautical coat (layering for fall), wool Keds, a Turkish towel worn as a scarf/wrap (I'm travelling), a leather crossbody purse that belonged to my mom.

4:46 PM NOV 05 2017

Denim shirt, navy Harrington jacket, black jeans, navy vans originals

4:47 PM NOV 05 2017

My husband is wearing: Light blue denim button down shirt, dark denim slim jeans, black Vans, lightweight navy jacket with red flannel lining.

4:47 PM NOV 05 2017

Striped loose blouse, navy hoodie, oversized cardigan sweater, skinny jeans, light grey Keds

4:48 PM NOV 05 2017

wool Keds, a Turkish towel worn as a scarf/wrap (I'm travelling), a leather crossbody purse that belonged to my mom.

4:49 PM NOV 05 2017

Black ankle boots, grey tights, maroon skirt, grey and gold stripey jumper.

4:57 PM NOV 05 2017

H&m sweater, forever 21 leggings, Charlotte Russe boots, Fossil watch, and Alex and Ani bracelets

4:57 PM NOV 05 2017

H&M sweater, blue ripped jeans, Charlotte Russe boots, Alex and ani bracelets with a black scarf

5:07 PM NOV 05 2017

Light gray cardigan over a dark green tank top, dark blue skinny jeans, and blue and gray sneakers

5:10 PM NOV 05 2017

A collared t-shirt, shorts and sandals

5:13 PM NOV 05 2017

Black sleeveless shirt, red cardigan, jeans, and brown suede boots

5:14 PM NOV 05 2017

White sweater, jean jacket, blue bralette, lululemon leggings, and doc martens

5:23 PM NOV 05 2017

Leather choker with a large thick black thong. Assless chaps with rainbow knee high sock. Also a bow tie over the choker.

5:24 PM NOV 05 2017

Pants and a shirt

11:41 AM NOV 06 2017

Black jean and green sweater.

11:41 AM NOV 06 2017

Little black dress.

11:53 AM NOV 06 2017

Kathmandu light fleece H&M t-shirt Gap jeans Merrill shoes

12:04 PM NOV 06 2017

Black Warriors in Pink tee shirt, black jeans, black Nike sneakers with white logo, gray hoodie, Sterling silver jewelry

12:06 PM NOV 06 2017

Pale yellow button down shirt, light khaki trousers, grey socks, black high top hiking sneakers, gray socks

12:13 PM NOV 06 2017

Bright red 80s sweater, jeans, light brown boots, black round earrings, black necklace

12:20 PM NOV 06 2017

Old school vans housing a pair of Mickey Mouse socks, sitting beneath a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, the face of a dog printed on a white t shirt covered by a flannel shirt and leather jacket

12:33 PM NOV 06 2017

Basic gray shirt, dark blue jeans, black and white shoes

12:50 PM NOV 06 2017

Green mixed wool coat

1:36 PM NOV 06 2017

Adidas black sneakers, jeans, white lace blouse and denim jacket. And sore legs from yesterday's marathon.

1:37 PM NOV 06 2017

Cropped black jumper, white Stan Smith's and funky green trousers.

1:38 PM NOV 06 2017

Black and white stripy top, super skinny jeans, Nike black trainers and taupe jacket.

1:39 PM NOV 06 2017

White converse shoes with iridescent lace eyelets. 508 dark denim jeans, black top with bell sleeves and grey scarf

1:44 PM NOV 06 2017

My favorite jacket, designed by my friend Kip, from Kipanddan (Dan is her husband), scarf of the map of NYC by Valy Azin , given to me by my best friend, jeans, boots, tshirt

1:56 PM NOV 06 2017

Light blue sweater, light blue Nike sneakers and a dark blue ripped jeans

1:57 PM NOV 06 2017

Blue jeans, Adidas sneakers, grey comfy socks, black sweater with golden patterns

2:05 PM NOV 06 2017

White oversized button down shirt, beige 6" timberlands, red high-waist slim cut trousers

2:15 PM NOV 06 2017

Eileen Fisher Black pants, grey turtleneck, pink silk scarf

2:26 PM NOV 06 2017

Jeans, white and blue cotton a-line top, blue cardigan, ankle boots

2:28 PM NOV 06 2017

Dansko clogs - dark camel...because, well NYC - lots of walking. Black skinny jeans, gray cardigan over black and white printed tee and dark aqua wool scarf.

2:28 PM NOV 06 2017

Hand painted pink leather jacket, floral dress, black tights, black ankle boots. Pink hair and a smile

2:32 PM NOV 06 2017

Camouflage pants, white long sleeve shirt with a gray Keith stove logo shirt on top of it

2:43 PM NOV 06 2017

Bringing back denim on denim. Blue, long sleeve, denim top. Grey denim jeans. And new friend copied me

2:43 PM NOV 06 2017

Black on Black on Black on, golden hoops and a petroleum-ish bandana...

2:50 PM NOV 06 2017

Dr marten boots with holes in them, vintage denim dress, black long sleeve top and a second hand shirt from turkey..also with holes in it

3:13 PM NOV 06 2017

Double denim and a really big, really yellow cardigan

3:14 PM NOV 06 2017

Black hoodie, sparkle socks, black and white old skools, plaid pants, Casio watch, gold hoops, copper bracelets from Africa, and my gold chains

3:15 PM NOV 06 2017

Black adidas pants with a black beanie, then cream colored boots plus cream colored sweater with sequin beads ..nose ring and brown rod earrings

3:28 PM NOV 06 2017

Dirty white Chuck Taylor hightops, Madewell highwaisted Jeans, and a beige cotton cowl neck long sleeve shirt.

3:42 PM NOV 06 2017

Orange being the new black I'm in an orange sweater, orange belt and orange socks.

3:46 PM NOV 06 2017

Army green Comme des garcon cutout jacket, tight long-sleeve Japanese tattoo shirt, metallic Thai boxing shorts, Ralph Lauren boots

4:14 PM NOV 06 2017

All black, matte gold glasses, stretchy beaded bracelets, Swiss watch.

4:17 PM NOV 06 2017

Maroon sweater Blue leggings Orange shoes

4:18 PM NOV 06 2017

Light blue collared shirt with white dots Black jeans Black loafers

4:23 PM NOV 06 2017

Grey skinny jeans, floral top, grey sneakers, beige sweater

4:24 PM NOV 06 2017

Navy Blue top with red flowers and skinny jeans ; red scarf and a sky blue trench

4:29 PM NOV 06 2017

Black jeans, gray & black vans, black army-like jacket and a long sleeved blue shirt with fine white lines.

4:32 PM NOV 06 2017

Lulu lemon black athletic pants, black tank, teal tee, sneakers, black/brown purse

4:35 PM NOV 06 2017

Gap white t shirt

4:43 PM NOV 06 2017

Oversized red and black flannel, black jeans cuffed at the bottom, and black nikes

4:48 PM NOV 06 2017

I'm wearing clothes that I made myself

4:49 PM NOV 06 2017

Doc Martins, jeans, a basic black top, and yesterday's makeup

4:49 PM NOV 06 2017

Docs, blue jeans, black top with frills. Red lipstick.

4:57 PM NOV 06 2017

Blue jeans, purple shirt with subtle black leaf pattern, light jacket, sneakers, a heart on my sleeve

5:05 PM NOV 06 2017

Cuffed blue jeans, black Chucks, black socks, old Basquiat graphic tee (white), long black coat

5:07 PM NOV 06 2017

White voodoo shirt, skinny jeans, red and white superstars

5:08 PM NOV 06 2017

Black buckle booties, ripped high waisted jeans, grey body suit-tank top, green and grey flannel jacket

5:09 PM NOV 06 2017

Olive trench coat, sweater, turtleneck with breast pocket for iPhone. Corduroy pleated trousers.

5:17 PM NOV 06 2017

black and white adidas sneakers, black leggings, a plain black v neck t shirt, and a men's army jacket

5:17 PM NOV 06 2017

Black and white nikes, Black leggings, A white sweater, a light wash denim jacket

5:17 PM NOV 06 2017

Black Sweater

5:41 PM NOV 06 2017

Ralph Lauren trench coat, Volcom flannel, Volcom jeans, Lucky brown boots

5:42 PM NOV 06 2017

Faux Cheetah Coat, Pink cords, blue and pink flannel, Vans ice cream slip ons

6:10 PM NOV 06 2017

Black skinnies, black velvet top, timbs, and my fleece jumper is on fleek (emoji girl raising hand)

6:11 PM NOV 06 2017

Jeans, adidas trainers, leather jacket, too much highlighter

6:34 PM NOV 06 2017

Denim dress shirt, black heat tech tights from Uniqlo, same old black boots that I need to bring to the shoe repair because I stay running down my heels. Undershirt that I got for free from work.

6:39 PM NOV 06 2017

Black canvas Toms shoes, second hand black and white printed pants, black shirt tucked in, long black vest on top.

6:39 PM NOV 06 2017

One dark brown knit onesie. Mother-in-law's vintage beige trench coat. Black leather backpack with a broken buckle. Brand no longer makes this bag so can't buy replacement buckle.

11:21 AM NOV 07 2017

All Black converse, light gray jeans, black & white long sleeves sweater

12:09 PM NOV 07 2017

Long black knit vest, black cotton tank top, thin tapered pants with wavy geometric print in black/beige/coral/pink/white/blue, black work shoes

12:12 PM NOV 07 2017

Oakley glasses, Apple Watch, Nike shoes and under armor cold gear

12:18 PM NOV 07 2017

Coat shoes dress with stripes

12:24 PM NOV 07 2017

RM Williams, black jeans, a denim jacket and a north face puffer vest!

12:29 PM NOV 07 2017

Country road chinos,country road long sleeve tee shirt,country road cotton scarf,country road duffle coat, woolen flat cap

12:31 PM NOV 07 2017

Sweat pants a jacket and basketball shoes

12:38 PM NOV 07 2017

Jeans, shirt, jumper, adidas shoes.

12:38 PM NOV 07 2017

Jeans and a colorful sweater

1:09 PM NOV 07 2017

A Globe sweater, a white shirt the new Nike Airs sports socks, Brown jeans and that's it

1:13 PM NOV 07 2017

My husband's J Crew blue knit he shrunk in the wash, R & B blue skinny jeans, Adidas gazelle black & white trainers and a black North Face puffer jacket.

1:25 PM NOV 07 2017

Adidas NMDs, joggers, moto jacket and my daily-wear timepiece.

1:42 PM NOV 07 2017

A blue shirt with a plaid trim on the bottom, ripped jeans and hand painted floral patterned sneakers.

1:44 PM NOV 07 2017

A faded gray sweatshirt fabric dress, black tights, black lace up boots, black satchel purse.

1:57 PM NOV 07 2017

Sneakers, jeans, sweater & chain

1:58 PM NOV 07 2017

Ripped jeans Black boots Black top Flower necklace

1:58 PM NOV 07 2017

cord green skirt, hunter green vans, black turtle neck, gap denim jacket + black flowy culottes, black lace top, white converse, gap denim jacket

2:01 PM NOV 07 2017

Blue grey new balances, blue slim fit jeans, grey ribbed wool sweater, great shaggy hair and beard

2:10 PM NOV 07 2017

Black suede loafers, Black uniquolo leggings, White ribbed Ralph Lauren turtle neck,Marmot quilted zip up jacket NYC Done

2:11 PM NOV 07 2017

JCrew Ensemble: Black heeled boots, White flair jeans, Black cowl neck sweater, Green military jacket, and a chestnut fur vest.

2:19 PM NOV 07 2017

Vans shoes Champion sweater

2:36 PM NOV 07 2017

Tan boats, modern jeans, black hoody with stamps, short hair, iphone

2:37 PM NOV 07 2017

A light greyeige sweater, complimented by a long black scarf. With a very modern Aztec like print. Dark denim jeans and very elegant and glossy black dress shoes

3:06 PM NOV 07 2017


3:07 PM NOV 07 2017

Black ugg boots, black skinny jeans, turquoise purse, white shirt with blue shaded squiggles

3:31 PM NOV 07 2017

Yellow and black fendi sneakers

3:33 PM NOV 07 2017

Zara turtleneck uniqlo black jeans that I cut up poorly Steve Madden booties helmet Lang jacket Tommy Hilfiger crossbody bag

3:37 PM NOV 07 2017

Black polley Dr Martens, Eat Pray Pedal clutch bag, burgundy dress.

3:38 PM NOV 07 2017

Levi 511 jeans, M&S underpants, cool indie band t-shirt (I think) and Olympus 35mm Film Camera

3:44 PM NOV 07 2017

Cape, turtleneck sweater, leggings, knee-high boots

3:55 PM NOV 07 2017

Wide ankle long pants, black. Brown turtle neck. Pink knitted sweater, that's short, to the waist. Greasy hair and custom vans that's are mainly black. Black underwear. A wedding ring. Nothing else.

4:17 PM NOV 07 2017

Rainbow Zigzag pants, blue and orange under armor sneakers, and a gray shirt with different types of colorful triangles that form a heart. Believe me, it looks fabulous!

4:24 PM NOV 07 2017

Blue jeans, black tee shirt with a graphic design, black Nike sneakers that hurts, and a broken heart

4:25 PM NOV 07 2017

Today, I am wearing the following items in navy blue, all by uniglo: quilted bomber jacket, blue slip on pants with windowpane pattern, and raincoat with hood. navy baseball cap with Alaska logo white 3/4 sleeve top - also from uniglo black sneakers by New Balance, crew socks (gray) - Puma prescription glasses silver earrings swatch watch - large face, dark green band gray fabric handbag longchamps large satchel in eggplant

4:45 PM NOV 07 2017

A saint Patrick's shirt that says Colin, blue Nike sneakers, and blue sweats. Another part of my outfit is my snarky grin

4:56 PM NOV 07 2017

Grey turtleneck, leather jacket, suade black mini skirt, black booties

4:59 PM NOV 07 2017

Bullet club Latin America shirt

5:11 PM NOV 07 2017

Dr. Martens, five silver rings, index finger tattoo, red bomber with beige sweater and black shirt underneath, and finally a double silver necklace :)

5:12 PM NOV 07 2017

Black spider dress, butterfly pants all colors, adidas black and white shoes - 4 years old

5:13 PM NOV 07 2017

Red jacket, dinosaur shoes and black pants -4 years old

5:14 PM NOV 07 2017

Worn out white Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max's, dark grey denim jeans, a gold ring, a golden Casio watch, light blue denim jacket, a red scarf, and a dark blue Carhartt turtle underneath

5:34 PM NOV 07 2017

Shirt Shorts Poncho Sneakers

5:34 PM NOV 07 2017

Overalls Sweater Jacket Sneakers

7:41 PM NOV 07 2017

J Brand high rise skinny jeans, cream shawl collared sweater, black ankle boots, blue J Crew mock turtle neck

9:01 PM NOV 07 2017

Black boots, running tights, chambray shirt dress, black slip, green raincoat, black hat

9:11 PM NOV 07 2017

a navy blue custom x-files flukeman tabloid t-back tank top, worn without a bra, tucked into gray boot cut trousers, with dark green platform wedge leather boots

11:53 AM NOV 08 2017

A Guccci T - Shirt, Burberry sneakers flown in first class from Paris. Socks from a Harlem thrift store and Balmain glasses. Oh Yes I am New York City!

11:56 AM NOV 08 2017

I am wearing a black black jeans and black boots

12:00 PM NOV 08 2017

Black spotty button down dress. Dr Martens. Black tights

12:01 PM NOV 08 2017

Some well worn New Balance, an oversized pair of grey gap jeans, a green h&m hoodie and a Barbour jacket that needs a re wax. And my wedding ring.

12:03 PM NOV 08 2017

Red plaid lumber dress from Beacon's closet thrift shop, black uniqlo heat tech tights and turtle neck.

12:19 PM NOV 08 2017

I have no companions, but I am wearing white Nike Frees, skinny blue jeans, a red wrap knit sweater and a black leather jacket.

12:24 PM NOV 08 2017

Black ripped jeans, checkerboard vans, gray distressed sweater, and a puma jacket.

12:27 PM NOV 08 2017

Jumpsuit, sweater, jewelry

12:39 PM NOV 08 2017

Gray sweater, blue trimmed shirt, and jeans

12:44 PM NOV 08 2017

Superman shirt with jeans and black socks Nike shoes

12:55 PM NOV 08 2017

Levi jeans, adidas trainers and teal jumper with large sleeves.

12:56 PM NOV 08 2017

Adidas Trainers, Black Jeans and Grey long sleeve top

12:56 PM NOV 08 2017

Blue Levi jeans, black Adidas trainers, a white t-shirt and a beige wool jumper..

1:07 PM NOV 08 2017

Heads apples jackets Shirt towel hose schuhe

1:09 PM NOV 08 2017

Baby wears: Grey head,pink shirt with an apple, Foxsocks, pink backpack

1:10 PM NOV 08 2017

Other than underwear from Fruit Of The Loom and/or Hanes? L. L. Bean jacket, blue jeans, long sleeve bluish green shirt, Kippah, L.L. Bean hiking shoes, and Hanes socks.

1:17 PM NOV 08 2017

Long skirt like a art

1:21 PM NOV 08 2017

Assless chaps

1:21 PM NOV 08 2017

White T silk scarf canon mark 5D mark 111 black jean trainers rose gold rings diamond ruby sapphire opal my grand mothers signature ring

1:22 PM NOV 08 2017

Nike runners, ring my wife gave me for my birthday and glasses so I can see to type this message

1:45 PM NOV 08 2017

Green fake leather skirt, black turtleneck, mittens, scarf, black coat and brown suede boots.

1:48 PM NOV 08 2017

black skinny jeans, white t shirt, white sneakers, black leather jacket

1:56 PM NOV 08 2017

Black biker boots, black tights and a fluffy black and white sweater V.V.

2:00 PM NOV 08 2017

Blue jeans, grey sweater, dark red all-stars. Crazy underwear.

2:05 PM NOV 08 2017

Brown boots, jeans, black sweat, WWII army coat

2:05 PM NOV 08 2017

Black & white grandpa sweater, dark blue jeans, black booties.

2:06 PM NOV 08 2017

Purple beanie, striped sweater, Conan pin, blue jeans, tan chukkas.

2:09 PM NOV 08 2017

Susan is wearing a pink scarf-that I like.

2:10 PM NOV 08 2017

Navy blue chinos, black Nike trainers, striped blue and white ti-shirt and a grey pattern jersey

2:20 PM NOV 08 2017

Black jumper with red hearts

2:20 PM NOV 08 2017

Black jeans, t shirt and boots, red cardigan, red scarf from Budapest, tweed coat

2:21 PM NOV 08 2017

Black trousers, black t shirt, blue fleece

2:27 PM NOV 08 2017

A long, beautiful, red jacket with a beige v neck shirt, black leggings, and black vans (as well as a gray beanie for warmth).

2:50 PM NOV 08 2017

Orange turtle neck dress, black coat, white sneakers

2:54 PM NOV 08 2017

Furry black top, soft green sweater, pants like the sky. BBC hoodie.

3:29 PM NOV 08 2017

Tight fitting Vibrant colors...... red sweat pants (Turin, Italy) orange jumper ( ny) brown leather jacket (London) boys large underwear (Walmart) purple sweatshirt (abandoned on Seattle beach)

3:34 PM NOV 08 2017

Plaid trousers, red t-shirt, Gucci floral sneakers, black shiny puffer jacket.

3:36 PM NOV 08 2017

Black booties. Denim cut-offs. White cropped blouse. Black tuxedo jacket. Conductors hat. :)

3:42 PM NOV 08 2017

Levi jeans. And checked multi-colored shirt

3:51 PM NOV 08 2017

Levi jeans with a black and yellow Brock Gill signature series Rose t-shirt. Black vans shoes. Nixon watch and a flat bill hat.

3:51 PM NOV 08 2017

A grey sweater with Gap jeans and Nike shoes

3:58 PM NOV 08 2017

Ter e Bantine Sweater, COS Earings, Lululemon Pants, Julia Mache Bag, COS Turtleneck, Moroccan Babushes.

3:58 PM NOV 08 2017

Long line floral dress, thigh high black boots, aunts wig

3:59 PM NOV 08 2017

Black off the shoulder shirt, dark washed blue jeans, and tan ankle boots

4:07 PM NOV 08 2017

Levi Strauss Denim Jacket Olive Green H&M Hoodie Orange & Grey Asymmetrically Striped T-Shirt Tan Gap Khakis Beige Van Sneakers

4:10 PM NOV 08 2017

I'm wearing the chuck converse n fanny pack

4:33 PM NOV 08 2017

Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt, zebra blouse, black jacket, mirrored glasses. Kisses from Portugal

4:44 PM NOV 08 2017

Long black coat with white blouse and tan pants with green heeled boots ~AP

4:48 PM NOV 08 2017

Bright printed trousers, male, blue orange black white, geometrical style, jeans jacket, long sleeve t shirt, crocodile leather boots, fake

5:01 PM NOV 08 2017

Comme Des Garcon back high top converse, Levi's 501 jeans, white knitted crew neck, Joy Rich plaid baseball cap :)

5:48 PM NOV 08 2017

Well-worn Anderson and Shepperd tweed jacket.

6:18 PM NOV 08 2017

Black button down & wax john varvatos jeans

6:19 PM NOV 08 2017

Low cut sexiness, skin tight jeans #assbyarty, black suede thigh highs rawr

8:01 PM NOV 08 2017

UNIQLO! Head to toe Uniqlo :)

11:08 AM NOV 09 2017

All black converse, Black overalls, royal blue &a black stripped v-neck sweater, and a light gray beanie

11:28 AM NOV 09 2017

The North Face puffer Jacket, stripe boatneck T, blue skinny jeans, biker boots

11:49 AM NOV 09 2017

Tan knitted vest, black and white pants, and gold and black shirt

11:52 AM NOV 09 2017

Little (but not too little, of course) black dress, black tights and black boots

12:11 PM NOV 09 2017

Blue-and-white floral Zara hightops from Salvation Army, thin black cotton leggings, gray collared sleeveless dress with black epaulettes, wraparound sash belt, and kangaroo pocket.

12:14 PM NOV 09 2017

Katy Perry tour shirt, black leggings, Nike sneakers.

12:19 PM NOV 09 2017

Grey sweatshirt, light blue jeans, navy sneakers and black puffer vest with hood

12:20 PM NOV 09 2017

Adidas shoes, black jeans, Nike running top, black knitted sweater, blue leather jacket, black handbag and crazy red lipstick!

12:22 PM NOV 09 2017

Black peacoat, red pants, blue shoes, black underwear, black socks and Versace perfume

1:01 PM NOV 09 2017

Black Nike shoes, a blue jeans, a pink red white tshirt and a black jacket

1:02 PM NOV 09 2017

Purple fluffy sweater, black skinny pants, high platform leopard shoes, pink clutch.

1:05 PM NOV 09 2017

Pink valor bomber jacket

1:10 PM NOV 09 2017

Purple sweatshirt with side ties, black leggings, and Stan Smith adidas shoes.

1:10 PM NOV 09 2017

Greetings from Poland, I am wearing a llama purse, cat earmuffs, a shirt that says happy family with puff balls on it an jeans with light tan boots!

1:24 PM NOV 09 2017

My boyfriend's black hoodie, a plain black muscle shirt, black leggings with crossbones, purple Converse, and a Princess Peach backpack

1:25 PM NOV 09 2017

I am wearing black starry skinny jeans with a black Reinhardt shirt, a pink D.VA sweater that says, "Nerf This!" as well as a matching D.VA hat. :3

1:29 PM NOV 09 2017

CVPITVN Worldwide cap, navy blue jeans with converse kicks. A zipless jacket with a SuperDry white-orange tee under it. A beard, 'stache, and messy curly hair to match. Waasup

1:43 PM NOV 09 2017

Sketchers sneakers, blue target leggings, and life is good tee shirt!

1:46 PM NOV 09 2017

Red Nike shirt with adidas pants and lots of bracelets with red and black Nike shoes

1:46 PM NOV 09 2017

I am wearing blue sketchers sneakers, socks from shop rite, dark blue leggings from target, a under armor sports bra,and a tee shirt

1:56 PM NOV 09 2017

New Black boots, new and too long red leggings, old black dress with no sleeves. Topped with a borrowed old brown bag which doesn't fit at all...

2:06 PM NOV 09 2017

On the outside: electric blue sleeping bag coat. On the inside: leopard underwear. In between: .............

2:14 PM NOV 09 2017

My favorite grey draped sweater which I bought at Good Will thrift store! Was a great find!

2:33 PM NOV 09 2017

MoMA Fit 1. White hat, maroon long-sleeve,black ripped jeans, Air Force Ones blue lace off-the-shoulder bodysuit, jeans, Adidas superstars

2:53 PM NOV 09 2017

Golden jordens, red Nike hoodie, and jorden pants

2:54 PM NOV 09 2017

I am wearing a forever21 black a line spaghetti strap onesie, ripped denim jeans, olive green boots, men's gray cardigan, gold ring, and a small white purse with a pick hat hooked on

3:00 PM NOV 09 2017

Band tee, fur coat, straight leg premium denim & chucks

3:15 PM NOV 09 2017

Shiny loafers, jeans, bird print sweater, fake leather jacket.

3:16 PM NOV 09 2017

Hat with pigeon seagull and crow feathers. Scarf, tshirt with leather.

3:25 PM NOV 09 2017

Black baskets really comfy, large blue jeans in 70's style, a Bordeaux T-Shirt made of wool, a black duffle-coat and a blue-brown bobble beanie hat

3:26 PM NOV 09 2017

Red champion cap by Bodega, Red/black climachill Adidas flannel overshirt, White Adidas California Tee. Blue skinny denim by Zara. Black/red laceless ultraboost

3:27 PM NOV 09 2017

Nothing at all. (Stupid sexy Flanders)

3:38 PM NOV 09 2017

Black Nike sneakers, leggings, a white t shirt, grey vineyard vines sweatshirt, and navy blue jacket

3:38 PM NOV 09 2017

Black shorts and a black under armor t-shirt and white socks

3:50 PM NOV 09 2017

Coat 112' Wer

4:02 PM NOV 09 2017

Black and white short dress with grey tights and black blazer.

4:03 PM NOV 09 2017

Long sleeved black shirt, black pants, long purple sweater. Cross-body bag.

4:19 PM NOV 09 2017

Black skinny jeans, white tee, white leather Converse, sunglasses. Simple, effortless, chic.

4:25 PM NOV 09 2017

Special red from Ethiopia with love !

4:33 PM NOV 09 2017

Skinny jeans, rote Bluse, schwarzer Blazer, pinkie Sneaker

4:45 PM NOV 09 2017

Black denim and organza genderf*****d jacket with pins, vintage sweatshirt, black trousers, DIY Margiela x Converse shoes

5:06 PM NOV 09 2017

Sfaf1s black Nike h&m skinny grey pants white supreme kiss tee puffy nupste black the north face

5:21 PM NOV 09 2017

sweatpants, a shannon whitworth silkscreened tshirt, casual nikes, wool socks--all grey or black and generally ill-fitting

5:41 PM NOV 09 2017

Jeans, white button down shirt, silk scarf, wool scarf, black socks, white sneakers, necklace with non working watch, hoop earrings, wristwatch with black band, work id

8:14 PM NOV 09 2017

Red Sox T-shirt, jeans, New balance sneakers

8:22 PM NOV 09 2017

Polka dot shirt, denim jeans

8:23 PM NOV 09 2017

Striped shirt (horizontal), grey wool parka, black denim pants, open toe ( marshals ), black socks, red thong

8:41 PM NOV 09 2017

Gap coat, Uniqlo cashmere sweater, Muji maxi skirt, H&M socks, Steve Madden patent leather platforms

10:50 AM NOV 10 2017

Bill Cosby sweater that used to belong to the pastor of my old church, sweater pants (the only item I own from Bloomingdales), mustard high top Pumas, heat tech turtleneck and tights from Uniqlo.

10:52 AM NOV 10 2017

Kilt like skirt blue and red, black tights and pink and red shirt

10:52 AM NOV 10 2017

Blue and white polka dot cheeky VS underwear. Rose water strappy bralette. Grey long sleeve body suit. American eagle high wasted lift wash jeans. Tan forever 21 cardigan. American apparel grey scarf. Worn out white Chuck Taylors.

10:57 AM NOV 10 2017

Green velvet dress (very Christmas inspired) black heat-tech undershirt with leggings and black boots

11:09 AM NOV 10 2017

Target, Forever 21, New Balance, Wacoal, Hanes, Adidas

11:10 AM NOV 10 2017

Green sweater and grey leggings.

11:11 AM NOV 10 2017

An emerald green skater dress, polka dot sweater tights, striped grey socks and my black "lesbian" shoes and a jacket tied around my waist

11:13 AM NOV 10 2017

Black leggings with a black north face jacket and converse sneaker boots.

11:15 AM NOV 10 2017

A large oversized black fuzzy Forever 21 coat, sparkly gray H&M sweater, black leggings, black Old Skool Vans, a large circle scarf, and a baby blue beanie.

11:25 AM NOV 10 2017

Black jeans and white shoes

11:25 AM NOV 10 2017

Maroon beanie glasses green sweater black jeans blue underwear black boots and a smile

11:27 AM NOV 10 2017

Navy beanie, tortoise shell prescription glasses, denim jacket, black sweater, black skinny jeans, black converse

11:30 AM NOV 10 2017

Jeans - Levi's 501, synthetic t-shirt, fitted quilted hoody Patterned Tights, t-shirt Black tights, pink long sleeve jersey Black tights, t-shirt, checkered hoody

11:32 AM NOV 10 2017

Sky Blue Henley, black jeans, blue socks, grey Nike shoes.

11:32 AM NOV 10 2017

Grey hoodie, black sweatpants, neon green, red and black socks. I'm 8 years old.

11:34 AM NOV 10 2017

Grey and black sweatshirt ,black pants,and red shoes

11:34 AM NOV 10 2017

Soft blue vneck sweater, pink button shirt, stretchy brown pants, comfortable blue running shoes.

11:34 AM NOV 10 2017

Blue skinny jeans, grey slouchy sweater, brown ankle boots

11:45 AM NOV 10 2017

Blue mid-waist jeans, white sweatshirt, timbs with a wedge, and a fly Afro

11:46 AM NOV 10 2017

Grey sweater, blue jeans, bomb red suede chucks and hoop earrings

11:50 AM NOV 10 2017

The Caribbean Queen graced the world with a black sexy H&M valor sweat suit with burgundy high top pumas with flowing golden braided locs

11:50 AM NOV 10 2017

Gray leggings, an anthracite colored tunic with a print, gray boots, a black jacket and a gray with black warm scarf. I have blue hair locks in my hair....

12:02 PM NOV 10 2017

All black converse, black high waisted jeans, maroon long sleeves top (yay heat tech Uniqlo!), gray scarf and beanie

12:06 PM NOV 10 2017

Mustard yellow cropped hoodie, blue stan smiths, and ripped light wash jeans.

12:07 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue polo shirt, blue jeans, and adidas runners

12:07 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue Jeans, black-white sweat, white scarf, black boots.

12:15 PM NOV 10 2017

Wool coat, grey sweater, jeans and black panties!

12:21 PM NOV 10 2017

Bottle Green over the knee dress with flower embroidery, black jeggings , tan mid calf boots and a peach headscarf.

12:22 PM NOV 10 2017

blue acne raincoat, sea foam rvca flannel, white t-shirt, high waisted dark acne jeans, black rvca socks, green golf la fleur converse one star

12:37 PM NOV 10 2017

Jeans, back boots, black sweater

12:39 PM NOV 10 2017

Express jeans. Patterned button down. Warm boots.

12:45 PM NOV 10 2017

Yoga pants, oversized sweater, Nike shoes

12:45 PM NOV 10 2017

Jeanz. Bootz. Grey T. Red Pullovar.

1:02 PM NOV 10 2017

Checkered black and white high neck sweater with pale pink pants and black boots

1:04 PM NOV 10 2017

Old navy black dress pants, Uniqlo black shirt with grey and black poncho and Calvin Klein black dress shoes.

1:04 PM NOV 10 2017

Green blouse, grey jacket, black jeans and black boots

1:08 PM NOV 10 2017

Random base layers, Nike ACG crew neck sweatshirt, scarf, Acronym J56-S, wool pants, uniqlo socks, Rick Owens high-top Ramones.

1:15 PM NOV 10 2017

I am wearing a camouflage pants, black sweater and skull scarf. I am so happy to be at NY!

1:15 PM NOV 10 2017

Black skinny jeans, beige sweater and grey and yellow scarf. #SOSVenezuela

1:23 PM NOV 10 2017

Dark red cardigan, teal socks, black Capri pants.

1:24 PM NOV 10 2017

Mud-green synthetic wool blend w/ orange contrast stripes on the collar

1:30 PM NOV 10 2017

Stripes on stripes, nymph shoes, booty skirt, leather on hoodie over two scarves. Blue hat, blue eyes, glowing in love

1:31 PM NOV 10 2017

Black suede Chelsea boots, navy skinny chinos, olive green sweater, black leather (biker) jacket, and black scarf.

1:39 PM NOV 10 2017

I mix that supreme look with that Versace swag, I put off white on the top, to compliment my dab. I rock the Nike headband to stay humble, and the Nike tights to match it up.

1:44 PM NOV 10 2017

A grey planet shirt under a pair of overalls, a flannel jacket, and Oxford shoes

1:45 PM NOV 10 2017

A gray Hershey sweater and a Homestuck shirt underneath because I'm a dirty trash child. I'm also wearing green converse and jeans.

1:45 PM NOV 10 2017

A plain black shirt, a green flannel, jeans and black Converse.

2:00 PM NOV 10 2017

A gray jacket Gray pants Dark and light blue shirt Black and white shoes Black socks

2:12 PM NOV 10 2017

Yeezy, lumberjack flannel, cxc85, y3s, potter glasses, blonde

2:13 PM NOV 10 2017

I'm roughly naked. But wearing a tight jean jacket

2:16 PM NOV 10 2017

Pom Pom skirt with a shirt gifted by a close friend.

2:21 PM NOV 10 2017

Black tweed turtle neck sweater, beige knit skirt, UNIQLO heat tech leggings, Dr. Marten's engineer boots

2:21 PM NOV 10 2017

Bluish charcoal grey sweater dress, charcoal grey tights, light grey knee high socks, knee high black boots and a rainbow/grey striped scarf

2:22 PM NOV 10 2017

All black Architectural outfits?

2:22 PM NOV 10 2017

I'm wearing what's comfortable

2:22 PM NOV 10 2017

black doc martens, black jeans and a black ruffle sweater

2:23 PM NOV 10 2017

A Saucy outfit

2:23 PM NOV 10 2017

Black sweater, trench coat, leggings, boots

2:25 PM NOV 10 2017

Just cute things ? Like a black shirt, skrillex hoodie of course, and a LOT of white makeup. Just the necessities! ;)

2:58 PM NOV 10 2017

Foundation garments: Calvin Klein, 2017 2 Margiela sweaters, 2017 Comme des garcons shirt/coat, 2001 Balcienga leather belt from Underwater collection. But I wear it as a scarf Amy Hope vest for Spring 2018. Clegerieover the knee boots, 2015. YSL lipstick w monogrammed cap.

2:58 PM NOV 10 2017

Black winter coat and black expression of misery.

2:59 PM NOV 10 2017

Emerald green wool sweater, grey, grey boucle jacket, blue jeans, black suede boots

3:16 PM NOV 10 2017

I am wearing: white British Reeboks, corduroy jeans, off-white turtleneck, Harley Davidson long sleeve black shirt, no bra

3:22 PM NOV 10 2017

At MoMA for an awakening between double shifts... Wearing on this first cold day: med-dark blue boot cut jeans w requisite back winter boots, black and grey circle striped wool socks, navy blue button down shirt w flower and scissor design, textured grey sweater w top zipper, reversible grey/red jacket, black/grey knit hat

3:33 PM NOV 10 2017

Ripped blue jeans with 7 layers of long sleeve shirts

3:34 PM NOV 10 2017

Adidas windbreaker and yoga pants

3:36 PM NOV 10 2017

A grey hoodie, white t-shirt, jeans, and a old pair of junky pumas

3:46 PM NOV 10 2017

Tennis shoes jeans northern Michigan u long sleeve shirt pink backpack tight whites

3:48 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue whale shirt purple winter coat sparkle motion shoes pink socks shimmer shine underwear

4:13 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue thermal shirt + purple down vest + dark jeans + thigh high boots + dark gray peacoat + plaid blanket scarf

4:23 PM NOV 10 2017

Velvet, itchy black sweater, greenish pants, and puma sneakers

4:34 PM NOV 10 2017

Rainbow converse, black jeans and shirt, north face jacket my girlfriend bought me so I don't freeze this winter

4:36 PM NOV 10 2017

Old doc martens, ripped black skinny jeans, thrifted orange and brown flannel, black polo beanie, black cat letterman coat and an outcast mentality shirt.

4:42 PM NOV 10 2017

Black mom jeans, white and red stripey shirt, sparkly beanie, watermelon socks, black sneakers

4:42 PM NOV 10 2017

Black sweater with dark grey skinny jeans paired with black Nike hauruches, a black beanie and ear muffs, a snow jacket and leather backpack.

4:44 PM NOV 10 2017

Gancho pants from Athleta, lavender thermal long sleeve t from Uniqlo, a black and white houndstooth scarf my mom gave me, Nike knitfly shoes

4:45 PM NOV 10 2017

Black jacket is a blue denim jeans

4:46 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue button up shirt, grey denim jeans, brown suede boots,

4:48 PM NOV 10 2017

I Samuel John Ringelberg am wearing a blue button up shirt, grey denim jeans and brown suede boots.

4:59 PM NOV 10 2017

Green hair Blue underwear Brown coat

4:59 PM NOV 10 2017

Aran jumper, white American Apparel button-up, cropped black jeans, black boots, black puffer coat, gold hoops.

5:08 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue denim shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, and black and red Adidas high top sneakers

5:08 PM NOV 10 2017

Waffle knit sweater.

5:11 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Madewell jeans with a back madewell sweater and a JCrew coat topped of with a Gucci Dionysus bag detailed in Swarovski crystals. I'm bougie trash.

5:11 PM NOV 10 2017

Bean boots. Levi's. Black shirt + Cashmere sweater. Am I a dad yet?

5:25 PM NOV 10 2017

Black beanie, black and grey scarf, grey longsleeve shirt, black jeans, faded black work shoes, black jacket, black gloves

5:26 PM NOV 10 2017

Knitted sweater, Turtleneck, Camo Bomber, utility sweats, Converse One Stars. THEREAFTER... LIVE & LOVE WHILE YOU CAN.

5:33 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue jeans gray sweater, gray hat and an astonishing smile.

5:34 PM NOV 10 2017

Levi's jeans, grey & black sweater, white converse, grey jacket

5:36 PM NOV 10 2017

Gray/blue/black slipons, navy blue jeans-style stretch pants, navy blue henley three-quarter blouse with yellow flowers.

5:39 PM NOV 10 2017

Olive-green sneakers, grey trousers, a thick red-blue-grey pullover and a wine-red scarve

5:41 PM NOV 10 2017

Denim jacket, puffy vest, oversized pink adidas sweatshirt, skinny black jeans, NMD sneakers, and a Roots beanie

5:46 PM NOV 10 2017

Comfortable clothing. My ever reliable jeans, comfy walking shoes and a very fashionable handkerchief that has nothing to do with the tourist look but hey, it's New York.

5:47 PM NOV 10 2017

I'm wearing Chrome work boots, Levi's black jeans, black American Apparel cotton shirt, Universal Works dress shirt, and mismatched Uniqlo socks.

5:47 PM NOV 10 2017

Black tights, black long sleeved t-shirt, sneakers and handkerchief. Blue jeans, light blue and turquoise t shirt. Grey stained jeans yellow and blue nikes, red stripped t shirt.

5:48 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Alternative Earth Jumper, GAP T-shirt, Black Top Man jeans, black Reebok socks, salt and pepper All Birds runners.

5:50 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue Nike sneakers, blue jeans, and a blueish grey and white long sleeve shirt.

5:52 PM NOV 10 2017

Black bomber jacket over a black knit turtleneck sweater with very wide sleeves. Off white beanie with a tan and brown fur poof on the top. Light blue jeans ripped on the knees and fake Uggs.

5:52 PM NOV 10 2017

Bomber jacket, hat, superstars, skinny jeans

5:55 PM NOV 10 2017

Levi's. Vans. Sweater. Necklace. Socks. Socks. Sass. Attitude.

5:56 PM NOV 10 2017

Pinky and the brain tshirt, blue jeans, kangaroos shoes, blue jacket, blue and black beanie, and an awesome multicolored scarf :)

6:08 PM NOV 10 2017

Black coat, red boots, black leggings, black blouse, grey sweater, and a scarf

6:08 PM NOV 10 2017

Jeans, colorful sweater, red boots, blue coat and red mom's hat :)

6:10 PM NOV 10 2017

Brown khakis, red and white flannel, Nike free run sneakers, timex leather band watch

6:10 PM NOV 10 2017

Black jeans, black thermal, red turtleneck, gray wool sweater, denim jacket, white sneakers, striped socks, ugly watch

6:15 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue jeans, black and white striped shirt, black sweatshirt, blue jacket, green and black sneakers.

6:17 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Dr. Martens, grey socks with black dots, grey jeans, underwear, a black top, a orange/brownish hoodie, a green/brown/red scarf, a green raincoat.

6:25 PM NOV 10 2017

Orange and grey NMDs, denim jeans, black and orange bomber jacket.

6:26 PM NOV 10 2017

Olive green jeans, black t-shirt w/ pearl embellishments, black over-the-knee boots, navy Calvin Klein coat, oversized grey scarf, grey shoulder bag

6:28 PM NOV 10 2017

A chenille midnight blue sweater with a zipper on the side, black leggings, a necklace made out of string and beads, and black boots! Oh and a black coat with faux fur, of course :)

6:30 PM NOV 10 2017

Black pants and blue&black checkerboard button down shirt. Blue and puffy winter jacket. Orange and gray Air max sneakers. Wearing a dark red glasses. I am wearing an engagement ring.

6:30 PM NOV 10 2017

Grey cashmere blazer, black tee shirt, grey wool pants and black leather ankle boots

6:48 PM NOV 10 2017

Been wearing Tommy boxers for years! Plenty of breathing room for the boys and they never ride.

6:48 PM NOV 10 2017

Wearing my trusty Diva Cup!

6:48 PM NOV 10 2017

I wore to Moma: a cotton band t shirt for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Madewell denim patchwork jeans with ankle zippers, Adidas by Rita Ora rainbow and black high top sneakers, a 9 vintage made in USA wool coat, Patagonia cynchilla fleece, and hot pink leather cross body bag from NYC brand IIIbecca

6:49 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Nike sneakers, mavi blue jeans, under armour pullover over a white t-shirt. Helly Hansen wind breaker jacket branded with my company logo. Go MOMA!

6:49 PM NOV 10 2017

A shirt with sweatshirt and jeans

6:52 PM NOV 10 2017

Reddish pink jacket, purple UGGS, a shirt and a sweatshirt over it with a A pair of jeens

7:18 PM NOV 10 2017

HUF Shirt, Adidas joggers, Adidas Superstars with a black puffer coat to add to the look!

7:33 PM NOV 10 2017

A red beard and a smile.

7:33 PM NOV 10 2017

Leopard print, leopard print, and black.

7:41 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Burberry trench with shearling collar and rabbit fur lining,Black Muji fingerless gloves, Blue Burberry cashmere and wool check scarf, Banana Republic long sleeve T shirt, J CREW flannel lined pants, Patchwork Wool Converse Jack Purcell's

7:46 PM NOV 10 2017

black high top converse, black leggings and a green long sleeve shirt that reads "good vibes"

7:47 PM NOV 10 2017

scarf, Banana Republic long sleeve T shirt, J CREW flannel lined pants, Patchwork Wool Converse Jack Purcell's

7:47 PM NOV 10 2017

Timbs and jeans and hoodie

7:54 PM NOV 10 2017

Black Chelsea boots, second hand jeans folded up at the ankle, black and white striped button down shirt and some small pieces of jewelry that have meaning to me and I never really change.

7:57 PM NOV 10 2017

Air maxes, marshmallow jacket, velvet

7:58 PM NOV 10 2017

Michellen man head asks and a nautical jaws

8:29 PM NOV 10 2017

Blue wool sneakers, maroon pants, Have A Nice Day boxers, green plaid lumberjack shirt, warm silverwhite coat, moustache (today waxed)

8:39 PM NOV 10 2017

Red peacoat grey plaid scarf blue jeans brown leather boots

8:50 PM NOV 10 2017

Jean jacket with gray and darker gray sweater. Dull red tshirt underneath. Beige pants with leather shoes I got from Colombia

8:52 PM NOV 10 2017

Denim skirt, stockings, black flowy shirt, black cardigan, black trench coat, beige booties, blue patterned scarf. Blue panties, beige and black bra. Also wearing my self consciousness.

8:55 PM NOV 10 2017

Crop top, jeggings, warm cardigan, fluffy jacket, headband, chunky heels, gray bra, pink lace undies, 3 gold chainzz

10:27 AM NOV 11 2017

All black converse, dark blue jeans with one of those pre-made knee rips, gray sweater with black birds?, grey patterned scarf, and a maroon beanie

11:06 AM NOV 11 2017

Hugo Boss topcoat, Patagonia vest, Bonobos casual shirt, Levi's and well-worn Blundstones.

11:08 AM NOV 11 2017

J Lo coat, SOMA underwear, KEDS and a big smile!

11:11 AM NOV 11 2017

Brown timberland boots,blue jeans,red long sleeve tee shirt,gray quarter zip sweater,gray north face light jacket.

11:11 AM NOV 11 2017

Black riding boots,black leggings,grey off shoulder sweater,black wrap scarf, silver round stud earrings. And a great big Smile

11:21 AM NOV 11 2017

Beige sweater, light blue pants, white shoes and a green jacket, lined with sheep wool

11:35 AM NOV 11 2017

T shirt, black pants, rainbow socks and gold shoes

11:38 AM NOV 11 2017

HUDSON JEANS ~ big puffy silver coat

11:39 AM NOV 11 2017

Blue sweatshirt neon green sneakers

11:44 AM NOV 11 2017

Dark wash ripped skinny jeans, tall brown riding boots, maroon sweater with a plaid blanket scarf.

11:45 AM NOV 11 2017

Light was denim detailed with a star characterizing the back. A black mockneck top and camo utility jacket. Black boots cover my feet

11:51 AM NOV 11 2017

Black jeans, beige knit sweater, green cargo jacket, beige Calvin Klein sneakers, Yankees ball cap, and gold hoops

11:58 AM NOV 11 2017

Ugg boots, j. Crew jeans, ll bean rugby shirt, fake diamond hoop earrings, string bracelets

11:59 AM NOV 11 2017

Turquoise cowgirl boots, neon striped leggings, purple fleece shirt with chevrons and hearts

12:12 PM NOV 11 2017

Thrifted coat, skirt, and button up. Boots and three sets of stockings.

12:13 PM NOV 11 2017

Black jeans over black tights, black hoodie, army green jacket, brown leather clarks, reflective sunglasses, grey poofie beanie.

12:17 PM NOV 11 2017

Go Canes shirt for game day!

12:17 PM NOV 11 2017

Blue jeans, blue hoodie, blue socks, blue t shirt, blue eyes :)

12:22 PM NOV 11 2017

Pink infinity scarf, mauve sweater, gray long sleeve shirt, gray leggings, black jeans, purple socks, Colombia hiking boots

12:34 PM NOV 11 2017

Second hand multicolored knit sweater from American Apparel (which is no longer!!), black high waisted jeans from Madewell (and that, they are), and zip-up Reebok sneakers

12:55 PM NOV 11 2017

velvet leggings, frye boots, floral tank, Ralph Lauren fleece sweater, bracelets, ellen street long coat

12:55 PM NOV 11 2017

Pink turtleneck, cropped jeans, black boots

12:58 PM NOV 11 2017

Adidas sneakers Nike pants oversized sweater and baseball hat

12:58 PM NOV 11 2017

Cashmere men's sweater, black athletic leggings, ankle boots, striped purple socks

12:58 PM NOV 11 2017

Black jeans, black boots, gray shirt, a necklace made by a friend with a Simone de Beauvoir quote

1:08 PM NOV 11 2017

TWO pairs of socks. 3 shirts. Gray undies.

1:09 PM NOV 11 2017

Chance the rapper hat. Super dry jacket. Patagonia vest. Ray ban glasses. Joggers. And checkered vans inspired by Justin Bieber

1:11 PM NOV 11 2017

Contemporary vest with warm, blue sweater, light blue jeans, fashionable boots, and small purse dangled over one shoulder.

1:11 PM NOV 11 2017

Booths and g-string . But today is cold outside

1:12 PM NOV 11 2017

Blue button-down and grey sweater rolled to elbows with dark jeans, wool socks, and comfy shoes. Rocking the glasses

1:24 PM NOV 11 2017

Plaid shirt, black hoodie, jeans, Asics, and Vans

1:33 PM NOV 11 2017

Blue dress with blue striped shirt underneath. Leggings and black boots. White shawl.

1:35 PM NOV 11 2017

Black stretch skinny jeans, Altra sneakers, evergreen long sleeve t-shirt, black flowy yoga wrap, black puffer coat

1:37 PM NOV 11 2017

White bleached jeans, faux converse, thin denim shirt with black blouse' and black headscarf #stylish

1:40 PM NOV 11 2017

Dark khaki pants,Grey shirt with green stripes,Cole Haan shoes#Aizer#Mr.Perfectenglish

1:40 PM NOV 11 2017

Nike jumper, black pants and brown leather boots

1:42 PM NOV 11 2017

Blue sweater, brown pants, dark brown shoes

1:48 PM NOV 11 2017

I am wearing all white leather high top converse, light wash ripped jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, a black wool vest, a black and white scarf, a black backpack, and an army green bomber jacket .

1:51 PM NOV 11 2017

Clothes that work......

1:52 PM NOV 11 2017

Black boots, black tights, olive green cotton dress, dark blue Uniqlo coat, Longchamp black bag

1:52 PM NOV 11 2017

Ron L is wearing pineapple underwear and a smile. I Love NYC!

2:16 PM NOV 11 2017

St Lucie Mets cap, hoodie, Aaron Judge tshirt, sneakers, electronic gloves, fleece pants, Fitbit Ionic

2:16 PM NOV 11 2017

Long sleeve grey shirt with long sleeve gray hoodie, black jeans and black tennis shoes

2:18 PM NOV 11 2017

My new sweatshirt with a sweater from the thrift shore, two pairs of pants, and boots, along with a smile

2:18 PM NOV 11 2017

All black patagucci coat with Tite hoodie and Pro skate vans. Oakley not shown

2:33 PM NOV 11 2017

Mom uniform - appropriate for running after toddlers: sweater, denim jeans, sweater and Nike sneakers.

2:39 PM NOV 11 2017

Floral cardigan, black suspender dress, black wool tights, over the knee leather boots, skeleton earrings, obnoxiously huge pashmina

2:40 PM NOV 11 2017

Grey turtleneck sweater, green plaid skirt, black tights, black Doc Martens, pink and maroon Kate Spade bag, leopard print beret, Rhodonite heart pendant.

2:43 PM NOV 11 2017

My friend is wearing a mask to cover up the fact he's super gay

2:44 PM NOV 11 2017

Boots, several jackets, jeans

2:45 PM NOV 11 2017

Really warm socks and many jackets

2:46 PM NOV 11 2017

He's wearing two pairs of socks, 3 layers, and a jacket. Baby mans not hot.

2:47 PM NOV 11 2017

Plaid long sleeve button up, black Levi's 510s, black boots with zipper, black Levi's denim jacket, stainless steel Apple Watch 38 mm

2:48 PM NOV 11 2017

Black white stripped long sleeve, oversized infinity scarf, high waisted denim jeans, black combat boots with grey socks, black peacoat.

2:48 PM NOV 11 2017

I'm naked under my cloths

2:51 PM NOV 11 2017

An invisible supreme onezie..... its FASHION you wouldn't understand

2:51 PM NOV 11 2017

long grey wool coat. blue denim. chunky mauve sweater. striped primary color blanket scarf. black/white snakeskin purse.

2:54 PM NOV 11 2017

Light wash Mavi jeans from the 90s, gray t-shirt, olive NB sneakers, leather handbag and a black shawl

2:56 PM NOV 11 2017

Ponytail, white top, black leggings, snow boots, crossbody bag, and high-rise underwear.

3:01 PM NOV 11 2017

Green parka, black hi waisted jeans, white gazelles, white bra black nickers. Cold ankles.

3:08 PM NOV 11 2017

Black fuzzy coat from thrift shop, black long hoodie, black ripped skinny jeans, fishnet socks, black quilted slip on sneakers, tattoo choker, dark green blanket scarf, tortoiseshell sunglasses

3:09 PM NOV 11 2017

Black socks, green underwear, white shirt, United States Marine Corps dress blues #sexy

3:11 PM NOV 11 2017

Green painter hat, black rimmed glasses, cute blue jacket, over the chest purse, and black boots. #ilovemymarine

3:13 PM NOV 11 2017

Air max 97 - Camo pants w an oversized cropped black turtle neck over a white tee & Elmo-inspired oversized coat @aloclassy

3:15 PM NOV 11 2017

Black adidas sneakers - white bumper denim jeans with a gray ribbed fitted sweater. Black barbour jacket

3:16 PM NOV 11 2017

Gildan t shirt with dollar tree pants and light up sketchers

3:21 PM NOV 11 2017

I wish I was wearing nothing because I am the biggest slut in school

3:22 PM NOV 11 2017

I hate myself for my supreme boho hoodie

3:23 PM NOV 11 2017

Jeggings, bralette, tank top, see-through top, gray sweater with white cuffs, black boots

3:23 PM NOV 11 2017

Skinny jeans and boots, black floral shirt and blue peacoat. brrrr

3:26 PM NOV 11 2017

Payless sandals, target t shirt, dollar tree socks, and shorts from Zara

3:26 PM NOV 11 2017

Black Supreme Box logo hoodie, Yeezys 350s, palace t-shirt, scarf from Louis Vuttion, Gold ring from Tiffany's, gold chain from Cartier and checkered pants from Supreme. #hypebeastlife

3:30 PM NOV 11 2017

Desert boots, striped socks, striped saxx, blue chinos, t shirt, dress shirt, v neck sweater, puffy jacket

3:35 PM NOV 11 2017

Levi dark blue jeans, dark brown turtle neck, tan velvet bomber jacket, brown heeled boots and cute side bag. ITS MY BIRTHDAY BTW#212121

3:40 PM NOV 11 2017


3:42 PM NOV 11 2017

It's all about the hair

3:42 PM NOV 11 2017

AE high waisted skinny jeans, soft slouchy long sleeve shirt, TOMS wedges with mudd smeared on the heel, and a heavy heart

3:51 PM NOV 11 2017

Black combat booots, blue jeans, yellow and white striped tank top, black elastic hair tie on wrist

3:54 PM NOV 11 2017

Red jumper Levi's Jeans Supreme hat Adidas superstar shoes Michael Hoban leather jacket (1991)

3:59 PM NOV 11 2017

Joggers, taupe camel mock sweater with cherry red Nike sneakers and hot red Columbia jacket

4:05 PM NOV 11 2017

sneakers leggings turtleneck bomber jacket

4:07 PM NOV 11 2017

Dr Martins slip on boots, crew neck cable knit sweater, uniqlo turtleneck, Levi's black jeans, knit socks

4:09 PM NOV 11 2017

Skinny jeans, tight grey cotton turtleneck, green suede motorcycle jacket, white leather sneakers.

4:10 PM NOV 11 2017

A general disdain for winter clothing

4:19 PM NOV 11 2017

White tshirt, vans sneakers, black jeans, black Uniqlo jacket

4:20 PM NOV 11 2017

Black Steve Madden boots, dark blue Uniqlo stretch jeans, printed silk top from thrift store

4:26 PM NOV 11 2017

Long black suede coat, Helmut Lang black trouser, vintage cutoff cowboy boots, black fisherman's cap.

4:30 PM NOV 11 2017

Black knit top, heat tech undershirt, cut up box style tank, vintage yohji yamamoto raw shearling overcoat, margiela belt corset, satin gathered pants, margiela replica range boots

4:35 PM NOV 11 2017

Prada men's shoes, blue jeans from Banana Republic, gap sweater.

4:36 PM NOV 11 2017

Anti social social club

4:38 PM NOV 11 2017

Off-White, ASSC, Thrasher

4:41 PM NOV 11 2017

Black doc martens, blue slacks, black turtleneck, salt and pepper peacoat, BERET

4:41 PM NOV 11 2017

Blundstones boots, black ripped skinny jeans, maroon ribbed turtleneck, green parka with fur hood

4:46 PM NOV 11 2017

Tweed double breasted coat with hood and lip gloss in pocket, sunglasses on forehead. Levi's jeans and Nike sneakers.

5:01 PM NOV 11 2017

Light blue jeans, White graphic t-shirt, blue and pink jacket, and Thrasher Vans!

5:01 PM NOV 11 2017

Leopard print leggings and black sweater dress with a animal sweater.

5:03 PM NOV 11 2017

All black everything. Including my skin. #richmahogany

5:03 PM NOV 11 2017

Calvin Klein sweater, white mesh Topshop shirt, black joggers, black fishnet socks, and a Kenneth Cole white shoes.

5:36 PM NOV 11 2017

Nike leggings, pink hoodie, Air Force 1, gray beanie

5:43 PM NOV 11 2017

Pink flowery lace turtleneck, black cargo skinny jeans and black boots

5:49 PM NOV 11 2017

Black and white leopard jumpsuit with denim pocket made by one of the mama's at my son's school. Heat tech turtle neck and tights from Uniqlo under and mustard pumas.

5:50 PM NOV 11 2017

Polo hoodie, Polo jeans, Polo T-shirt, Red suede nikes. Nothing made in China. College Dropout Hat-Kanye west album

5:53 PM NOV 11 2017

Black ear warmer, grey and white tights, blue long sleeve shirt, navy blue coat, black and white vans, and a blue scarf

6:00 PM NOV 11 2017

Black doc martins, baggy light blue ripped jeans, grey crew socks, grey turtleneck sweater, gold jewelry, long green jackets

6:01 PM NOV 11 2017

Blue ripped jeans, maroon, black, and white flannel, beige UGGS, multi colored Roxy winter coat, and aztec Vans backpack

6:48 PM NOV 11 2017

Five tone chunky crop sweater, brown pleated leather midi skirt, black stockings, mustard chunky heel shoes

7:34 PM NOV 11 2017

Stripe shirt with dark blue jeans

8:05 PM NOV 11 2017

Grey hoodie black leggings and ugg shoes

8:28 AM NOV 12 2017

ege hoodie, and a green rain jacket.I was at moma yesterday 11/10. I wore grey nike airmax shoes, black dress pants, a black tee shirt, a big thrifted button up, a coll

10:26 AM NOV 12 2017

Uniqlo button up, Elwood pants I own in every color, gender dysphoria

10:40 AM NOV 12 2017

Blue-and-white floral Zara high tops, navy blue leggings, navy blue cotton floral v-neck short-sleeved maxi dress with the sweet pocket at the waist.

10:47 AM NOV 12 2017

Abercrombie red velvet top and grey velvet pants. Curled hair in the front

11:00 AM NOV 12 2017

A simple, yet flattering pair of jeans. Shoes made for walking. A sleek black jacket. Very handsome overall.

11:07 AM NOV 12 2017

Black trousers, black turtleneck, black sweater, black shoes, black polka dot socks(what else, it's NYC and MoMA?). Oh yes, a pink polka dot scarf and pink bracelet :-)

11:20 AM NOV 12 2017

Blue jeans, pink and purple knit sweater, long puffer coat, boots

11:33 AM NOV 12 2017

Black leggings, bought to a neighbor who smuggles then from Chile, black Long turtleneck and a graphic long black and white coat, black boots.

11:38 AM NOV 12 2017

Long-sleeved velvety sky-colored crew neck top with simple black leggings, cream knee-high leg warmers and brown fur-lined boots.

11:39 AM NOV 12 2017

Brown leather fur-lined boots, navy tights, short dark denim skirt, navy wool sweater with plaid patterned long sleeves. Tortoise shell glasses.

11:40 AM NOV 12 2017

Black joggers, grey t-shirt, black coat, blue sneakers!

11:42 AM NOV 12 2017

I am #outfitrepeating in black cargo pants, black boots and a black shirt I stole from my best friend because I slept at her house and needed to look presentable for work

11:47 AM NOV 12 2017

Red turtle neck, denim jacket, black leggings, and Air Force 1s

11:47 AM NOV 12 2017

Pink champion sweatshirt, blue jeans, and adidas shoes, with a north face jacket

12:06 PM NOV 12 2017

Roots black salt and pepper sweatpants, Hurley t shirt, Upper Canada College crew jacket, greyAdidas Ultraboost, sky zone socks

12:09 PM NOV 12 2017

Mom jeans, cropped packers sweatshirt, oversized denim jacket, cross body Gucci purse.

12:10 PM NOV 12 2017

Black dress pants, black turtle neck, black trench coat with leather sleeves. Acne oxfords with frilled grey socks. Alexander McQueen tote bag.

12:27 PM NOV 12 2017

American Eagle sweater, fleece-lined leggings, knee high black boots, Love Your Melon beanie

12:41 PM NOV 12 2017

Brown leather knee high round toe boots. Black skinny jeans. Black fitted wool sweater. Classic Burberry Scarf. Black Columbia high tech cold weather coat. Gold and black oval bauble ring.

12:46 PM NOV 12 2017

A gray shirt and black jeans and crazy shoes

12:46 PM NOV 12 2017

Silver boots a purple dress a red design on her chest a gray shirt black paints and rainbow shoes

1:21 PM NOV 12 2017

I am wearing my bacon & egg socks!

1:53 PM NOV 12 2017

Dark wash skinny jeans, red & navy plaid button up, purple Rebecca minkoff purse, 1 tall brown leather boot and an air cast on my other foot

1:53 PM NOV 12 2017

Black Adidas cap, black long sleeve shirt, light tan khakis

2:01 PM NOV 12 2017

Floor length camel colored coat, and a scarf I stole from my mother. Black jeans and a black turtle neck underneath.

2:03 PM NOV 12 2017

Blue jeans, cowboy boots, black long-sleeved t-shirt, pullover, heavy jacket

2:10 PM NOV 12 2017

White Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers Bench Black Jeans Black UNIQLO Sweater :)

2:16 PM NOV 12 2017

Black coat, blue sweater, grey pants, brown leather boots.

2:25 PM NOV 12 2017

Maroon sweater with laces downs the back, denim jeans, black boots, black backpack, rings, an initial necklace, and a cream Pom Pom hat

2:25 PM NOV 12 2017

Embroidered jeans, cashmere sweater with flannel shirt and high top platform sneakers.

3:03 PM NOV 12 2017

Black coat, tartan scarf, red hat, black jeans, white tshirt, navy jumper and metallic turquoise shoes.

3:28 PM NOV 12 2017

Levi's 501, Levi's type 3 jacket, white uniqlo sweater, j w Anderson striped dobby shirt

3:40 PM NOV 12 2017

Sweater jeans and boots

3:41 PM NOV 12 2017

OG RRL denim w/ a fly pair of SB Jano'z. Crisp white button up and a Shore Acres cashmere pull over......urban prep

3:43 PM NOV 12 2017

White shoes blue jeans black Y3 tee, black cashmere hoodie and blue polyester acne hat

3:43 PM NOV 12 2017

Ylati Ylati Ylati Ylati..... sneakers MadeinItaly

3:44 PM NOV 12 2017

Blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and blue sneakers

3:44 PM NOV 12 2017

Black Ylati Giove sneakers, black jeans, my boyfriend's black sweater and his black bomber jacket. So basically, all black. Again.

3:48 PM NOV 12 2017

Blue jeans, long sleeve white shirt, leopard sunglasses, NYC subway dirtied white coat.

3:51 PM NOV 12 2017

Black,yellow jacket. Black parkas

3:57 PM NOV 12 2017

grey distressed wool sweater, black linen cargo pants, black nubuck platform bluchers

4:00 PM NOV 12 2017

Gray hair big grin smelly socks

4:23 PM NOV 12 2017

A black hoodie dress with Calvin Klein pajama pants and my girlfriend's underwear

4:23 PM NOV 12 2017

Brown leather motorcycle jacket, grey hoodie, red jeans, grey and green sneakers

5:18 PM NOV 12 2017

Sandro charcoal grey wool single breasted blazer, white dress shirt with thin purple tie, rag&bone skinny jeans, Converse low-tops

10:19 AM NOV 13 2017

Flattering denim one-piece/ jumper/ romper/ jumpsuit/ onesie. Red lipstick. Feeling strong. White sneakers. Gold wedding ring. Small tattoo. Memories that hurt and please.

11:09 AM NOV 13 2017

Black pants red shoes sweater

11:25 AM NOV 13 2017

Shirts and pants and shoes

11:40 AM NOV 13 2017

Black ripped jeans with a chunky beige and speckled sweater with a black leather backpack and boots.

11:41 AM NOV 13 2017

Black jeans with a mustard colored sweater, a black leather backpack, and sneakers.

11:51 AM NOV 13 2017

Grey dress shirt, long sleeved. Dark grey slacks. Black leather shoes. White ear phones. I suppose the only color is in my face, hair and hands.

11:54 AM NOV 13 2017

Black crops, black tank, grey cardigan with tennis shoes.

11:55 AM NOV 13 2017

Denim jacket, black turtle neck, black jeans, national standard sneakers

11:55 AM NOV 13 2017

Denim jacket, madewell grey sweater, gold necklace, black jeans, Steve Madden flats

11:56 AM NOV 13 2017

Dark skinny jeans, black turtleneck sweater, black 50/50 over the knee boots

11:56 AM NOV 13 2017

Comfortable ugg slides, black jeans, a way-too-hot sweater. Why must it always be hot in buildings when cold outdoors.

11:59 AM NOV 13 2017

Peach cowl neck cashmere sweater, skinny blue jeans, grey booties (granny knee high socks- it's COLD), reversible tan wool coat, bluecrossbody purse.

12:10 PM NOV 13 2017

Red Ralph Lauren jumper, blue Crew t-shirt, dark blue Levis jeans and white Adidas Stan Smiths. An empty wallet and an empty soul.

12:48 PM NOV 13 2017

Botha's jeans black jackets

12:55 PM NOV 13 2017

H&M green button down shirt, Burlington leather brown vest, Levi light blue stone washed jeans, Steve Madden brown boots

12:56 PM NOV 13 2017

Black Zara T Shirt, Black H&M Jeans, ASOS Chelsea Boots, Zara Cardigan, Nick+Campbell Sweater Jacket, and Zara Bandana

12:59 PM NOV 13 2017

Black vans,Distressed jeans, a red tank top and a plaid button down tee

1:02 PM NOV 13 2017

Pink and orange fish scale converse, black and white checkered pants, black crinkle tunic dress, black merino long sleeve under, orange silk scarf.

1:03 PM NOV 13 2017

Black high waisted jeans, a 'The future is female' tee, a light blue wash denim jacket and a sunshine yellow bag

1:13 PM NOV 13 2017

Light wash denim jeans a burgundy sweater a blue and red striped white top and brown uggs

1:13 PM NOV 13 2017

Flowered skirt blue sweater with blue tights a blue shirt and black boots

1:19 PM NOV 13 2017

Pink oversized sweater, dark wash jeans, gray-brown ankle boots, red and black buffalo plaid coat, burgundy open-weave infinity scarf.

1:19 PM NOV 13 2017

White tank top, green and navy cardigan, skinny jeans, Chucks and green glasses.

1:33 PM NOV 13 2017

Blue jeans and a grey sweater, blue shirt . Black boots from Timberland

1:34 PM NOV 13 2017

Jeans and sweater with four coats tied around waste/neck (dad wear)

1:38 PM NOV 13 2017

A black top, denim skirt, black tights and black Nike Air Force

1:38 PM NOV 13 2017

Black skinny jeans , navy cotton jumper, black jacket , black and white converse

1:40 PM NOV 13 2017

Grey jeans, red plaid shirt, dark denim jacket, Stranger Things logo dad hat, white shirt with a Bill Denbrough graphic, red Docs

1:42 PM NOV 13 2017

Hi, I visited the MoMA today and was wearing black jeans, a t shirt, a denim jacket and some converse shoes :)

1:46 PM NOV 13 2017

Black Astronaut Sweater. Camo joggers. Black & white Nikes. Chavez nameplate necklace.

1:47 PM NOV 13 2017

Forever 21 knitted top. American Apparel nylon leggings. Victoria's Secret bra and underwear. Forever 21 white scarf. Sperry duck shoes.

1:56 PM NOV 13 2017

Shirt. Shoes. Socks. Underwear. Pants. Bracelet made by 3 year old child.

2:05 PM NOV 13 2017

Black topshop Joni jeans, a toy story tshirt, grey hoodie with a denim jacket and black and white adidas superstars :)

2:06 PM NOV 13 2017

Pinstripe trousers, grey trainers, black socks, sparkly hoops and a crop top saying 'c'est moi '

2:30 PM NOV 13 2017

Shirts, pants and shoes

2:31 PM NOV 13 2017

A grey hoodie from lost and found at my bar, a Michael Jackson T, jeans, and Air Force ones. I sound much cooler than I am.

2:32 PM NOV 13 2017

She's wearing a striped work shirt with black jeans and a pair of banana printed all star sneakers.

3:04 PM NOV 13 2017

Salted grey turtle neck, a dark-greyish jean, light grey Nikes with a peach "just do it" and tortoise brown Warby Parkers on hand.

3:19 PM NOV 13 2017

Black shearling jacket, navy turtleneck, straight-leg denim jeans, ankle socks, black vans

3:19 PM NOV 13 2017

Blue jeans, beanie hat, red jumper, new balance trainers and red jacket

3:49 PM NOV 13 2017

Black sweater, Hawaiian shirt, jeans, black shoes, canvas tote

3:59 PM NOV 13 2017

Knee high Black Sorrel snow boots, black leggings, sheer black blouse, puffy black coat, and a flat rimmed cap. Brown hiking boots, slacks, black button up shirt, and a blue denim jacket.

4:19 PM NOV 13 2017

Dark wash blue skinny jeans, black ribbed tank top, beige knit cardigan, black rain booties, black crossbody bag, silver jewelry.

4:19 PM NOV 13 2017

Red knitted sweater, denim pants, leather boots, khaki park

4:20 PM NOV 13 2017

Blue hoodie, tan chinos, grey spotted socks, black leather shoes

5:07 PM NOV 13 2017

Grey skinny jeans, a black cap, a plaid jacket, white shirt and old skool vans. <(^_^<)

5:13 PM NOV 13 2017

I was at moma yesterday 11/10. I wore grey Nike airmax shoes, black dress pants, a black tee shirt, a big thrifted button up, a college hoodie, and a green rain jacket.

5:17 PM NOV 13 2017

Black Chelsea boots, thick gray socks, black jeans I cut at my ankles, plain burgundy sweatshirt.

5:20 PM NOV 13 2017

Sweater de lana negro de H&M, jeans celestes de Zara y botas Dr.Martens color suela.

10:56 AM NOV 14 2017

Knackered brown dms, frayed dark blue jeans, sheer black T, fluffy black cardi, gold Yorkshire rose & orange Scottish seashell on gold chain

11:07 AM NOV 14 2017

Black cashmere sweater, vintage light wash Levi's, black Chelsea boots, a tan teddy bear coat, and a blue tote bag

11:13 AM NOV 14 2017

Blue jeans. Blue sweater. Flowered cardigan sneakers. White scarf

11:29 AM NOV 14 2017

pink coat, two gray undershirts, purple t-shirt, jeans with leggings beneath, black and red socks, black boots

11:37 AM NOV 14 2017

Shirt, pants, shoes, socks

11:45 AM NOV 14 2017

Jeans, booties, tee, cardigan (all black) and a blue coat with black leather accents. Two silver rings and a black scarf.

11:57 AM NOV 14 2017

Black leather skirt, black mohair sweater and black sneakers - yes I obviously like black BUT my bag is blue!

11:59 AM NOV 14 2017

Adidas Originals black Samba sneakers, green slim fit US Polo Assn pants and a grey Virginia Tech Nike hoodie

12:26 PM NOV 14 2017

Skinny jeans, Neva Opet circle bag, and oversized everything else. And of course, my favorite Glossier Jam.

12:28 PM NOV 14 2017

Scanlan Theodore pants, black Nike runners, Versace Bitter black t-shirt

12:45 PM NOV 14 2017

Clear-framed glasses, grey sweater with black "RUN THE WORLD" print, black jeans, grey and bright green runners.

12:56 PM NOV 14 2017

Mint green Nikes, black danskin leggings, heavy-knit puffy sleeved cotton tunic printed with colorful overlapping shapes on a dark gray base

1:16 PM NOV 14 2017

Dark grey Winter coat with a mao collar and hidden buttons, except for the top one.

1:18 PM NOV 14 2017

Grey and black spotted wrap dress, black tights, black leguanos (barefoot shoes), black scarf and wrist warmers. Blue Japanese inspired dragonfly tote bag.

1:22 PM NOV 14 2017

Black Chelsea's, white blouse with a green tommy sweater above it. Black Hugo boss handbag with a white trance coat and jeans

1:23 PM NOV 14 2017

Espetacular, adorei Leila Diniz Campos

1:26 PM NOV 14 2017

Roupas livres como a liberdade do MOMA. Jeans, casacos e batom.

1:26 PM NOV 14 2017

Little black dress with my eyeglass print blouse underneath. I like to dress like a Japanese school girl. I'm 48

1:33 PM NOV 14 2017

Zara black puffer jacket, blue blouse, black jeans, brown Skechers fur boots, Mint Velvet grey scarf and purple tartan handbag, SC Bern black beanie hat with white pompom

1:33 PM NOV 14 2017

Peach Hoodie, blue ski jacket, black jeggings, black Chelsea boots, black short sleeved tshirt with tassels and a light blue mini backpack

1:45 PM NOV 14 2017

She wears orange everyday, not today

1:46 PM NOV 14 2017

Black pants black socks black shoes black coat tan shirt white bag.

1:55 PM NOV 14 2017

1930's camel hunting coat from England. Blue trousers, paired with an equestrian style Justin Boot. Ralph Lauren beige turtleneck and one gold ring. Hair is natural, curly. A light tinted chap stick.

2:01 PM NOV 14 2017

Multi colored dress. Jackson Pollock design. Ankle boots in dark blue to match colors in my dress. My Fitbit. My necklace with a Star of David, a crucifix and a crescent moon with star.

2:10 PM NOV 14 2017

Black spaghetti strap tank top, my mom's red wool skirt, black bolero jacket, black boots and stockings with a run down the knee.

2:19 PM NOV 14 2017

Forever 21 skater dress (green), black thermal tights, beat up Sporto hiking boots, goldfish socks no one can see.

2:46 PM NOV 14 2017

Black leather boots, black Eileen Fisher pants, a white gauzy layered white shirt duo, SEE glasses, and a diamond bracelet

3:05 PM NOV 14 2017

Black 501s, Adidas hoodie, green Timbs

3:11 PM NOV 14 2017

One of my "uniforms"... black quilted coat, black boots, black skirt, black sweater, black leggings

3:15 PM NOV 14 2017

Shirt dress, burgundy turtle neck, black tights, red scarf

3:29 PM NOV 14 2017

Black stuff, black shoes.

3:37 PM NOV 14 2017

Black patriarchy stomping boots, black sweater dress, black Pom Pom hat

3:50 PM NOV 14 2017

Charcoal wool hat, green 3/4 length hooded jacket, grey jeans and comfortable black Nike sneakers

3:52 PM NOV 14 2017

I'm wearing my birthday suit.

4:26 PM NOV 14 2017

MJ I's, Levi's, denim shirt, Heine Brother's Coffee tee, lue beanie

4:28 PM NOV 14 2017

A jean jacket that says "LIKEWISE", a dress with teeny bits of leather round the armholes, Hazel Cox blue feathery earrings, jeans, boots, and a ring from Rory Sparks, and Adam's arm on my shoulder.

8:23 PM NOV 14 2017

Running shoes. Black shorts. Graphic tee. Headphones.Leather boots. Black Levi's. Black tee. Raglan long sleeve shirt.

10:16 AM NOV 15 2017

Hi ! Today I wear a pair of Gazelle (Adidas), a pair of Uniqlo jeans, a Les Petites turtleneck sweater, a Isabel Marant coat and a Monoprix yellow crossbody bag. Rozanne

11:18 AM NOV 15 2017

A combat green jacket, auburn turtleneck, with black leggings and black timbs

11:19 AM NOV 15 2017

Black high wasteVs leggings Black tims A rainbow store turtle neck of a fall color Walmart scarf Green dress coat by jones Pink brand bra

11:22 AM NOV 15 2017

Air Jordan's, members only vintage, rum dmc, and also Star Wars pins and gold bold ring

11:30 AM NOV 15 2017

Long light gray cardigan, thin black and white striped shirt, jeans, and Adidas Originals sneakers

11:49 AM NOV 15 2017

A Black Jacket, a Yuri!!! On Ice T-Shirt, Skinny Jeans, & Converse

11:49 AM NOV 15 2017

Gray T-shirt, dark wash skinny jeans, and gray and purple Reebok sneakers.

11:50 AM NOV 15 2017

Yellow and white striped shirt, ripped jeans, cream cardigan and some sweet boots

11:56 AM NOV 15 2017

Light wash jeans, my favorite blue sweatshirt, brown lowcut bear paws, fuzzy varsity socks, black north face, Kenneth Cole purse, teal bra, mint green underwear

11:56 AM NOV 15 2017

Pink hair, red lifeguard sweatshirt, light jeans, black Nike shoes, black Adidas shirt, black Nike shoes, gray bra, white underwear (:

11:58 AM NOV 15 2017

North face blue jacket, adidas pink shoes, green pants, black shirt with flowers, pink ba Lack bra, and black underwear

12:02 PM NOV 15 2017

Lululemon black sweater, guess jeans, grey boots and a green cargo jacket

12:34 PM NOV 15 2017

Thrifted Levi's, grey t-shirt, leather jacket and a cheap scarf.

12:34 PM NOV 15 2017

Everyday black sneakers, high-wasted black jeans, black v-neck shirt, new/thrifted plaid and oversized jean jacket also new/thrifted. Soft brown purse and canon camera.

12:37 PM NOV 15 2017

Blue sport coat and black "lululemon" abc pants...:)

12:37 PM NOV 15 2017

Black on black with brown(?!) boots

1:18 PM NOV 15 2017

Vintage 70s dress, Steven Alan linen sweater, ballet tights, sparkly socks, Rag and Bone Timberlandesque boots, Etienne Aigner trench coat

1:41 PM NOV 15 2017

Blue shoes, a button down shirt, and jeans.

1:43 PM NOV 15 2017

Navy Tommy Hilfiger suit, a white Oxford shirt with a black tie, and Alfani shoes.

1:43 PM NOV 15 2017

Brooke's brothers sweater, old navy green jeans, a white belt from zumiez and grey sketchers.

1:45 PM NOV 15 2017

Their dignity, pride, and an assortment of hats

1:46 PM NOV 15 2017

My favorite orange and white checked Brooks Brothers shirt, dark blue tie, and Brooks Brothers blue suit.

1:52 PM NOV 15 2017

Mustard, baggy sweater. Boyfriend jeans rolled up to my calves with a hole above the right knee. Brown, loose ankle boots. Black lacy bra and peppermint striped underwear. (Had to check lol)

1:59 PM NOV 15 2017

All Service Denim everything.

2:05 PM NOV 15 2017

Old skinny jeans, light blue shirt, flower vans, my graduation ring and my purple KnowWave long sleeve , military issued cargo pants , Alexander McQueen pumas.

2:10 PM NOV 15 2017

Black sweater, black jeans, black comfy boots. Hurricane Maria Survivor.

2:11 PM NOV 15 2017

Checkered pants, grey turtleneck sweater, black leather jacket, adidas sneakers

2:14 PM NOV 15 2017

Black Dr.Martin boots with fur inside. Black tights. A dark green skirt until the ankles. Kind of tight but also loose. A berry red/pink very soft sweater. Simple silver earrings.

2:15 PM NOV 15 2017

She is wearing lose black pants with black sturdy boots and a see through shirt that is revealing a black lace bra, combined with a black rope necklace and golden triangular earrings.

2:16 PM NOV 15 2017

Blue boots, old jeans, red sweater, green coat and black nails. A camera too.

2:18 PM NOV 15 2017

Zara sweater with white collard shirt underneath. Tommy Hilfiger black jeans. Grey adidas. Black Moncler coat. Knit hat with fur ball.

2:19 PM NOV 15 2017

Black down jacket, khakis, and pink polo!

2:21 PM NOV 15 2017

Grey ruffled sweater, maroon velvet romper, white sneakers

2:23 PM NOV 15 2017

Maroon leather jacket, velvet body suit from the 90's, dark Calvin Klein jeans, acid wash supergas

2:24 PM NOV 15 2017

Camo jacket from f21. Sweater and jeans from Marshalls

2:24 PM NOV 15 2017

Black work shoes, black danskin leggings, black tunic-length tee, yellow/beige/red/static print sweater vest that looks like it belongs on the Simpsons or Balki from Perfect Strangers.

2:27 PM NOV 15 2017

Mickey Mouse print scarf, LuLaRoe layered patterned shirts, washed out Ralph Lauren jeans, uncaged Adidas ultraboosts, Coach crossbody bag

2:31 PM NOV 15 2017

Turquoise and silver dangly earrings. Abstract sweater. Mom's navy blue turtle neck. Blue high-waisted jeans. Dark blue and pink Nike sneakers.

2:34 PM NOV 15 2017

Nude lacy bra, red and white striped underwear, red and white striped long sleeve shirt, high wasted jeans, black socks, and white and black adidas

2:41 PM NOV 15 2017

Studded white converse, embroidered black mockneck, a watch, black jeans, full bladder

2:41 PM NOV 15 2017

black Patagonia jacket, blue jeans, white tshirt, Steve Madden slip ons

2:49 PM NOV 15 2017

Graphic FUTURE sweatshirt in bold typeface, black skinny jeans, pointy high-heeled Jimmy Choo boots, YSL tote bag

3:05 PM NOV 15 2017

H&M embroidered tiger sweatshirt that sort of looks like a Gucci sweatshirt, light blue TOPSHOP mom jeans and white NIKE Air Force shoes.

3:06 PM NOV 15 2017

Vintage shirt and dungarees and old sneakers.

3:24 PM NOV 15 2017

Black leggings and black knee high boots. A navy blue button up with pink and teal circles under a non-metallic bronze sweater.

3:42 PM NOV 15 2017

Black only black are them wearing or sometimes a jeans and a black top

3:56 PM NOV 15 2017

pink low top chuck taylors blue skinny jeans jumbo red scarf black jacket

3:57 PM NOV 15 2017

Denim jacket, flannel, white jeans, black sneakers, furry sweater

4:13 PM NOV 15 2017

Silver drop earrings, soft, grey sweater, black leggings with a tuxedo stripe and black Chelsea boots

4:16 PM NOV 15 2017

Black long sleeves, blue jeans, black fur boots, VS beige bra and panties, with white socks.

4:23 PM NOV 15 2017

Purple zip up high tip converse from 6th grade, black and white polka dot wool trench coat, bangs (all day everyday) black spaghetti strap crop top and the main attraction is my black palazzo pants

4:23 PM NOV 15 2017

Dark blue skinny jeans, black knitted jumper, white Nike sneakers, long padded jacket, smallring earrings, a ring, burgundy nails, colored contacts

4:25 PM NOV 15 2017

Black "Old School" Vans, black 501 jeans, red-orange turtleneck top, vintage Levi's Sherpa-lined denim jacket

4:35 PM NOV 15 2017

Polka dot blouse, gray cardigan and pants, my fancy boots, a necklace that was my grandmother's, and a bracelet from my sister.

4:36 PM NOV 15 2017

Black nail polish, white anarchist tee, woolen cardigan, black jeans, black socks with white spots, black shoes.

4:41 PM NOV 15 2017

Maroon pants with a hole in the back right pocket, green knit Henley, black on black watch with a scratched crystal, grey skateboard shoes, socks

4:41 PM NOV 15 2017

Teal skirt, black tights, black top. Black sneakers with embroidered flowers and a big white flower pendant.

4:51 PM NOV 15 2017

Flannel, bomber, white tee and slim cut jeans all from uniqlo. Also a Belief cap, brand based out of Astoria Queens.

4:52 PM NOV 15 2017

My lovely companion is wearing a green flannel with a white tee. He is also wearing skinny jeans and Nikes.

4:59 PM NOV 15 2017

Grey soft spun short flutter sleeve shirt. Skinny jeans. Gold strap dansko sandals. Black knee length down coat.

5:01 PM NOV 15 2017

Blue off the shoulder sweater, jeans, sneaks.

5:02 PM NOV 15 2017

Faded black jeans, maroon t-shirt, brown quarter-zip, black socks, worn gray running shoes, g-shock watch

5:29 PM NOV 15 2017

Ran over from work in the coziest Micaela Greg sweater, wide brimmed grey felt hat, suede boots. And inspired by another post to add: my trusty diva cup!

10:50 AM NOV 16 2017

All black converse, acid blue jeans, mustard yellow hoodie

11:18 AM NOV 16 2017

Black turtleneck, yellow mohair sweater, green and yellow ankle length plaid skirt, black Mary Janes with black and gold socks

11:26 AM NOV 16 2017

Black jeans, blue green caro shirt, turquoise pullover,brown shoes

11:34 AM NOV 16 2017

Jean jacket, floral blouse, black skirt, grey tights, black boots, looking as femme as I've always wanted

11:44 AM NOV 16 2017

New button down shirt, faded jeans and walking shoes that are hurting after the many miles walked through NYC.

11:49 AM NOV 16 2017

Black work shoes, black & white sweats w leather details, and a hard to describe shirt that I love - black knit ringer tee details and beige & red floral print

11:53 AM NOV 16 2017

blue jeans, black hoodie with a brown work coat with over it, and some very beaten up white Vans

12:16 PM NOV 16 2017

Green sweater, leggins and mountain boots

12:16 PM NOV 16 2017

Red Hoodie, Trousers and boots

12:19 PM NOV 16 2017

Gray sweater, navy blue trousers, colored underwear, blue socks, brown boots and a black shirt.

12:21 PM NOV 16 2017

Gray pants, pink tee and white sneakers

12:22 PM NOV 16 2017

ChatterPlant sweater, blue jeans and deep blue sneakers

12:22 PM NOV 16 2017

Jeans, black sweater and bracelet fork

12:43 PM NOV 16 2017

Black stretch jeans, an old but comfortable sweatshirt and a velvet scarf

1:13 PM NOV 16 2017

Eu amo meias coloridas, sempre as uso que qualquer ocasio.

1:13 PM NOV 16 2017

Estou usando jeans Levi's e camisa listrada azul, bean a e vermelha, com botas de couro. Alm disso, por causa do frio, tenho um casaco verde.

1:19 PM NOV 16 2017

A denim shirt, puma sneakers, cap, and tan pants

1:19 PM NOV 16 2017

Comme de garcon hat, givenchi jeans, a cute pink crop top, Gucci belt, and a 40 oz of cult 45

1:25 PM NOV 16 2017

Black and white plaid top, blue jeans and cute checked boots bought in Salem, MA

1:26 PM NOV 16 2017

Black turtleneck, black jeans, blue socks with unicorns on them, and black and white old skool vans

2:42 PM NOV 16 2017

Levi blue jeans, black t-shirt, open green flannel shirt, Ecco boots

2:44 PM NOV 16 2017

Triple D: Denim, Denim, and Duckboots (Nike)

2:47 PM NOV 16 2017

Black v neck tee, baby Kyah in a sling, black leggings, metallic Jordan's, green plaid oversized scarf, hair tie on wrist and diamond studs.

2:49 PM NOV 16 2017

Cotton checked/ tartan styled culottes from Zara , oversized cream knit jumper from brandy Melville with adidas superstars.

2:51 PM NOV 16 2017

Pink cotton cropped jersey, high waisted black flared jeans, heeled black ankle boots, hoop earrings.

2:59 PM NOV 16 2017

Oversized grey sweater, black jeans, brown laced boots

3:00 PM NOV 16 2017

Oversize white button down blouse, black jeans, black Chelsea boots, red lipstick.

3:03 PM NOV 16 2017

Charcoal gray turtleneck accompanied by a mid-night blue bomber sweater dark wash skinny jeans cuffed and athletic wing-toes dress shoes.

3:15 PM NOV 16 2017

Denim on denim as if he's from the midwest -- what a rube

3:15 PM NOV 16 2017

Dark denim jeans, black knee-high socks, black Sam Edelman Petty boots, black sweater with floral silk fabric on the back, reversible Theory wool coat with hood, black Cuyana purse

3:25 PM NOV 16 2017

All the warm clothes I've been saving up since Texas summer began

3:40 PM NOV 16 2017

Plaid black and white scarf, red rimmed glasses, black button down jacket, white shirt, grey pants, adidas white sneakers, white socks.

3:44 PM NOV 16 2017

lace dress home made crochet bolero Sparkling sweatshirt

4:20 PM NOV 16 2017

White sneakers, grey socks, not so soft, night blue sweater. Triangular, golden earrings, died hair. Grey iPhone.

4:33 PM NOV 16 2017

Sparkly green sweater, blue mom jeans, long grey socks and short silver Converse.

4:34 PM NOV 16 2017

Grey turtle neck sweater, green pants and new black boots from Anthropologie

4:50 PM NOV 16 2017

black biker jacket black hoodie black crew neck tee black skinny jeans black monochrome sk8 hi vans

5:41 PM NOV 16 2017

A camera, like a cliche tourist, a forest-green t shirt, brown boots and jeans and probably underwear

10:30 AM NOV 17 2017

Black tights, black sweater with sparkly button decorations, black boots and a really tight black skirt.

11:22 AM NOV 17 2017

All black converse, dark blue jeans, black and white striped sweater with a zipper down the back

11:25 AM NOV 17 2017

Doc martens, j crew jacket, madewell jeans, Zara top.

11:31 AM NOV 17 2017

Blue and white jacket, grey gilet and white shirt. No hair on my head

11:31 AM NOV 17 2017

I'm wearing a pair of sneakers, purple trousers, poise shirt and a green pullover.

11:50 AM NOV 17 2017

Adidas jacket, white and blue-striped adidas sneakers, black skinny pants, red and grey baseball tee

12:11 PM NOV 17 2017

White plastic sneakers that look like they are made out of golf balls, black pants, blue polka dots on shirt and a necklace with my nerd heart inside.

12:11 PM NOV 17 2017

NASA -themed gridsuit from studio-hh's Ventilated Workwear

12:19 PM NOV 17 2017

Long sleeve shirt, five below knock off vans, and dirty mustard stained khakis also a beanie

12:20 PM NOV 17 2017

Doc martens , black skinny jeans, white and black flannel, blue beanie, Apple Watch

12:20 PM NOV 17 2017

Naked brand lingerie, Heidi klum intimates. Invest $NAKD

12:24 PM NOV 17 2017

A shirt with a picture of Ho Chi Minh on it covered by an oversized Nike jacket, hiking boots, sweatpants

12:35 PM NOV 17 2017

Jeans sweaters bras

12:35 PM NOV 17 2017

Ugg boots jeans Zara sweatshirt Apple Watch pandora bracelet

12:44 PM NOV 17 2017

A black SUPREME "Coach's Crewneck," black KITH bomber jacket, black jeans, and tan Clark's Wallabees

12:45 PM NOV 17 2017

Clothing clothing clothing

1:01 PM NOV 17 2017

Black pull and bear t-shirt. Navy blue champion/MIT sweatshirt. Black jogger pants. Black Nike free shoes.

1:01 PM NOV 17 2017

Green Bershka high waste pushup pants,Dr Martiens classic black boots,white Ralph Lauren t shirt,crew cuts Pom Pom sweader

1:02 PM NOV 17 2017

Black H&M jeans, black v neck cashmere sweater, black boots

1:11 PM NOV 17 2017

Black jeans , black shirt and pull over, black new balance sneakers, bracelet with initials and three necklaces

1:12 PM NOV 17 2017

New balance 990 shoes, Zara blue trainers, MIT red and black tshirt, Yale sweatshirt

1:12 PM NOV 17 2017

White and blue patterned dress shirt, v neck blue pullover, dark jeans and dark blue sneakers.

1:40 PM NOV 17 2017

White sweater, jeans, converse sneakers

1:50 PM NOV 17 2017

Nike free runs 2017, gray cardigan, distressed jeans, brown MNY jacket, black beanie, Uniqlo button up, necklace, black purse, burgundy nail polish, socks

1:51 PM NOV 17 2017

Long grey coat. Navy blue, red and yellow striped sweater. Dark grey high waisted mom jeans. White Vans Sk8 Highs.

1:57 PM NOV 17 2017

Levi's blue jeans, Nike winter running shirt. Black hooded Polo sweatshirt. Blue Nike zoom elites.

1:58 PM NOV 17 2017

A wine turtleneck, a black coat (w fluffy fleece lining), black jeans, pink sneakers with a crocodile, rainbow leopard socks and light brown hijab

2:05 PM NOV 17 2017

Striped suit, patent black leather bomber, cat flats ( really cute ), red t-shirt, mustard yellow beanie, a square ring (looks amazing btw)

2:05 PM NOV 17 2017

Camel polo coat, skinny navy blue jeans, black docs and polka dots socks, brown turtleneck, chiffon black hijab, leopard readers, very chic

2:15 PM NOV 17 2017

Blue Fleece, Black T-Shirt, Light blue denim jeans, Black socks, and a pair of white Adidas Originals

2:15 PM NOV 17 2017

A flannel shirt in the blue my wife likes, dark denim jeans, brown boots a half a decade past fashionability, the faded belt I wear everyday, and "for once" no hat.

3:03 PM NOV 17 2017

Clarks, chinos, band collar shirt, Leica m3

3:03 PM NOV 17 2017

Black jeans. Blue button down. Shoes

3:09 PM NOV 17 2017

Deep brown ughs, skinny blue jeans and layered blue and purple shirts, with a purple-bluish-reddish mixed scarf.

3:31 PM NOV 17 2017

Worn out black converses

3:50 PM NOV 17 2017

A white turtleneck bodysuit beneath black Kevin's and a knit forest green zip up poncho. Black blazer coat and blue sweater knit scarf. Honey socks and black suede boots.

4:46 PM NOV 17 2017

Blue tshirt, blue jeans, blue sneakers, blue scarf. Guess everything is blue

4:58 PM NOV 17 2017

Carrot suit, hair, chicken fingers and mayonnaise, szechuan sauce, white vans with Daniel

5:04 PM NOV 17 2017

Blue and white floral high tops, black danskin leggings, black and white striped floral blouse/tunic

5:17 PM NOV 17 2017

Red suede chucks, black jeans, 40's beauties skiing crew neck sweater w bright blue stiching

5:19 PM NOV 17 2017

Bluejeans Calvin Klein , sweater gap, shoes bikkenberks

5:20 PM NOV 17 2017

Levi's black jeans , sweater purple zara , boots black ted baker

5:33 PM NOV 17 2017

Zebra leggings, beige sweater, beige socks, white tshirt with an unicorn, white body with flowers and a big big smile!!

5:48 PM NOV 17 2017

Fleece lined Leather jacket w/buckles - intimidating if there were more buckles. Black jeans w/black boots - not combat Burnt orange top Rouge hair w/white beads

5:50 PM NOV 17 2017

Questionable purple and white button up, with a mildly fin-bro-esque navy blazer, paired with grey hipster glasses and brown dress shoes.

5:53 PM NOV 17 2017

Yeezy Calabasas sweater , Fear of God pants, Adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts.

5:56 PM NOV 17 2017

H&M blanket scarf, jeans, Calvin Klein moto jacket

6:14 PM NOV 17 2017

Parka, yellow shirt, jeans, boots, headphones

6:25 PM NOV 17 2017

Blue sweater, dark blue jeans, white sneaker

6:25 PM NOV 17 2017

Black top with lace, black oversized sweater on top, black high-waist jeans, black rain booties.

6:27 PM NOV 17 2017

A cowl neck sweater of my own design. Vintage 70s leather jacket. Combat boots from 1993 and black jeans with holes in EVERY pocket

6:40 PM NOV 17 2017

A red turtleneck, black denim jeans, and a pair of doc martens

6:41 PM NOV 17 2017

Black shirt that says "touch me, I'll take your life," adidas track pants, and Nike shoes

6:46 PM NOV 17 2017

Black. Architectural shapes. Statement ring. Good sneakers but everything else looks more expensive that it is.

6:48 PM NOV 17 2017

Fake high class fashion from china, combined with cheap sneakers.

6:50 PM NOV 17 2017

Black long sleeve crew neck that says Brooklyn on it. Green American eagle jeans and black and white checkered vans like every other basic b

6:52 PM NOV 17 2017

Hoodie with adidas pants and maverick merch be part of the logang

6:52 PM NOV 17 2017

Bootcut jeans, purple crew neck and 90's windbreaker. All under $10 :)

6:54 PM NOV 17 2017

Medical scrubs. Everyday.

6:56 PM NOV 17 2017

Maroon fluffy jacket with matching knit beanie, white and green Aloha shirt from Kauai, dark brown banana republic pants, green vans, yellow long socks, blue Fitbit, best smile ever!!!!

6:57 PM NOV 17 2017

Black l/s button up with gold buttons, black Uniqlo pants, black boots, black bag with brown bordering, black hair tie (on my wrist)

7:03 PM NOV 17 2017

Black trousers, patterned blouse, black blazer and black boots

7:05 PM NOV 17 2017


7:11 PM NOV 17 2017

Sustainable jeans and t shirt

7:15 PM NOV 17 2017

Uniqlo green bomber, maroon sweater, grey jeans, beat up white chucks

7:16 PM NOV 17 2017

I'm wearing plaid lol

7:17 PM NOV 17 2017

Uniqlo back pants, green shirt, Uniqlo plaid acorn brown coat

7:34 PM NOV 17 2017

Purpose hoodie. Oversize jean jacket. Black skinnies. Black booties. Big curly hair. A smile

7:34 PM NOV 17 2017

Dark blue skinny jeans, Minnetonkas, black fleece Columbia zip up, mint green sweater, black and white wrap scarf

7:36 PM NOV 17 2017

A nude colored sweater paired with a fleece jacket and a multicolored scarf along with blue jeans and Nike black shoes

7:41 PM NOV 17 2017

Grey wool jacket with gingham black and white shirt with black pants and black shoes and camouflage gloves and a nice watch.

7:44 PM NOV 17 2017

Columbia blue wool coat with a forest green eyelet shirt with a berry toned multi colored scarf that I bought for $5 on Ave of the Americas with black pants and black riding boots.

7:45 PM NOV 17 2017

Shitty knock off shoes, $10 pants, and a sweater that screams "your eating habits are showing". @abryanwrites

7:46 PM NOV 17 2017

Black coat (china), blue scarf (also china), blue jeans (Walmart), red shirt (American eagle)

8:00 PM NOV 17 2017

Well I'm wearing fake Tims and a lovely color guard sweater from the Yamaha cup winners Passaic high school marching band!!!!!!!

8:01 PM NOV 17 2017

All grey attire &a green trench coat, with black knee high boots

8:04 PM NOV 17 2017

High waisted jeans with a rip in the back of my thigh. Black turtle neck and red/black/purple/green/orange/white flannel :D and my burgundy beanie and sk8- high vans #aowwww

8:07 PM NOV 17 2017

Jean jacket, white ribbed tank top, beige leggings, black boots

8:14 PM NOV 17 2017

Headphone shirt. Green D.C. Unders. Jeans. Blue and red high tops.

8:16 PM NOV 17 2017

Grey and black wool skirt. Blue leather boots. Black tshirt. Big black and white coat. Rings. One pink ring.

8:18 PM NOV 17 2017

High-waisted navy pants and chiffon navy and cream layered top. Pale blue earrings and silver "Wolf" Haida necklace.

8:22 PM NOV 17 2017

Black slip top, laser-cut hi-lo black crepe skirt, chrome-toed Adidas Super Stars, green book bag, leopard-print coat.

8:23 PM NOV 17 2017

G-Star t-shirt, G-Star jeans, White Nike Air Force 1, Black rimmed glasses, Armani watch, Bonds socks, Bonds underwear.

8:31 PM NOV 17 2017

Black flats, blue shiny blouse, jeggings. Aka outfit that can be worn at work and here

8:39 PM NOV 17 2017

Turquoise and Virgo signs. And dark black.

8:40 PM NOV 17 2017

Oxfords, black leggings, skirt, flannel, my mothers black jacket from before I was born, and a blanket scarf

8:41 PM NOV 17 2017

Black on black on black on black.

11:00 AM NOV 18 2017

All black converse, black jeans, 90's nickelodeon t-shirt, burnt orange cardigan

11:01 AM NOV 18 2017

Black long sleeve shirt that has a see-through mesh area around the shoulders, my mom's black leather skirt (she's trendy), black tights and black boots.

11:03 AM NOV 18 2017

Hoodie, jeans, running shoes; tourist at large.

11:35 AM NOV 18 2017

Jeans, plaid shirt, white tshirt, Blundstones, puma socks

11:35 AM NOV 18 2017

Athletic leggings, grey peppered tshirt. Ankle boots, roots purse,

11:59 AM NOV 18 2017

Gap jeans, brown loafers, beige and orange crocheted sweater.

11:59 AM NOV 18 2017

God's punishment to people with boobs - a strapless bra

12:02 PM NOV 18 2017

I am wearing medium wash high waisted jeans, a green flannel, and camel riding boots

12:10 PM NOV 18 2017

On this gloomy Saturday morning at the MoMA I am wearing a mid-calf maroon skirt with a colorful shirt tucked in. Turquoise sneakers. Black leather jacket. Fish earrings. Hair tucked back.

12:16 PM NOV 18 2017

A Zara brocade print dress, white polo neck, boots, a faux fur coat

12:18 PM NOV 18 2017

Primark pearl sweater, Zara frilled trousers, Office ankle boots, Topshop shearling jacket, Michael Kors bag

12:34 PM NOV 18 2017

Black jeans, black sweater, black boots

12:41 PM NOV 18 2017

Black gap v-neck sweater, lularoe leggings, no socks, grey sketchers sneakers and lands end brown coat.

12:43 PM NOV 18 2017

Barbour jacket, levis 501 jeans, leather loafers, wool socks and mohair sweater.

12:53 PM NOV 18 2017

Green and black oversized cardigan, black jeans, brown lace boots, and gold half moon necklace.

12:56 PM NOV 18 2017

Brown leather boots, straight slim black jeans, grey short sleeve undershirt, black long sleeve shirt

1:34 PM NOV 18 2017

Red plaid shirt, black t-shirt, black pants, black boots

1:34 PM NOV 18 2017

Gray short sleeved Coors shirt, blue jeans, black long sleeved tee shirt, gray converse low sneakers

1:37 PM NOV 18 2017

Levi's blue jeans, black jeans jacket, frayed dickies tshirt faded from black to grey, and a sense of wonder.

1:39 PM NOV 18 2017

Black new balance shoes, Costco socks, Reebok blue athletic pants, Target boxers, shirt, and black leather jacket

1:52 PM NOV 18 2017

Gray extended t-shirt, navy blue Chicago World Beer Tour wind breaker, skinny jeans, olive green old skool Vans, gray Hopkins hat

1:52 PM NOV 18 2017

Patagonia trucker hat, Peruvian inspired pashkina scarf, warby Parker aviator glasses, red Leonard and church watch, grey h&m lightweight sweats ater, black Zara pants, personalised belt, rainbow Nike flyknit sneakers

2:06 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue tee shirt, navy pants, black adidas

2:07 PM NOV 18 2017

White sneakers, blue jean, black tee shirt and a white sweater

2:15 PM NOV 18 2017

Jeans, black long sleeved shirt, enormous running shoes, fleece, hat with sparkly skull that lights up, silver sequined hand warmers

2:21 PM NOV 18 2017

Converse high cut Pants Gray shirt Jacket

2:22 PM NOV 18 2017

Pink Vans, White socks, black Levi's jeans, black Levi's jacket, yellow shirt, black sweater, black cap, glasses !!!

2:24 PM NOV 18 2017

I'm wearing the 2017 fashion of "pajamas' outdoors. An inspirational cuff designed by On This Rock. For whimsy, Mona Lisa socks. Covered by my reservable Italian cape.

2:27 PM NOV 18 2017

I'm wearing a 1940's inspired outfit, including a corduroy vest by Ralph Lauren, a Met Museum tie inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright designs, a double breasted, vintage suit jacket by Louti Designers.

2:42 PM NOV 18 2017

Red and black buffalo plaid GAP kids sweater with black sequin heart, black leggings, black UGG boots.

3:05 PM NOV 18 2017

Green and black sweatshirt. Green, white and yellow t-shirt underneath, gray corduroys. White & gray socks. Gray and red New Balance sneakers.

3:07 PM NOV 18 2017

Uncomfortable black underwear, jeans, olive colored sweater with three giant pearls on each sleeve and 'euro' sneakers.

3:16 PM NOV 18 2017

Black boots, black jeans, black tee, black hoodie, blue jean jacket, black pants, blue tshirt, blue jacket, blue jeans, striped shirt, brown jacket, blue jeans grey hoodie.

3:20 PM NOV 18 2017

Gray coat of wool, olive scarf, denim pants and cool nike tennis.

3:37 PM NOV 18 2017

Black cowl neck dress, black tights, black Chanel ballet flats, and black coat with an asymmetric gold zipper. #AllBlackEverything

3:39 PM NOV 18 2017

Black suede shoes, dark wash skinny jeans, maroon t shirt, grey scarf, black winter coat, glasses

3:41 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue sweater with black embroidery, black pants, black boots, sparkly black earrings

3:43 PM NOV 18 2017

Free Brady shirt and some Vineyard vines pants and some nice shoes

3:46 PM NOV 18 2017

Philadelphia Eagles throw back hat, mom comfortable everything else.

3:46 PM NOV 18 2017

Black Calvin Klein t-shirt, black Arcteryx fleece, grey Uniqlo jeans, white leatherJ.Crew New Balance.

3:47 PM NOV 18 2017

Grey cowl neck sweater, black J Brand skinny jeans, black and white Adidas Superstar sneakers

3:49 PM NOV 18 2017

beige track pants, white graphic tee, camo puffer jacket, bred 1, chain, ring @yungzap

3:50 PM NOV 18 2017

Ultraboosts, American eagle, Reebok Kendrick shoes

3:54 PM NOV 18 2017

Adidas, flannel shirt, urban outfitters top, target jeans, Michael Kors coat

3:55 PM NOV 18 2017

Black Turtleneck, Black Denim, Grey Peacoat, Doc Martens. The stereotypical art hoe.

3:57 PM NOV 18 2017

Anti social social club hoodie, black jeans, yeezy season boots

3:57 PM NOV 18 2017

Charcoal chuckas, pitch black straight cut jeans, and a brown sweater with shoulder pads. Gold Seiko watch with snakeskin band.

4:13 PM NOV 18 2017

Superga white platform sneakers, high wasted black denim ripped jeans, navy mock neck, thick gold hoop earrings, pale pink minimalistic coat.

4:22 PM NOV 18 2017

A navy blue Gymboree sweater a polo Ralph Lauren long sleeve shirt some corduroy pants green underwear

4:22 PM NOV 18 2017

Navy & red stripe long sleeved shirt, white & grey cotton J. Crew scarf, skinny jeans, teal blue swatch, red clogs, marimekko black floral purse

4:24 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue wind jacket , green sweater, green t-shirt, green scarf, blue jeans. And DNA-shaped earrings.

4:27 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue and white shirt, grey pants, blue Velcro sneakers

4:28 PM NOV 18 2017

White sweater, grey & pink sparkly dress, grey tights, sparkly stared shoes.

4:29 PM NOV 18 2017

Black boots, black top, plaid cape, black glasses, red lipstick and...a smile :)

4:30 PM NOV 18 2017

Black Zara sweater with jeans and grey Chelsea boots. Trying to be cool.

4:50 PM NOV 18 2017

Black jeans, black boots, grey sweater, lilac beanie :)

4:50 PM NOV 18 2017

Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Pull & Bear black jeans, Nike Air Max

4:50 PM NOV 18 2017

^^^^ and my cowboy (girl?) belt!!!!!

5:01 PM NOV 18 2017

Nothing, absolutely nothing

5:37 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue denim overalls, sheer black top underneath, big gold hoops

5:37 PM NOV 18 2017

Stripy pink and white turtle neck

5:48 PM NOV 18 2017

It don't matter what I'm wearing. The real question is DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD SAVE 15% OR MORE BY SWITCHING TO GEICO?!?!

5:53 PM NOV 18 2017

Worn out Nikes with even more worn out socks

5:53 PM NOV 18 2017

Gray sweater, black leggings, black Uggs, black dangling earring , and a long sparkling black necklace!

5:55 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue jeans, white with black graph lines button down shirt, blue sweater, grey sneakers, glasses

5:56 PM NOV 18 2017

Rain boots over black leggings. A floral dress with a small black checkerboard print background. A textured dark grey jacket. A black overcoat and a small purple purse.

6:01 PM NOV 18 2017

Dinosaur tee shirt black sweats grey Jordan's penguin socks.

6:03 PM NOV 18 2017

Nike boots winter socks leopard leggings blue Admin pants gun belt blue winter turtle neck bullet proof vest shield and department issued jacket.

6:37 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue Wool hat, grey ski jacket, jeans, yellow leather boots

6:49 PM NOV 18 2017

Black denim jeans, green north face fleece, dark jacket

6:50 PM NOV 18 2017

Colorful Lilly Pulitzer top, blue vest, dark denim jeans, rain boots.

6:51 PM NOV 18 2017

Today I'm wearing a black and white fluffy hooded jacket, periwinkle blouse, white jeans, and brown Blundstone boots.

6:54 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue and brown Sweater his love one gave him for present, jeans, Yankees hat and old brown boots.

6:54 PM NOV 18 2017

Gray boots, blue jeans and a beige sweater from her mom

6:58 PM NOV 18 2017

Waterproof camper shoes , adidas, jeans with a hole in em, leather man combat boots

7:00 PM NOV 18 2017

Ted baker burgundy pullover sweater over a blue button down shirt. Hugo boss pants in a navy colorway with a pair of Cole haan sneakers.

7:05 PM NOV 18 2017

Grey Comme des Garcons PLAY shirt, Gucci belt, ripped jeans, custom cement Jordan 6, iced ankh chain with gold Apple watch

7:07 PM NOV 18 2017

Grey sweater dress, lightweight burnt orange coat, black sheer tights, black heeled booties, and a smile...

7:10 PM NOV 18 2017

Grey pyjama trousers, black pyjama top, white puma trainers, green topshop jacket, brown marks and spencer handbag

7:12 PM NOV 18 2017

Blue jeans, cream jumper, green Nike trainers, orange scarf, navy wool pea coat

7:25 PM NOV 18 2017

Wine burgundy shirt, jeans, thin puffer pullover and a Tilley hat

7:26 PM NOV 18 2017

My super comfy PoZu shoes (red and orange), Happy patterned socks, G-star grey skinny jeans, grey top and black cardigan, pink lightweight puffa jacket

7:32 PM NOV 18 2017

I had to wear my running shoes because of my leg but I figured it's Saturday so nobody would mind

7:39 PM NOV 18 2017

Black vintage music shirt from the 1990's, black washed denim and Vans

7:39 PM NOV 18 2017

Old skools x Northface collab for this brisk New york weather

7:42 PM NOV 18 2017

El Paso, TX bar T-shirt, Killion Teddy bear jacket, The North Face

7:42 PM NOV 18 2017

Windwall jacket, Roots Canada Black oversized beanie.

7:42 PM NOV 18 2017

KITH Timberland leather boots, 510 Levi's skinny jeans, Lloyd's Pub

7:57 PM NOV 18 2017

Black cords and black shirt because I'm ~edgy~

10:38 AM NOV 19 2017

Black velvet pants, black boots and most importantly a Flamengo jersey! Mengooooooo

10:51 AM NOV 19 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog blue long-sleeved crop top with pastel blue pants, white sneakers with pink laces, Hetalia necklace and Gudetama hair clips <3

11:43 AM NOV 19 2017

Hooded sweat shirt,sweatpants,sneakers

11:45 AM NOV 19 2017


11:46 AM NOV 19 2017

DARKNESS!!!!!!!!my old friend.

11:49 AM NOV 19 2017

Athleta pants, uggs, fleece, cool new white bunny coat. #stylin

11:49 AM NOV 19 2017

supremebapeyeezycommedesgarcon #kanye

11:50 AM NOV 19 2017

Rei coat, gray shirt, jeans, gray gazelles

12:15 PM NOV 19 2017

Multicolored cowl neck top in patterns with teal, pink, purple, and white; army green pants, silver ballet flats, and a pearl necklace. Wedding ring, fashion ring, and teal braided leather wristlet.

12:16 PM NOV 19 2017

Dark wash jeans, green I [shamrock] NY hoodie, black and blue sneakers.

12:33 PM NOV 19 2017

Turtle neck sweater, black jeans, cross body bag

12:52 PM NOV 19 2017

Gap jeans and grey long sleeve t-shirt, converse all star sneakers, Michael Kohrs down jacket - which I now realize are all variations of items in the exhibit. Thanks!

1:06 PM NOV 19 2017

We are not wearing any cloth

1:06 PM NOV 19 2017

Nike Tn black on black, Helmut Lang black wool pants Toplees

1:50 PM NOV 19 2017

On the date of my sixteenth circle around the sun, I currently wear socks, Vans, khaki pants, a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a Henley shirt (my birthday present), and a ball cap.

1:57 PM NOV 19 2017

supreme this and that. nape this and that I'm a hypenast can you tell

2:00 PM NOV 19 2017

Pink vertical striped blouse with flare sleeves, black tights, and floral white shoes with a black floral purse.

2:01 PM NOV 19 2017

Orange tribal printed top with flared three quarter sleeves. Paired with grey tights and calf high brown boots.

2:16 PM NOV 19 2017

Grey tone plaid skirt, black tights, black booties, black turtleneck, blush pink oversized coat!!

2:29 PM NOV 19 2017

Black military coat with gold buttons green slit side sweatshirt and comfy jeans with slip on sneakers

2:30 PM NOV 19 2017

Black matching sweatsuit with rainbow colored flowers and brand new blue plastic glasses plus hologram stripe adidas sneakers. White t shirt

2:35 PM NOV 19 2017

blue jeans, pink adidas, black sweater, black hat, white jacket, black bag

2:35 PM NOV 19 2017

Blkjeanssweatertedmuehlingearrings. Of course...

2:37 PM NOV 19 2017 hat and "i'm hiding weapons of mass destruction" t-shirt

2:38 PM NOV 19 2017

Black and white striped shirt with a sequins that switch from a black heart to a gold star, gold skirt, black combat boots and a cast

2:39 PM NOV 19 2017

Blue jeans, maroon sweatshirt, gray sneakers

2:44 PM NOV 19 2017

Olive drab graphic tee, gray athletic jacket, deep plum skinny jeans, olive drab pumas, and unicorn socks.

2:44 PM NOV 19 2017

vans slip ons, outlier merino wool socks, western rise 5 pocket pants, outlier merino tank top, mountain hardwear packable down jacket, outlier storm king ventile parka, pebble smart watch with nylon nato band, hanmade ceramic necklace, merino wool everlane hat, icebreaker merino undergarments

2:48 PM NOV 19 2017

Brown, black and white sweater. Red pants, and brown shoes. Why not?

2:53 PM NOV 19 2017

green plaid wool coat white tshirt white jeans pony oxfords

3:00 PM NOV 19 2017

Pink sweater, gray heather leggings, gray t-shirt, classic black vans, pink socks

3:09 PM NOV 19 2017

Gap jeans&grey long sleeve t-shirt, converse all star sneakers, Michael Kohrs down jacket-which I now realize are all variations of items in the exhibit.

3:17 PM NOV 19 2017

Nike free training shoes in blue and gray Athleisure pants in gray Dark gray fitted Tshirt Black north face bubble jacket

3:17 PM NOV 19 2017

Black Acne wool pants, Comme des Garcons button down, White Nike vapormax sneakers, black Acne leather jacket, gray Uniqlo socks

3:19 PM NOV 19 2017

US Wool Knit Cap, Cafe Nyleta L/S Dripper Tee, Dickies Insulated Eisenhower Jacket, Iron Heart 9634Z Denim, Hanes Boxer Shorts, Uniqlo HeatTech Socks, New Balance 990V3, Mont Bell Hip Pack

3:21 PM NOV 19 2017

Dark jeans, a white sweater, comfortable walking shoes, pink glasses, and a FitBit.

3:23 PM NOV 19 2017

Backwards Vans snapback; glasses; t-shirt of an all-child female rock band; blue jeans; Nike sneakers.

3:35 PM NOV 19 2017

A red, blue and white shirt, with grey leggings. Comfy brown boots.

3:40 PM NOV 19 2017

Dark blue and white striped gray slipons, navy blue uniqlo sweats, shiny knit short sleeved blouse with gigantic red, light blue, and green floral print

3:43 PM NOV 19 2017

Navy blue sweater. Black leather leggings. Black suede booties. Grey Moncler wool coat. Blue Celine belt bag.

3:49 PM NOV 19 2017

Black jeans, burgundy Tim's, and striped grey and black sweater.

3:55 PM NOV 19 2017

T-shirt, corduroy dress, tights, shoes

3:55 PM NOV 19 2017

Jean jacket, black and white striped long sleeve, black leggings, grey Nikes

3:57 PM NOV 19 2017

Charcoal wool overcoat, brown leather Chelsea boots, denim jeans, and a red scarf.

4:11 PM NOV 19 2017

Black shoes (gola), black pants, black sweatshirt from waverly hills (Louisville, ky) and a backpack that I regret bringing- as one must carry it on the front of their body

4:28 PM NOV 19 2017

Black skinny pants, black socks, low heeled pointy toe mesh top with very cool long sweater vest.. gold chains that were my mother's, a Shinola watch and rings. My daughter is Emily Spivack!

4:31 PM NOV 19 2017

Blue gingham stripped shirt, gray dress pants, black belt, black socks, white V-neck undershirt, white jockey underwear that holds me in place and the piece de resistance----my black HOKA running shoes----Emily Spivack is my daughter.

4:49 PM NOV 19 2017

Jumpsuit onesie with pockets that I wish I could wear everyday. Super simple, light denim, dresses up or down, very comfortable, bought it second-hand, probably made by under-paid workers.

5:18 PM NOV 19 2017

Jacket black, shirt paisley navy, jeans blue, boots leather black. Glasses frames flat baby blue. Tired eyes.

5:19 PM NOV 19 2017

Black pea coat, fur vest, gray sweater, blue jeans, gray velvet slip on sneakers, and Christmas socks.

10:32 AM NOV 20 2017

Black pants. Black turtle neck. Large, enormous and ridiculous cape. I look good. People look twice. Today anyway.

11:39 AM NOV 20 2017

Black leggings, black turtle-neck, black sparkly sneakers, black sparkly sneakers and a beige jacket.

11:50 AM NOV 20 2017

Grey Nike free RN, jeans from my favorite store in Montreal, uniqlo dark green long sleeve tee, funky grey j crew sweater from an ex girlfriend

11:58 AM NOV 20 2017

Teal sweater with black ripped jeans and black timberland boots

11:59 AM NOV 20 2017

Black jeans and a brown sweater with tan booties and a black scarf

12:14 PM NOV 20 2017

Indian handprinted top with mis-registered layered dot pattern in shades of blue; long, full denim skirt; Churches Chelsea boots; navy and black loose weave scarf; red lipstick

12:59 PM NOV 20 2017

Black jeans, green suede boots and a colourful sweater

1:27 PM NOV 20 2017

New black chuck Taylor 2 black converse, black ripped rock star old navy jeans, white and red ski patrol hoodie, panic! t the disco beanie, and ray bans...

1:40 PM NOV 20 2017

Unique outwears, sweaters, any kind of shirts etc

1:41 PM NOV 20 2017

Jeans, borrowed shoes, black and white flannel shirt. Black undershirt.

1:42 PM NOV 20 2017

Black pants, unique seamless jackets, Zara upper wear etc

1:54 PM NOV 20 2017

Satin blazer, black pants, undershirt

1:58 PM NOV 20 2017

Ripped black jeans, silky black top with pink, orange, and white flowers, a black cardigan and tennis shoes.

2:14 PM NOV 20 2017

Oversized sweater with black ribbon detail, suede over the knee boots, leggings with double zipper detail, Gucci scarf

2:17 PM NOV 20 2017

White ZARA sweater and black Uniqlo skinny

2:27 PM NOV 20 2017

NYC Women's march t shirt

2:31 PM NOV 20 2017

Navy long sleeve, black vest, blue jeans, brown riding boots

2:31 PM NOV 20 2017

White Nike sneaks, pink corduroy bell bottoms, black zip sweatshirt, leopard fur coat

2:36 PM NOV 20 2017

Cropped red half sleeve knit with high wasted dark wash jeans and black suede booties

2:37 PM NOV 20 2017

Beige knee length knit sweater dress with bell sleeves. White and beige knee high socks. Tall brown riding boots with thick heel.

2:38 PM NOV 20 2017

Supreme x Nike SB's, rockstar cut jeans with 90s color way crew neck.

2:39 PM NOV 20 2017

Nike Supreme SB's, Tan chinos, Supreme North-face

3:07 PM NOV 20 2017

Jacket shirt shoes socks leggings hats earmuffs

3:10 PM NOV 20 2017

Jackets, boots, hoodies, socks, tennis shoes, ear muffs, long Johns.

3:14 PM NOV 20 2017

Blue sweater, gold hoops, black leggings, The Little Prince-printed socks, and black Steve Madden ankle boots that are quite literally falling apart

3:15 PM NOV 20 2017

Pink sweater, scuffed sneakers, black jeans without pockets, plaid button down, and glasses

3:16 PM NOV 20 2017

Beige, puffy jacket, worn in jeans, grey slip on shoes, and fingers.

3:17 PM NOV 20 2017

Pink jacket, white, pink, and green polka-dotted mock turtleneck, gray sweatpants, black tights, and black boots!

3:18 PM NOV 20 2017

Red long sleeve shirt, gray knit-looking sweatpants, black k socks brown hiking shoes

3:47 PM NOV 20 2017

Supreme x vetements x off white x bape shoes, everything else anthropologie

3:49 PM NOV 20 2017

Tie-died T-shirt & down jacket & Converse kicks.

3:52 PM NOV 20 2017

Craghoppers black pants, flannel checkerboard shirt over a CANTERS T-shirt (visiting from L.A.), ancient ancient ancient thrift store shoes (that perhaps date to the reign of Chalemagne).

4:09 PM NOV 20 2017

Olive Allbirds sneakers, dark blue jeans, muted green henley sweater, moss green puff jacket, blue/bone white twin Japanese fabric pattern scarf, various bracelets.

4:24 PM NOV 20 2017

A dark blue, hooded blue duffle coat. A light grey denim shirt over a dark grey tshirt. Light blue jeans and neon pink socks covered black calf-high biker boots.

4:26 PM NOV 20 2017

black sweater, mom jeans, a blanket scarf the size of alaska, and ring that doesn't fit on my finger(but I made it work)

4:28 PM NOV 20 2017

Just a belt and shower sandals

4:39 PM NOV 20 2017

Black hoodie, vintage OG 107 fatigues, grey beanie, silver ring, black cotton tshirt, black shell toe shoes

4:42 PM NOV 20 2017

Lycra leggings @eatmeclothing @yinyermate

4:50 PM NOV 20 2017

Black suede knee-high wedge boots, dark blue skinny high waisted jeans, pink t-shirt, oversized camel colored coat, large wrap scarf, cement colour Marc Jacobs bag

5:15 PM NOV 20 2017

Jeans, jacket, and a sweet blue sweater ;)

5:26 PM NOV 20 2017

Black Flower Blouse by who what where and distressed jeans with Daniel pliner boots

5:26 PM NOV 20 2017

Converse bomber jacket, chinos, maroon chuck taylors.

6:02 PM NOV 20 2017

Vince Camuto Black jeggings, Nike Free runs, Zara Camel coat, Lucky Brand mock turtleneck , DC puffer vest

6:02 PM NOV 20 2017

H&M Black t-shirt Topshop Blue denim short sleeve button up Topshop Dusty Camel Coat Zara dark grey matte jeans Brown leather converse

10:17 PM NOV 20 2017

jean joggers, pink t shirt, green bead necklace, plaid flannel, DW watch, choker

10:26 AM NOV 21 2017

All black converse, black overalls, black and brown short sleeve shirt, and black beanie

10:36 AM NOV 21 2017

A tank top, jeans, sneakers, sweater

11:17 AM NOV 21 2017

Sweater with bell sleeves, black jeans that used to be blacker, cashmere sweater coat, spotty cowl scarf, bright blue ballet flats.

11:23 AM NOV 21 2017

A cashmere scarf - a present from my granddaughter Eloise for my 70th birthday. Everything else - polyester!

11:42 AM NOV 21 2017

Denim sweatshirt and black denim jeans with vans

11:43 AM NOV 21 2017

White jeans, grey sweater, black tennis shoes, plaid scarf.

11:53 AM NOV 21 2017

Blue jeans, brown boots, orange sweater, WWII Army Jacket

11:58 AM NOV 21 2017

Black pea coat, button-up, scuffed sneakers, grey jeans and a snappy belt.

12:02 PM NOV 21 2017

Shoes, shirts, pants

12:25 PM NOV 21 2017

Black dress, beige oversized cardigan, bird leggings, brown boots.

12:26 PM NOV 21 2017

Blue jeans, navy tee with pocket, gray hoodie, reindeer socks, and TOMS.

12:43 PM NOV 21 2017

Red Sweatshirt,Blue Jeans,Brown Vans,Red Shirt With a Motorcycle

12:44 PM NOV 21 2017

Knicks Sweater,20 charecters

12:48 PM NOV 21 2017

Basketball shirt, letters,dinosaur shirt, jeans, black shoes, black and red shirt, gray fuzzy pants

12:57 PM NOV 21 2017

Black shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a black soul

1:07 PM NOV 21 2017

I'm wearing Lacey underwear and a very nice bra today to make me feel nice about myself discretely

1:20 PM NOV 21 2017

Sweatshirt and Nike shoes

1:21 PM NOV 21 2017

Skinny jeans an overpriced t shirt a yellow puffer jacket puma shoes and my camera

1:23 PM NOV 21 2017

Nothing but a smile ...

1:34 PM NOV 21 2017

Long sleeve black turtleneck with dark blue skinny jeans from Nordstrom. I am also wearing pink and white fuzzy socks with brown boots and a Columbia ski hat. :)

1:37 PM NOV 21 2017

Thrifted pastel green granny sweatshirt with flower embroidery and a white collar, loose fitting Levi's rolled at the ankles, thrifted southwestern style belt, suede Puma sneakers, white socks

2:05 PM NOV 21 2017

Brown loafers, black skinny jeans, red long sleeve t-shirt

2:05 PM NOV 21 2017

Very dirty white converse, light Mother jeans, black long sleeve t-shirt

2:29 PM NOV 21 2017

Black "old skool" vans, Patagonia synchilla snap, Sutton chinos, Syracuse hat

2:40 PM NOV 21 2017

Lion hat/scarf, green and black checkered button down shirt, grey long under ware shirt, black long under ware, black vans, denim jean sweat pants, and white and grey Calvin Klein socks.

3:41 PM NOV 21 2017

Underwear... oh, and other clothes too.

3:41 PM NOV 21 2017

Grey Converse Chuck Taylor's with black skinnies, grey long sleeved cotton top with multi neutral colored knit scarf.

3:45 PM NOV 21 2017

Polka dots and kicks.

3:53 PM NOV 21 2017

Black leggings, red hoodie shirt with white striped sleeves, brown boots with 2 buckles

3:53 PM NOV 21 2017

Me-Navy blue dress pants, gold polo shirt, asics tennis shoes(grey) Wife-yoga pants, light sweater, peacoat

3:57 PM NOV 21 2017

Red simply southern shirt, purple green leggings, ugg boots

4:02 PM NOV 21 2017

white long sleeve shirt and blue jeans

4:07 PM NOV 21 2017

Coral vans, black pants, black oversized classic Champion hoodie, bright red Burberry coat and Stella McCartney chain bucket purse

4:38 PM NOV 21 2017

black on the outside, gold on the inside

4:43 PM NOV 21 2017

Blue plaid shirt , black leggings , green jacket and Ugg boots

5:08 PM NOV 21 2017

Jeans, button down long sleeve shirt, full zip sweater (all Banana Republic). Blue Cole Hahn shoes, Happy Socks

5:11 PM NOV 21 2017

Michael kors fancy sneakers, dark indigo jeans, a dark gray tshirt that says CHEERS in metallic gold, a cotton scarf for style not weather.

5:35 PM NOV 21 2017

red sweatshirt, white sweater, blue work shirt with mom jeans, adidas superstars and a beaded anklet

7:44 PM NOV 21 2017

Black oversized sweatshirt with attached navy blue bottom ruffle and turtleneck collar. Black slim pants. Black New Balance sneakers with hot pink laces and neon yellow accents. Orthotics. Black socks, black bra, grey panties. Sparkly glasses. Silver Timex. Australian Aboriginal design earrings.

7:46 PM NOV 21 2017

Grey felt sneakers, blue socks, green Mossimo pants, grey boxer briefs, blue J Crew button-down, grey Uniqlo cashmere V-neck, chunky frame glasses, old Omega watch.

9:35 PM NOV 21 2017

black ripped jeans, frank iero and the patience tshirt, knit black turtleneck, black fitted coat and worn doc martens with a hogarth painting on them

10:26 AM NOV 22 2017

Cold shoulder lilac sweater, floral print jeans and black pumas

10:32 AM NOV 22 2017

All black converse, soft denim long sleeve shirt, black jeans, black beanie

10:32 AM NOV 22 2017

H&M Black t-shirt Topshop Blue denim short sleeve button up Topshop Dusty Camel Coat Zara dark grey matte jeans Brown leather converse

10:37 AM NOV 22 2017

White rat mittens with long tails

10:54 AM NOV 22 2017

Black double layered jacket, moss green long sleeved round neck shirt, dark blue beanie, moss green Nike shoes

11:08 AM NOV 22 2017

grey sweater pants, black velvet turtleneck, and chrome studded Alexander wang ankle boots I bought on my birthday

11:21 AM NOV 22 2017

Jeans and a sweatshirt.

11:43 AM NOV 22 2017

I'm wearing a kith x adidas navy and pink shirt with a olive north face coat, followed by a pair of black pants with a Off-White yellow industrial belt, and palace x adidas shoes

11:45 AM NOV 22 2017

White turtle neck, ripped blue jeans, old black Docs, my moms silver vest and silver hoop earrings

11:45 AM NOV 22 2017

I'm from Houston where no one wears all black. Every day I wear a black skirt, black shirt and an Hermes scarf. It's my uniform.

12:49 PM NOV 22 2017

Jeans, a turtle neck , and Uggs

12:59 PM NOV 22 2017

Light wash J-Crew jeans, a Vineyard Vines cashmere blend sweater, a North Face down jacket, Gucci sneakers, a Gucci belt, and a ring made by an "Artists and Fleas" vendor

1:03 PM NOV 22 2017

Breast Cancer awareness vineyard vines shirt High waisted Jcrew jeans Fenty by Rihanna shoes North face coat

1:05 PM NOV 22 2017

Sparkly sweater, jeans, jacket, gold boots, and a smile :)

1:05 PM NOV 22 2017

Nike tennis shoes, jeans, black and white sweater, army green rain coat

1:29 PM NOV 22 2017

DVF shift dress, Stuart Weitzman otk boots, tights from primark, Larsson and Jennings watch

1:29 PM NOV 22 2017

I am wearing fitted black cotton cargo pants by Gap; a blue print jersey by Michael Kors; a blue cotton utility jacket by Gap, bra by Wacoal; underwear by Hanes Her Way and Asics Nimbus 17 running shoes.

1:30 PM NOV 22 2017

A navy supreme pullover with plastic appliques, a red supreme shirt, loose military green khakis, and a pair of snake print leather Air Force 1s.

1:31 PM NOV 22 2017

Tan pants and what I think is a rose print on a black sweatshirt

1:33 PM NOV 22 2017

Red tights with my scuffed black boots, floral dress and a wool sweater purchased in Soho so warm and cozy

1:34 PM NOV 22 2017

velvet brown corduroys, fake converses, dazed expression

1:39 PM NOV 22 2017

Jeans, a sweatshirt and t-shirt, as well as puma sneakers I took the laces out of so that I wouldn't have to tie them.

1:39 PM NOV 22 2017

North face gortex trail runner sneakers ash grey a, gap 1959 blue jeans with holes, American rag blue, red, white faded flannel shirt, north face summit coal grey winter ribbed jacket

1:41 PM NOV 22 2017

A t-shirt with a link to my portfolio on it: WWW.HELENGALIOTO.COM

1:44 PM NOV 22 2017

Jeans, hoodie and adidas Stan smith

1:45 PM NOV 22 2017

Marbled sweater, black leggings and black boots

1:47 PM NOV 22 2017

Blue jeans, brown shoes and green sweater.

1:47 PM NOV 22 2017

Adidas shirt, adidas sweatshirt, black converse, skinny jeans and glasses :)

2:09 PM NOV 22 2017

Black sweater, blue ripped skinny jeans, converse hi-tops, oversized scarf, messy hair

2:10 PM NOV 22 2017

Gray felt sweater, mom jeans, black short heeled boots, naked ankles, navy blue jacket over one shoulder, lace bra and nude panties

2:15 PM NOV 22 2017

Favorite black jeans!

2:25 PM NOV 22 2017

Jeans, sneakers, gray sweatshirt, white vest jacket

2:35 PM NOV 22 2017

Plaid trash, leggings, and a petticoat. And a bracelet. Ya. That's it.

2:35 PM NOV 22 2017

Top shop black Jamie jeans, Mustard/Pink/Maroon/Black/Cream striped ribbed long sleeve shirt, Black and white adidas

2:36 PM NOV 22 2017

cole sprouses skin, doc martins

2:51 PM NOV 22 2017

Striped polo shirt, jeans, brown shoes, and a Regina Farmers Market hoodie.

2:58 PM NOV 22 2017

High-waisted olive green skinny jeans Black turtleneck bodysuit 97 Nike airmaxes "silver bullet" Red quilted coat from banana republic

3:09 PM NOV 22 2017

Black converse, grey socks, olive pants, blue undies, grey - blue shirt with a pink design, brown jacket, and a big old smile :)

3:27 PM NOV 22 2017

Uniqlo overcoat, turtleneck, black jeans, small hoops, which carry sentimental value (all jewelry does) and my Docs, of course.

3:28 PM NOV 22 2017

Black pants, grey shirt, or black

3:30 PM NOV 22 2017

Nothing nothing and nothing

3:34 PM NOV 22 2017

Denim jeans, horse park of NJ running t-shirt, and a heavy Bronx Zoo navy sweatshirt

3:36 PM NOV 22 2017

A gray Hollister sweater, ripped jeans, a black winter coat, old Saucony sneakers, tortoise shell glasses, and bobbed hair.

3:37 PM NOV 22 2017

CBA sweatshirt, gray long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans

3:43 PM NOV 22 2017

Dr. Martens Grey ASOS Sweater Cropped Uniqlo Pant Topman Jersey Duster

3:44 PM NOV 22 2017

Red sketchers shoes.......

3:47 PM NOV 22 2017

Levi stretch jeans, turquoise shirt and fleece, Arcteryx blue jacket, Solomon tennies.

3:49 PM NOV 22 2017

Leather jacket, scarf, jeans, and black shoes

4:03 PM NOV 22 2017

A shirt and som pant and a phone

4:03 PM NOV 22 2017

Gray zadig and Voltaire shirt, black pants, adidas gazelle, grey sport socks, freegun underwear, and some nice reabens AND A BIG ASS DICK MOTHER FUCKERS

4:06 PM NOV 22 2017

Red polo, black jeans, brown boots. Glasses.

4:07 PM NOV 22 2017

A smile and a whiff of smug

4:20 PM NOV 22 2017

Gray sweat shirt shorts and tights and black suit jacket flower printed scarf black shoes

4:21 PM NOV 22 2017

Grey shirt, dark blue jeans, Grey vans and a light blue hoodie from Heavenly

4:22 PM NOV 22 2017

Gray gray gray gray glasses mockneck skirt shoes

4:23 PM NOV 22 2017

I am wearing blue jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with black nike sneakers.

4:24 PM NOV 22 2017

"Please be nice" in millennial pink, sweater. Big, long and black midi skirt w tights and thigh highs layered on top and black boots

5:00 PM NOV 22 2017

Black. .

5:01 PM NOV 22 2017

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans cream turtle neck navy blue sweater tennis shoes and socks

5:03 PM NOV 22 2017

Tan furry fleece jacket. Knit grey bra. Light grey tank top as an undershirt, white button up. High waisted dark wash skinny jeans with too much stretch. Oatmeal colored wool socks. Black leather Chelsea boot. Maroon pony hair envelope bag

5:21 PM NOV 22 2017

White t-shirt with round neck top & New York City in navy, mom jeans, Nike Cortez trainers. Puffa Jacket.

5:23 PM NOV 22 2017

Navy t-shirt, black rag and bone jeans. Brown sneakers. Padded jacket black and grey. Sans backpack and camera thanks to the coat check.

10:49 AM NOV 24 2017

Jeans, sweater, jacket, gloves, hat, socks, shoes

11:52 AM NOV 24 2017

Skull cap, dark blue(navy) jacket, light blue (cotton) button down, lighter shade (navy) slacks, brown (tan) shoes & belt, red (white & blue - striped) socks

11:54 AM NOV 24 2017

Black shoes, American eagle jeans, cat cartoon white and blue sweat, black coat, black space scarf

11:54 AM NOV 24 2017

Black jacket, wool sweater, blue jeans, navy sneakers and tiredness...

12:06 PM NOV 24 2017

Pants shirt jacket socks shoes underwear

12:08 PM NOV 24 2017

Khakis, a vineyard vines t-shirt, and a black vans sweatshirt

12:08 PM NOV 24 2017

Black tights under red pants b/c due to my height they fit me like capris - and a black shirt with a keyhole neckline

12:09 PM NOV 24 2017

Puffy coat,corduroys,stocking cap hat,sneakers,sweater, not very stylish

12:28 PM NOV 24 2017

Leather faux fur coat, skinny denim, white long sleeve tee, black ankle boots, argyle socks

12:42 PM NOV 24 2017

All Black converse, dark purple pants, black and white mtv sweatshirt, black/gray beanie

12:43 PM NOV 24 2017

Black long sleeved shirt, gray furry vest, black, gray, and white zig zag leggings, black boots, white Pom Pom hat on a ten year old

12:44 PM NOV 24 2017

Black and aqua colored plaid shirt, jeans, black boots on a 10 year old

12:44 PM NOV 24 2017

Merlot colored off the shoulder shirt, black and white buffalo plaid scarf, dark denim, black boots

12:56 PM NOV 24 2017

Thin and light weight olive colored jacket, burnt orange 100% cotton long sleeve top, wool-lined black skinny pants, Elsa (main character from Disney animation 'Frozen) socks, and grey velvet combat boots

1:02 PM NOV 24 2017

Blue jeans, blue jean jacket, black sweater with brown and white accents, and beige combat boots.

1:02 PM NOV 24 2017

Black demon jacket, black head phones, red shirt, blue boyfriend jeans, and black sneakers

1:08 PM NOV 24 2017

Black, white and gold long sleeve sweater v-neck, light wash ripped jeans (cuffed), all black waterproof timbs and gold glasses

1:11 PM NOV 24 2017

Doc Martens dad shoes, blue linen dress, purple jacket with fur collar, tote

1:36 PM NOV 24 2017

Navy blue new era 9forty New York Yankees cap, blue g-shock range man watch, gray esprit hoodie, black Jordan brand shirt, black Levi's 501 jeans, Jordan 4 sneakers, New York Yankees stance socks, thermal suit and disposable underwear

1:44 PM NOV 24 2017

Black and white checked jacked, black ribbed shirt , ripped jeans and black combat boots

1:47 PM NOV 24 2017

Gap jeans, cashmere Henley from French market, black socks and low leather boots.

1:47 PM NOV 24 2017

Black down jacket with orange patch. Black t shirt. Wranglers. Red sneakers.

1:52 PM NOV 24 2017

Black ripped jeans I stole from my sister, a black and white sweater that my friends mom designed and sold me for 15$, bralette, beat up yellow doc martens

2:05 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a red-orange loose-fit t-shirt with rolled sleeves, black jeans and black slipper type pumps with embroidered paint splatters. I am wearing four silver rings, earrings made from shells and white string, and a black watch. I am wearing sky blue nail polish.

2:17 PM NOV 24 2017

Red Trout fish ball cap adorned with cosmopolitan buttons, black band Anal Sausages tee shirt in red lettering, brown New York belt with iconic images of New York, black jeans, Batman black boxes, white dickie's socks, orange Nike gym shoes, silver ring on left pinkie finger & 3 plastic bread necklaces around my neck, 2 black and one red, white and green with Virgin Mary attached.

2:23 PM NOV 24 2017

Navy blue sweater dress (urban outfitters) navy blue short coat (brooks brothers)!, black opaque tights, black swede western low boots (Aquatalia)

3:25 PM NOV 24 2017

Two tone denim jeans, white and yellow stripped t-shirt and white Stan smiths.

3:36 PM NOV 24 2017

Vintage paisley shirt, pants that gently hug my small tuckus, brown shoes

3:49 PM NOV 24 2017

Doc Martens boots, Uniqlo tights, Old Navy animal print cotton knit shift dress, handknit wool socks, handknit custom-designed Icelandic wool interpretation of motorcycle jacket.

3:54 PM NOV 24 2017

Army green cargo pants, white half lace long sleeved top, satin bomber jacket with small Japanese flowers and black converse high tops

3:58 PM NOV 24 2017

Black sweater with the word "Us" in large type on the front, a pink tee with a tiny avocado badge, black jeans, white shoes

4:00 PM NOV 24 2017

Mesh leggings, an undershirt, white long sleeve sweater with the slits up the sides.

4:00 PM NOV 24 2017

Leggings, boots, oversized sweater

4:01 PM NOV 24 2017

Captain America socks with Nike shoes, jeans rolled up twice at the bottom, and an Army green jacket.

4:13 PM NOV 24 2017

Khaki underwear. Khaki pants. Brown boots. Teal sweater. Red backpack.

4:33 PM NOV 24 2017

Mustard yellow sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks, Israel map necklace, bralette

4:34 PM NOV 24 2017

Clothes , shoes, hat

4:36 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a heavy jacket.

4:42 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a blue sweater ,jeans, a blue zebra striped jacket and under my blue sweater is a light blue and dark blue.

4:44 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a Black sweater, light pink jeans, and blue boots

4:49 PM NOV 24 2017

Blue jeans all black converse orange jacket

4:51 PM NOV 24 2017

Leather boots, jeans, Disney Cruise pull over, leather jacket, DOCTOR WHO SCARF...

4:53 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a Blue jacket. Blue jeans and blue running shoes and blue shirt.

4:54 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a golden plants

4:58 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a white sweater with stripes that start near the chest area, ripped straight fit jeans & black boots.

5:00 PM NOV 24 2017

Blue jeans, white shirt, black vest, Burberry scarf and Converse All Stars

5:01 PM NOV 24 2017

My wife is wearing a black hijab (headscarf) with tassle earrings. A sky blue turtle neck sweater with houndstooth print trousers with beige pointed heel boots. Needless to say, we both look really good ;)

5:02 PM NOV 24 2017

Olive jeans with fried ends and a striped llbean rugby shirt with a black Patagonia vest on top

5:09 PM NOV 24 2017

The fashionable one: Mom jeans, white socks peeking over black booties, black turtleneck, black leather jacket, white and black plaid scarf The unfashionable companion (who CHUGS MILK): blue jeans, camel sneakers, black long sleeve, black down jacket, glasses

5:11 PM NOV 24 2017

My brother -camo button-down -black jeans -kaftan from Senegal -black dress shoes -$5 bootleg watch-coaches windbreaker -baseball tee -ripped black skinny jeans -low-top Converse

5:12 PM NOV 24 2017

Burgundy Doc Martens, black sparkly socks, soft black pants and a black and white striped sweater that has been going strong since 2011. Also, an under layer of long underwear for the cold.

5:18 PM NOV 24 2017

A black hoodie under a black bomber jacket with skinny black pants and a pair of tan combat boots.

5:19 PM NOV 24 2017

I'm wearing an army jacket which I bought because it reminded me of Lindsay Weir from Freajs and Geeks. Under the jacket, I'm wearing a sweater with a cute face of a dog on it and I'm wearing gray sweatpants.

5:23 PM NOV 24 2017

Black long overcoat, sparkly black high neck sweater, black leather trousers and black leather shoes. My clothes mourn the death of my motivation.

5:29 PM NOV 24 2017

Black cashmere sweater/ black jeans/ black boots/ pink cashmere scarf with black fish bones

5:30 PM NOV 24 2017

Pink sweater black geans

5:30 PM NOV 24 2017

Plaid pastel button up shirt, regular old blue jeans, and a nice black pea coat. And leather boat shoes.

5:39 PM NOV 24 2017

Long-sleeved and gray Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, blue Nike shoes, blue Levi jeans, blue puffy jacket

5:44 PM NOV 24 2017

Black tight slacks, black socks, knock-off uggs, tan bra, white camisole, hunter green short-sleeved shirt, knit off-white cardigan, rounded-rectangle glasses, two hair ties

5:50 PM NOV 24 2017

North face jacket, Noisy May sweater, black Gap pants, Dr Martens boots, Sisley shoulderbag

5:56 PM NOV 24 2017

Gray hoodie, dark blue canvas pants, old skool vans and a red Patagonia hat

5:56 PM NOV 24 2017

White oxford with blue lines, 1969 dark jeans, black belt, red and black under armor running shoes, and a brown leather strapped Watch.

5:58 PM NOV 24 2017

Maroon and white sweater, jeans that have been worn for a week, and tennis shoes worn out from walking 8 miles a day

6:05 PM NOV 24 2017

Black and white embroidered gauchos from a sample sale, H&M black tee and Steve Madden loafers

6:08 PM NOV 24 2017

H&M black and white dress, black leggings black boots

6:10 PM NOV 24 2017

Lyric t-shirt "sometimes to stay alive you've got to kill your mind", joggers (comfy, Sunday style), pineapple dad hat.

6:16 PM NOV 24 2017

I wear my personality. To me, clothing is a way to express my non conformity and my desire to fit in all at once, so I tend to incorporate all those elements in my outfits. Tonight I have on almost all black - a nod to the chic that New York has brought up in me. A black shirt with flared sleeves and a cozy scarf enough to wrap my insecurities. Paired that with my favorite midi gold foil skirt, pleated for miles. On top of that, I am wearing my favorite Gucci marmot belt (a staple) along with my favorite chocolate suede walking boots with heels that make sounds to demand attention. Lastly, the accessories: my black winter parka and my trusted Louis. Different but desiring to fit in.

6:21 PM NOV 24 2017

Grey beanie with a soft pink hoodie, grey patterned bomber jacket, skinny black chinos and brown doc martens. With light brown thin frame roundish glasses

6:28 PM NOV 24 2017

Grey 52 sweater, black Nike leggings with mesh, and Nike training shoes.

6:34 PM NOV 24 2017

- Engineered Garments Salmon People Peacoat (Blue) - Muji Waffle Knit Sweater (Olive) - Hanes wifebeater (White) - Engineered Garments Jeans (Blue) - UniqloSocks (Grey) - Adidas Stan Smiths (White w/ Green Accents, beat to shit)

6:35 PM NOV 24 2017

Navy blue vans, light gray jeans, maroon v-neck, plum colored flannel (very chill)

6:36 PM NOV 24 2017

I am wearing a white shirt. The shirt has a color changing sequin emoji on it. I'm also wearing a pink jacket, jeans and grey shoes.

6:37 PM NOV 24 2017

Newly rediscovered tan boots, a phone that's slowly dying, a cough and energy to do things anyways. Judgement for what I'm writing. A striped tshirt and red sweater.

6:42 PM NOV 24 2017

Green nikes, navy blue pants, light gray t, and army green long open sweater with geometric black and yellow print

6:52 PM NOV 24 2017

Nike air force 1 SB, calvin klein jeans, armani 1998 leather belt, swatch Rush for heaven, zara black turtleneck, pierre cardin underwear, burlington mismatched socks. (my wife, UGG) ;)

7:15 PM NOV 24 2017

Brown turtleneck, plaid scarf, denim jeans, faux fur sneakers, and my trusty black suede crossbody

7:51 PM NOV 24 2017

Khaki Aeropostale joggers, Volcom T-Shirt, Black Saga Outerwear jacket

7:51 PM NOV 24 2017

Black saga powder jacket. Khaki pants from Aeropostale. Newport Beach tourist hoodie. Chuck Taylor's and ADIDAS shell tops

7:53 PM NOV 24 2017

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur

7:54 PM NOV 24 2017

My ADIDAS! If you want to destroy my sweater. Pull the string as I walk away

8:07 PM NOV 24 2017

Black XS turtleneck. 1xpair socks (Red). A frown Pants Undergarments (all black) My favorite boots which I just had repaired. Spectacles

8:09 PM NOV 24 2017

New Skechers, black jeans, Uniqlo thermals, beige sweater and a beanie

8:10 PM NOV 24 2017

Cherry blossom jeans with a head turning green hoodie

8:15 PM NOV 24 2017

Checkered vans, an ankle brace, wide legged jeans, ill fitting paisley top, glasses.

8:15 PM NOV 24 2017

Pink turtleneck, cropped jeans, blue socks, boots

10:40 AM NOV 25 2017

Tillys,pink boots,salmon jacket

10:40 AM NOV 25 2017

Adidas shoes adidas sweatsuit and a vest-primo

10:41 AM NOV 25 2017

BTS (Bangtan boys) jacket, boots,jeans,mcm bag,white shirt

10:42 AM NOV 25 2017

So today I'm wearing a DKNY blue winter jacket, a maroon mock neck thrifted sweater($2, a total steal) and light blue super skinny old navy rockstar jeans. On my feet, I'm wearing fake Tims from Tillys. And striped socks. :)

11:01 AM NOV 25 2017

Grey sweater. Blue jeans. Brown shoes. Great smile.

11:04 AM NOV 25 2017

gray ballet flats with a hot pink sole, skinny jeans, coral sweater, pink and navy scarf, navy peacoat

11:04 AM NOV 25 2017

White button down tucked into favorite blue jeans. Brown loafers. Ponytail. Smile.

11:13 AM NOV 25 2017

Red flannel shirt, jeans, blue sneakers black socks

11:20 AM NOV 25 2017

A black Patagonia jacket Khakis Leather shoes

11:21 AM NOV 25 2017

Khakis. White t-shirt. Blue sweater.

11:21 AM NOV 25 2017

APC jeans, cashmere tee shirt, all birds grey sneakers, Uniqlo puffy jacket, raybans

11:22 AM NOV 25 2017

Grey hat, grey t shirt

11:24 AM NOV 25 2017

Clothes, I guess??????

11:25 AM NOV 25 2017

Clothing, but not for long! ;)

11:32 AM NOV 25 2017

Biker boots.....hand embellished, leather pants. Izaak Azanei fur cuff cashmere sweater and ARI wool robe

11:33 AM NOV 25 2017

Blue jeans - from Amazon, black V-neck bodysuit, Adidas superstars and a massive hangover

11:35 AM NOV 25 2017

All black converse, gray Zara jeans, burgundy long sleeve Uniqlo heat tech, forever 21 blue jean coat, black/gray patterned scarf, black beanie

11:55 AM NOV 25 2017

Yellow shirt, ripped jeans, dirty boots, black bomber

11:58 AM NOV 25 2017

Black coat, pink skirt, polka dot tights

12:02 PM NOV 25 2017

Flannel shirt, Shinola watch, blue jeans, and sneakers.

12:09 PM NOV 25 2017

Hello! Today I wore to MoMA: - A denim Steven Alan dress - A green Frame band collar shirt - off-white paint splatter pants by Rachel Comey - white MM6 sneakers - a multicolored plaid scarf by Suzane

12:10 PM NOV 25 2017

Dark blue jeans, gray belt, black and white striped shirt, puffy white coat, gray Nikes, white socks, brown hair clip

12:11 PM NOV 25 2017

I am wearing my Calvins

12:11 PM NOV 25 2017

A sweater that says "AS IF"

12:13 PM NOV 25 2017

Blue jeans, red and white striped shirt, red and white striped beanie with a pom pom on top, black glasses

12:17 PM NOV 25 2017

Purple tunic, over black slacks with a pink and purple striped scarf

12:18 PM NOV 25 2017


12:23 PM NOV 25 2017

A black turtleneck sweater, jeans, boots and winged eyeliner, smoky eye, and lip gloss :)

12:25 PM NOV 25 2017

Dad: navy blue long sleeve polo and dark jeans Mom: Sister: short black skirt, red shirt, black coat and red scarf with black booties Me: light ripped jeans with a baby pick off the shoulder long sleeve sweater and adidas shoes

12:35 PM NOV 25 2017

Black leggings with knee high boots, emerald green lace shirt with black cardigan over it, flower earrings and gray satchel

12:35 PM NOV 25 2017

Red sweater, blue jean leggings, knee high black boots, gray sequin infinity scarf

12:36 PM NOV 25 2017

Black boots, black tights and a long sparkly green tank top with a black cardi

12:37 PM NOV 25 2017

Black leggings, long peach henley shirt, black and white stripped cardigan, with mid calf high black winter boots

12:51 PM NOV 25 2017

Blue glasses, pink bomber jacket, blue plaid hat, green shoulder bag, blue jeans, and white Skechers.

1:06 PM NOV 25 2017

Black velvet lace-up dress with black and white striped crop top underneath, black knit Uniqlo heattech tights, black Roshe Nikes, maroon Zara bag

1:16 PM NOV 25 2017

American Eagle skinny jeans, adidas nmd sneakers, gray sweatshirt, orange jacket

1:17 PM NOV 25 2017

Doc martens, ochre cable knit, black jeans, teal puffer jacket

1:27 PM NOV 25 2017

A scarf given to me by my cousin from Morocco and my favorite yellow socks :-)

1:27 PM NOV 25 2017

striped shirt, ripped jeans & suede converse

1:32 PM NOV 25 2017

Chinos Sweater T-shirt Blouse Dress-shirt

1:32 PM NOV 25 2017

Off shoulder light blue sweater and place chino with white winter boots

1:37 PM NOV 25 2017

Nothing but the best

1:38 PM NOV 25 2017

A Never Trump T shirt. Little good it did me.

1:40 PM NOV 25 2017

1. Blue madewell pajama top Jeans Converse Red Coat 2. Jean jacket Gray T-shirt Black skirt and tights Black boots

1:52 PM NOV 25 2017

Red sweater, black leggings, black boots

2:00 PM NOV 25 2017

NBA socks, adidas shoes, blue and green shirt, orange under amour sweatshirt

2:16 PM NOV 25 2017

My dad is wearing a brown sweater, dress shoes, light brown pants, and, glasses

2:23 PM NOV 25 2017

Pink sweatshirt, pink Nike shoes, blue jeans

2:43 PM NOV 25 2017

Black jeggings, green hoodie, black and white Nikes

2:46 PM NOV 25 2017

White crepe tanktop with cream color knitted sweater over. Ripped jeans coming down below knees and black leather boots

3:08 PM NOV 25 2017

I'm wearing long socks big pants and a sweater that's not even mine

3:08 PM NOV 25 2017

I'm wearing white shoes, cream sweater, light jeans and a black coat

3:08 PM NOV 25 2017

Grey sweater, blue jeans and boots.

3:10 PM NOV 25 2017

Olive fatigue pants, navy work shirt, gray vest.

3:12 PM NOV 25 2017

Betabrand tunic in "static," black softpants, Sanita clogs (pretty much the only shoes I can wear these days), black leather choker, gold sunglasses. And a smile, because I am at MOMA and it is nice outside.

3:15 PM NOV 25 2017

Doc Martin black boots, old Levi 514's, plaid print denim button up, wool cardigan sweater, wool tweed news boy cap.

3:17 PM NOV 25 2017

Dark green floral vintage dress, brown tweed jacket w/suede elbow patches, big chunky creme knit wool scarf, black tights, brown boots and a dark grey knit hat w/a fake fur pom-pom on top

3:38 PM NOV 25 2017

Black jeans, black camisole, fuchsia cardigan and scarf, black hoodie

3:47 PM NOV 25 2017

Monochromatic peach shoes (laces, soles, etc.) WITH perfectly matching sparkly socks. Blue jeans handed down to me by a friend, and a lovely sweater I thrifted of abstracted fruits. The pineapple is my favorite.

4:10 PM NOV 25 2017

Nike sneakers, black jeggings with a white sweater. Winter jacket of course.

4:15 PM NOV 25 2017

black leggings and athletic long sleeved top. Running shoes and running socks.

4:15 PM NOV 25 2017

Blue sweater, blue jeans, elephant gray white scarf, onisuka tiger black shoes, dakine hat

4:34 PM NOV 25 2017

Epoch fedora in charcoal wool, smart wool half zip long sleeve sweater, Prana gray tshirt, Prana black jeans, mission black nylon belt, Toms light brown chuckas.

4:36 PM NOV 25 2017

Black sweater, black leggings and black boots with Patagonia jacket and north face hat

4:36 PM NOV 25 2017

Plain black H&M V-neck t-shirt, red striped adidas joggers, urban outfitter striped white, red and black socks with black tiger on it, k-Swiss retro white shoes

5:12 PM NOV 25 2017

Black shirt, black pants, burgundy boots, floral shawl.

5:20 PM NOV 25 2017

Turquoise pants with custom vans from my famous friend. Leather jacket. Gold vintage shirt. White cotton undies from Sweden. Life. I'm wearing life.

5:36 PM NOV 25 2017

My hat, my school hoodie, my favorite red pants, my shoes, and I'm carrying a water bottle that I dropped on the way here.

5:53 PM NOV 25 2017

Green sweater, black jeans, black chelsea boots

6:23 PM NOV 25 2017

Supreme button-down shirt APC Jeans Supreme jacket Vans

6:54 PM NOV 25 2017

My new diamond crown hat that I bought yesterday.

7:04 PM NOV 25 2017

A starry sweater and a stained, weary coat

7:04 PM NOV 25 2017

Gray cow neck sweater, dark blue jeans, black boots, glasses

7:09 PM NOV 25 2017

Yellow Ralph Lauren windbreaker, black H&M jeans, gray and white Nike sneakers

7:09 PM NOV 25 2017

Tommy Hilfiger black and white coat, mesh leggings and big huge curly hair weave. Jk it's my real hair!!!

7:10 PM NOV 25 2017

Prada shoes, Prada leggings, Prada shirt and Prada bag

7:15 PM NOV 25 2017

A leotard and leggings.

7:20 PM NOV 25 2017

Gap jeans, gap navy blue mock neck, three quarter length sleeve sweater, Dansko boots and a blue Prada purse

7:26 PM NOV 25 2017

Black turtle neck backwards so zipper can be in the front. LV crooks body bag. Jeans with sequins patches seed on by me.

7:26 PM NOV 25 2017

I wore a white shirt blue jeans and brown boots. I also had on a Ralph laraun red bag

7:49 PM NOV 25 2017

Light blue sweather, jeans trousers , corean neck shirt, heavy mountain half boot, socks with colored squares

8:49 PM NOV 25 2017

Classic red checkered flannel, khaki colored Levi's, brown addidas

8:51 PM NOV 25 2017

Black boots, dark blue jeans, brown belt, black shirt with rose pattern

9:57 PM NOV 25 2017

Michael Kors red plaid coat, Uniqlo black ribbed long sleeved mock neck, Dalia Collection gray pants, Asics Tiger gray with blue strip sneakers. -Rachel S.

10:36 AM NOV 26 2017

Robert James (NYC LES) plaid wool jacket, Saint James black wool scarf, Brooks Brother plaid cotton shirt, Barbour brown leather belt and shoes, Banana Republic black jeans, Calvin Klein grey underware, Smartwool socks, Apple Watch with brown leather band

10:40 AM NOV 26 2017

Cashmere Black Watch scarf over a crisp white button down shirt. Dark blue jeans with a brown leather belt and brown suede desert boots.

10:43 AM NOV 26 2017

Blue Eric Bompard scarf blue Banana Republic shirt, Calvin Klein underwear, black jeans, Mephiso black loafers, smart wool sock, I watch

10:46 AM NOV 26 2017

Orange reebok high tops, olive green jumpsuit (easy peasy!)

11:12 AM NOV 26 2017

A black dress with colorful embroidered scenes from Brazil, black tights and black boots

12:13 PM NOV 26 2017

Prison boots and Movado.

12:21 PM NOV 26 2017

Blundstones (Israeli shoes), different shades jeans, black yellow and red sweater and green coat with fur. #denveshinshin

12:21 PM NOV 26 2017

Black leggings, gray top and black&white scarf. Mint camera. A watch on Israel time zone.

1:00 PM NOV 26 2017

Gray jeans, palladium shoes, plain gray socks, diesel shirt, diesel jacket

1:17 PM NOV 26 2017

Zara pants Topman sweater Ben Sherman jacket Hugo Boss dress shoes

1:18 PM NOV 26 2017

White skin tight joggers with white cotton shirt that has small waffle design plus red plaid Ben Sherman peacoat.

2:00 PM NOV 26 2017

Saucony sneakers w red stripe. Blue socks w bears on them

2:30 PM NOV 26 2017

Grey jacket, black jeans, white shirt, black shoes, black sunglasses, brown shawl

2:45 PM NOV 26 2017

Blue Horween cup sole Vans, black and grey darn tough socks, flint and tinder blue briefs with white piping, Levi's selvedge 511 stretch jeans, jcrew Wallace and Barnes ink blue twill workshirt, filson navy blue peacoat

2:46 PM NOV 26 2017

Blue t shirt and jeans

2:47 PM NOV 26 2017

Desert boots, grey socks, flannel trousers and a denim shirt.

2:48 PM NOV 26 2017

Timberland Chelsea boots, black jeans, navy turtleneck sweater, Barbour jacket

3:02 PM NOV 26 2017

Notre Dame Under Armour mock turtleneck, Lester City 1/4 zip sweater, Kenneth Cole dark wash jeans, Tommy Boxers

3:02 PM NOV 26 2017

Gap green sweater, American Eagle dark wash jeans, an Uno de 50 bracelet, a scrunchie, and pearl earrings.

3:04 PM NOV 26 2017

Red Gjoa jacket striped'ish pants that are blue and white 'Ish and a blue and silver Nike shirt

3:05 PM NOV 26 2017

Puma pants, under armer sweatshirt , arsanal jersy , sports glasses

3:05 PM NOV 26 2017

Red Gjoa sweatshirt, adidas striped pants

3:05 PM NOV 26 2017

American clothes Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnd a life

3:18 PM NOV 26 2017

flannel shirt ATTN: CAREFUL WHOSE ATTENTION YOU SEEK. Red. with jeans and black boots. Yes.

3:18 PM NOV 26 2017

Dark blue scoop-neck t-shirt, green woolly cardigan sweater, jeans and brown fake leather Keen shoes.

3:18 PM NOV 26 2017

Blue t-shirt, tan pants, gray running shoes, orange watch band, gray socks, stripey boxer briefs.

3:19 PM NOV 26 2017

My daughter is wearing cute white sweater with bunny face; her hair piece is an amazing sparkly cat ears; the best piece of all is her

3:31 PM NOV 26 2017

Black skinny jeans, white high tops, cropped grey sweater, white tank top, green bomber jacket, maroon beanie, black scarf

3:31 PM NOV 26 2017

Maroon Vans, jeans, gray shirt, blue jacket, white hat

3:40 PM NOV 26 2017

RealTree camouflage pullover, blue jeans, everlast skivvies, and Costa sunglasses .

3:46 PM NOV 26 2017


3:46 PM NOV 26 2017

Turtleneck wool blend, denim, nylon tights, polka dot socks, faux fur hat

4:01 PM NOV 26 2017

Navy blue shirt, gray sweater, green underwear, black pants, dark green socks, running shoes

4:01 PM NOV 26 2017

White cable knit sweater, worn out black 501s, beat black SAS moccasins, grey socks.

4:22 PM NOV 26 2017

We're both wearing blue jeans and ill-fitting baggy overly-patterned vintage sweaters that scream Brooklyn hipster. She has grey sneakers, I have sky blue ankle-length Converse.

4:47 PM NOV 26 2017

Grey sweater black shirt jeans

4:49 PM NOV 26 2017

Jeans, sweater, boots, camera

4:54 PM NOV 26 2017

Grey sweater black shirt blue jeans

4:56 PM NOV 26 2017

Grey sweater navy blue jeans white shirt black boots

10:32 AM NOV 27 2017

Gray sweater and pencil skirt

10:35 AM NOV 27 2017

Gray cowl-necked sweater and gray slim pants and black leather loafers, silver stud earrings

11:29 AM NOV 27 2017

Eco-friendly and fair trade loose black pants with colorful abstract shapes scattered around them. White button down under a black sweater and black boots. Minimal jewelry. It's my birthday outfit today!

11:38 AM NOV 27 2017

Bespeckled grey sweater, apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur ;)

11:40 AM NOV 27 2017

Green long sleeve shirt, black skirt with tights, black ankle boots and a second hand purple wool coat. Blue eyes, red hair.

12:09 PM NOV 27 2017

Shane Dawson's cat shirt, tie dye sweatshirt, pink jeans

12:11 PM NOV 27 2017

Hoodie and jeans with camel sneakers

12:30 PM NOV 27 2017

Inky navy cotton gauze shirt, light blue Levi's, coral socks, black lace-up stomps boots, holding mustard cardigan and charcoal grey coat

12:53 PM NOV 27 2017

Black jeans, grey long sleeve t-shirt over purple thermals and a blue jacket. Sounds worse than it looks I hope!

12:53 PM NOV 27 2017

Burgundy corduroy flare jeans, same color shoes, a black under shirt with a loose knit grey jumper over the top!

12:56 PM NOV 27 2017

A Bershka grey sweatshirt with fluffy sleeves, black H&M Jeans & black H&M nits shoes! Too many brands on me!!

1:00 PM NOV 27 2017

A Bordeaux New Balance sneakers. Gray pants. NASA T-shirt with a lot of colorful dots. Black hoody from Berlin and a black belt from Jerusalem

1:07 PM NOV 27 2017

Blue jeans, plaid shirt, beige shoes and amazing beard.

1:08 PM NOV 27 2017

Black leggings, black winter combat boots, black shirt with little turtle neck and a blue handbag from Arden because we are too poor for a Channel.

1:13 PM NOV 27 2017

Purple socks, blue and black (like THAT dress) panties. Black and white bra and a few extra pounds.

1:28 PM NOV 27 2017

My dad's grey cashmere sweater, black jeans and cool socks

1:30 PM NOV 27 2017

An orange off the shoulder shirt that makes my boobs look great.

1:46 PM NOV 27 2017

Prana flannel, prana undershirt, Levi jeans, hiking boots, apt 9 scarf

1:46 PM NOV 27 2017

Black Vans sneakers, distressed jeans, a maroon long-sleeved shirt, and a brown Columbia jacket.

1:53 PM NOV 27 2017

Black suede boots, black velvet jeans, black tank, black & white nubby cardigan and a sterling cuff bracelet that my father made.

1:56 PM NOV 27 2017

Ieather jacket Black pants Black shirt Black boots

2:02 PM NOV 27 2017

Standard-fare red knit cap, tan suede sports jacket, wool scarf with stripes of blue, grey, and red, a Comic Relief '90 sweatshirt over-dyed a green/blue, J. Crew brand Khakis, dead-stock grey with red and blue striped tube socks, brown leather chukka boots by Seeves, a brown belt, glasses.

3:05 PM NOV 27 2017

UNIQLO red jacket. Levis overalls. White shirt. Orange and blue striped Gallo Socks. Black All Stars shoes.

3:59 PM NOV 27 2017

Grey skinny jeans, green t-shirt and some tight pants :)

4:00 PM NOV 27 2017

Same as yesterday :) Anna

4:04 PM NOV 27 2017

Onesie Week continues with my vintage DvF deep orange jumpsuit! Plus navy blue Nike classic bball-style high tops w neon orange soles

4:42 PM NOV 27 2017

Ray bans, penguin chuckas, lucky 121 and J Crew flannel

7:32 PM NOV 27 2017

Black tank top, leggings, black knee high boots, black and white baseball jacket!

9:45 AM NOV 28 2017

All black converse, GAP dark blue jeans, Michael Jackson moonwalked t-shirt, black & gray patterned scarf, black/gray beanie

10:46 AM NOV 28 2017

Sweater and jeans are the best

11:28 AM NOV 28 2017

Onesie Week waddup! Today we're doing the sleeveless jumpsuit in a beige rayon I love, all crinkly w floral embroidery in the same beige. Topped with a yellow scarf bc I forgot this bra peeks through the neckline woops. Also black work shoes bc I hurt my foot again

11:39 AM NOV 28 2017

A red cotton turtleneck, with a large navy blue tshirt over it with a American Eagle/Americana graphic. On top of that is a mustard worn out crewneck sweater and worn in greenish khaki jeans. Basic adidas bc I'm basic.

11:39 AM NOV 28 2017

Steel toed Harley Davidson boots that I found on the street corner, dirty blue socks, black jeans with one hole on the left knee (I didn't buy them already ripped), a belt that might fall apart, a tshirt with a penis joke on it, a denim jacket that I stole from a house party two years ago, my crooked glasses and a dirty beanie covered in dog hair

11:40 AM NOV 28 2017

I'm wearing some skin.

11:51 AM NOV 28 2017

Adidas NMD r2 tennis shoes Lucy yoga pants Banana Republic long sleeve turtleneck Louis Vuitton V necklace Supreme box logo hat Gold ring Silver ring

11:51 AM NOV 28 2017

Long tan wool coat, white Pink Floyd T-shirt, light blue APC's, old Nike's, no socks

12:26 PM NOV 28 2017

J. Crew brand Khakis, dead-stock grey with red and blue striped tube socks, brown leather chukka boots by Seeves, a brown belt, glasses.

12:30 PM NOV 28 2017

My Mom's,Annie,Beige peacoat a fuzzy gray turtle neck, black cheap leggings, pink tennis shoes, my friend's pink underwear she left at my house in high school (they have been clean since then).

12:31 PM NOV 28 2017

White and gold new balances. Jeans with black western belt. Striped lace up shirt. Long cheetah fur coat. Gold watch.

12:53 PM NOV 28 2017

Black hat, corduroy jacket, black high water pants, brown polo shirt, white socks, black high top converse

12:55 PM NOV 28 2017

Blue suede slip on vans, white socks, canvas high water pants, black jacket around waist, white graphic t over black long sleeve, mustard beanie.

12:56 PM NOV 28 2017

Old sneakers and my only pair of jeans. Red tshirt and a shirt I got for free.

1:06 PM NOV 28 2017

Burberry coat, Uniqlo pink sweater, blue jean, Nike shoes and black mini bag :)

1:24 PM NOV 28 2017

Tsubasa,black and colofu coat,flower pants,black boots.

2:20 PM NOV 28 2017

Etre Cecile track suit pants with a military stripe trim, Alexander Wang white skivvy, black Balmain Jacket with gold buttons, Kenneth Cole black patent boots (pants tucked in), Alexander Wang black bucket bag with silver studs.

2:53 PM NOV 28 2017

Black T-Shirt Black Cargo Pants Nike Roshe white/black Black puffer coat Harley Davidson backpack Frieze Art Fair Tote Bag Long silver hoops

3:43 PM NOV 28 2017

Hi, I'm wearing a jumpsuit and a neckless I made to celebrate my birthday today! I'm working in both pieces for two years, the process is very slow and I'll keep working to transform them.

4:14 PM NOV 28 2017

Blue pantsGrey t shirtSneakersBlue socks

4:15 PM NOV 28 2017

black socks, Victorias Secret underwear, Patagonia bra, new balance trail runners shoes Duckworth grey wool jacket, nightvale black t-shirt, yellow old navy pants

4:32 PM NOV 28 2017

I'm wearing mostly second hand clothing. I got this leather jacket from my dads closet, I got this black button down crop top that I adore so much being that it was my mom's in the 80s and I have these amazing high waisted leather pants as a gift from my boyfriend and last i have on a pair of black platform boots that's I got as a birthday gift

4:39 PM NOV 28 2017

Allbirds tennis shoes ankle socks jeans Middlebury T-shirt puff jacket scarf gloves LDS undergarments

5:03 PM NOV 28 2017

Red underwear. Black and white stripy t-shirt. Black jeans. Grey (wide) jumper. Grey socks. Red boots.

10:59 AM NOV 29 2017

Jeans, and a sweatshirt with a moonless design on it

11:00 AM NOV 29 2017

Ermeneglido Zegna blazer, Lorenzini collared shirt, Patek Philippe watch, Armani Jeans Couture, Versace medusa boxers, Hugo Boss socks, Ferragamo shoes. If I knew someone was asking, I would have dressed up today...

11:00 AM NOV 29 2017

A hot topic swing dress covered in roses, black tights, black ankle lace boots, a white crochet knit hat with cat ears, and big glasses.

12:28 PM NOV 29 2017

Pants,t-shirts and shoes

12:34 PM NOV 29 2017

Black jeans, Oakland Athletics thermal, Levi's, and a confused look

12:38 PM NOV 29 2017

Duckworth grey wool jacket, nightvale black t-shirt, yellow old navy pants, black socks, Victoria's Secret underwear, Patagonia bra, new balance trail runners shoes

12:38 PM NOV 29 2017

Allbirds tennis shoes, ankle socks, jeans, Middlebury T-shirt, puff jacket, scarf, gloves, LDS undergarments

12:53 PM NOV 29 2017

A black hoodie with Japanese writing, velvet vans, jeans, beanie, striped sweater, peacoat

12:54 PM NOV 29 2017

Grey sneakers from TJ Maxx, socks with cats floating through outer space, faded black h&m high waisted skinny jeans, oversized blue and white striped button down shirt with rolled up sleeves, buttoned only two buttons, black tank top from Walmart (shhh, it cost $2), leopard print Calvin Klein panties, black lacy bra from Tj Maxx, hammered gold hoop earrings, rose gold and pink leather Anne Klein watch

1:18 PM NOV 29 2017

OUTER: White jacket with hyper color patchwork. DRESS: Orchid purple a-line with pocket ACCESSORIES: Chinese pottery beads mixed with mother of pearl SHOES: electric blue and teal sneakers

2:04 PM NOV 29 2017

Brown riding boots, blue jeans and a plum sweater with one of those criss cross shoelace neck things

2:04 PM NOV 29 2017

Navy beanie, glasses. Burgundy a&f jacket, striped top, black sweatpants, white sneakers.

2:16 PM NOV 29 2017

Ripped jeans, j's on my feet, bodysuit, blue jacket and glasses

2:16 PM NOV 29 2017

Denim pants with a black sweater shirt, leather strap watch and a gray scarf.

2:16 PM NOV 29 2017

My wedding ring! :-)

2:19 PM NOV 29 2017

Ratchet ass clothing but it cover me and keeps me warm

2:23 PM NOV 29 2017

Long sleeve ramapo college shirt, navy blue vineyard vines vest, cropped black lulu lemon leggings, black halter bralette, black Nike sneakers, and white Hanes socks.

2:28 PM NOV 29 2017

Hipster death machine shirt featuring a rendition of the devil, army green hip length jacket, blue gem necklace, straight leg jeans with patches sewn on

2:28 PM NOV 29 2017

Uncle Meat Loves You striped under shirt, hipster death machine t shirt, black Levi's, all black converse, army green beanie.

3:07 PM NOV 29 2017

Adidas white and black superstar trainers ,ripped light blue skinny jeans ,oversized grey sweatshirt and a borg collar black cord coat

3:08 PM NOV 29 2017

Gaping boots with filled in holes of the shiny variety. Plaid pants, or are the herringbone. Grey and straight. An orange top for a splash of autumn and moose draped around my neck to keep me warm.

3:46 PM NOV 29 2017

Rm Williams and a world of disappointment.

3:47 PM NOV 29 2017

Jeans, some red cons and a jumper that I don't know if I like or not.

3:50 PM NOV 29 2017

Long sleeved red shirt, short sleeved cat wearing sunglasses, Light black sweat pants.

4:51 PM NOV 29 2017

Suede wrap skirt in navy blue, bronze scalloped toe flats, white sweater blouse, large square rose pink scarf

10:26 AM NOV 30 2017

Gray/brown ankle boots, burnt orange pants, beige loose top, blue jean jacket

11:03 AM NOV 30 2017

Adidas superstars, Nike leggings, Tommy Hilfiger quarter zip and Kathmandu puffer jacket

11:05 AM NOV 30 2017

Blue jeans, over a pair of thermals, accompanied by a hand woven striped blue and red sweater, topped off with a sporty pale blue Nike running jacket. And right down the bottom, a pair of Nike sneakers. I look great.

11:09 AM NOV 30 2017

Bomber jackets, Runners, Ripped Jeans

11:27 AM NOV 30 2017

Another day, another onesie. This is one of my fancier ones, light brown w satin and brass details, no sleeves but epaulettes on the shoulders; it also has 3 cargo pockets and elastic cuffs at the ankles. Blue and white high top sneakers

11:53 AM NOV 30 2017

Black Calvin Klein sweatshirt, black jeans, black Vans Old Skool & white socks with pink dots.

11:53 AM NOV 30 2017

Black Nikes, black Jeans and white sweatshirt with fluffy elements.

12:00 PM NOV 30 2017

A vintage forest green quilted house coat with thick brown faux fur lining and cuff paired with black cashmere sweater and black skinny jeans and black combat boats with black choker.

1:00 PM NOV 30 2017

Orange crop sweater, black high waisted jeans, black pointed toe booties, and my fro

1:00 PM NOV 30 2017

Boots, gap jeans, turtleneck sweater, jacket, scarf, earrings

1:02 PM NOV 30 2017

Black shirt from Goodwill with red and white stripes, American Apparel winter leggings in grey and Nike Rose Runs in black! Earrings from TopShop

1:06 PM NOV 30 2017

Platform checkered vans, black jeans split at the knees, red floral smoking jacket, pale blue hijab

1:07 PM NOV 30 2017

VS hoodie with the Nikes on. Black bomber jacket and jeans; blue tone. Two braids. Glasses with oversized lenses.

1:10 PM NOV 30 2017

Long rust sweater, black jeans, black boots, wool coat, scarf and leather gloves from Harrods. Sara T

1:10 PM NOV 30 2017

We are all wearing black boots, black jeans, black gloves and neutral colored sweaters. Celebrating our daughters 16th birthday!!!!!

1:12 PM NOV 30 2017

Black walking boots, black jeans, gray sweater with white shirt underneath. Turquoise ring that my mom created. Bright pink lip color.

1:47 PM NOV 30 2017

Leather pants, white blouse , blue long jacket, silver rings, black sneakers

1:57 PM NOV 30 2017

Black jacket, glasses, khaki pants, sneakers, navy blue polo,

1:59 PM NOV 30 2017

Big bird costume, blue boots, big sun glasses

2:05 PM NOV 30 2017

Black turtle neck jacket from Target, seven dollar black skinny jeans from Wal-Mart tucked into tan Timberland boots

2:07 PM NOV 30 2017

Shinola watch-Made in Detroit

2:21 PM NOV 30 2017

Once a Ralph Lauren sweater, now an Indy England piece. Once a Converse shoe, now a Micah Kincade Zushi piece. With Irlanda's other silver cross earring, it's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking agenda.

2:21 PM NOV 30 2017

We are both wearing black jeans and black Converse. We are both wearing sweaters. His is black and mine is white. We always match (everyday for over a year)

2:25 PM NOV 30 2017

Blue jeans, green knit jumper, navy coat & brown ankle boots - function over for fashion for this Dublin tourist

2:25 PM NOV 30 2017

I, Daniel E Murphy, wore blue Nike air max, light blue jeans, a navy tshirt and a navy quilted coat. I look like my wife today except for the footwear

2:48 PM NOV 30 2017

Grey and white speckled cropped sweater, black jeans, black woven belt, black and white Puma platform sneakers, and green goat printed socks :)

3:29 PM NOV 30 2017

H&M Jacket, Skinny jeans, Thrasher Hoodie, Alexander Wang Shoes, Black Dad Cap

3:54 PM NOV 30 2017

Margiela coat, Supreme hoodie, plaid trousers, Raf Stan Smiths, red bag

4:19 PM NOV 30 2017

A dummy cheap black turtleneck with black jeans, black dress shoes, and blue socks. I underestimated how transparent this shirt is. Thanks, Forever 21.

4:19 PM NOV 30 2017

Blue floral Dr. Martens, thermal tights that uncomfortably cinch my waist, vintage Scottish kilt, black lettuce-edge turtleneck, Monster Bad t-shirt with a cut neck, Warby Parker glasses, and various earrings

5:24 PM NOV 30 2017

Worn to Moma: vintage sweater, Levi's skinny jeans, dolce vita tassel flats, packable puffer coat.

5:57 PM NOV 30 2017

In response to your question, I am wearing: Sneakers, cotton socks, Levi jeans, black turtle neck, red sweater, wool scarf.

7:03 PM NOV 30 2017

Black Nike shoes, grey Mack Weldon socks and t-shirt , grey APC jeans, black Prada puffer, black Saint Laurent bag

7:05 PM NOV 30 2017

duck camo hunting hooded zipup, champion Harvard arc logi grey swearshirt. Supreme black cargo pants

8:27 PM NOV 30 2017

Long black dress. Sports bra, because my lover is out of town.

8:29 PM NOV 30 2017

Dark brown vintage Ralph Lauren Chelsea boots, my favorite vintage wrangler jeans, and a Steven Alan turtleneck under a wool sweater. Topped off with a limited edition puffy mustard Patagonia scarf and wool Steven Alan long coat. Feeling very me

8:30 PM NOV 30 2017

Gray jacket from h&m, lip gloss, a sweater that's super old so it's soft, black jeans I wear too often

8:31 PM NOV 30 2017

Hand me down Chanel sweatshirt that looks like I made it myself, used tights, a used mini skirt, red rain boots that remind me of Julie Christie's in "Don't Look Now," period panties (gross, but not Victorian), and a strapless bra that smells like Chloe perfume. You're welcome, America!

8:33 PM NOV 30 2017

Olive OHLIND disappearing knit sweater, ear shaped earrings, black dress, Swedish wooden clog boots

8:33 PM NOV 30 2017

A green jean jacket, green corduroy button down, jeans, black sneakers. The only interesting thing are my Superman socks that one of my second grade students gave me and a tote bag that says SAVE THE RHINO.

8:41 PM NOV 30 2017

Soft heather grey Zara dress. Black tights with a hole on the heel. Short black boots. And my new wedding ring!

8:42 PM NOV 30 2017

Velvet mock neck T from Austin Tx Goodwill (velvet is happening), black pants, black loafers from Madewell that were so uncomfortable I had to take to cobbler and say "Cobble them."

8:46 PM NOV 30 2017

Gray h&m coat, Chelsea boots from Barcelona that I wear everyday, black jeans, a striped sweater I've had since high school

8:48 PM NOV 30 2017

Burgundy Oxford shoes, burgundy tights, navy dress, checkered jacket in navy, burgundy and grey, burgundy scarf, burgundy cardigan with hand sewn navy elbow patches.

9:36 PM NOV 30 2017

Purple sleeveless blouse, black sweater, black pants, black flats. Bag with newspaper print all over it

9:37 PM NOV 30 2017

Leather brown boots, denim jeans, gray and white abstract shirt covered by a lightweight fleece grey sweater with zippered wrists embellishment.

9:50 AM DEC 01 2017

Grey tights that keep slagging down my waist. Tight tube skirt. Brown suede heels. Chunky lilac pink/purple sweater with a faux animal print blouse tucking out around the edges and collar. Oh, and my nursing bra.

10:46 AM DEC 01 2017

A yellow turtleneck, ripped blue jeans, white and black Nikes, a scrunchie, colorful socks, black crossbody

10:54 AM DEC 01 2017

White long sleeve shirt underneath a bright yellow jumpsuit that has old clothing tags sewn on. Gray socks and black Chelsea boots. Little bits of silver jewelry...

11:10 AM DEC 01 2017

Wearing Levi jeans and long sleeved tan sweater

11:29 AM DEC 01 2017

Navy sweater, vintage boyfriend jeans and black boots.

11:31 AM DEC 01 2017

White Nike Tottenham Hotspur tee, grey Nike tech fleece hoodie, khaki jacket with black jeans.

11:39 AM DEC 01 2017

gold golden goose, paige denim, camel cashmere, glen plaid jacket and my mamas vintage Gucci handbag circa 1965

11:42 AM DEC 01 2017

Black pants, black t-shirt, black cashmere sweater and black boots. Of course, a black hat too!

11:44 AM DEC 01 2017

Black converse high tops, navy jeans, star shirt, and navy sweater

11:46 AM DEC 01 2017

Black uggs,black jeans,gray sweater,I <3 NYC, camera necklace.

11:51 AM DEC 01 2017

Mom jeans from Amazon, Adidas super stars, and a button up blouse with cats on it...(I'm a wannabe cat lady)

11:54 AM DEC 01 2017

All black converse, gap dark blue jeans, gray sweater with black bird silhouette, long blue jean coat w/hoodie. #denimondenim

12:08 PM DEC 01 2017

Nike flyknit, grey sweatpants, Nike hoodie, north face coat

12:16 PM DEC 01 2017

Dark blue jacket with black sweatpants. Black shoes. Doctor Who fingerless gloves.

12:33 PM DEC 01 2017

Hi. Babette shirt Athleta leggings Bundstone boots Ysl vintage camel coat Emerald necklace Shibori scarf Leather black purse EarringsRadio black band watchAnd Black Patagonia vest

12:47 PM DEC 01 2017

Black high top vans, skinny jeans with a hole in the left knee, a forest green v neck, and an army green fuzzy bomber

12:50 PM DEC 01 2017

Goodwill united refrigeration polo and good will jeans, under garments from Walmart and Adidas Samba, my 5th pair...and the Canon 5D MarkII

1:04 PM DEC 01 2017

Black v neck sweater, light wash jeggings, black knit uggs, grey coat

1:04 PM DEC 01 2017

Black v neck blouse, white bralette, medium wash high waisted jeggings, black Sam Edelman booties, army green coat!

1:06 PM DEC 01 2017

A turquoise sweater, cropped ripped boyfriend jeans, and grey and white polka dot sneakers!!!

1:13 PM DEC 01 2017

Plaid coat, adidas superstars, black silk trousers, and a red scarf.

1:14 PM DEC 01 2017

Red T shirt sweatpants

1:18 PM DEC 01 2017

Oversized Nike sweater, rag and bone Fit 2 jeans, Baynes Ajax Doc Martens, dark blue crew socks with rubber duckies on them.

1:26 PM DEC 01 2017

Black boots, Skinny high rise black jeans, grey and white striped shirt, navy cardigan. Black leather jacket, striped scarf, red purse.

1:32 PM DEC 01 2017

All black everything

1:35 PM DEC 01 2017

Grey windbreaker, blue faded jeans, and THE classic vans

1:46 PM DEC 01 2017

Grey flannel, muted Rose tank top, pale bra, stripped panties, leather jacket, black beanie, black scarf, black leather riding boots, black skinny jeans

1:50 PM DEC 01 2017

Today I wore a black newsies cap with a white button down shirt paired with a denim skirt, white fishnets, rainbow socks, and doc martens.

1:51 PM DEC 01 2017

Wide legged pants, tan turtle neck top, black heels that really hurt I actually regret wearing these now this was a poor decision....

2:10 PM DEC 01 2017

Burnt orange sweater, black leggings, combat boots

2:10 PM DEC 01 2017

Black v-neck sweater with blue jeans and tall black boots + a black trench coat

2:15 PM DEC 01 2017

Black mock neck, grey jeans, black Docs, blue glasses, dark plaid lapel coat

2:15 PM DEC 01 2017

A undershirt with a tight sweater on top and pajamas under sweatpants

2:19 PM DEC 01 2017

Black and Gold suciu Adidas skate shoes, dark wash jeans, Patagonia t shirt, hoodless black and red sweatshirtBright blue Vans, black jeans, blue and white gingham button up shirt, pea green knee length pea coat

2:23 PM DEC 01 2017

I have just come from an informal interview. New round toe black Coach shoes, black jeans, cookies and cream coloured cashmere sweater, Calvin Klein faux fur coat. Oh and a brown and neon Coach bag.

2:53 PM DEC 01 2017

AG jeans, white button up, grey checked chesterfield, with brown belt and monk straps.

2:55 PM DEC 01 2017

Black scarf, striped shirt, jean jacket, boat shoes, sunglasses!

3:00 PM DEC 01 2017

All black clothes including, underwear, socks, shoes, and purse; to fit with NewYork.

3:15 PM DEC 01 2017

Nine west early 2000s high rise boot cut dark wash denim jeans, rihanna fenty puma olive cleated creepers, jcrew black crew neck tshirt, bright pink reversible fur/puffer jacket, purple heart sunglasses, sword chain

3:20 PM DEC 01 2017

Purple glasses, blue, green and black plaid flannel shirt, blank tank top, blue skinny jeans and brown combat boots

3:21 PM DEC 01 2017

Black and white flannel, blue lace bralette, jeggings, converse with decorative zippers.

3:23 PM DEC 01 2017

Purple peacoat over black shirt with outlined cats, jeans, black boots, and a brown bag

3:35 PM DEC 01 2017

White and green stan smiths, top shop jeans, uni-qlo heatchtech white turtle neck, vintage blue button down

3:36 PM DEC 01 2017

Loose-fitting cropped blush shiny turtleneck sweater, high waisted black jeans ripped at the knee, adidas superstars with blue stripes, black wool longline coat, and a black wool beret

3:38 PM DEC 01 2017

Gray deontological trouser-shirt, thick quilted Gucci vest, torn authentically- e d g y albino jeans, pale as Caspar Louis Tritons loafahs

3:40 PM DEC 01 2017

Black Tommy Hilfiger Jacket, Champion Sweatpants, White Nike Sneakers

3:41 PM DEC 01 2017

Black North Face Jacket, Leggings, Black Nike Sneakers with white swoosh

3:53 PM DEC 01 2017

A sky blue polo shirt, Levi's that are staring to fade, and Nikes (my brother)

4:14 PM DEC 01 2017

Onesie Week wraps up with the most elegant of jumpsuits, really my fave: extra wide palazzo-pant leopard print sleeveless v-neck. It's the coolest, I so wish I could include a pic. Also my sweet gold puma high tops.

4:25 PM DEC 01 2017

A handmade custom one-of-a-kind cap from Finnish milliner Tiia Maria, a six year old black merino Outlier t-shirt (with holes), a new blue UNIQLO sweater, a black Casio watch, black UNIQLO boxer briefs, fading black organic Nudie jeans, black UNIQLO ankle socks, black with white detail flat Chrome sneakers.

4:35 PM DEC 01 2017

Kristen is wearing a chic Nike sports bra, paired with Nike spandex. Spoiler alert: there's no undies underneath. #commando

4:36 PM DEC 01 2017

I'm wearing my tight pants. They're tight because I got chubby. Winter is the time for hibernation so I need to pad myself for warmth.

4:45 PM DEC 01 2017

Pants shirt Dinasaur sweatshirt

5:00 PM DEC 01 2017

Reebok jumper, black jeans, adidas gazelles, puffer jacket

5:04 PM DEC 01 2017

Light wash denim girlfriend jeans. Brown turtleneck. White Reebok classics with the gum bottom. Mustard coloured socks, scarf, and Kanken knapsack. Gold jewellery and accessories.

5:07 PM DEC 01 2017

Black leather jacket with a checkered red Alfani shirt, jeans, and a hiking pack. Glasses too, I guess?

5:08 PM DEC 01 2017

Black Everlane Chelsea Boots; Black Peds Ankle Socks; 3x1 Indigo Skinny Jeans; THINX underwear for my loathsome period; Uniqlo Brown Leather Belt; Saint James Breton Red-Striped Long Sleeve Shirt; Chantelle Bra; Penfield Army Green Jacket; Garmin Smartwatch; Charles & Keith Millennial Pink Bag

5:17 PM DEC 01 2017

Black pants, shoes, sweatshirt and graphic shirt

5:19 PM DEC 01 2017

Sweater gray and blue horizontal lines. Jeans. Puma snickers.

5:19 PM DEC 01 2017

Striped shirt with sequinpocket, abstract pattern leggings, pink coat, mesh shoes, socks with hearts and diamond

5:20 PM DEC 01 2017

Noise maker bracelet made here from rubber band and bubble wrap

5:20 PM DEC 01 2017

High rise squares pattern pants. Doctor martens boots, leather jacket, black shirt and a black boina.

5:50 PM DEC 01 2017

Light brown slip on boots, kinda cowboy meets city gal. Grey jeans from old navy. A black polka-dotted button up. Crazy striped tortoise-shell glasses that are my current favorite clothing item. Giant granny panties that are the only thing comfy since my c-section. ;)

5:54 PM DEC 01 2017

Oh! And a skagen watch! and black fall jacket, brown belt. Hope this helps!

5:55 PM DEC 01 2017

Hello Emily! I'm wearing black leggings with faux-leather panel in the front, a turquoise mohair-esque cropped sweater, vintage butterfly and floral print pointed toe boots, two silver rings, glass badger figurine earrings, turquoise bra, and tie-dye panties

6:10 PM DEC 01 2017

Purple and orange puffy coat, Gray v-neck top with magenta leggings that have a flower print on them also black shoes.

6:16 PM DEC 01 2017

Yellow front tie crop top, shorts with a floral print, glitter tights, $1 furry vest, black heart crossbody bag

7:21 PM DEC 01 2017

Jacket, black scarf, baseball cap, black jeans, black sneakers

7:21 PM DEC 01 2017

Sweater, beanie, two rings, jeans, socks, adidas black tennis

7:24 PM DEC 01 2017

Hi Emily, I am wearing black lace Toms, a velvet jumpsuit with fireworks on it, a black cardigan, and a fake pearl necklace with matching fake pearl earrings. Oh, and a Fitbit.

7:51 PM DEC 01 2017

Spicy pants, spicy shirt, spicy coat Call me habanero hoT hOT HOt!!!

7:52 PM DEC 01 2017

Andy Warhol shirt/ Zara men's ripped jeans/ off white air Jordan 1s, gold presidential Rolex. ..... it's me "VIRGIL ABLOH C/o"

8:47 PM DEC 01 2017

Black zipper black shorts black jeans green scarf

10:15 AM DEC 02 2017

Brown vintage jumper. Yellow hat from a street vendor. Mustard yellow. Hubby got the same hat, but maroon. We switch sometimes. Shoes. Undies. Lacey bra that hubby commented on this morning. He likes.

11:06 AM DEC 02 2017

A lot of glitter and beige pants and red hair, and also lumberjack shirt! Tripping on Acne shoes

11:07 AM DEC 02 2017

Ripped jeans, a grey t shirt, leather jacket, scarf, and white sneakers

11:09 AM DEC 02 2017

Purple grey lumberjack linen shirt, with a black button we sew in ourselves. Plus your well worn and loved Miami Beach t-shirt & your friends favorite Tretorn goretex sneakers

11:40 AM DEC 02 2017

My mom is wearing a blue sweater and a black turtle neck with nice jeans, my big sister is wearing a tan vest with a navy blue shirt Jeans and some brown boots, my dad is wearing a green button up shirt with a black sweater over it and black jeans with dressy shoes. Finally I am wearing a green fuzzy cropped sweater with bright blue jeans and brown boots I stole from my sister and some glasses.

11:46 AM DEC 02 2017

Grey cashmere Theory turtleneck, black BR travelers 5 pocket jeans, black gold toe socks and black John Varvatoes sneakers. Black Bleaker and Mercer military style jacket.

11:48 AM DEC 02 2017

Orange Blouse - embroidered jeans - Nike and a colorful scarfBlack jeans, shirt dress, white cardigan and a Turkish scarf

11:50 AM DEC 02 2017

Blue Vans; dark gray jeans; belt with coordinates of Albuquerque on buckle; t-shirt with these 6 words: Threw spaghetti at wall, some stuck.

11:54 AM DEC 02 2017

Victoria's Secret magenta g-string, old navy white sweater and a very cute white beanie with a Pom Pom. Topped off with brown boots and Christmas socks

11:54 AM DEC 02 2017

Fake north face, skinny blue jeans, Nike shoes, a striped shirt. Topped off with nice glasses and a cool Navy haircut

12:04 PM DEC 02 2017

Hand-me-down red coat from Old Navy when Old Navy sold decent coats, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry knitted gloves, brown boots, jeans, a flowy blouse, and Lipsense lipstick in plum.

12:06 PM DEC 02 2017

Lumber jack coat, unflattering sneakers that got me through England and France, a hat that I did not knit nor did anyone I know of, it is an anonymous hat. And fancy pants, because that is literally what it said they were called online.

12:17 PM DEC 02 2017

@thisisflashpaper wears a gray Pull & Bear turtleneck under a beige H&M swing coat with navy Asos chinos and black Aldo's Chelsea boots. @mayaicavo wears a white Garage knit-sweater over a black Forever 21 bodysuit and black Victoria's Secret leggings with white Adidas Originals basket shoes with a black H&M puffy coat.

12:39 PM DEC 02 2017

Black NorthFace jacket, with tan H&M khakis ,black vans ,and a grey polo Ralph Lauren baseball hat, plus a green, blue, black stripped polo Ralph Lauren shirt long sleeve.

12:39 PM DEC 02 2017

Red American Eagle sweatshirt, black leggings, pink velvet high top Converse, and a burgundy North Face winter jacket

12:39 PM DEC 02 2017

Army green jacket, tan slim crew neck sweater, slim dark jeans, rod laver adidas.

1:14 PM DEC 02 2017

Black adidas culottes, a long sleeve black off the shoulder crop top, black leather vans, a black puffer jacket with a fur hood

1:25 PM DEC 02 2017

Black jeans, a David Bowie screenprint tank top, Vans, an infinity scarf, a bralette, and a grey cotton jacket.

1:29 PM DEC 02 2017

white adidas sneakers blue mom jeans white t shirt w organization logo (a sandwich) black crew neck sweatshirt black jean jacket 4 pins pink baseball hat

1:31 PM DEC 02 2017

Foamposites, knockoff balmain biker jeans, helly hansen ski jacket

1:37 PM DEC 02 2017

Gray knit sweater, light ripped jeans, and black boots

1:38 PM DEC 02 2017

Oversized, white cable-knit sweater (80's inspired), dark jeans, lace-up knee boots, and....grinch socks

1:39 PM DEC 02 2017

Grey v-neck sweater, black jeans rolled up at the ankles, floral print socks, black & white checkered vans

1:59 PM DEC 02 2017

Navy short coat, long sleeved black cotton top, grey T-shirt, black jeans, grey socks, black leather Oliver Sweeney shoes.

2:02 PM DEC 02 2017

Burnt orange long sleeve tee with blue jeans floored with 9 year old grey low top chucks

2:06 PM DEC 02 2017

I'm wearing: -A white wool sweater -A navy black tan and maroon checkered suede skirt - Black tights - A brown crossbody leather bag - White sneakers

2:33 PM DEC 02 2017

Hi Emily, It's your friend Peter. I'm at the moma wearing black leather sneaker boots I cut the ankles off of. Black jeans, a button shirt and a black suede bomber and ear buds in my ears. I hope you're well

2:43 PM DEC 02 2017

A black sweater with shoulder pads, flowers, beatles, bees and dragonflies. A black pair of skinny jeans. A black faux leather purse. Black boots that rise just past the ankle with two inch heels.

2:45 PM DEC 02 2017

Dark blue button up shirt with faint light blue diamond and dot pattern, medium gray undershirt, black jeans with no belt, black leather tennis shoes, black socks, and dark blue, round, thin, owl-like glasses

2:57 PM DEC 02 2017

Black leggings, black sports bra, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black socks, black ankle boots with a 4" heel + red purse

2:58 PM DEC 02 2017

This is my outfitLeather jacket with fur lining and jeans

2:59 PM DEC 02 2017


3:25 PM DEC 02 2017

white shirt, jean jacket, black jeans, white sneakers

3:32 PM DEC 02 2017

All black converse, blue jeans, nickelodeon & MTV graphic tshirt, purple hoodie, fire engine red denim jean jacket, & black beanie :)

3:40 PM DEC 02 2017

Pale Yellow oversized hoodie, grey leggings and a dark blue and mustard yellow scarf with black combat boots

3:53 PM DEC 02 2017

Really worn down vans from skating with Levi's I spent way too much money on and my friends band's t-shirt that I cut too short on accident. Also this sweet winter coat I got at goodwill for $10!!

3:57 PM DEC 02 2017

Green long sleeve top, mom jeans and black sneakers.

4:00 PM DEC 02 2017

Mom jeans my best friend gave me, pink and white floral semi cropped tank top, white converse (plus a red long sleeve shirt for when I was cold and a lig

4:19 PM DEC 02 2017

Black distressed overalls, grey chunky turtle neck, Adidas superstars, black square framed glasses, and hoop earrings.

4:27 PM DEC 02 2017

Black and white abstract patterned bell bottom leggings, grey H&M t-shirt that says "join my squad," small denim jacket, turquoise down jacket over it, white Camper ballerinas with multi-colored polka-dots and turquoise socks ... because I am 7.

4:28 PM DEC 02 2017

Uniqlo turtleneck, black leggings, black leather boots, cat-eye glasses

4:29 PM DEC 02 2017

Navy wool trench coat, burgundy sweater, black fleece tights, black Cole haan booties

4:30 PM DEC 02 2017

Black and sky-blue striped knit a-line dress, black boxy sweater, black ribbed tights, grey suede medium height boots with flat heels, oversized black wool scarf, black wool overcoat.

4:31 PM DEC 02 2017

Dark blue jeans, black t-shirt, pine green horse leather jacket, green and orange Tibetan silk scarf, Cydwoq shoes

4:34 PM DEC 02 2017

Volbeat tshirt, jeans, and my chucks.

4:37 PM DEC 02 2017

I'm wearing nike shoes with black socks, blue skinny jeans, a peer mentor shirt I got from school that says "Peer Mentoring is Kool" and a black and white varsity jacket with a gray hood.

4:37 PM DEC 02 2017

Ann D vest. Tabi boots

4:51 PM DEC 02 2017

I always kind of take for granted that I am wearing glasses, but the other day I forgot to wear them to work and it was a pretty rough day. So today, I want to highlight that I am wearing my glasses. They are from Warby Parker. I love them. They help me see the world better.

4:51 PM DEC 02 2017

Urban Decay Vice matte lipstick in shade 714, an orange-leaning red. Black and light blue dress. Lilac laser-cut panties.

5:07 PM DEC 02 2017

Mans in the exclusive fit. Vintage to the teeth.

5:11 PM DEC 02 2017

Grey New Balance shoes, black outlier pants, grey tshirt, blue Patagonia flannel. Black Fitbit watch with white tape

5:15 PM DEC 02 2017

Mustard Vans, black jeans, mustard cotton button down, denim jacket, Britney Spears tee under it all for confidence.

5:18 PM DEC 02 2017

Green diesel jogg jeans, blue striped lululemon henley shirt, black and red adidas ultraboosts, gray Patagonia nanopuff with bespoke patches, black wool timberland socks, red underarmour boxer briefs, Warby Parker glasses, Apple Watch, platinum ring.

5:21 PM DEC 02 2017

Red shirts and hats with stripes.

5:29 PM DEC 02 2017

Coat, dress, sneakers

5:31 PM DEC 02 2017

Red Cardinals track jacket, green graphic T-shirt (says "Online Debate Team: Someone on the Internet is wrong"), blue jeans, ASICS sneakers.

5:33 PM DEC 02 2017

Purple velour juicy tracksuit. Suede cream converse. Extra padded bra. Prada coat and a silver pinky ring.

5:33 PM DEC 02 2017

SS18 White J'ADIOR glasses

5:34 PM DEC 02 2017

Today me and my best friend have curled our hair to visit the MoMa

5:35 PM DEC 02 2017

Full Nike running gear. Probably my scruffiest look, but also smart. Prada jacket to make it half decent in public.

5:36 PM DEC 02 2017

Today we are dressed down for exploring the city but tomorrow we will be high end manhattan

5:55 PM DEC 02 2017

what i'm wearing: hanes boxer briefs, adidas socks, grey urban outfitters chinos, black vans old skools with one black and one white laces, tan forever 21 men's t shirt, polo ralph lauren oversized men's navy blue pajama shirt, gold chain, tommy hilfigger navy blue wool hooded coat with red plaid interior detail

5:57 PM DEC 02 2017

Black & red jordan 1s Indigo dyed denim Grey hoodie Black & white varsity jacket

6:09 PM DEC 02 2017

Tory Burch eyeglasses, Tretorn tennis shoes, Distressed blue jeans, no-show socks, camo jacket

6:09 PM DEC 02 2017

Stuart Wietzman 50/50 leather boots, lululemon leggings, black sweater, fur vest, Canada goose, red Hermes bracelet

6:14 PM DEC 02 2017

Sneakers with blue laces, Levi's 808 jeans, button down light pink linen shirt, Armani wool and polyester vest, bodeaux t-shirt

6:20 PM DEC 02 2017

black & white checkered vans; smartwool socks; j.crew khaki pants; fruit of the loom black boxer briefs; fruit of the loom white undershirt; american apparel cotton button-up shirt; old navy polyester down vest; 1930s waltham watch with pigskin leather band; masunaga translucent tortoiseshell glasses; calvin klein peacoat

6:25 PM DEC 02 2017

Gray cardigan, black camisole, and jeans.

6:27 PM DEC 02 2017

Off the shoulder, floral print blouse with black leggings and an olive colored utility jacket.

6:51 PM DEC 02 2017

Vintage Brown suede button down, F21 Jeans, Thick grey socks, OFF-White x Nike Jordan 1's, Casio Watch, Gold diamond ring, my girlfriend. - @paulmariano_

7:04 PM DEC 02 2017

Black illusion shirt with embroidered pink and purple flowers over a wool maroon long-sleeve shirt, black pixie trousers over long-johns, black combat bps under 45 degrees.

7:13 PM DEC 02 2017

A black lacy bra, black high waisted undies, black leggings, black oversized sweater with a skull design, black and neon green socks and black booties. #allblackeverything

7:16 PM DEC 02 2017

Blue shirt, black pants, tzitzit hanging out, blue sneakersGrey sweatpants with a black stripe, blue zipper sweatshirt and blue sneakersPink shirt grey skirt leggings and boots

7:46 PM DEC 02 2017

All black everything. YEE!!

7:47 PM DEC 02 2017

All black, long sleeve thermal, black pants, black beanie, gray shoes, stripped socks black and gray socks that don't match......

8:06 PM DEC 02 2017

An out of worldly outfit, consisting of earth tones, oh and an Apple Watch.

8:25 PM DEC 02 2017

Light blue denim jeans, classic black leather biker jacket, light blue button down shirt, blue and iridescent green Nike sneakers

8:37 PM DEC 02 2017

Sexy red shirt and ripped black jeans

8:38 PM DEC 02 2017

My girlfriend is adorned in a Pink Floyd shirt. She doesn't even listen to Pink Floyd. Disgusting.

11:02 AM DEC 03 2017

Black trousers, black sweater, black-and-white striped shirt, black shoes, grey-and-red polka dot socks, red and green scarf (for the season), green jade bracelet

11:06 AM DEC 03 2017

Quilted pattern Eddie Bauer half-zip sweater. H&M cotton t-shirt and casual brown leather low-rise sneakers. Garmin sport watch.

11:09 AM DEC 03 2017

Black top from Zara with a keyhole neckline, black depression outfit sweats that I stole from my best friend, Adidas superstars and a pink suede vest

11:46 AM DEC 03 2017

Tommy Hilfiger striped blue shirt tied in low crop with black with white puffer jacket , lace up pants and white embroidered sneakers." Ta da! (-maddie)"

11:47 AM DEC 03 2017

Gap "best girlfriend" jeans, light yellow Pac sun sweatshirt that's supposed to be a crop top type thing but isn't really, and adidas super stars

11:59 AM DEC 03 2017

Black leggings White and navy stripped sweater Ugg black boots

12:03 PM DEC 03 2017

Grey cardigan, white shirt with embroidered rose, denim skirt and white all star adidas

12:07 PM DEC 03 2017

Sweater jeans t-shirt shoes

12:07 PM DEC 03 2017

Red pants and black blouse with sparkles. Black bunny boots.

12:12 PM DEC 03 2017

"I'm wearing ladies' underwear."

12:31 PM DEC 03 2017

me: ripped acid wash jeans oversized blue hoodie black high top converse matt: black skinny jeans black skate shoes green oversized hoodie

12:34 PM DEC 03 2017

One piece strapless pantsuit with baggy diaper legs; red Patterned sweater that is only cool because it is made by cool designer, Dutch clog yellow clogs

12:57 PM DEC 03 2017

A striped grey, blue and red shirt, grey jeans, a black trench coat and boots.

12:57 PM DEC 03 2017

Black cotton pants, a 3/4 sleeve blue cotton shirt with white horizontal stripes. Gray and green sneakers. A black cloth coat.

1:02 PM DEC 03 2017

I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt with a distress sweater, comfy jeans and a pair of airmax and little backpack with the basics.

1:13 PM DEC 03 2017

Black blue white striped slipons, knee high black socks bc its cold, long dark blue floral v-neck short sleeved dress with a cool pocket on the front

1:25 PM DEC 03 2017

Blue and beige sweater with kakis

1:27 PM DEC 03 2017

Old Navy Jeans, Carlos Santana tan boots, brown Walmart turtle neck

1:36 PM DEC 03 2017

I am wearing a reversible sequined shirt with #fashionnova jeans and uggs !

1:42 PM DEC 03 2017

A fuzzy pink and grey sweater from H&M with black Levi's jeans and low top Converse sneakers.

1:43 PM DEC 03 2017

I am wearing a light coat over a grey polo. I'm wearing black joggers and the Air Jordan 4's Motorsport. I am also wearing a black metal fossil watch. And I look very shmexy

1:44 PM DEC 03 2017

A white undershirt, a grey and black hooded shirt, a stainless steel ring, a Quartz watch, and Fruit Of The Loom boxers. I also have black joggers and red, black Nikes. I also am wearing a red hoodie.

1:47 PM DEC 03 2017

Missguided black crop top, topshop culottes, black duster coat, Y-3 Elle Run, scarf, my lady Dior, love bracelet & ring, bonds panties, bonds socks, Tiffany bracelet & ring, bvlgari ring, Uniqlo heat tech, acrylic nails :)

1:47 PM DEC 03 2017

Black Adidas sweatshirt dress, H&M 80 denier black tights, Air Force 1 Nike shoes

1:54 PM DEC 03 2017

Black jeans. A salmon colored sweatshirt with the gilded visage of Father John Misty. A Navy blue Pendleton jacket, with a Bon Iver enamel pin. Burgundy Doc Marten boots. A pair of Nasty Pig socks, the same pair as yesterday.

2:03 PM DEC 03 2017

Black leggings, dark blue velvet shirt, black sneakers

2:03 PM DEC 03 2017

Underwear that I have worn for the last 4 days

2:14 PM DEC 03 2017

I'm wearing no type of clothing whatsoever :D

2:15 PM DEC 03 2017

Open back olive green body suit, dark jeans, all white vans, black north face jacket

2:18 PM DEC 03 2017

Olive green criss cross shirt, black leggings, long grey suede boots, and a black trench coat <3

2:19 PM DEC 03 2017

I am wearing an off the shoulder shirt that is a millennial pink with a floral pattern that repeats itself all throughout the shirt , my pants are dark blue jeans with rips all over my legs , & for shoes I have black knee - length boots .

2:29 PM DEC 03 2017

Favorite black sweater, tight black ponte pants, black knee-high nylons, comfy black flats, red chili pepper silk bandana, light pink handbag and joy across my face

2:36 PM DEC 03 2017

Vestido-jersey de Lana plateada, medias negras y botines color cuero

2:41 PM DEC 03 2017

Baseball cap Bandana diamond choker Altuzarra coat White t-shirt Cashmere pullover Leather leggings Socks Chelsea boots Earrings Ring

2:44 PM DEC 03 2017

Oversized "ugly" Christmas sweater, black skinny jeans, black Gucci loafers

2:54 PM DEC 03 2017

I am wearing a black Nike hoodie and grey jogger pants and grey Nike air max

3:05 PM DEC 03 2017

giant white tshirt tunic, black skinny jeans from mom + camper combat boots

3:12 PM DEC 03 2017

Crocs, socks, boondocks, and a fox. Word up!

3:33 PM DEC 03 2017

Navy ASOS high waisted pleated slacks, cordovan Everlane Day Heel, floral print button down ASOS tie back shirt (worn backwards), Henrik Vibskov Messy Ma

3:37 PM DEC 03 2017

Harve-Benard brown winter coat, green sweatshirt from the Woodstock Playhouse, tight but stretchy black jeans. All hand-me-downs.

3:40 PM DEC 03 2017

Black yoga pants. Red velvet jumper from Cutloose. Blue and grey striped sweater. Wood bead necklace of hearts, flowers, and butterflies made by a six year old. Long black Patagonia puffy coat for winter.

3:41 PM DEC 03 2017

Passaic Leather Motorcycle Jacket, red sweatshirt, Levi's 511 commuters, Brooks cross trainers, Patagonia hiking socks, purple Calvins, Stauer wristwatch with E3MC band

3:42 PM DEC 03 2017

Adidas/Alexander Wang sneakers, black Nike sweatpants, dark olive green t-shirt , long weird asymmetric from oak

3:42 PM DEC 03 2017

Gray College (Skidmore) sweatshirt, blue jeans, blue uggs

3:56 PM DEC 03 2017

Luca is wearing a soft blue wool sweater, complimenting wonderfully his dark wash blue jeans, set off below by a pair of white high top converses, all tied together with a blue wool bomber jacket.

3:58 PM DEC 03 2017

Matt showcases a tattered pair or jeans , a tattered jean shirt, and a tattered denim jacket. He is sporting some heavily worn vans old skools to complete the look.

4:01 PM DEC 03 2017

Green jeans, a tshirt w a colorful jelly fish on it, and a dark blue puffy jacket.

4:04 PM DEC 03 2017

Gold pants, navy Sandro sweater, Doc Martens boots

4:07 PM DEC 03 2017

Brown rubber soled shoes, blue socks, light colored blue jeans, blue and white box patterned shirt, medium blue v-necked wool sweater. Glasses

4:10 PM DEC 03 2017

Jeans, black ruffled hem sweater, and gray lace-up boots.

4:13 PM DEC 03 2017

Jeans, wine-color long-sleeve shirt, and mint Nike sneakers

4:15 PM DEC 03 2017

Nikes shoes, skinny jeans, Girl Scout vest

4:15 PM DEC 03 2017

Tan Michael Kors leather jacket, burgundy scarf, jeans, tan booties, underwear.

4:16 PM DEC 03 2017

Grey sweater, jean skirt, black boots

4:17 PM DEC 03 2017

A coat and a beige shirt

4:24 PM DEC 03 2017

Dark grey fedora, navy Uniqlo heat tech, navy and red check flannel shirt from muji, black skinny jeans, uniqlo down vest, striped socks, leather brogue sneakers, YSL green leather bag.

4:29 PM DEC 03 2017

Madewell denim shirt, Aeropostale tie dye white t-shirt, DKNY bra, American Apparel black sweatpant tights, Hanky Panky undies, LOFT socks, Converse grey high tops, J Crew black leather bag, Warby Parker transparent glasses, Tiffany's necklace.

4:31 PM DEC 03 2017

Polo Navy cardigan, Polo grey sweatshirt, black womens jeans, black "leather" belt, Fruit of the Loom plaid boxers, black Hanes ankle socks, Hightop black "leather" converses, three fabric friendship bracelets

4:38 PM DEC 03 2017

Blackwhite Ecco Sneakers, black Muji Socks, Black Sloggi Panties, Black Bra Madsen, Black Pants, Black T, Black Thin Vest Lululemon, Blackwool Vest CA, Black Sheer Scarf American Appearel, Silver Earrings from Vietnam

4:41 PM DEC 03 2017

Teal Sweater from Old Navy Denim blue jeans Brown boots

4:43 PM DEC 03 2017

Grey and white striped polo Denim blue jeans Tan timberland boots Navy blue jacket Black hat

5:02 PM DEC 03 2017

A gray and navy blue baseball shirt from PacSun, black American Eagle skinny jeans, and black Vans

10:09 AM DEC 04 2017

Brown chinos, blue t-shirt, green and brown striped sweater, and blue striped tennis shoes

11:20 AM DEC 04 2017

Red beret, tan cropped hood less sweatshirt, red plaid trousers, eggshell hightop Converse

11:23 AM DEC 04 2017

I am wearing a hot pink shoulder top with straps to support it. I am wearing a set of small hoops, as well as a set of studs. I am wearing American Apparel black leggings from the season before they closed in store purchase. I am wearing black vans that have many holes from the past 5 years. I am wearing short socks that came in a pack of 10. They each have a different accent color. I am wearing two-toned pink lace undies, with a bow in the front center.

11:26 AM DEC 04 2017

Black slim jeans and oversized grey blouse. Walking shoes and my fabulous coat with a lovely fluffy hood x

12:19 PM DEC 04 2017

Black and white shirt, black maternity leggings, black boots

12:19 PM DEC 04 2017

black leather boots, blue jeans, red wool jacket, brown checkered scarf, green beanie

12:34 PM DEC 04 2017

A camo ghillie suit

12:35 PM DEC 04 2017

School uniform, blue or white polo, skirt or pants blue grey or black

12:36 PM DEC 04 2017

I am wearing Dwight school mercy and its selling like a god church

12:37 PM DEC 04 2017

School uniform with a BlazerLegend hoodie

12:38 PM DEC 04 2017

The school uniform and light brown Lebrun Soldier XI

12:39 PM DEC 04 2017

Dwight uniform, dark blue polo shirt, black jeans, sneakers

12:42 PM DEC 04 2017

Vetements socks, air 1/97 Sean wotherspoon shoes, supreme underwear, dickies pants, my nans old button down shirt, Gucci rings cause I felt a bit cheeky today and a adidas x palace parka jacket

12:44 PM DEC 04 2017

Jackson pollock supreme box logo from 1998

12:44 PM DEC 04 2017

Supreme bongos, seas Witherspoon shoes, yeezys, jaws shoes, my mom's old jacket. My grandmas old jacket. Lv backpack with crackers. Some Nike Preston and air forces. I also jus bought Nike presto air essentials. I don't like adidas yeezys are dead.I love life. Life is great there for grea is life oohhysssyn

12:46 PM DEC 04 2017

I can't afford clothes

12:48 PM DEC 04 2017

Nothing at all BB *winky face*

12:48 PM DEC 04 2017

Petit bateau tank top, Dwight hoodie, navy pants, superga gray sneakers

12:50 PM DEC 04 2017

Pink dress shirt, grey and blue diagonal striped tie, khakis, black jacket

12:50 PM DEC 04 2017

Thong short pants and a sexy looking top (I love anime)

12:51 PM DEC 04 2017

I weared red shirt and pants I am jake

12:56 PM DEC 04 2017

i am wearing clothes

12:56 PM DEC 04 2017

School uniform polo style shirt, Navy blue pleated skirt, black leggings, school fleece, white allstars

12:57 PM DEC 04 2017

My traditional rice hat

1:00 PM DEC 04 2017

Minna chatinha esta com seu tenis Adidas, jeans escuros e blusa preta de gola alta. Felizes de estarmos no MoMA! :)

1:01 PM DEC 04 2017

I am wearing a 1738 shirt!

1:02 PM DEC 04 2017


1:02 PM DEC 04 2017

Daniel is wearing a school shirt. It's lit fam.

1:02 PM DEC 04 2017

Adam is wearing clothing.

1:03 PM DEC 04 2017

Daniel is wearing a polo shirt everyday. The same one.

1:05 PM DEC 04 2017

Adam wears 2 kinds of pants. The first kind is the school uniform. The second kind is sweat pants. That is all he wears. No shirt!

1:11 PM DEC 04 2017

An overpriced sweater, overpriced mom jeans, and black vans from the boys section.

1:20 PM DEC 04 2017

Pink dress shirt, grey and blue diagonal striped tie, khakis, black jacket

1:25 PM DEC 04 2017

RM Williams boots, blue jeans and a Uniqlo flannel shirt

1:30 PM DEC 04 2017

Ecco black boots, Gap oversized white shirt, jeans, Luis Vuitton bag and head full of blue hair.

1:36 PM DEC 04 2017

Black skull stockings light blue ripped knee mom jeans Grey striped tee shirt Black ziphoodie Green army jacket Black doc martens

1:38 PM DEC 04 2017

Black turtleneck, black jeans, black belt, black cardigan, adidas, and a scarf

1:41 PM DEC 04 2017

Denim jacket, bright red sweater, ripped jeans and leather sneakers

1:42 PM DEC 04 2017

Adidas white sneakers, Levi jeans, black parachute top, thrifted black peacoat, orange beanie.

3:26 PM DEC 04 2017

brown hiking boots, black tights, blue denim cuffed shorts, red and white striped shirt, and a denim jacket with patches and buttons

3:31 PM DEC 04 2017

I am wearing brown/black Steve Madden shoes, dark blue jeans, a white tie, navy/grey zip up, and a grey Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

3:33 PM DEC 04 2017

Steve Madden black ridding boots, black opaque tights, yellow corduroy button up skirt, black square neck tank and a long green trench coat. Accompanied by ablack bucket bag, gold hoop hearings and various silver rings

3:54 PM DEC 04 2017

Blue vineyard vines long sleeve tee over grey Uniqlo tee charcoal levi's 501s over blue Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs Black under Armour socks in tan blundstone boots Acuvue oasis monthly contacts D-6.00

3:55 PM DEC 04 2017

Grey shirt, jean jacket, black jeans, combat boots and low key mismatched socks but you'd never know

4:16 PM DEC 04 2017

I'm wearing a toddler in an ergobaby; she's wearing Zara shirt and picked out by her mother). I'm in white Stan Smiths, Rag and Bone light blue jeans (bought second hand) JCrew blue wool zipperneckeblack stretchy pants, an ear hooded fleece and H&M espadrilles (alld sweater over a terracota T-shirt.

4:23 PM DEC 04 2017

Woolen navy blue trousers, light blue heathered long sleeved t-shirt, navy cardigan, black leather new balance shoes. Pants are at least 10 years old, the otheritems almost new to 2 years.

5:03 PM DEC 04 2017

Cable knit sweater, black denim with tassels, patent loafers

7:56 PM DEC 04 2017

Stuart weitzman over the knee boots, black pants, lacey white top, black cardigan jacket :)

11:56 AM DEC 05 2017

Oversized camouflage canvas jacket with fringe detail ++ Black distressed hooded sweatshirt ++ Black leggings with zipper detail ++ Black flat leather ankle boots ++ Topped off with a top bun, naturally ///// xo, Blair Mc.

11:59 AM DEC 05 2017

A white oversized shirt with black pants and white adidas

12:00 PM DEC 05 2017

white t-shirt with black trousers and ALWAYS a pair of old-school Vans

12:00 PM DEC 05 2017

Sequined SAY YOU'LL BE WINE heathered-gray sweatshirt (a Valentine gift from my husband), basic black leggings with yoga skirt (to cover my booty), and black suede just-above-the-ankle UGGs with fur lining!

12:00 PM DEC 05 2017

All in black. Bc black is the new black and always will be.

12:04 PM DEC 05 2017

Black work shoes again cuz my legs are shot. Black & white splatter leggings with the gray knit tunic with purple paisley I made years ago. Topped w an extra long chambray button down shirt/dress.

12:05 PM DEC 05 2017

Marks and Spencer's velvet touch tights, joules black and white striped dress back zip, marks and Spencer's black boots, comfy leather easy to walk in! Cross over bag lots of room hair slide to stop my flyaway hair

12:11 PM DEC 05 2017

Green sweater, black jeans, black K-Swiss, black tank top, black beaded bracelet.

12:15 PM DEC 05 2017

All black converse, black jeans, green long sleeves, orange cardigan, orange/black/green patterned headwrap

12:17 PM DEC 05 2017

I'm wearing a black coat, black leggings, withe T-shirt and boots brown :)

12:39 PM DEC 05 2017

Citadel sweatshirt, leggings, boots, and a smile

12:39 PM DEC 05 2017

Olive green top, jeans, and brown boots

12:40 PM DEC 05 2017

Jeans, gray long-sleeve T-shirt, and blue sneakers

12:42 PM DEC 05 2017

Levi's blue jeans, white Sketchers sneakers, Sturgeon Point Lighthouse (MI) light gray sweatshirt

12:42 PM DEC 05 2017

Grey sweater, dark blue jeans, lace up boots and socks my grandmother knitted

12:44 PM DEC 05 2017

Issey Miyake turtleneck. A pair of jeans. Black ankle boots. issey miyake bag. Uniqlo/Jill Sanders down jacket.

12:47 PM DEC 05 2017

I'm wearing grey sneakers with jeans and a light blue shirt over a cotton white t-shirt

12:54 PM DEC 05 2017

A green tight top my wife refers to as my Dexter top based on the show of the same name. Without the serial killing bit.

12:54 PM DEC 05 2017

Blue Nike sneakers, red Tommy Hilfiger socks, blue Tommy Hilfiger jeans, black CK underwear and a blue Abercrombie & Fitch Oxford Cotton Shirt.a Rolex Watch.

1:02 PM DEC 05 2017

Dress, yoga pant, bra, underwear, socks, tennis shoes, glasses, hearing aids, purse

1:04 PM DEC 05 2017

Hi Emily. Fiona Whitelaw at Moma. I am wearing Michael Kors panther cow hide backless loaffers. Stockings. Vivienne Westwood navy skirt, H & M navy long

1:17 PM DEC 05 2017

I'd never wear logos of fancy firms. Today is no exception. Jorge Carba

1:18 PM DEC 05 2017

I prefer to go naked

1:19 PM DEC 05 2017

Mi mujer botas Ugg calentitas con vaqueros, camiseta blanca y jersey gris de lana. Bolso peque camodo para visitar NYC. Un saludo! J

2:27 PM DEC 05 2017

hunter green jacket, black skinny jeans and gray canvas Doc Martens

2:35 PM DEC 05 2017

Green sweater, black denim skirt, stripped tights, black boots

2:47 PM DEC 05 2017

Black JC Penney dress shoes, black socks, blue v neck sweater tucked into blue pinstriped pants, blue belt.

3:11 PM DEC 05 2017

Turquoise button up, Levi 511s, Blue adidas sneakers, Apple Watch.

3:12 PM DEC 05 2017

Turquoise shirt, dark jeans, multicolored boxers, Nike tennis shoes with purple dress socks, and an Apple Watch.

3:21 PM DEC 05 2017

Left foot: R2D2 sock + L Royal Blue Air Jordan 1. Right foot: C3PO sock + R Royal Blue Air Jordan 1. Legs: Blue boxer briefs + Black pants. Torso: Black Pete Townshend about to break his guitar T-shirt.

3:30 PM DEC 05 2017

Wackavelli custom vans shoes, wackavelli hoodie, pacsun denim

3:32 PM DEC 05 2017

Mom jeans , with pink silk blouse, black lace brallete, with black ankle sock booties .... - izzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiii

3:35 PM DEC 05 2017

Camel coat, blue jeans, scuffed Blundstones

3:37 PM DEC 05 2017

Blue and white striped top, maternity blue jeans, black boots, pink scarf, black wool coat and canvas tote.

3:39 PM DEC 05 2017

long-sleeved, cotton black GAP t-shirt, black Patagonia fleece vest and black Patagonia DAS Parka, black cotton scarf from Zara, two Elsa Peretti stacking

3:41 PM DEC 05 2017

Blue t-shirt orange jean gray and red striped jacket

3:44 PM DEC 05 2017

White fleece polo top, wide legged khaki pants and black boots with black wool coat

3:45 PM DEC 05 2017

White t shirt, thin dark brown cashmere jersey, blue slim fit jeans and leather hi top converse.

3:46 PM DEC 05 2017

Purple camouflage pants , yellow turtle neck, purple flare sleeved sweater with checkers down the sleeves, doc martens and female symbol earrings

3:57 PM DEC 05 2017

Brown turtleneck, turquoise and brown pencil skirt, black running shoes

4:10 PM DEC 05 2017

Maroon hoodie under brown cotton flannel, tapered slacks, brown suede Clark's

4:29 PM DEC 05 2017

Black jeans, brown boots, black shirt, grey sweater, brown jacket, rainbow knit cap

4:40 PM DEC 05 2017

Ribbed turtleneck sweater deep royal blue, black suede above the knee skirt, Hopi necklace, black tights, black Nike running shoes with black Ralph Lauren leather riding boots in a bag for a reception later

5:06 PM DEC 05 2017

Grey painters cap, two rings, striped long sleeve shirt, blue overalls, and black boots

5:06 PM DEC 05 2017

Faux locs. Tortoise shell glasses. Black leather jacket, striped shirt. Black jeans. Black socks. Doc marten boots.

5:12 PM DEC 05 2017

I'm wearing a top by Calypso that I call the "menopause party top". It is tissue thin and has beautiful gold designs that look kind of Indian. I'm wearing black jeans that were used when I bought them, but I love. Also my beloved Rag and Bone boots, that are so finely made. And gold hoop earrings made by my friend who's a wonderful jeweler, and is having a sale this weekend.

6:30 PM DEC 05 2017

Grey cashmere sweater with James Perse white t shirt black jeans and grey Adidas gazelles

6:47 PM DEC 05 2017

Blue cotton suit, white oxford shirt, blue and silver thread tie, magnet colored cole haan oxfords, blue socks with yellow heels

7:18 PM DEC 05 2017

Blue skinny jeans, grey long sleeve tee, black leather biker jacket with patches, black volt zoom nike, black scarf, cross body Louis Vuttton bag

8:05 AM DEC 06 2017

Black flat front pants, black everlane loafers, grey sweater and grey wrap coat. Diamond studs. Thong undies

10:00 AM DEC 06 2017

Faded black high waisted jeans. Dusty rose super soft tee with matching undies. Fuzzy lined booties. Rose quartz superpower ring.

11:22 AM DEC 06 2017

Basic b*tch gray sweater, jeans, and black vans

11:53 AM DEC 06 2017

White sweater, maroon skirt, black tights, adidas

11:54 AM DEC 06 2017

Black leggings, navy canvas shoes, a grey turtleneck, and a massive navy sweater

11:57 AM DEC 06 2017

I am wearing a black and white long sleeved top and blue jeans with a black jacket. I am also wearing a blue hair bow and dark red lipstick

12:07 PM DEC 06 2017

Black turtleneck, grey wide trousers, black boots. Sick face

12:11 PM DEC 06 2017

Black crop top with artists' signatures, starry night skirt, black panty-hose, black thigh highs, black riding boots, Sherlock jacket, frog watch :)

12:11 PM DEC 06 2017

Brown knit fringe tank top, black long sleeve shawl, brown joggers, high top white converse with multicolored designs drawn on, rainbow peace sign necklace, silver triangle ring

12:26 PM DEC 06 2017

Black, textured: from the bottom up, military-style boots, black leggings with white polka dots, stretchy mini skirt cleverly concealing the buttocks, and a black mohair cable-knit sweater, accentuated by an antique, chain-mail, sterling silver bracelet from India and last but not least, black hair scrunchy

12:32 PM DEC 06 2017

Black legging Tall boots Boot socks Sweater Brallette

1:07 PM DEC 06 2017

Eye glasses from Theo Antwerp Belgium Eyeglasses from Anne et Valentin Paris France Save the Queen Top Florence Italy

1:45 PM DEC 06 2017


2:22 PM DEC 06 2017

Pink salmon Nikes , Baggy Pink Salmon Champion sweats , White long sleeve with a left hand pocket, White and Grey wind breaker , Black Scuba Jacket

2:26 PM DEC 06 2017

Allbirds for swollen, surgered feets, blue denim jacket on gray denim jeans, white t-shirt and a single red lip, as they say.

2:31 PM DEC 06 2017

Black jeans, red cropped ribbed long sleeve, adidas, and a leopard print fur coat :-)

2:32 PM DEC 06 2017

Cropped striped turtleneck, dark wash gap jeans, and white converse

2:41 PM DEC 06 2017

Adidas superstars, Black skinny jeans with statement belt White turtleneck jumper tucked into jeans, Oversized moto black leather jacket.

2:41 PM DEC 06 2017

Clothes and shoes and jewellery

2:44 PM DEC 06 2017

Woolrich parka-navy Steven Allan jersey button down shirt -navy Vince crew neck t-shirt black Varvatos bowery cut blue jeans American Eagle boxers -plaidVans brown suede high top sneakers with fake fur Silver Linings Optical Hydrogen eyeglasses- navy

3:33 PM DEC 06 2017

Hi! Black leather boots, grey pants, dark read pullover and big grey beige scarf. Red panties and beige bra! And black socks of course.

3:33 PM DEC 06 2017

Calvin Klein black coat, hm gray sweater, Costco gray leggings and hm black booties.

3:46 PM DEC 06 2017

Blue/black Air Jordans, black skinny jeans, camel oversized sweater, army green bomber jacket, gold hoop earrings

4:23 PM DEC 06 2017

Brown leather knee high boats with white knit socks. Black tights with a vneck tribal tank top with a black zip up jacket. A blue checkered scarf from Oman and a claddaugh.

10:36 AM DEC 07 2017

I felt like wearing my olive jumpsuit today, either out of laziness or my tummy hurting. Plus orange Reebok high tops.

11:16 AM DEC 07 2017

Gray Fleece Hoodie very vibrant

11:29 AM DEC 07 2017

Gray sweatshirt black sweat pants blue underwear red t shirt white socks black shoes

11:36 AM DEC 07 2017

Tan hat, lovely yellow knitted sweater over black boyfriend jeans covered in fingerprints of oil paint, Godzilla socks, dirty rave vans, with a baggy jean jacket and canvas bag.

11:39 AM DEC 07 2017

All black converse, black overalls, burgundy long sleeves top, black/gray patterned scarf

11:47 AM DEC 07 2017


11:51 AM DEC 07 2017

Safari jacket , 501,s walking boots, I like to pretend I don't care about clothes....I really really do!

11:52 AM DEC 07 2017

I'm wearing tight jeans, red sweater and running shoes. The shoes would not be my first option but I'm choosing comfort over style

12:40 PM DEC 07 2017

Flared high-waisted blue jeans, black boots, forest green fisherman sweater and black beanie

12:41 PM DEC 07 2017

Grey beanie, blue striped sweater, blue pants, brown boots w/ buckles

1:35 PM DEC 07 2017

My dads red hat, hiking boots, flare denim jeans, light pink scarf with flowery pattern, embroidered hemp dress, light blue jacket, wooden earrings, colorful boxers, earthy green blouse under the dress, metal ornament as a necklace, smile!

1:43 PM DEC 07 2017

White t-shirt, with a storm trooper playing football (soccer) with black Levi 511 jeans, and grey Vans Atwood trainers.

1:43 PM DEC 07 2017

Grey jersey dress, black thermal tights (you call them pantyhose in the US, right?) and black lace up ankle boots with a grey knitted trim.

2:22 PM DEC 07 2017

Green adidas sweatshirt, black patagonia fleece, rusty orange gap windbreaker. Long underwear and grey leggings. socks and suede adidas shoes

2:22 PM DEC 07 2017

Lucky jeans, made well baggy sweater and adidas sneakers

2:22 PM DEC 07 2017

Cashmere sweater from the MoMA lost and found, baggy rag and bone jeans that I got at a sale but are too big for me so I had to have the waist altered. Black socks and black shoes with a platform that makes me even taller than I already am.

2:22 PM DEC 07 2017

Patagonia Red wool knit beanie. Uniqlo Black T-shirt. Le Breton Black fisherman's sweater (1970s). Breitling new pluton watch. Black Levi's 503 jeans. Adidas grey sneakers with black stripes.

2:22 PM DEC 07 2017

Pink cashmere turtleneck sweater White long sleeve athletic performance t-shirt Black natori underwire bra Paige faded denim jeans Smart wool socks Gap cotton thong underwear Adidas gazelle sneakers- denim looking suede with turquoise stripes Kate Spade black and white polka dots tote 4 silver rings Silver hoops earrings Diamond studs in second ear pierce Tortoise shell Sofia Vergara glasses Tree tattoo on left inner arm Japanese symbol for stillness tattoo on right hip Infinity symbol and Egyptian sun tattoo on left shoulder

2:51 PM DEC 07 2017

Jeans, white button down over a very old yellow daisy shirt, brown/white knit scarf, white sneakers, fake gold necklace, small hoop earrings

3:19 PM DEC 07 2017

I am wearing a worn down pair of rag and bone jeans, the bottoms cut with a scissor and frayed from over use. A gray turtleneck sweater which I have worn for the third day in a row because it is too damn comfy. Brown boots that are warm but make my feet feel tired and a pair of cozy men's socks. It's winter and it shows.

3:36 PM DEC 07 2017

Adidas superstars, black joggers striped sides, black turtle neck, burgundy hat with gold adidas logo

3:44 PM DEC 07 2017

Red corduroy trousers, black cashmere turtleneck, black brogues.

4:10 PM DEC 07 2017

Beetlejuice t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Adidas sneakers.

4:12 PM DEC 07 2017

Black leggings, tall suede black boots, black socks, burgundy oversized sweater, scarf, and a trench coat

4:14 PM DEC 07 2017

Svpply, brown shoes, green pants

4:14 PM DEC 07 2017

Blue skinny denim jeans by section clothing check the, out at and grey hoodie from one way clothing check them out at

4:15 PM DEC 07 2017

Svpply bomber jacket with svpply tshirt and jeans!

4:41 PM DEC 07 2017

Brown boots, black jeans, red sweater, and black scarf with floral pattern.

4:47 PM DEC 07 2017

Gray sweater, black jeans, DIY cord belt, brown well-loved cowboy boots. Socks. Underwear. Sometimes.

10:46 AM DEC 08 2017

I'm looking like hot Steve Jobs today in my Levi 505 jeans, a black turtle neck and some Adidas superstars

12:33 PM DEC 08 2017

Petrol blue parka with faux fur, blue jeans, red kanken bag, v neck dark blue velvet oversized sweater, golden neck chains

12:33 PM DEC 08 2017

A nylon shirt with green and red patterned black and white stripes. #colours! Black jeans, unmatched artsy socks and black shiny formal-looking shoes. Also a purple backpack that is NOT on my back...

1:08 PM DEC 08 2017

Blundstones, tights, secondhand kilt, mock turtleneck

1:22 PM DEC 08 2017

Red flannel button up from American Eagle, black jeans with a slit in the knee from American Eagle, Patagonia black jacket, Black down vest from north face, ugg boots, socks from pink, pearl earrings

1:25 PM DEC 08 2017

Nike shoes, Steph Curry shirt, Patagonia sweatshirt, Gap jeans, under armor socks and an under armor shirt.

1:57 PM DEC 08 2017

Grey outer nubbly wool coat, navy cozy puffer vest, white shag cashmere sweater, turtleneck sweater, funky fringe shoes, black tight pants, leather gloves, metallic drip Pollock-like tiny shoulder purse, peppered with gold, silver and diamond jewelry

2:01 PM DEC 08 2017

Pink felted soft wool pullover, gathered at wrist and hip with wide elastic, grey knit pencil skirt, grey tights, brown leather and shearling high-heeled clogs, silver bangle, gift of her brother, and spectacular Suzanne Belperron engagement ring as well as fab large gold disc earrings by ACB. Wow!

2:04 PM DEC 08 2017

Black leggings, worn out white chucks, a red mariokart jacket, and an olive green jacket.

2:09 PM DEC 08 2017

tan cashmere sweater surrounds a black lace bra. flared jeans reach black boots.

2:37 PM DEC 08 2017

Charcoal rib-knit turtleneck, thick black leggings, a vintage (1960s) black tabard with one large side button, black fabric boots, green jade ring and necklace.

3:10 PM DEC 08 2017

Black, suede, insulated button-up; light grey Nike sweatshirt; my grandfather's faded green, long sleeved shirt underneath; black Levi jeans; black belt, light grey socks; forest-green waterproof Chuck Taylor's; black Calvin Klein boxer briefs

3:22 PM DEC 08 2017

Cotton plaid overshirt Levi jeans Ray Ban glasses

3:26 PM DEC 08 2017

Stan Smiths, Uniqlo blue jeans, grey JCrew t, a flannel, black waxed cotton jacket, Aime Leon Dore corduroy hat

4:25 PM DEC 08 2017

Black long sleeved shirt, olive colored cropped jeans, silver rings, pewter-colored leather Oxford shoes.

4:28 PM DEC 08 2017

Black boots, dark blue jeans, grey quarter zip sweater, black jacket, diamond earringsBlack boots, skinny grey jeans, red turtleneck, tan corduroy, beautiful face

4:37 PM DEC 08 2017

Black skinny jeans, tan knee high riding boots, Breton long sleeve top, dark red waterfall cardigan, ankle skimming long cream coat with gold Russian style embroidery on cuffs and collar

4:43 PM DEC 08 2017

Harmony gray tee shirt, uniqlo black slim trousers, hershel gray backpack, kaki puma shoes, ben Sherman grey winter jacket

4:53 PM DEC 08 2017

Scarf, jeans, pull over, boots, t shirt

5:21 PM DEC 08 2017

Blue Louis Vuitton dress blue leggings black boots

5:24 PM DEC 08 2017

Navy hooded jacket, long sleeve black UGA shirt, Old Navy Jeans, Grey laceless Chucks

5:26 PM DEC 08 2017

Shit, t-shirt, paints, parka, snickers

5:34 PM DEC 08 2017

Wool car coat (J Crew), navy and red buffalo check shirt (Taylor Stitch), selvedge denim (Levis), Iron ranger work boots (Red Wing), acrylic navy beanie (ASOS)

6:06 PM DEC 08 2017

Black crop top, knee-length a-line grey and black skirt, tan flats, Christmas bracelet, red lipstick.

6:09 PM DEC 08 2017

Black work shoes, black danskin leggings, and an oversized fuchsia sweater w weird scattered black and blue shapes all over it. A highly complemented look, kinda surprised me tbh.

6:15 PM DEC 08 2017

Just some high waisted black jeans with white vertical pinstripes, accompanied by aged Doc Martens and a black sweater.

6:19 PM DEC 08 2017

Red airforce1s, tampered 501s undefeated Tshirt and a dark blue herschel hat

6:21 PM DEC 08 2017

Im wearing dark green Chinese pants and a grey high neck jumper under a semi dark blue coat.

6:21 PM DEC 08 2017

Jeans and a yellow sweater with an blue adidas trainers

6:36 PM DEC 08 2017

Mum: blue jeans and white and blue striped sweater. Baby and dad: jeans and blue sweater. Baby: grey doted trousers and mustard sweater.

6:44 PM DEC 08 2017

Cappotto sciarpa e cappello

7:12 PM DEC 08 2017

This morning I donned a black top with a high neck and long sleeves, a shiny silver silk skirt over black tights and dirty old doc marten shoes with non-matching socks. I threw on a denim shirt and some big round earrings.

7:21 PM DEC 08 2017

Orange hat, black waterproof jacket, orange scarf, white wool sweater, blue jeans, blue faux leather bag, blue waterproof boots

7:52 PM DEC 08 2017

Fur, scarf, commando, and no bra

7:54 PM DEC 08 2017

Nothing lol

7:55 PM DEC 08 2017

Birthday suit

7:59 PM DEC 08 2017

Driggs vest and sweater.....and commando My favorite mustard oversized bum sweater with the only jeans that currently fit me

8:01 PM DEC 08 2017

A long, dark Zara trench coat. A formal white shirt. A sophisticated yet blank expression. Arty enough?

8:02 PM DEC 08 2017

Maggie is wearing a boiled wool purple jacket. So warm on a cold Dec day.

8:24 PM DEC 08 2017

Olive color diamond quilted hunter's jacket, over a navy quilted vest, with a navy shirt, with skinny jeans, with brown rugged mountain boots.

10:24 PM DEC 08 2017

Blue and lime green underwear (Hanes), Grey tshirt with a cat on it, black sweatpants, black and white polka dot socks, Philadelphia Eagles winter hat and coat #FlyEaglesFly

10:57 AM DEC 09 2017

Black romper, floral design. Grey shoulder bag and maroon ankle booties

10:57 AM DEC 09 2017

I am the cutest person here Rock in my black and white short skirt black stockings gray boots Smokin!

10:57 AM DEC 09 2017

Black shirt grey skirt tights grey boots and a red leather jacket

10:59 AM DEC 09 2017

AE Sweatshirt, Blue Jeans and a light-up flashing party hat

11:06 AM DEC 09 2017

I'm wearing absolutely nothing at all

11:06 AM DEC 09 2017

Abi's in her birthday suit.

11:32 AM DEC 09 2017

Gray/brown ankle boots, light blue jeans, light brown sweater. (This feels like a boring outfit :/)

11:32 AM DEC 09 2017

I am wearing an arsenal black cap with a metal emblem, and Arsenal FC scarf, a maroon and black sweater Hoody sweater, a plain black T-shirt with a breast pocket, sweat pants black full length, with jeans blue jeans, which are held up by suspenders that are black, and I'm wearing underwear that are blue and black stripes, and I'm wearing black socks which have a green line on the on the front top and I'm wearing red black and white Nike shoes

12:17 PM DEC 09 2017

Shirt,pants,me mums old sweater,no underwear

12:34 PM DEC 09 2017

Thermal l/s, leggings, sorel boots, plaid wool scarf, vintage ysl bag

12:47 PM DEC 09 2017

Leggings a knit long Sleeved top Black boots and Sweater

12:59 PM DEC 09 2017

Black patterned head turban, black leggings, black t-shirt. cropped hoodie

12:59 PM DEC 09 2017

Purple leggings Latin Club Sweatshirt (gray) Red converse Slytherin scarf White two piece hijab

1:10 PM DEC 09 2017

Medium wash jeans, Chelsea boots, black turtle neck, scrunchie

1:11 PM DEC 09 2017

Heather gray sweater, medium wash jeans, brown knee-high boots

1:13 PM DEC 09 2017

Burnt orange lipstick, Mascara. Lots of layers, it's cold!Brrrr Belstaff black jeans and jcrew oatmeal knit. Woolrich coat..did I mention its cold. Sexy underwear always

1:38 PM DEC 09 2017

Hiking boots with good traction, ribbed knit beige pants, leopard print turtleneck, black cardigan sweater.

2:15 PM DEC 09 2017

Emily is wearing two layers of leggings, sweaters and knock off uggs, accompanied by the cutest plaid mitten/headband set.

2:16 PM DEC 09 2017

Kim is wearing a forest green knit sweater, doubled up on the leggings, and boots with frilled socks.

2:16 PM DEC 09 2017

Maitlin is wearing a striped turtleneck, black leggings, and heeled booties. Her feet hurt.

2:34 PM DEC 09 2017

Skinny jeans, black boots, and green and blue fleece jacket

2:36 PM DEC 09 2017

Black and houndstooth Brooks tennis shoes , Dark wash Lucky Brand jeans tapered ankle, Salmon turtle neck sweater- it's kind of itchy, Black Kate Spade backpack...a smile.

2:59 PM DEC 09 2017

Orange beige and purple striped button up dress, heavy green knit jumper, grey thermal tights, black knee high socks, orange bra, flowery black thong, brown blundstones, clear acrylic glasses

3:08 PM DEC 09 2017

North face jacket Scarf Gloves

3:23 PM DEC 09 2017

Turtle neck sweater Blue jeans

3:26 PM DEC 09 2017

From top to bottom, beanie hat, scarf peacoat and gloves. An almost too small flannel with olive chinos. Canvas shoes with wool socks, still wet from the snow

3:28 PM DEC 09 2017

Hi Emily! I'm wearing: Blue Adidas Blue/white trousers Burgundy t-shirt Orange cardigan Green zipped hoodie Red leather jacket Dark/light blue wool scarf Have a great day! Ciao, Bekah

3:36 PM DEC 09 2017

A blue sweater given to me by my mother and a flower necklace given to me by my lover.

3:37 PM DEC 09 2017

Our family of four: dark green sweater and Christmas light leggings, red star sweater and gingerbread leggings, dark green top and Ho Ho Ho leggings, and dad in blue sweatshirt and jeans.

3:38 PM DEC 09 2017

Black supreme raincoat/poncho, supreme hanes collab black shirt, cropped black jeans, black and red pony socks, black chealsea/desert boots

3:52 PM DEC 09 2017

Tan boots, green pants, a UNLV hoodie, and a frown on my face since I have finals this week

3:53 PM DEC 09 2017

Rohan trousers, Rohan fleece top, SAS shoes, Gerald Genta watch.

4:00 PM DEC 09 2017

5 year old blue gap jeans, uniqlo striped heat tech top, black steven Alan sweater, blind stone boots, Casio watch, Stadler Kahn wool scarf

4:09 PM DEC 09 2017

timberland shoes, silk top, sweatpants, cashmere cardigan, parka

4:10 PM DEC 09 2017

Matching black docs and turtlenecks, blue paint spotted and black jeans, wool coat and hooded puffer coat, white Beyonce graphic tee

4:45 PM DEC 09 2017

Sport clothe, winter hat, jacket, boots

4:46 PM DEC 09 2017

Grey jeans, dark blue pullover with white spot, beige winter coat and black sneakers

4:49 PM DEC 09 2017

A black fur jacket, a red and black Zoo York sweater, a white Calvin Klein T-shirt and black jeans to keep me warm while I wear white Polo shoes to keep me looking super cool ;)

4:54 PM DEC 09 2017

Low Burgundy Doc Martens, gray knit socks, black jeans on top of long underwear, black sleeveless turtleneck under a gray floral sweater. I just discovered my jeans have a hole in them, sigh...

5:11 PM DEC 09 2017

Whatever makes her feel warm because it's very cold outside

5:12 PM DEC 09 2017

A purse with a big and fluffy white pompom ( and a bandana, because she is stylish)

5:13 PM DEC 09 2017

Red sweater, jeans, black uggs, gryfindor scarf

5:13 PM DEC 09 2017

Black pants and shirt, with a black and white coat

5:35 PM DEC 09 2017

Blue short sleeve mock turtleneck from jones New York I think. Some fuzzy cardigan thing that's shedding everywhere. Too tight Zara jeans and a $2 belt from primark, and Leona doc martens of which the shoe laces broke for the SECOND TIME today

5:52 PM DEC 09 2017

Beige Bench coat, Levi's jeans, Hilfiger shoes

5:52 PM DEC 09 2017

Black down parka, black trousers, black over-the-knee boots

6:02 PM DEC 09 2017

Red and black Nike sweatshirt grey sweatpants Nike lunar epic flyknits and Hanes socks

6:12 PM DEC 09 2017

Ciao, sto indossando jeans, t-short Bianca e maglioncino in cachemer blu

6:14 PM DEC 09 2017

Io sto indossando delle scarpe grigie con Dei jeans e una maglietta Bianca con una Scritta rossa levi's e una felpa nera della Superdry

6:29 PM DEC 09 2017

Black & white jacquard trousers, black blouse, merlot zip cardigan with ruffle, black rabbit fur scarf and heeled black boots

6:34 PM DEC 09 2017

Eggplant cashmere sweater , red shift-like dress with gold bird embroidered on it,black leggings , black frye high heel army boots, leather cross over body bag .

6:38 PM DEC 09 2017

Leopard print thongs

6:38 PM DEC 09 2017

White furry sweater boyfriend jeans black fury boots

6:44 PM DEC 09 2017

Fish net body suit , covered by a long thick jacket,going to a club after all

6:46 PM DEC 09 2017

Sexy shirt , sexy bra, sexy thongs, sexy pants

6:58 PM DEC 09 2017

Blue t-shirt, Thrasher hoodie, black jeans and Vans ;)

7:01 PM DEC 09 2017

I wear blue jeans, a blue sparkly jumper and grey Nikes

7:31 PM DEC 09 2017

Rain jacket, puffy jacket, light coat, sweater, jeans, wool socks, boots, beret and a scarf

7:51 PM DEC 09 2017

Duck boots, jeans, hoodie, and a Santa hat.

7:51 PM DEC 09 2017

Duck boots, jeans, red sweater, jean jacket, Santa hat.

8:33 PM DEC 09 2017

I'm wearing a bright orange hoodie with a cat on it that has two different colored eyes. My ex-boyfriend gave it to me. We're very close so I don't mind wearing his stuff. He just got out of rehab lol. I'm also wearing yellow pants with leggings underneath bc it's cold out. Brrrrrr

8:34 PM DEC 09 2017

Hello I am wearing a black and white striped sweater. I got this from my sister closet LOL. I am also wearing black leggings with a scarf and gloves and also a hat. It is so cold outside so I needed it wear it because it's snowing and my mother will not let me go outside without one. Then for my shoes I am wearing black and a strip of brown boots. So yeah!

9:11 AM DEC 10 2017

Blue Jeans white shirt

9:31 AM DEC 10 2017

Black pants, white sweater and black boots with laces

9:33 AM DEC 10 2017

A wool sweater and matchstick jeans

11:14 AM DEC 10 2017

Heavy coat, long sleeve shirt, light brown pants, blue and yellow socks, blue shoes, New York Giants hat, and underpants.

11:32 AM DEC 10 2017

Nike cap, jacket, sweatshirt with hoodie, long sleeve shirt, pants, underpants, socks, and shoes.

12:19 PM DEC 10 2017

What I'm wearing: dark grey saucony running shoes, NYDJ dark washjeans, charcoal cashmere turtleneck sweater, leather motorcyclejacket.

12:55 PM DEC 10 2017

Grey boots, faded skinny jeans, tan baggy (in a nice way) sweater, pashmina, and a messenger bag

12:59 PM DEC 10 2017

Green sweater, blue jeans, white scarf, brown combat boots, brown purse, and a Fitbit

1:00 PM DEC 10 2017

Black jacket that survived the first snowfall, blue jeans, Roland Garros shirt and Adidas sneakers.

1:05 PM DEC 10 2017

Nike air max 95 prime nit shoes Navy socks Thrifted wideleg black trousers Navy shirt long sleave designed by friend Black Graphic skate shirt Thrifted cap

1:06 PM DEC 10 2017

Shirt,pants,shoes,jacket ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: wavyjawnpapi

1:08 PM DEC 10 2017

I'm wearing a twenty one pilots shirt, stranger things sweatshirt, jeans, converse and....... EVERYTHING STRANGER THINGS add me on snap and text Mona and i will add back @ joleenac11

1:17 PM DEC 10 2017

Black work shoooooes whateva. Static sweats & dark gray floral/bird printed blouson sleeve knit top

2:22 PM DEC 10 2017

A sparkly gray top that's my mother's, Levi 505 jeans, Hunter rain boots with insulated socks because of all the slush and cold post snowstorm

2:24 PM DEC 10 2017

Dc martens, high waisted grey jeans, plain red sweater and lace black underwear

2:43 PM DEC 10 2017

A forest green Uniqlo turtleneck, a petite classic dark blue jeans (finally found the right size!) and a snow boots that I wore mistakenly thinking it would be freezing cold today.

2:47 PM DEC 10 2017

A pink shirt, blue and white pants and sneakers

2:49 PM DEC 10 2017

I am wearing blue jeans, a green t-shirt and a blue jacket. Or as my wife lovingly put it, "a boring outfit like myself" ;)

2:49 PM DEC 10 2017

Grey beanie + sweatshirt, millennial pink pants & capitalism

2:51 PM DEC 10 2017

Black turtle neck, black h&m zip up hoodie, black forever 21 bra, black woven belt, mid wash Levi's with a button fly, doc martens, my calvins, leather mini backpack

2:52 PM DEC 10 2017

I am wearing olive canvas boots with LL Bean socks, black Calvin Klein underwear, dark grey LL Bean long underwear, tan J Crew corduroy pants, a yellow tee shirt, and a black Carhartt hooded sweatshirt.

2:53 PM DEC 10 2017

Gucci bumbag Supreme hoodie Gucci scarf Supreme pants Nike tn frost

2:54 PM DEC 10 2017

A bright pink prom dress with a diamond necklace

3:21 PM DEC 10 2017

Lip gloss. No belt. Roller skates.

3:29 PM DEC 10 2017

Merrill boots, old navy jeans, red black white flannel

4:33 PM DEC 10 2017

Molly is wearing classic black leggings, white tee and a cool red plaid flannel shirt...

4:35 PM DEC 10 2017

Sammy is wearing beige chinos, gray polo shirt, tzitzit and kippah

4:38 PM DEC 10 2017

Intuitively worn and perfectly coordinated art on my soulmate's body, expresses her sense of fashion and everlasting love. MMC

4:41 PM DEC 10 2017

Black docs, pink Levi jeans, grey polkadot button up, maroon winter coat, 11 days of beard

4:47 PM DEC 10 2017

supreme x CDG timberland tan 6" work boots, thrifted levi's, daylight curfew x Rick & Morty pocket sweater, sweet 4 pocket military jacket someone left behind at my house after a party

5:21 PM DEC 10 2017

A short black dress, faux leather leggings, a black handmade shawl purchased at a thrift store, warm winter socks, knee high black boots with no heel.

5:21 PM DEC 10 2017

Purple plaid flannel over grey smiling cat shirt, blue jeans, Pikachu socks, tennis shoes, smart watch, earrings, rings, tortoiseshell glasses

10:58 AM DEC 11 2017

My favorite American Eagle jeggings, slate gray tunic sweater, chunky black ankle boots.

10:58 AM DEC 11 2017

A most colorful ensemble with black chunky boots, a black long sleeve sweater, black scarf, and blue bell bottomed jeans because who doesn't like a good throwback?

11:38 AM DEC 11 2017

Today I am wearing a white crop top with a black leather jacket, black jeggings and my favorite Harry Potter scarf!

11:50 AM DEC 11 2017

Hooded sweatshirt, gray jeans, under armour neon shoes

11:51 AM DEC 11 2017

Black wool overcoat, grey zip-up sweater, dark blue jeans

11:52 AM DEC 11 2017

Faux fur scarf, fleece leggings, black uniqlo puffer jacket, long sleeve white tee, Kendra Scott bracelet (rose quartz on rose gold), Dutch braid

12:00 PM DEC 11 2017

High-rise mom jeans, cropped vintage sweater, socks, white adidas, lightning bolt earring

12:01 PM DEC 11 2017

stripped mens dress pants(cropped on the bottom), black vans, vintage blue, pink, turquoise sweatshirt, vintage skiing jacket (dark blue), forest green beanie,and ray ban glasses

12:21 PM DEC 11 2017

Vestido corto de seda con estampado de mariposas en rosa claro y negro, medias negras y botines negros

1:56 PM DEC 11 2017

I'm wearing a great hart. Llevo puesto un buen corazon

2:21 PM DEC 11 2017

Black and white high waisted striped pants, oversized lilac turtleneck sweater, leather jacket, beige adidas gazelles and a black beret.

2:24 PM DEC 11 2017

Black suede knee-high boots, blue jeans, and an oversized millennial pink sweater

2:43 PM DEC 11 2017

Gray suede boots, gray velvet skinny jeans, gray cashmere tank top, tomato red cardigan, gray pearl multi strand necklace, diamond studs, watch, bangle bracelets, rings.

3:27 PM DEC 11 2017

We are wearing blue flannels with gray and black jeans. We have very cozy blue and brown shoes.

3:32 PM DEC 11 2017

Barbara Kruger white tee, forest green velvet side zip leggings, Bionica brown leather side lace , leather laser cut ring with silver

3:57 PM DEC 11 2017

Gray flannel (with pockets! Very important detail), blue jeans handed down to me from a friend who moved away, and black Chelsea boots.

4:11 PM DEC 11 2017

I am wearing a light blue knitted sweater, paired with my blue Levi'sand Keen boots :)

4:16 PM DEC 11 2017

A sliver puffer coat . Distressed denim jeans and Nike air max 97 sneakers.

4:45 PM DEC 11 2017

A bright orange down coat

4:47 PM DEC 11 2017

Black Uniqlo zipped sweatshirt , black pants, multicolored tie dye long sleeve shirt

5:05 PM DEC 11 2017

Grey Levi 511 jeans, rag and bone work boots, Ralph Lauren black/white marl yarn Aran-inspired shawl collar sweater, navy blue vest

5:13 PM DEC 11 2017

Brown shearling LL Bean duck boots, faded dark blue unwashed skinny jeans, cashmere racerback sweater tank, fine guage wide rib camel-colored silk cardigan, black & white buffalo check viscose button up shirt, sheeny grey nylon marsh coat w. Fur-trimmed hood.

11:01 AM DEC 12 2017

Blue n white floral high tops. Black danskin leggings. Black and grey diamond print knit tunic. Very lazy outfit

11:28 AM DEC 12 2017

A$AP Rocky x Guess Tee, Light stained Jeans, Karrhu Shoes

11:28 AM DEC 12 2017

Black ankle boots, dark blue jeans, green long sleeves crop top, red jean jacket with "I <3 Michael Jackson" pin

11:29 AM DEC 12 2017

Blue top man sweater, Uniqlo heat tech shirt, gap tapered pinstripe chinos, black socks, black converse, black UO beanie

11:32 AM DEC 12 2017

H&M jumper, purple and grey Topman t-shirt & New Look jeans

11:34 AM DEC 12 2017

Levi jeans, Timberland shoes, blue Macson sweater, H&M shirt & a Seiko watch

11:57 AM DEC 12 2017

Alter ego but same style #allblack covered by doc marten boots

1:14 PM DEC 12 2017

Long sleeve black top with a cream lace back. Long gold necklace. Burgundy pants. Black boots.

1:14 PM DEC 12 2017

Red sheer shirt with a bow on the neck. Dark wash skinny jeans with a brown leather belt. Black leather over the knee boots with dark brown soles. Silver rings, earrings, bracelets. A smile.

1:17 PM DEC 12 2017

uniqlo trousers, vest, heat tech long sleeve shirt, asics autumn running shoes, sports socks, casio 1330 watch

1:18 PM DEC 12 2017

H&M black turtleneck, Pimkie flowered mom jeans, Smartwool striped socks, burgundy bralette and forest green lace undies. And converse!

2:24 PM DEC 12 2017

Black winter boots, dark jeans (with leggings underneath because I am always cold), a brown long sleeved T-shirt, and a heavy grey knitted sweater like we wear in winter in Canada. I wasn't prepared for how warm it would be here :)

2:25 PM DEC 12 2017

Umber, rust and beige cardigan with horses prancing across it, accented with metal buttons over a textured black top, black slacks, short red boots with hints of black and brown, vegan handbag and Etsy jewelry.

2:48 PM DEC 12 2017

Faux velour yellow track suit from fallas, "Support your local artist" tee (made by myself), yellow world of colors sneakers by troop

3:25 PM DEC 12 2017

Black jeans, white sweater, vans sneakers, black pea coat

4:13 PM DEC 12 2017

Jeans, yellow sweater, black jacket, black converse

4:14 PM DEC 12 2017

Black dress and black shoes

4:42 PM DEC 12 2017

Black pants hiking boots and a black and red top

6:53 PM DEC 12 2017

Black walker wear scully hat, black walker wear joggers, black cutoff ww hoody, black socks and black adidas boosts---ouwww #walkerwear

6:57 PM DEC 12 2017

Charcoal all saints sweater Light blue acne jeans Grey Louboutin Chelsea boots

7:26 PM DEC 12 2017

Green fur hooded jacket, dark jeans, black combat boots, maroon beanie, and Christmas socks

7:32 PM DEC 12 2017

A loose comfortable black top from a Met Museum Egyptian show a couple years ago, a loose comfortable green thrift shop skirt, socks and comfortable black shoes. A miraculous medal kissed and blessed by Mother Teresa years ago, because I, my family, and all the world need her love. A rubber wrist band that says TRY MORE LOVE.

9:52 PM DEC 12 2017

Newsboy cap, long red wool coat, long grey wool circle skirt, floral chiffon high neck top, and white vans.

9:53 PM DEC 12 2017

Dita von tease "insider two" sunglasses in black. Tailored black Zara coat, beetlejuice graphic tee, vans high tops in black. Alpaca scarf in charcoal.

11:33 AM DEC 13 2017

I am wearing dark skinny jeans, a forest green chenille sweater, cozy maroon socks, and black ankle boots with a three inch heel. I have a delicate silver pineapple necklace and I'm carrying a millennial pink bag. There is a gray hair and on my wrist.

11:34 AM DEC 13 2017

I have on black and grey sweatpants, a red embroidered t shirt that says kyoto on it, a red and black flannel that was my grandfathers in the 1950s, red socks, flyknit sneakers, and my scarf I forgot to put in the bin in the beginning.

12:05 PM DEC 13 2017

Blue denim shirt, skinny black jeans, old Timberlands and sunglasses on my head despite being indoors

12:07 PM DEC 13 2017

Black turtle neck top, (feminist) black waffle knit jumper, black Levi's and black Clarke boots. Gold bangle.

12:17 PM DEC 13 2017

A dark gray woolen jumper, a Replacements tshirt, blue jeans and navy Adidas Gazelles.

12:28 PM DEC 13 2017

Hunter orange puffer coat, lambs wool light grey sweater, raw hem, distressed, light wash, boyfriend jeans, fish net tights, black pascal Dr. Martens

12:28 PM DEC 13 2017

High waisted jeans & black t-shirt featuring various cacti.

12:31 PM DEC 13 2017

Vintage camouflage military coat, olive green Nike tech fleece jacket, Harley Davidson oversized long sleeve T, leggings (under the pants because ITS COLD), cotton, stretch, front pleat slacks, cherry checker Old Skool Vans ;-)

12:57 PM DEC 13 2017

Nike shoes Massimo Dutti black pants Grey and blue wool sweater with 7 stars Extra layers cause it's freezing

1:02 PM DEC 13 2017

Levi505s, Adidas superstars, a brown depression sweater and gold hoops that say BABE

1:03 PM DEC 13 2017

Three layers of h&m sweaters, a north face, a black scarf, timberland boots, & lululemon leggings

1:06 PM DEC 13 2017

A wool jumper Straight jeans Adidas sneakers (superstars) A white big coat Earrings (small)

1:59 PM DEC 13 2017

Black Levi crew neck. Black Allsaints jeans. Olive Norse projects beanie. Vans/Northface sk8 hi

3:23 PM DEC 13 2017

White knit sweater, oversized denim jacket, black cuffed pants, leather heeled boots, speckled beanie.

3:26 PM DEC 13 2017

Thrifted knit sweater, velvet pants and warm boots. All purchased in the great white north.

3:33 PM DEC 13 2017

Black jeans, wool socks, blue sneakers, hat, scarf, blue jacket, beads from a crystal store on my wrist, red underwear, brown belt

3:34 PM DEC 13 2017

Keen boots, blue and grey dappled socks, black tights from grandma, black jeans, black and white striped shirt and grey crew neck sweater from ma, black purse from mom to grandma to me

4:15 PM DEC 13 2017

Black jeans, blue and white striped off the shoulder shirt with a black cardigan and black and white check snood, finished with navy blue toms with rose gold stars

4:18 PM DEC 13 2017

Quicksilver knit hoody over a purple flannel shirt and more more more threadless Tee. Fancy Italian belt that keeps falling apart temporarily holding up blue skinny stretch pants with old skins underneath for warmth. Two pairs of thick explorer socks under a pair of blue vans and a black glasses so I can see:)

4:29 PM DEC 13 2017

Black dress shoes, grey suit, blue dress shirt, grey winter scarf found at work.

4:45 PM DEC 13 2017

Black jeggings, black undershirt, black tank top, black socks, black boots, red lipstick

5:04 PM DEC 13 2017

Thrifted clergerie boots, red tights, black sweater dress, green undershirt, black knitted scarf with colored pompoms, 4 silver bracelets, bra, underpants, swatch, wedding ring, not-an-engagement ring, reading glasses, another ring.

6:05 PM DEC 13 2017

Blue leather shoes, black jeans with white screen print, double layered black on black polyester shirt/s

6:14 PM DEC 13 2017

Black v neck t shirt, blue jeans, brown cowboy boots

6:28 PM DEC 13 2017

And fox fur hat from Bergdorf

6:39 PM DEC 13 2017

Free people wide sleeves and 1950s vintage mink on my lady

8:13 PM DEC 13 2017

Steve Madden slip ons, black ripped jeans, black turtleneck, pink fur vest

8:52 PM DEC 13 2017

Black head to toe. Knitted turtle neck, ankle-pants and Chelsea boots with a metallic pink cross body small bag

10:30 AM DEC 14 2017

I finally found my belt!! So I could wear my stretchy navy pants more comfortably, phew. Olive green James perse tee and my snow boots cap it off.

10:31 AM DEC 14 2017

Black dress with grey circles given to me by my friend Angela who is a costume designer. I put over it a grey green shirt with stripes at the bottom of the sleeves and zippers halfway up the sides.

11:02 AM DEC 14 2017

New Balance walking shoes, black -Champion athletic socks, black -Bonobos jeans, dark wash -Leather belt, dark -T-shirt, heather gray -Button-down shirt - blue-white-grey check -Pullover, electric blue -Fleece jacket, navy blue -Scarf, stripes -Knit cap, grey

11:32 AM DEC 14 2017

Purple sweater, black jeans and uggs for ugg season!!

11:33 AM DEC 14 2017

Urban outfitters shirt with Levi jeans and a cardigan with checkered vans

11:40 AM DEC 14 2017

Black jeans, biker boots, black long sleeved T, red and black marimekko scarf and bobble beanie

12:10 PM DEC 14 2017

Black leggings, green tee, Nike sneakers

12:11 PM DEC 14 2017

Wool coat, blue Denim Jeans, Black Leggings

12:26 PM DEC 14 2017

Doc boots, red jumper, grey pants

12:27 PM DEC 14 2017

Traveler chic baby!!!

2:01 PM DEC 14 2017

Black waist length pea coat, black scarf, green knitted sweater over a black button up shirt with collar, blue slim jeans with black boots, thick hello kitty green and red socks.

2:02 PM DEC 14 2017

Black canvas Converse Chuck Taylors, Levi jeans, Iron Man Under Armor undershirt, black pullover, and black hooded peacoat.

3:19 PM DEC 14 2017

A black velvet cocktail dress, black tights, black knee high socks, black boots, a purple scarf.

3:25 PM DEC 14 2017

Navy blue suit with a sky blue shirt and hiking shoes.

3:25 PM DEC 14 2017

Anna Luisa is spiffy today in a sparkly and fashionable, deep green sweater. It is complemented with a simple silver necklace and practical black slacks and shoes. She is theater ready.

3:29 PM DEC 14 2017

Red champion hoodie Black puffer coat Grey Sandro Jeans Red and black RAF Simons sneakers

3:29 PM DEC 14 2017

Today I wear my mother's wool coat over an Icelandic alpaca sweater gifted to me by my brother. My velvet pants and platform boots were a gift to myself during finals. Plus a yellow beret because I love yellow.

3:34 PM DEC 14 2017

American Apparel scarf, express sweater, Bebe jeans, ugg boots

4:18 PM DEC 14 2017

Grey CDG jeans, black undercover sweater, issey miyake cardigan

4:42 PM DEC 14 2017

Prada glasses. Black North Face hoodie. Olive Under Armor T-Shirt, black belt: handcuffs, badge, duty weapon. Dark blue Levi's jeans. Olive Under Armor sneakers.

4:48 PM DEC 14 2017

Black high-waisted trousers, camel knitted sweater, Timbaland boots

7:08 PM DEC 14 2017

Black Levi Jeans Black Levi Jacket Grey Stafford Dress Shirt Classic Vans Shoes

9:07 PM DEC 14 2017

Black turtleneck sweater (itchy). Black dress pants that are a little too short for my height. Tattered black/white Converse sneakers. Glasses (broken).

11:19 AM DEC 15 2017

Multiple layers are always good for a cold day. Today I wore an oversized shirt from a band I never listened too concealed by a mustard yellow sweater. My Harvey Davidson jacket kept me warm, and the stitched flame detail was only seen when the sleeves of my long leopard coat were rolled. A scarf knitted by my best friend added yet another element. My green, wide brim hat matched my purse, and my black and white striped pants were certainly a statement. Topping it all off with silver chrome shoes, I was good to go.

11:21 AM DEC 15 2017

All black converse, orange-red pants, jean longsleeves button down, black beanie

12:00 PM DEC 15 2017

Baby pink long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, knee high boots.

12:01 PM DEC 15 2017

Button-down, binder, red boots, skinny jeans

12:56 PM DEC 15 2017

White long sleeve top with multicolored scarf layered on top paired with dark denim jeans and bean boots.

12:57 PM DEC 15 2017

Knit turtleneck sweater with light wash blue jeans and cool socks

1:07 PM DEC 15 2017

All white Adidas Stan smiths, grey grid print culottes, black sweater, Uniqlo heat tech !

1:10 PM DEC 15 2017

Black hoodie, grey shirt, navy blue sweatpants, old shoes, inside out sports socks cause it's more comfortable that way

1:12 PM DEC 15 2017

black and white striped oversized sweater, black ripped jeans, and black doc martens.

1:13 PM DEC 15 2017

Supreme t-shirt, Uniqlo purple floral pants, maroon special edition velvet Timberlands and a Uniqlo jacket.

1:55 PM DEC 15 2017

White knit sweater, black chinos, black Nike air max 1s

1:56 PM DEC 15 2017

Black cacti sweater, blue medium wash jeans, black doc martins, black rectangular glasses

2:13 PM DEC 15 2017

My uniform: a denim jumper I made myself, a striped long sleeve jersey, a felted wool necklace by Scottish artist Lynsey Walters, a cashmere cardigan that needs replacing, ugly but warm winter boots.

2:58 PM DEC 15 2017

Jessica is wearing knee high beige boots, Christmas socks, black leggings under dark wash jeans, a black cami under a maroon sweater, with a grey and white infinity scarf, as well as two coats because the weather outside is frightful!

3:53 PM DEC 15 2017

Jeans, a purple sweater, snow boots, a black coat, a scarf, (it's winter) and the same glasses I wear every day.

3:53 PM DEC 15 2017

Brown Boots from Target, purple SmartWool socks, black leggings, oversized striped sweater, purple scarf.

4:34 PM DEC 15 2017

Blue jacket, jeans, and gray orange shoes I am wearing clothes from 200B.C. So cool

4:37 PM DEC 15 2017

Snow boots, black danskin leggings, cotton tank top w very wide seafoam green and white stripes, thin black knit cardigan

5:02 PM DEC 15 2017

Blue jacket, jeans, pink jacket ,red jacket DNA

5:02 PM DEC 15 2017

Funny Christmas sweater

5:09 PM DEC 15 2017

Thrift shop jeans and sweater. I borrowed a coat from my friend because it's snowing and I'm visiting from Tennessee, so I don't have warm clothes.

5:13 PM DEC 15 2017

I'm wearing a black wool mock neck sweater with black denim. I am wearing my warm hiking sock with my black leather boots. I have on a black suede western belt and I am also wearing my coat.

5:17 PM DEC 15 2017

Black icebreaker wool hoodie, black wool body warmer, grey thermal top, thermal leggings, jester beige trousers, thick wool socks and brown elastic-sided boots. Warm as bro!

5:17 PM DEC 15 2017

As it's freezing out, thermal vest, string top, fluffy pink jumper, leggings with black jeans over, 2 pairs of socks and boots

5:22 PM DEC 15 2017

Leather jacket with fur collar(Me). My companion is wearing all grey sweats.

5:24 PM DEC 15 2017

Camel Timberland boots, black skinny jeans, black top

5:27 PM DEC 15 2017

Adidas classic, blue jeans, stripes t-shirt, black jumper, French hat

5:39 PM DEC 15 2017

American made black suede shoes. Black Levi's. Oversized OBEY sweater. Grey cashmere scarf. Longines watch.

5:44 PM DEC 15 2017

My sister's maroon scarf, my Europe cozy beanie, my black coat, green jacket, grey stripped sweater, my comfy jeans and leggings under since I'm used to Texas weather, oh and snow boots since it's a winter wonderland outside!

5:46 PM DEC 15 2017

Black wrangler jeans, dark plaid shirt, fluffy new gap jacket and I with more because it's cold

5:49 PM DEC 15 2017

A Tommy Hilfiger bomber jacket with a tiger-print woodland camouflage sweater underneath, Levi jeans, and and olive colored suede Air Force 1's.

5:50 PM DEC 15 2017

Red jacket, light flannel, light wash jeans.

5:55 PM DEC 15 2017

Waterlogged boots (we were caught in the snow), jeans, two sweaters (one turtleneck), an Air Force jacket (thrifted), a scarf, and a hat (early birthday present)

6:25 PM DEC 15 2017

Black flannel, pants, and coat

6:34 PM DEC 15 2017

Black jeans, black rubber rain boots, a white t shirt with red rose embroidery, and a black knit hat with a pompom.

6:40 PM DEC 15 2017

Grey sweater, black skinny jeans, sorel boots!

7:14 PM DEC 15 2017

I wrote a very in depth description of my outfit but it somehow got erased before I submitted it. I am wearing a old, black, inside-out t-shirt, black chinos, black belt (but I'm not a black belt), black Muji socks, black Dr Marten derby shoes, black briefs and a navy Patagonia jacket. -Luis Corzo

7:23 PM DEC 15 2017

Black leather boots, black jeans, cropped, striped black and white shirt with flared sleeves, red puffa jacket, yellow headband

7:31 PM DEC 15 2017

Teal overalls with a dog t-shirt. Yellow boots and a sombrero.

7:55 PM DEC 15 2017

I have a cool butterfly scarf on.

8:18 PM DEC 15 2017

Jeans, laced brown boots, chunky knit sweater, grey wool cap, black coat, flowered blue scarf, tweed purse

12:01 PM DEC 16 2017

Boots, jeans, silk shirt, cashmere sweater.

12:31 PM DEC 16 2017

Pure wool hand knitted pullover in dark blue with a bubble pattern front and back. KingGee denim work pants and walking shoes. In the cloak room is my "Wooden Boat" waistcoat and walking raincoat, Greek hat, gloves and scarf.

12:39 PM DEC 16 2017

Pink cords, dark gray sweatshirt, black leather shoes, purple Fit Bit. Dark jeans, blue plaid shirt, blue wool sweater, Chelsey black boots.

12:46 PM DEC 16 2017

Knit sweater, black t shirt, black jeans from Aliexpress, black socks, black shoes, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Audemars Piguet Schumacher watch by JF Factory

12:47 PM DEC 16 2017

Blue onesie with dogs, dinosaur jacket, and a grey sweatshirt.

12:48 PM DEC 16 2017

Trump MAGA shirt and hat! TRUMP 2020!!!

1:13 PM DEC 16 2017

Tommy Hilfiger black jacket, mustard yellow chenille sweater, mom jeans, and Adidas Superstars

1:32 PM DEC 16 2017

Black jeans, camel turtleneck, denim coat, gold hoops

1:40 PM DEC 16 2017

Nothing but my supermen undies

1:41 PM DEC 16 2017

Soggy cardboard and socks on my ears

2:18 PM DEC 16 2017

Boots - bundled with socks for the cold, extra pair at the ready. Dark jeans, snug but comfy. Warm sweater and a bright pink coat, extra zippers.

2:19 PM DEC 16 2017

Young professional on a Saturday. With boots for the weather and jeans for the comfort.

3:07 PM DEC 16 2017

I am wearing a navy Hunter boots with grey cable knit socks, skinny jeans, and a grey Patagonia snap fleece.

3:11 PM DEC 16 2017

nothin' but timb's and a four finger ring.

3:18 PM DEC 16 2017

All black converse, acidwash blue jeans, black and white striped sweater, black beanie

3:20 PM DEC 16 2017

I am wearing a green and white striped t-shirt with a jacket that I borrowed from my friend Zoe and a pare of sneakers and some sweatpants.-Katherine

3:21 PM DEC 16 2017

Black boots,blue sweater black jeans black cozy jacket and glow in the dark necklace paw

3:22 PM DEC 16 2017

A black jacket a blue shirt grey/black pants boots paw necklace and brown eyes.

3:24 PM DEC 16 2017

Blue jacket blue sweater ugg boots snowman hats pink jeans paw necklace brown eyes.

3:29 PM DEC 16 2017

Brown corduroy jacket, navy and green plaid shirt, boyfriend jeans, red kodiak boots

3:31 PM DEC 16 2017

Thin grey ribbed long-sleep shirt Fluffy grey sweater with zippers Black coat with leather linings Thin thermal leggings biker jeans with zippers Leather booties with heels

3:45 PM DEC 16 2017

Curiosity and some plaid pants

4:37 PM DEC 16 2017

Chandelier earrings, gray crewneck sweater tunic, gold silver and stars necklace, blue skinny jeans, ancient high Ugg boots. Bracelets on my left wrist.

4:40 PM DEC 16 2017

Black polo winter knit hat, black Express t-shirt, black ribbed Calvin Klein scarf, dark blue Express jeans, and black top/white sole Express shoes.

4:43 PM DEC 16 2017

Pretty dress, bag, hoodie, tights, ring, heel boots, green socks

4:44 PM DEC 16 2017

Leather tied sneakers, martini glass socks, black boxer briefs, light blue jeans, chambre button down, navy sweater, herringbone coat with hook clips.

5:15 PM DEC 16 2017

Grey J Brand jeans, hounds tooth blazer, black fur coat given to me by my Argentine mother-in-law, leather over the knee boots hand made in the north of Uruguay

5:28 PM DEC 16 2017

Floral rain boots, leggings, long sleeve tiger shirt, sweatshirt, black very very comfy turtleneck vest!

5:29 PM DEC 16 2017

Snow boots that I bought today!!! A long sleeve crop top black sweater kind of thing, blue jeans, and a sports jacket.

5:44 PM DEC 16 2017

Graphic tee, jeans, oversized blazer, beret & black boots

5:44 PM DEC 16 2017

A yellow spongebob shirt covered by a blue sweater, a yellow hat shaped like a duck, black sweatpants with a blue stripe down the middle, white socks and black and silver saucony sneakers plus a black, yellow and white winter coat

5:51 PM DEC 16 2017

Brown tweed blazer, red hoodie, cropped flared light wash denim, black mid rise booties and all my gold jewels!!!

5:52 PM DEC 16 2017

Black leather combat boots, raw hem kick flare jeans, vintage silk and lace ivory tank, vintage zip up wool sweater, Brixton fiddler cap, large gold hoops

6:03 PM DEC 16 2017

Black puffy coat, red and gray reversible yummy scarf, cream turtleneck sweater, gray and black patterned leggings, gray socks , black Tote boots (super comfy and warm), red ear muffins, black mittens, silver jewelry and appropriate undergarments.

6:09 PM DEC 16 2017

Black and white converse, light washed blue jeans, black and white striped shirt

6:10 PM DEC 16 2017

Black old skool vans, a green sweater with stripes in the middle, khaki pants, and a dad hat with a gap logo that says "rap" instead of "gap"

6:53 PM DEC 16 2017

Blue sweater, blue jeans, scarf, parka and black boots

6:56 PM DEC 16 2017

Green American eagle jacket, blue asics Akron marathon quarter zip, dark blue jeans, black converse all-stars

6:57 PM DEC 16 2017

Black Lauren Conrad boots with dark Levi jeans paired with a cream colored loft sweater. Coat of choice is a Calvin Klein black parka.

7:02 PM DEC 16 2017

An alien-like lululemon hoodie, jeans, bean boots, and a trench coat.

7:43 PM DEC 16 2017

Jeans and boots and a blue sweater.

7:46 PM DEC 16 2017

Festive jean jacket, on top of the most comfortable red flannel shirt, on top of an even more comfortable black hoodie, on top of a plain ass white shirt and some dope ripped jeans yo.

7:47 PM DEC 16 2017

His favorite long sleeve tee with a blue hoodie and a beige jacket. Some old khaki work pants and nice black sneaks.

11:28 AM DEC 17 2017

Wearing my Star Wars tee bc I'm seeing Star Wars later and I'm a nerd like that! Also black danskin leggings, long chambray button down, and orange Reebok high tops.

11:49 AM DEC 17 2017

Jeans, black Vans, baseball style tee, 18-year-old black puffy coat

11:49 AM DEC 17 2017

Star Wars shirt, GitHub hoodie, jeans, Boba Fett baseball hat

11:58 AM DEC 17 2017

A black and embroidered floral sweatshirt from American Eagle, is complimented by pale pink skinny jeans and a tied black chocker.

11:58 AM DEC 17 2017

A knit, pink and grey sweater from Dot. Light grey, waterproof uggs and black skinny, Gap, jeans.

12:00 PM DEC 17 2017

Navy loose coat, chino PANTS

12:08 PM DEC 17 2017

I'm wearing a black jacket, white long sleeve teeshirt, and jeans

12:09 PM DEC 17 2017

A gray shirt with a big gold hart, boots with flowers on them.

12:23 PM DEC 17 2017

A white cropped long sleeve turtle neck, high waisted blue jeans, white converse & hoops :)

1:12 PM DEC 17 2017

Black Levi's jeans, black tee shirt from Zihuatanejo, Mexico, a red and black checkered plaid shirt, a North Face pull over hoodie with the words" Never Stop Exploring" in muted grey down the left sleeve, black hiking sneakers, black framed Robert Marc glasses, and a look of contentment having just seen the Stephen Shore exhibit

2:38 PM DEC 17 2017

Black ankle boots, denim jeans, a grey oversized sweater with a yellow Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap and a blue pea coat.

3:26 PM DEC 17 2017

Today I am wearing black doc martens, black skinny jeans, maroon off the shoulder top, and a black puffy coat. With my little white backpack.

3:53 PM DEC 17 2017

Belle Jean O'Flynn wore a pink sweater with overalls and black rain boots

4:07 PM DEC 17 2017

Black boots, blue jeans I got in Brazil, a black heat tech UniQlo turtleneck and the scarf wrap that almost everyone in this museum also purchased (I've already seen it 3 times today)

4:32 PM DEC 17 2017

I'm wearing navy jeans , red woven top , Russian hat and UGGS. Sarah

4:33 PM DEC 17 2017

Collette is wearing a thin green sweater, vintage Levi's, and her mom's Jeffery Campbell moto boots. She's been begging to wear them for years

4:34 PM DEC 17 2017

My mom's wearing a maternal looking priest blessing dress and boogie boots I wish I had.

4:34 PM DEC 17 2017

Heather is wearing a white esby tunic with black skinny jeans and heeled boots. Her feet ache

10:37 AM DEC 18 2017

Black slacks, forest green top, silver jewelry, black shawl.

10:55 AM DEC 18 2017

My black UGG boots, some Lululemon printed leggings, a white thermal and a sweater that I stole from my dad.

11:08 AM DEC 18 2017

Oversized black tshirt that say "thanks for being cools." in white embroidery over a long sleeved black shirt; high waisted dark blue skinny jeans; Beat up black combat boots.

11:10 AM DEC 18 2017

Light grey mock turtleneck dress. Black leggings. Tall red socks with white reindeer design. Short brown combat boots with yellow buckle. Camel duffle coat. Red velvet scrunchie. Camel duffle coat. Orange scarf.

11:21 AM DEC 18 2017

The most snuggley, bulky knit alpaca sweater with light pink twill trousers, black and gray striped cashmere socks and cranberry adidas sneakers with my last name typed on the inside (in case I ever lose them.)

11:25 AM DEC 18 2017

Black leggings and skirt, maroon and black striped shirt (long sleeves, cutout shoulders), one rain boot, one air cast (for a broken foot), two rings on my right thumb and left middle finger

11:34 AM DEC 18 2017

Eddie Bauer boyfriend jeans, L.L. Bean grey turtleneck, olive green Lands End puffy primasoft coat, Eddie Bauer Covey boots, and Victoria secret underwear:)

11:36 AM DEC 18 2017

Black leggings // green thermal // Patagonia black puffy jacket // cabin socks // grey Nikes // green beanie // VS underwear ;)

11:46 AM DEC 18 2017

Black jeans from H&M Black turtleneck Black booties Millennial pink faux fur short jacket

11:51 AM DEC 18 2017

Jeans, tank top, sheer flower top, boots - @lindsaytal15

11:51 AM DEC 18 2017

Jeans, thin pea green sweater, long tan socks, brown combat boots, a ring, and earrings @_oliviahaas

11:52 AM DEC 18 2017

A light pink off the shoulder shirt, dark blue jeans, and lastly white high top converse

11:53 AM DEC 18 2017

magenta cropped long sleeved top black ripped jeans with rose gold flowers embroidered on the knees black booties

12:17 PM DEC 18 2017

I'm wearing a green herringbone patch pocket chore coat, chambray button down and white T all by knickerbocker mfg co! 20 oz. iron heart jeans and grey suede classic vans.

1:17 PM DEC 18 2017

Timberland boots, American Eagle high rise dark wash jeans, turtle neck sweater

1:19 PM DEC 18 2017

BONGO wedge booties, American Eagle dark wash jeans, and a cowl-neck sweater.

1:23 PM DEC 18 2017

Godzilla t shirt, red joggers, vans, green plaid shirt, red hat

1:24 PM DEC 18 2017

Jeans long shirt, black skinny jeans, timberlands, polish vibe

1:33 PM DEC 18 2017

Onesie. Grey knit. Black leather jacket. Good hair day.

1:33 PM DEC 18 2017

Woolen pants in navy blue yarn, a mushroom printed vest with a very puffy layer of warmth and a single pearl dangling from the corner, and a black turtleneck for my upper half

1:45 PM DEC 18 2017

Grey crisscross top, stretchy black pants, warm worn winter boots, Farrah fawcett hair

1:46 PM DEC 18 2017

Long-sleeved heather/red shirt with three buttons at the neck, a brown leather watch, jeans with a badly-worn rope belt, and chukka boots that were on sale

2:30 PM DEC 18 2017

Grey Lands End turtleneck and navy blue vest, camo pants, black Doc Martens and a Rolex

2:32 PM DEC 18 2017

Band merch tshirt and hoodie (different bands), khakis, white nike socks, old torn up blue vans that got wet earlier :/

2:34 PM DEC 18 2017

I am wearing a black top with long sleeves and grey China pants with leather boots

2:39 PM DEC 18 2017

Shirt and pants Gray, blue , white

2:40 PM DEC 18 2017

Dress pink, purple, and blue.

2:42 PM DEC 18 2017

Dress black, purple,

2:44 PM DEC 18 2017

Green cropped turtleneck sweater, striped black and white high waisted wide leg trousers and black Dr. Marten x Lazy Oaf combat boots

3:05 PM DEC 18 2017

Head band, shirt, skirt, apron.

3:12 PM DEC 18 2017

A full suit because I just finished an interview

3:14 PM DEC 18 2017

Sky blue MUTEK Montreal t-shirt, boot cut jeans, grey hoodie, winterized Blundstones.

3:22 PM DEC 18 2017

Blue turtle neck, dark loose jeans, velvet red shoes and white socks. I'm sure he's wearing other items as well but that's all I can currently see.

3:32 PM DEC 18 2017

Black Rag and Bone jeans, Cole Hana leather slip ones with a white rubber platform Iniqlo Japan T-shirt my silver bracelet and earring bought in Athens last summer and crystal drop earings from Chelsea Market

3:41 PM DEC 18 2017

Gray white snow boots , star , dot shirt , blue white pants with mountains and a necklace

3:58 PM DEC 18 2017

Docs and no bra but fancy undies

4:08 PM DEC 18 2017

Dress purple, pink, blue flower on it, apron.

4:12 PM DEC 18 2017

Dress blue, purple, pink.

4:18 PM DEC 18 2017

Pink jeans, white I love New York shirt, black leather jacket and silver shoes

4:28 PM DEC 18 2017

A purple blue dress, black star pants, a black jacket, blue shoes

4:34 PM DEC 18 2017

Dress blue pink purple

4:45 PM DEC 18 2017

Jeans dress, tights and black boots

4:46 PM DEC 18 2017

Shirt, skirt, tights, head band, skarf

5:12 PM DEC 18 2017

Everlane cashmere sweater dress over Nike tank top with Madewell jeans over "polar" brandless leggings from a Chilean street market. Pashmina scarf from Pentagon City mall kiosk. Pikolino boots and Hue socks.

5:39 PM DEC 18 2017

Gray UniQlo heat-tech turtle neck, black pants, a gray and black scarf/poncho also from UniQlo (you know which one I'm talking about) and newly cobbled old boots, black

11:54 AM DEC 19 2017

Levi's jeans with a gray Northface jacket, Texas A&M hoodie on top.

11:54 AM DEC 19 2017

White knit beanie with pom pom, white and blue tie dye tshirt, blue crewneck sweater with cowgirl graphic, black leggings, tall black socks, black Nike tennis shoes

12:00 PM DEC 19 2017

Timberland boots, green sweater, black athletic pants, black puffy jacket

12:00 PM DEC 19 2017

Black North Face pants, black ice breaker 3/4 zip shirt, boots, scarf.

12:03 PM DEC 19 2017

Sneakers, jeans, bird-printed blouse

12:14 PM DEC 19 2017

Striped thrifted sweater, black thrifted jeans, white and black Nikes, checkered PALACE hat, mini black Adidas bag with a BBC bumblebee pin. Texas made, everywhere raised shown in my style.

12:24 PM DEC 19 2017

Clout goggles and a puma jumpsuit

12:32 PM DEC 19 2017

I'm wearing a teal with white striped 1987 London Fog windbreaker. A short sleeved t-shirt with sleeve cuffs and looks like a Mondrian painting. Blue jeans. White socks. Blue underwear. White Hanes t-shirt and scarlet red and white PF Flyers.

12:40 PM DEC 19 2017

Transparent purple glasses that shimmer in the light with a electric purple glow. Purple cowelneck wool sweater over brown leggings- grey 11 inch shearling clog 2 3/4 inch boots .

12:40 PM DEC 19 2017

Brown jeans, cotton sweater faded rose to mauve with black flecks throughout, cream colored cashmere scarf hanging loosely, black frame glasses, one silver ring, round silver filigree earrings and shiny black ankle high boots.

12:42 PM DEC 19 2017

Charcoal coat, glasses, leggings ,wool knit top, all black hhhhhhhhhhhha

12:42 PM DEC 19 2017

Black baker boy hat, black fishnet long sleeve top, white shirt (open), vinyl mini skirt, doc marten creepers, oversized black aviator jacket

12:44 PM DEC 19 2017

I am wearing black flares, a black turtle neck with a white frilly Bardot top, grey beret, lazy oaf docs and my mums long black coat

12:46 PM DEC 19 2017

Uncomfortable tan booties. Swagtastic rustic orange sweater. Pantalones.

12:46 PM DEC 19 2017

Beat up hi-top chucks, light wash workers jeans (worn in to the max), purple and sea foam green pull over sweater - think country meets city.

12:57 PM DEC 19 2017

Gold blouse, skinny jeans, knee brace, running shoes.

12:58 PM DEC 19 2017

Black jeans, black boots, striped grey and white long sleeve shirt, black puffer jacket, jean jacket, future is female pin

1:18 PM DEC 19 2017

Red cashmere shirt, a black leather skirt (both stolen from my mother's closet), black tights and Stuart Weitzman booties

1:32 PM DEC 19 2017

A black turban, red triangular wooden earrings, yellow scarf, maroon "Chewstick" logo hoodie, red & beige tribal print shirt, black undervest, pale blue jeans, black underwear, purple sock, orange sock, dark blue and light blue Reebok "crossfit" sneakers, wooden beaded bracelet

1:40 PM DEC 19 2017

Thursday Boots, Levi's, a grey sweater and a grey beanie

1:47 PM DEC 19 2017

black jumpsuit, pink trainer liner socks, docs, my most flamboyant shirt & big hoop earrings (when my ears stop hurting)

1:49 PM DEC 19 2017

I'm wearing what's comfortable!!

1:50 PM DEC 19 2017

Long sleeve black shirt with an obscure punk band from Montreal's graphic on it with sick decals up the sleeves, black/white plaid pants, vintage black Doc Martins, and black n white polka dot socks (all thrifted, other than the socks)

1:50 PM DEC 19 2017

I'm wearing black platform shoes, black jeans, a mustard color jumper, and a blue warm coat. Got my hair braided and red lipstick

2:18 PM DEC 19 2017

black patent leather shoes, gray socks, thrifted ivory silk blouse, navy blue culottes, gray herringbone wool coat

2:29 PM DEC 19 2017

Blue shirt, black vest, black pants, black Oxford shoes.

2:52 PM DEC 19 2017

Old black jeans splattered with paint, dark grey and maroon shirt, black tennis shoes, black underwear, and an oversized grey hoodie.

2:58 PM DEC 19 2017

1. Baby blue socks 2. Blundie boots 3. Black long underwear 4. Red patterned underwear 5. Dark jeans 6. Bra 7. Grey sweater 8. Dope maroon scarf 9. My cool coat

3:15 PM DEC 19 2017

A black long sleeve shirt with a navy and black plaid skirt and tights and black booties :)

3:16 PM DEC 19 2017

cream turtleneck sweater, cropped ripped black jeans, faux leather booties and a beautiful smile hmu hotties ;)

3:21 PM DEC 19 2017

I'm wearing one of my coolest pairs of sneakers today, rainbow mesh adidas. Jeans and a plain black tee on top, with my colorful Calvin Klein cardigan w the gold buttons; the print kinda looks like monet's water lilies, but with more red.

3:49 PM DEC 19 2017

-black sweater -grey pants -black socks -brown loafers -light grey sweater -black tights -black skirt -Black boots

3:53 PM DEC 19 2017

Red overall dress with a yellow striped turtle neck, black tights, and doc martens

3:55 PM DEC 19 2017

Sketchers boots, A&E jeans, wolf underpants, and a red graphic tee. And a beanie!

4:01 PM DEC 19 2017

Skinny jeans that don't keep out the cold, an old sweater, knock off shoes and a button up multi pattern shirt.

4:03 PM DEC 19 2017

Swarovski crystals, girl.

4:14 PM DEC 19 2017

Favorite grey sweater. Grey jeans. Baby blue sneakers. Short socks. Navy beret and black wool coat. And mascara.

4:51 PM DEC 19 2017

Rina wears Blue fleece tops with ribbons, grey tweed skirt with frills.

4:52 PM DEC 19 2017

Vince knit and Paige blue denim.

4:53 PM DEC 19 2017

My dad is wearing navy pants with a brown belt and a light colored suit

5:21 PM DEC 19 2017

Grey sweater, I watch and jeans, brown leather high tops

5:25 PM DEC 19 2017

Swan sweater black leggings uggs

10:19 AM DEC 20 2017

Jean skirt and velvet shirt

11:16 AM DEC 20 2017

A bag Parka Trainers Jumper Black Trousers

11:17 AM DEC 20 2017

Robin Hood inspired gilet, grey jumper, ripped jeans, biker boots

11:17 AM DEC 20 2017

Black skinny jeans, black polar neck, printed loafers and a brown teddy bear coat

11:19 AM DEC 20 2017

White t shirt navy v neck, green barber bomber. Grey Levi's black Nikes.

11:32 AM DEC 20 2017

Dark jeans chuck taylors Nike usa hockey hoodie copper ring glasses

11:32 AM DEC 20 2017

Ripped jeans, a hooded waffle shirt with a plaid blanket scarf and brown suede pointed toe boots

11:35 AM DEC 20 2017

Ripped jeans, adidas neo, with a trendy sweatshirt or shirt from Aeropostale or Urban Outfitters

11:36 AM DEC 20 2017

Katherine is wearing some jeans with holes in the knees, a blue t shirt and her sisters coat

11:37 AM DEC 20 2017

Becca is wearing black leggings, a black tank top and a blue flannel

11:40 AM DEC 20 2017

Molly is wearing some black boots she got for her birthday which are hurting her feet, black jeans, a tartan jacket she got from a thrift store in Brooklyn because she is ~trendy~ and her fav necklace

11:41 AM DEC 20 2017

Zar is wearing pink cat socks, cropped blue jeans, a cool black thermal, an excellent scarf and a very good black fluffy jacket. It's a good outfit.

12:11 PM DEC 20 2017

Conan pants black and espace (aritzia #62547) Krause hemmed in black (aritzia #67100) Marja by vagabond

12:13 PM DEC 20 2017

From top to bottom. Bright red sweater with tiered bell sleeves. Black Topshop Jamie jeans. Black Zara booties. Plum coloured All Saints cross body bag.

12:16 PM DEC 20 2017

Beanies with a Pom pom

12:18 PM DEC 20 2017

Leggings with two pockets, long shirt , a beanie with two pomp, pomps and Black Uggs with two bows at the back.

12:25 PM DEC 20 2017

Comfyyy stufff and sweat pants and shirts

12:26 PM DEC 20 2017

Dark green thermal shirt Blue Mom jeans White supergas Socks with foxes on them Rust hemp crossbody bag Carnelian crystal necklace

12:28 PM DEC 20 2017

black Blundstones, black jeans, stripped long shirt with flower scarf, clipped hair in a bun, Movado watch, gold hoops

12:28 PM DEC 20 2017

Dress shirt, open collar; black T-shirt, wrangler jeans, old navy print boxers, gold toe over the calf dress socks, Georgia boot low work Chelsea boots.

12:52 PM DEC 20 2017

Nike combat boots complimenting a high school soccer hoodie

12:56 PM DEC 20 2017

NYPD baseball cap, jeans, blue Henley T-shirt, brooks sneakers

12:57 PM DEC 20 2017

Aeropostale long sleeve shirt, under armour camo sweatpants, adidas prime knit shoes

1:21 PM DEC 20 2017

Straight heat nothing more nothing less

1:42 PM DEC 20 2017

vintage black jeans, my "pay artists for art" white tee and a long pink coat

2:25 PM DEC 20 2017

Comfy shoes. They aren't new. They aren't stylish. But they do the job

2:30 PM DEC 20 2017

Old Navy super skinny jeans, medium light wash; Geoff Ramsey collection star t-shirt, printed on American Apparel; black cardigan with slouch neck, no buttons; grey pashmina scarf; black combat-style boots, black lace detailing.

2:39 PM DEC 20 2017

I am wearing a Nike hoodie, a plain grey gildan shirt, a pair of black adidas sweatpants, and a pair of yeezy 350 boost v2

2:41 PM DEC 20 2017

I am wearing a black turtleneck with ripped dark blue jeans. For shoes, I am wearing tall black leather boots. Over it, I am wearing an olive green down jacket.

2:50 PM DEC 20 2017

Black skinny ripped overalls, a colorful striped top, & my friend's black Feiyu sneakers.

2:59 PM DEC 20 2017

V-neck patterned oversized blouse, blue velvet pants, 70s floral kimono, Afghan silver necklace, Moroccan kohl container work as necklace, orange brocade heeled ankle boots, Uzbek embroidered black velvet coat, Peruvian hot pink scarf.

3:02 PM DEC 20 2017

White button down embroidered with all over green paisley design, blue railroad stripe collarless linen jacket with bamboo buttons, black jeans, dark brown Kenneth Cole shoes, gray and black long leopard print coat, yellow ikat scarf

3:04 PM DEC 20 2017

Grey woolen sweater I got from a friend, black top, fancy lace bra, black jeans, grey socks, black biker boots, my Disney ring and my favorite ring, heart bracelet, chain so basically things I love

3:14 PM DEC 20 2017

Sweater, Winter Coat, Black Jeans, Waterproof Boots, Socks, Thermal Shirt, Thermal Pants

3:33 PM DEC 20 2017

Demonia steel-toe combat boots, blue opaque tights, grey tartan wool skirt, black cable knit sweater, white short sleeve babydoll, gold heart locket, black choker, oversize gold hoops, Nike Apple Watch, knock-off purse found in my mother's closet

3:41 PM DEC 20 2017

Taos Boots, Skinny Jeans, Flannel

3:42 PM DEC 20 2017

Long sleeve gray tee, flesh colored camisole, panties (color? Not worth checking), jeans, cushy white socks, blue supportive running shoes

3:45 PM DEC 20 2017

Mustard colored knit sweater, navy skinny jeans, dark green leather baseball sneakers, socks with fox pattern, and a grey felt messenger bag with leather straps.

3:47 PM DEC 20 2017

A baggy yellow knitted jumper, fishnet tights, 2 pairs of fluffy socks, cherry red docs

3:48 PM DEC 20 2017

Yellow L.L Bean fishing jacket I got from the thrift store

3:55 PM DEC 20 2017

Brown faux fur vest over pink flows shirt with lace sleeves and tassels, dark blue skinny jeans and brown combat boots.

3:55 PM DEC 20 2017

A white sweater over a blue lightning bolt shirt and acid washed jeans with purple sunglasses and brown high tops.

3:58 PM DEC 20 2017

Collared white dress shirt with a pattern of little anchors, dark grey dress pants, and wide-footed sneakers

4:08 PM DEC 20 2017

Too many layers obviously overestimating New York weather

4:17 PM DEC 20 2017

Brown doc marten shoes, black Levi's, tucked in button down shirt

4:21 PM DEC 20 2017

My husband and I are wearing matching flannels, blue ripped jeans, white t-shirt/ wife beater with leather jacket as outerwear and lastly moccasins and air forces

4:30 PM DEC 20 2017

A sweater witch has a snow flake

4:35 PM DEC 20 2017

Wearing a denim jacket and a denim pants and my dad's jacket

4:38 PM DEC 20 2017

I am wearing navy blue leggings, a pink skirt, a Christmas sweater and black and silver boots.

4:40 PM DEC 20 2017

Grey sweater, black pants, dark blue shoes with socks

4:43 PM DEC 20 2017

I am wearing a black sweater and a black T-shirt and black pants

5:20 PM DEC 20 2017

A red turtleneck, a uniqlo heattech T-shirt, grey jeans, black patent leather heels

5:34 PM DEC 20 2017

Favorite hat,heavy bag

10:38 AM DEC 21 2017

Black pants, thin white stripe, red turtleneck sweater, black shawl, a smile.

11:16 AM DEC 21 2017

Black work shoes, static sweats, gray handmade tunic w purple paisley print

11:17 AM DEC 21 2017

Black coat, white circle scarf, jeans, fair Isle sweater, Allbirds loafers

11:31 AM DEC 21 2017

a green cropped hoodie, black front and back ripped jeans with fishnets underneath and pink suede pumas

11:44 AM DEC 21 2017

Grey sweater over a white t-shirt, jeans and black converse

11:46 AM DEC 21 2017

Camouflage pants, brown turtle neck and sweater, blue scarf, two pairs of socks, cute boots

12:11 PM DEC 21 2017

- Gray, cropped, long sleeve AYR sweater - Necklace I made myself - Green puff ball earrings - Green Jesse Kamm pants - White, Veja Esplar sneakers - Blue and yellow sparkly socks - Black puffer by Penfield - Undies by ThirdLove and MeUndies - Roxanne Assoulin color block bracelets

12:26 PM DEC 21 2017

Blue skinny jeans that are cuffed at the bottom. UVA tie dyed socks with white sambas. A beautiful mind T-Shirt made by the artist Jon Bellion. Black swim sweatshirt with my name and T.C. Williams high school written on it.

12:34 PM DEC 21 2017

shirt pants hoodie socks shoes ring watch camera underpants

12:52 PM DEC 21 2017

Cropped black Adidas hoodie, skinny jeans, "running late" socks, dirty Adidas Superstars, and various rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

12:56 PM DEC 21 2017

Atheist shoes by a small Berlin based company, grey scotch and soda jeans and a gray Hilfiger pullover.

12:59 PM DEC 21 2017

Green Trachtenjunker and cordjeans, vest, green tie

12:59 PM DEC 21 2017

Vineyard vines shirt and pink leggings with brown uggs

1:00 PM DEC 21 2017

A white t-shirt with black leggings and gray uggs

1:02 PM DEC 21 2017

I am wearing blue jeans, a white sweater, a green fuzzy vest, and brown boots.

1:11 PM DEC 21 2017

Nike swing down jacket over Patagonia slim down jacket over miyake dress over uniqlo turtleneck over spanx maternity tights with blue suede clarks

1:24 PM DEC 21 2017

Sneakers, socks, jeans, hoodie, t-shirt, slip

1:32 PM DEC 21 2017

Black boots, black sweater, black jacket, blue jeans

1:32 PM DEC 21 2017

Pink trousers, black and white sweater

1:33 PM DEC 21 2017

Striped wool pullover, black trousers

1:38 PM DEC 21 2017

North face jacket, Nike shoes, lucky brand thermal, gap jeans

1:41 PM DEC 21 2017

Johnston & Murphy black sneakers, puma socks, rei underwear, lucky jeans in blue, banana republic dress shirt, black leather belt, ll bean coat, north face gloves and or research hat. iPhone plus. Smile.

1:43 PM DEC 21 2017

Flare jeans, green cashmere sweater, red tank top, Lake Tahoe neckless, black leather booties

1:43 PM DEC 21 2017

Jeans, a purple shirt with a crepe back, a teal north face reversible jacket, and black and gold converse all stars.

1:51 PM DEC 21 2017

Banana republic denim "traveler" jeans, navy pocket tee, dark gray cardigan, black Armani underwear-briefs, brown socks, plaid cottonscarf, black wool pea-coat, Black asics running shoes, Apple Watch.

1:58 PM DEC 21 2017

Black jeans with rips in the knees, black vans that are super dirty, a navy Disneyland hoodie, and a navy supreme camp hat

1:59 PM DEC 21 2017

Thrifted white t-shirt, brown pants, brown bomber jacket, and white Reebok classics

2:00 PM DEC 21 2017

A warm flannel with my camp hat so I don't look like a tourist.

2:00 PM DEC 21 2017

Flannel jacket, dark blue plain t-shirt, blue jeans, orange castaway cay hat, and white vans.

2:09 PM DEC 21 2017

Running shoes, blue jeans, maroon collared shirt, army green jacket

2:11 PM DEC 21 2017

Gray silk scarf with a sheen, black mohair sweater, skinny dark rinse jeans tight ankle length. Purple socks and black mod nylon ankle boots Eileen Fisher. Silver puffer coat and camel cashmere gloves

2:11 PM DEC 21 2017

Brown riding boots, light blue jeans, mustard yellow sweater, beautiful opal necklace

2:12 PM DEC 21 2017

A sweater from a thrift store and jeans with converse

2:13 PM DEC 21 2017

A grey sweater, black skinnies, and tan booties

2:13 PM DEC 21 2017

Large navy sweater tucked into black ripped jeans with a maroon skinny belt with black heeled ankle boots

2:15 PM DEC 21 2017

Beige turtleneck, black jeans, beret, pearl earrings, starry night socks, brown shirt heeled boots, rose gold watch, long button down coat

2:15 PM DEC 21 2017

TOMs black sneakers, black woolen socks, dark blue jeans, black t-shirt, black sweater, black scarf.

2:18 PM DEC 21 2017

Oxblood DMs, 501 jeans, black Zara top, luvshifting scarf and a smile

2:19 PM DEC 21 2017

All my Maverick merch!

2:20 PM DEC 21 2017

Black skinny jeans with white converse, a plain white t shirt, and a leather jacket.

2:20 PM DEC 21 2017

White turtleneck with black skinny jeans and black boots

2:25 PM DEC 21 2017

I am wearing ,furry boots ,skinny jeans ,gray shirt with long sleeves and indents , painted nails , long beautiful beansie hair ..........

2:34 PM DEC 21 2017

I am wearing balenciaga shoes, with Calvin Klein socks, wearing Tommy Hilfiger chinos, Calvin Klein underwear, Polo shirt, Palace sweater and a black Canada goose jacket.

2:49 PM DEC 21 2017

Black vans, back jeans, orange sweater.

2:49 PM DEC 21 2017

Blue adidas long sleeve with a nice pair of jeans that fit just right...and thermals underneath cause I'm from south Texas.

2:49 PM DEC 21 2017

Timbs, north face winter coat, red long sleeve, khaki pants

2:50 PM DEC 21 2017

Birthday suit.

3:06 PM DEC 21 2017

Grey leggings grey turtleneck long light grey sweater coat Black motorcycle boots

3:06 PM DEC 21 2017

Grey cardigan, red short sleeve flannel, blue lace bralette, high waist dark skinny jeans, Brown Chelsea boots

3:12 PM DEC 21 2017

Black leather trousers

3:13 PM DEC 21 2017

I am wearing an old Ralph Lauren silk houndstooth and wool sweater. Kind of conservative today. Loves clothes, so I'm all over the place with fashion. Should have been fashion designer, not a textile person. Not sure I am aggressive enough for that field. Can I start a new career at 65?

3:18 PM DEC 21 2017

All asos errthang including shoes

3:19 PM DEC 21 2017

Black jeans, blue button down shirt, Nikes, Patagonia down, black socks, Hanes briefs.

3:20 PM DEC 21 2017

Black chinos, plaid button-up, brown leather boots, plum beanie.

3:20 PM DEC 21 2017

Black Chelsea boots, faded black pants , dark velvety frock and a purple scarf

3:26 PM DEC 21 2017

I'm wearing a thick knit charcoal grey sweater, black leggings, black suede boots, and a black choker around my neck.

3:29 PM DEC 21 2017

Navy slim pants from H&M A blue/green box pattern button down slim fit from banana republic Black gucci dress shoes A belt A peacoat with a turtleneck style undercollar

3:41 PM DEC 21 2017

Denim pants Turtle neck poncho sweater Brown leather boots I am wearing a velvet, flowing shirt that is a soft grey I also have on soft feeling lightish blue jeans I have cheep white and pink socks And the flyest gold and yellow Nike sneakers.

3:45 PM DEC 21 2017

Fabulous in faux. Red scarf. Rapid reasoning t-shirt, human centered leadership hoodie, cashmere scarf, leather shoes, cashmere socks, Burberry jacket

4:06 PM DEC 21 2017

My brother, Grayson Claes, has wisely decided to adorn himself with an iconic Ralph Lauren sweater depicting the beloved Polo Bear in winter attire. He has dressed it down with a denim shirt beneath. The ensemble is completed with a pair of economical jeans and a pair of Nike shoes, perfect for exploring the city. -Griffin Tyler Claes

4:18 PM DEC 21 2017

Jack is wearing a plush navy blue North Face pullover, gray jeans and brown Steve Madden boots.

4:19 PM DEC 21 2017

KATIE GRAF is wearing adidas Stan smiths, maroon lululemon leggings, a white free people sweater, and a gray "love your melon" winter hat with a fur ball on top

4:30 PM DEC 21 2017

This is my LA in New York look: Hightop black sneakers, black high waisted pants, black turtleneck, black sweatshirt (New York), red puffy Supreme coat, Cary Leibovitz "Fran Drescher fan club" hat, bootleg Isaac Mizrahi for Target tote bag (LA).

4:31 PM DEC 21 2017

Cheap Mexican boots from eBay, too-big wranglers that Amy gave me last week which was nice since she still has like 3 pairs of mine form when we dated, a white shirt I got at the flea market then cut and sewed to my liking, a blue wrangler denim coat I bought off a male model at his garage sale in LA (the collar is blue suede!) and devendra's green knit cap that he left in my car last month and I will be ready to return after this trip. I'm getting sick of seeing it on my head.

4:45 PM DEC 21 2017

It is a rather unusually warm day for a late Dec evening in New York City, so I have dressed accordingly. The marigold sweater I am wearing, courtesy of Acne Studios, is juxtaposed with a pair of evergreen corduroys and Comme des Garcons Converse. I am a bit bundled, as I have decided to wrap my neck in a Irish plaid scarf and light down jacket. Nevertheless, I still have my anatomically correct heart necklace peaking through. What a day at MoMA. -Griffin Claes

4:55 PM DEC 21 2017

I am wearing greenish blueish Nikes, with American Eagle jeans, and a navy Bass shirt with white rain deer on it.

4:59 PM DEC 21 2017

Flannel shirt, open shoulder t-shirt, jeggings w/ built-in leg warmers, velvet boots

5:02 PM DEC 21 2017

Brown work pants, multicolored turtleneck, booties and a cream coat to keep me warm on this chilly day

5:06 PM DEC 21 2017

Gray mock neck sweater Black denim Faux suede booties Black socks Pink pin stripe bra Green cotton boy-cut underwear Tampon

5:09 PM DEC 21 2017

Sweater, knit hat, sneakers, socks, skinny jeans, t-shirt, coat, boots, tank-top, glove

5:40 PM DEC 21 2017

Not underwear

5:40 PM DEC 21 2017

Black Prada Books Black hosiery Grey AG Jeans Black Vince Cashmere Sweater Gucci Grey Scarf Black Bra Black Gucci Coat Gold Hoop Earrings Makeup My VIBE

6:39 PM DEC 21 2017

Hi Emily, I'm a random stranger and I'm wearing a blue t-shirt, blue jeans with black leather belt, boxers, flipflops, and a watch

11:02 AM DEC 22 2017

Brown pants (black longjohns underneath), a grey long sleeve tee with light blue sleeves, brown boots, an Apple Watch, and a plain silver ring on my right middle finger.

11:12 AM DEC 22 2017

a white t-shirt with two navy stripes across the stomach and black sweat pants.

11:36 AM DEC 22 2017

A new haircut, boyfriend jeans, black long sleeve shirt, and a plaid scarf!

11:37 AM DEC 22 2017

Black Tims, slim fit khakis, Tommy Hilfiger blue quarter zip sweater, black belt, black peacoat and a navy/white scarf

11:39 AM DEC 22 2017

Today I am wearing L.L. Bean Duck Boots with black leggings and an off white knit sweater. Also a maroon hat and scarf pair along with a peacoat

11:49 AM DEC 22 2017

A navy blue sweater with black leggings and black striped adidas superstars

11:54 AM DEC 22 2017

A dark red, light red, and navy blue long sleeve flannel and blue jeans. Also black and white tennis shoes with two stars on the side.

11:57 AM DEC 22 2017

Hue black stretch pants, knee high black suede Jambu boots, Peruvian connection black turtleneck, mid-calf padded shoulder Facis Ventanni grey plaid blazer with red stripe (vintage from Rome), red and black houndstooth scarf, cat eye glasses, oversized silver watch, nose ring

12:10 PM DEC 22 2017

Brown jacket, jeans and batman's shoes.....

12:12 PM DEC 22 2017

My mom's jeans, quite new yellow mustard shirt, new 12 dlls sweater, three strand hand made bracelets and shorter hair every month.

12:28 PM DEC 22 2017

Vans shoes Black jeans Winter skiing pull over

12:47 PM DEC 22 2017

Brown leggings, blue turtleneck, black boots, black winter coat, I Santi leather brown bag

1:15 PM DEC 22 2017

a white pom beanie, my favorite olive green jacket, heather gray leggings, socks with cats kissing under the mistletoe, my favorite tan boots!!

1:17 PM DEC 22 2017

black winter jacket, khakis, maroon t shirt, black nike skater sneakers. and his hair is a mess but I won't tell him that because I love him

1:40 PM DEC 22 2017

Lucky brand black skinny jeans, high waist. H&M 2 for $10 scoop neck t-shirt, gray. Black combat boots $19 @ Wal-Mart. Fashion Q flannel tied around the waist.

1:43 PM DEC 22 2017

Pink peacoat, scarf, blue jeans and yellow sneakers

1:44 PM DEC 22 2017

Black hoodie, blue jeans, black boots and white winter jacket

1:51 PM DEC 22 2017

Grey north face jacket, khakis, white new balances, red shirt.

1:55 PM DEC 22 2017

Sweater dress and boots

2:03 PM DEC 22 2017

Sparkly blue pants, a white sweater with a pink heart on top of pink HELLO CANADA shirt!

2:05 PM DEC 22 2017

Sweater and ripped denim jeans

2:06 PM DEC 22 2017

Vans x TNF sk8 hi's YsL denim Elwood t-shirt Off-white sweatshirt Canada goose jacket

2:20 PM DEC 22 2017

Kjus jacket (green) Zegna jeans (green) La Sportiva shoes (orange) Bloomies shirt (pink)

2:40 PM DEC 22 2017

Red hoodie, jeans, sperrys, and a beach boys smile t shirt

2:40 PM DEC 22 2017

Blue/green split hoodie, black t-shirt, khaki pants, black sneakers

2:44 PM DEC 22 2017

deep purple peacoat, thick white and gray sweater, madewell jeans, chestnut boots, a black bag, and a smile :)

2:46 PM DEC 22 2017

Nike dunks Three African multicolored brackets Vegan :) Ted baker purse A pickle pin on my north face jacket

2:52 PM DEC 22 2017

I'm going home today :( Flight clothes: Ben Davis sweatshirt, Stussy track pants and Nike ZoomFly. All topped with my Acne Studios postman's bag of course.

2:54 PM DEC 22 2017

Black jeans, blue and white striped shirt, black blundstone boots and a plaid scarf

2:55 PM DEC 22 2017

black jeans, black chelsea boots, gray turtleneck, black wool coat & lavender fur scarfalso the weight of my sins

3:09 PM DEC 22 2017

Nike runners, JCrew trousers, Patagonia better sweater, Patagonia nano jacket, Swix beny Shorty boots, leggings, tank, sweater, 4 week cast............................Merry Christmas!!! Merry Chris

3:25 PM DEC 22 2017

Leather jacket combat boots and a shirt that says art

3:47 PM DEC 22 2017

Denim skinny jeans, black long sleeve sweater with a unicorn on the front. A huge blue and ted scarf and a gray jacket

3:48 PM DEC 22 2017

Sweater from ted baker

3:49 PM DEC 22 2017

Black oversized sweater, blue skinny jeans, brown combat boots

3:49 PM DEC 22 2017

Sweater from ted baker, shoes from Zara

3:50 PM DEC 22 2017

Tan crochet sweater, cigarette jeans, olive peacoat, black booties

3:56 PM DEC 22 2017

Grey sweater, black Nike jacket, black jeans, and black low topped converse with stars drawn on the toes

3:56 PM DEC 22 2017

Blue sweat pants with a rangers T-shirt and black nikes

3:58 PM DEC 22 2017

Looking good and warm in all black, with my black puffy Montcler jacket!

4:08 PM DEC 22 2017

Green wool coat, white blouse, blue jeans and high heels.

4:22 PM DEC 22 2017

Black sweater, black leggings, purple boots.

4:22 PM DEC 22 2017

Jeans, a black and white sweater, brown shoes and a blue coat.

4:34 PM DEC 22 2017

I hate when the kiosk refreshes! Anyway, blue/white floral Zara high tops, navy stretchy pants recently recovered viable return of the woven belt, and loose red/blue checked button down

4:36 PM DEC 22 2017

A short purple pastel top and a light jeans with holographic adida shoes

4:39 PM DEC 22 2017

So, today I decided to wear a simple white shirt (long sleeves), with some GAP grey pants, light grey socks, white New Balance, a olive top coat, and a three color poncho as a scarf. Also, follow me on Instagram @juanrteag.

4:42 PM DEC 22 2017

Heat tech tights and turtle neck. Vintage button down and sweater skirt. Warm sock and recently repaired boots. Afro + gold hoops.

4:43 PM DEC 22 2017

I'm never fully dressed without a smile.

4:44 PM DEC 22 2017

Okkkkkkk, so that's the 2nd time I write this thing. Today I'm wearing a weird sneakers that I got like 6 months ago and never wore till I gt to this country. Besides that I'm wearing nothing but my pure soul and braids... btw instagram on 2017 is the SHHH*T so, follow me there @ve.efe

4:49 PM DEC 22 2017

Jeans shirt with skinny black jeans and yzy

4:51 PM DEC 22 2017

Black Turtleneck, Black Trench Coat, Black Trousers, and Black Derbys for a clean all black look. Follow ya bois IG @yougtwofour

4:53 PM DEC 22 2017

Burnt orange turtleneck with fashionable dark blue jeans and ugg boots

4:54 PM DEC 22 2017

Black pants, black boots, a heat tech turtleneck and a fur vest

4:58 PM DEC 22 2017

-leggings -combat boots -turtle neck -oversized suede jacket

5:02 PM DEC 22 2017

2.hand turtleneck and flannel, jeans, red oldskool vans, woolsocks

5:02 PM DEC 22 2017

Olive Green Stussy hat, a carhartt longsleve shirt, blue jeans and Nike sneakers.

5:06 PM DEC 22 2017

Vans, Levi's, new era hat, black hoodie

5:08 PM DEC 22 2017

Black Vans, grey chinos, black floral button up

5:09 PM DEC 22 2017

Denim Long Sleeve button up, underneath lies a black long sleeve, khaki pants with marker stains, navy blue Tommy Hilfiger briefs, long red socks, with checkered vans. A dad hat showing to hands making a "W" reading underneath, "Whatever"

5:10 PM DEC 22 2017

a l l b l a c k ......................

5:12 PM DEC 22 2017

Blue velour sweater, grey coat, jeans and sneakers

5:27 PM DEC 22 2017

Melina is wearing a wine red skirt over dark tights, off-white sneakers and a black long sleeve. Also, she is carrying an olive handbag on which rests her beige suede jacket lined with lambskin

5:28 PM DEC 22 2017

Max is wearing a blue white checkered shirt underneath a brown pullover, blue jeans and brown leather boots. Also he's wearing a brown coat with a black scarf.

5:37 PM DEC 22 2017

Green flannel (hand-me-down), coat, 2013 Nassau Math Tournament tee, jeans, black sneakers.

5:37 PM DEC 22 2017

White coat with grey hoodie sewn in, black thin sweater top with mesh on the side of the shoulders and sleeves, grey tank top underneath, two pairs of leggings, and black nikes

6:11 PM DEC 22 2017

Gray t-shirt and sweatpants, gray Nike sneakers

6:11 PM DEC 22 2017

Grey polo shirt with some blue jeans and some black converse sneakers

6:13 PM DEC 22 2017

Blue button up floral shirt, black jeans, black vans, a long earth cardigan, and silver pendants from native tribes back home.

6:40 PM DEC 22 2017

I am wearing a lilac sweater with embroidered flowers, black leggings, and brown thigh high boots

6:47 PM DEC 22 2017

I am wearing black leggings underneath ripped blue jeans with a navy long sleeved shirt from my school underneath a gray winter jacket and a black beanie.

6:49 PM DEC 22 2017

I'm wearing a pink cropped sweatshirt, blue jeans, vans, and my north face! I hope everyone is having a great day :)

7:03 PM DEC 22 2017

White leggings, white turtle neck , grey high boots, white swing coat with high neck and three lined buttons . Red fingernail paint.

7:04 PM DEC 22 2017

Adidas superstars, mom jeans, black shirt, glasses, tote bag

7:05 PM DEC 22 2017

High waisted blue jeans by mudd a pink off the shoulder sweatshirt by pink and dirty old converse

7:11 PM DEC 22 2017

I'm wearing a dark grey second hand wool coat, light grey second hand jeans I've cut at the ankle, black H&M sweater and all black high top Converse.

7:17 PM DEC 22 2017

Hey! I'm wearing a beige knit sweater, blue denim jeans and red and white sneakers !

7:39 PM DEC 22 2017

Scarf with green stripes only

8:06 PM DEC 22 2017

black vans, black adidas socks, black uniqlo skinny jeans, brown tshirt, denim long sleeve shirt

8:07 PM DEC 22 2017

Red pants with shimmering grey shirt and black boots.

8:36 PM DEC 22 2017

Skinny jeans, gray t-shirt, dark green cargo jacket, tan overcoat, multicolored scarf

10:44 AM DEC 23 2017

Jackets and jeans bbbbbbbbbbbbbb b b b B.B. B b b b b B.B. B b b b b b B.B. B b b B.B. B b B.B. Black b

11:01 AM DEC 23 2017

Black button down corduroy skirt, flatform black vans, striped black and white top, gold hoops, gold dinosaur necklace, three silver rings, ear stud and cartilage ring and a black puffer jacket.

11:21 AM DEC 23 2017

Black down puffy jacket, grey sweater, jeans, frown

11:22 AM DEC 23 2017

Black and grey striped knit dress, Uniqlo ExtraWarm HeatTech leggings, brown boots, black quilted jacket with plaid lining and cuffs.

11:30 AM DEC 23 2017

White jumper Red scarf Red bag Denim skirt Black tights Black boots Gold hoops

11:30 AM DEC 23 2017

Tall black rubber rain boots, thin black leggings, long black tee, and loose purple v-neck sweater with kind of a tiny basket weave pattern

11:40 AM DEC 23 2017

Chunky navy sweater, black athletic leggings, beat up Timberland boots with fleece lining, penguin socks, a black parka, glasses, yesterday's makeup, and a ponytail

11:47 AM DEC 23 2017

Leather hooded jacket, high collared quarter zip sweater, heathered grey tee, dark green pants, fabric shoes

11:49 AM DEC 23 2017

My heart on my sleeve

11:52 AM DEC 23 2017

Black jeans, striped Breton top and white vest top, black Canada Goose parka, studded boots.

11:53 AM DEC 23 2017

Black longline sweater, grey t-shirt, washed-black ripped jeans, white sneakers, black Moncler wool down jacket

11:58 AM DEC 23 2017

Jeans, t-shirts. Thick dune jackets, boots and sailor shoes, backpacks and bags.

12:00 PM DEC 23 2017

A striped sweatshirt , yellow shirt , jeans , and boots

12:04 PM DEC 23 2017

Jeans, shoes, thermic shoes and pants, t-shirts, several jackets and beanies and scarves. It's HELL!

12:19 PM DEC 23 2017

Levi 510s, black crewneck sweater, boots.

12:20 PM DEC 23 2017

rain boots, non raincoat rain coat, black denim, camel beanie, purple scarf

12:23 PM DEC 23 2017

Wearing black nike hoodie, great smoky mountains black T-shirt, flint and tinder blue jeans, waterproof hiking shoes

12:24 PM DEC 23 2017

Black winter boots by Columbia , brown parka by Soia and kyo, old navy skinny jeans medium wash, old navy black tank top, aerie bra, h&m white long sleeved shirt with black birds on it, gap underwear (green), h&m white socks, gold nail polish, Claire's silver small hoop earrings two per ear

12:24 PM DEC 23 2017

What I'm wearing- Snowboots Patterned socks Cargo Pants Old Navy cotton shirt Hawke and Co black jacket

12:26 PM DEC 23 2017

Blue jeans, navy polka dot blouse, purple waterproof jacket, light brown boots

12:28 PM DEC 23 2017

A gray Beatles military jacket with gold trimming and a gold floral pattern on the back. My top is grey with small black writing over the chest saying Unicorns are real. Blue jeans and black ankle boot with no heal and a pink, green, and gold floral details.

12:29 PM DEC 23 2017

Barbour hunting jacket, pink button-down shirt, dark blue 3x1 jeans, black RM Williams half boots.

12:40 PM DEC 23 2017

6 month old blue GAP jeans, $200 boots from a boutique in Chelsea, $25 grey hoodie from H&M.

1:07 PM DEC 23 2017

Grey knit dress, green cashmere turtle neck, black over the knee boots

1:25 PM DEC 23 2017

Navy blue sweatpants (thin), white baseball shirt with velvet pink sleeves (3/4) and collar, navy blue running shoes

1:27 PM DEC 23 2017

Faux fur sweater and mom jeans

1:30 PM DEC 23 2017

Black straight cut jeans, wool athletic cut gray/white jacket, a Citizen watch with a Walmart band, and black rayban glasses

1:38 PM DEC 23 2017

a navy blue midtown comics t-shirt, a knitted blue cardigan, black and white striped socks, brown ankle boots, and a black headband (not my best fashion day)

1:45 PM DEC 23 2017

all black shoes, stonewashed black jeans, stripped trousikis, black wool turtleneck sweater, black trench coat , besties pink snow cap

1:53 PM DEC 23 2017

A gray Lascote shirt, Levi jeans, black Nike socks, black Nike shoes with white soles underneath, and some aviator sunglasses.

1:54 PM DEC 23 2017

Black Hunter boots Jeans Gray shirt saying Je m'appelle Lafayette

1:55 PM DEC 23 2017

A "Dj Byzantine Techno T-shirt", black ripped jeans and brown thigh high leather boots

1:57 PM DEC 23 2017

I am Margot and love sweaters

2:04 PM DEC 23 2017

Doc Marten black boots, vintage pale blue lees jeans, gray long sleeved shirt, blue thrifted flannel, green thrifted fleece flannel, tan construction jacket, black fuzzy ear muffs, 3 woven bracelets.

2:21 PM DEC 23 2017

Black long sleeved shirt, grey sweater, plaid scarf, black butt lifter jeans, brown boots, and a smile.

2:22 PM DEC 23 2017

white long sleeve shirt from pacsun, 2 pairs of leggings under my light blue hollister jeans, and a pair of white converse.

2:30 PM DEC 23 2017

A black hoodie, some black wool trousers and Rick Owens low ramones

2:32 PM DEC 23 2017

Velour tracksuit, no shoes.

2:35 PM DEC 23 2017

Velour suit with velour slippers. Branigan's law is like Branigan's love, hard and fast.

2:37 PM DEC 23 2017

Puffy navy jacket, jeans, timbs

2:38 PM DEC 23 2017

The weight of the world on my shoulders

2:40 PM DEC 23 2017

Black vest, black nikes, black leggings, and a black addidas shirt. Hair in a ponytail.

2:51 PM DEC 23 2017

Duck boots, skinny jeans, university of Richmond tshirt, adventure time belt

2:51 PM DEC 23 2017

Jeans, green hoodie, duck boots - rainy day

2:53 PM DEC 23 2017

Hi Emily. I'm wearing a dark green turtleneck, black jeans, red and white striped socks, and white adidas sneakersI'm wearing a black down coat on top

3:01 PM DEC 23 2017

A navy adidas fleece with jeans and sparkly green socks with green suede puma shoes.

3:04 PM DEC 23 2017

Ray ban tortoiseshell glasses, Swarovski studs, Target black cardigan, Hi There by Karen Walker navy blue and pink floral dress, Uniqlo black leggings, Timberland black boots, Tommy Hilfiger blue socks, Coach black handbag

3:07 PM DEC 23 2017

Black cardigan, grey sweater, plaid skirt and burgundy rain boots.

3:12 PM DEC 23 2017

Black rain shell, olive chinos, red moc toe work boots.

3:12 PM DEC 23 2017

Shearling collar black bomber jacket layered over black puffer and black hooded lightweight shell, black sweatshirt over black striped shirt, black washed denim jeans, black adidas sneakers with color blocked sole

3:16 PM DEC 23 2017

Blue plaid scarf by JCrew, light brown goatskin field jacket by Hencroft, speckled chambray button-up shirt by Epaulet, navy raw denim by 3Sixteen, brown chromexcel boots by Viberg

3:18 PM DEC 23 2017

Cheap blue jeans, dark blue carhartt jacket, light brown knock off military jacket, black leather cap, grey and red gym shoes

3:25 PM DEC 23 2017

Green knitted jumper, a skirt and thick tights (it's freezing today!), and ankle boots. Rose gold bracelet and earrings

3:26 PM DEC 23 2017

Blue Oxford Blue jeans Gray rain boots Timex X Todd Snyder mil watch

3:31 PM DEC 23 2017

Docs, plaid pants, soundgarden shirt and a loser machine beanie :)

3:31 PM DEC 23 2017

A big smile watching my daughter in her ironic pants, sound garden tee and beanie

3:32 PM DEC 23 2017

The most comfortable nondescript t and jeans in the museum

3:37 PM DEC 23 2017

Cords, black loafers, checked shirt and a sweater that says "Sam de man"

3:39 PM DEC 23 2017

Black Oxford shoes Dark blue jeans Black blouse ---> Bet

3:39 PM DEC 23 2017

Levi's, striped button down shirt and a patterned cashmere sweater. Newest item are my socks.

3:50 PM DEC 23 2017

Kmart and target and jacks

3:50 PM DEC 23 2017

Newcastle knights cap, I love Newy tee, purple pants, hiking boots, plastic glasses

3:56 PM DEC 23 2017

I am wearing a vintage black velvet trench coat, a Placenta Time Bomb band t shirt, black cotton slacks, black canvas vans, a green puma scarf, grey briefs, and white polo tube socks. I have with me a white canvas ll bean bag.

3:56 PM DEC 23 2017

Shirt:Supreme box logo Adidas: adidas original Shoes: adidas original yeezy Boost 350

3:58 PM DEC 23 2017

Black Pacsun jeans, white shirt, black scarf, boots with the fur belonging to my roommate, black head wrap

4:00 PM DEC 23 2017

Brown Sperrys, dark brown khakis, green and blue Brooks Brothers button up, and a black north face vest

4:02 PM DEC 23 2017

BOLAND AUDIO t shirt, Volcom denim, wool socks with Hi-top Vans, ASU hat and my Calvins.

4:09 PM DEC 23 2017

Five golden ringssssssssss

4:09 PM DEC 23 2017

Jeans, a red jersey shirt, black boots and Happiness.

4:23 PM DEC 23 2017

Black doc martens Black mom jeans Khaki long sleeve top

4:29 PM DEC 23 2017

Dark Dr. Martens boots with yellow laces, slim blue jeans, vintage slim Pink Floyd t-shirt, brown leather jacket, ear ring, no hair.

4:31 PM DEC 23 2017

Light grey tshirt, dark blue salopette, red high socks, Dr Martens grey boots with yellow laces, black turtle neck, blue panties, silver earrings and gothic necklace.

4:56 PM DEC 23 2017

I am wearing fuzzy socks, combat boots, leggings, a thrasher hoodie and a leather jacket !

4:57 PM DEC 23 2017

Gucci everything everywhere

4:57 PM DEC 23 2017

A pink hypland long sleeve, black killion pants and flyknits - Nic Mazi

5:12 PM DEC 23 2017

Light blue shirt, blue trousers, brown timberland

5:27 PM DEC 23 2017

Ash navy blue shell dress with garden knitting, black fringe moccasin knee boots, urban letter hoodie with pink sketch accents, oversize floral coat with magenta, olive and off white print. Thanks!

5:34 PM DEC 23 2017

A burnt orange knitted sweater, gray joggers and black vans sneakers with sapphire earrings made by local artists and my tortoiseshell glasses.

5:44 PM DEC 23 2017

Light blue Levi 505's tucked into black hunter rain boots and a sand colored top with cut outs for the shoulders that I stole from my best friend's closet

6:08 PM DEC 23 2017

Blue jeans, vans, white socks, maroon turtleneck, denim jacket

7:29 PM DEC 23 2017

nothing (-;

8:35 PM DEC 23 2017

Black quilted knee length coat, muji grey yak sweater, white crew neck shirt, black stretch pants, low black boots

10:57 AM DEC 24 2017

Vagabond boots, black turtleneck, black & white pants, black coat, and silver wire face earrings

11:21 AM DEC 24 2017

I am wearing a baseball cap scarf tank top sweater leggings black leather boots Dooney and Bourke small across body shoulder bag

11:30 AM DEC 24 2017

Keen hiking boots, grey knit Vans hat, Lacoste watch.

11:53 AM DEC 24 2017

Pants flannel jeans boots

12:32 PM DEC 24 2017

A buttoned black dress over a white turtleneck, black booties, hella gold rings, and of course I'm flexing the Louis Vuitton bag

12:46 PM DEC 24 2017

Nike black zippered hoodie; black @930club T-shirt; Levi's jeans;grey canvas Nike SB sneakers with black swoosh; black Nike socks; Blue NY Mets baseball hat with Orange logo.

12:50 PM DEC 24 2017

Gerry jacket, white sweater, blue striped shirt, black shoes, black socks, black pants, underwear

12:51 PM DEC 24 2017

Jeans, a reddish-maroonish t-shirt, a Lexington science bowl quarter-zip, fuzzy socks, old shoes, new glasses, and a smile :DD

1:13 PM DEC 24 2017

Two pink sparkling shoes, Christmas pants, pink gold dotted shirt with a bow, two braids and a smile

1:17 PM DEC 24 2017

Dad = Grey, white; black plaid western style button down + jeans + black leather converse hi tops + DAU square ring & mondaine watch & horn ear piercings. Mom = Black top with gold paint spatters + Black jeans + Black leather boots + cobalt blue leather feather earrings & shungite necklace. Daughter = Dark blue Desiguale top with sequins and bright shapes + black leggings + black leather ankle boots with studs.

1:18 PM DEC 24 2017

Light up sketchers, grey sweatpants, blue shirt that read "Santa we good" blue ripped jeans, tan uggs, grey shirt with black power fist

1:21 PM DEC 24 2017

hi emily. i'm wearing an oyster colored suit, black button down shirt, black, grey and white argyle socks and stone colored suede sneakers.

1:26 PM DEC 24 2017

Blundstone boots, American Eagle jeans, H&M black sweater, craft fair socks, and a north face jacket.

1:27 PM DEC 24 2017

Tube socks, Tommy Bahamas's Green Pullover, Tennis Shoes, Jeans, stocking cap, puffy coat

1:28 PM DEC 24 2017

Naot black suede short boots, Gap magenta thin wale cords, Banana Republic wide black belt w/ silver buckle, August Silk black full turtle neck, silver hoop earrings, red onion face Swatch watch

1:39 PM DEC 24 2017

Red sweater & green sneakers make up the Christmas portion of my outfit; the rest, I slept in.

2:22 PM DEC 24 2017

Grey coat, black bowling shirt, dark blue jeans, purple socks with bubbles, grey suede sneakers

2:23 PM DEC 24 2017

Yesterday it rained and I slept at my best friends house so I'm wearing rain boots despite the lack of rain today, a pink sweater I commandeered for the day and my very own Levi 505 jeans

2:31 PM DEC 24 2017

Brown Doc Martin hightops; boot cut, blue jeans faded on the quads; green & blue stripped tank top; cotton orange button down men'shirt; black body fit men's workout jacket; black waterproof fleece lined jacket; pink & gray boot socks; blue women's briefs; gray & white cotton bra.

2:39 PM DEC 24 2017

Blue fleece, Jeans, Gray hat, Nike shoes.

10:38 AM DEC 26 2017

checkered Vans, leggings, cropped red hoodie, distressed denim jacket, black suede baseball hat

10:39 AM DEC 26 2017

Emily, I'm wearing: Columbia Hiking Boots Forest Green Khakis Black & Brown Plaid Button-Up Gray NASA Hoodie Glasses Apple Watch Caribbean Clip w/Water Bottle attached -Zack

10:46 AM DEC 26 2017

Old grey sweater, black and copper scarf, unripped black jeans, and black and grey nikes.

11:01 AM DEC 26 2017

Pink sweater, black skater skirt, dr. Martens

11:02 AM DEC 26 2017

Vintage sweater, blue pantalon, yellow janoski's

11:23 AM DEC 26 2017

North Face walking shoes. Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans. Nike TShirt North Face Fleece.

11:46 AM DEC 26 2017

Blue Levi's, Asolo hiking shoes, green North Face thermal long sleeves

11:56 AM DEC 26 2017

Brown Timbaland boots, blue jeans and a yellow Boston Bruins NHL jumper.

11:56 AM DEC 26 2017

A long, ribbed knit under a salt and pepper bell-sleeved, funnel-necked jumper, black ankle-freezer jeans, and white sneakers.

11:57 AM DEC 26 2017

I'm wearing a white shirt with a black and white print of the painting entitled "the great wave of Kanagawa" and black marbled Nike leggings and some black speedy boots

12:04 PM DEC 26 2017

Boyfriend jeans, two pairs of socks, boots, turtle neck knit sweater and a fleece jacket

12:11 PM DEC 26 2017

A warm cashmere pullover a silk scarf with a lot of colors, a brown leather trouser , Nike black comfortable sneakers

12:14 PM DEC 26 2017

Sweatshirt,t-shirt,jeans,ultra boost's,underwear and hair's

12:29 PM DEC 26 2017

I'm wearing a grey knit turtleneck sweater, lululemon yoga pants, and black high top van sneakers

12:29 PM DEC 26 2017

Jeans, close neck top

12:34 PM DEC 26 2017

Black ripped jeans, black long sleeve, black boots, black beanie, black bag ;)

12:34 PM DEC 26 2017

Yeezy yeezy what's good

12:35 PM DEC 26 2017

Ultra boost, jeans, white pullover

12:43 PM DEC 26 2017

I am wearing over the knee tie up boots, a velvet skirt, yoga pants, a khaki colored wool coat, a cashmere infinity scarf, a black turtleneck, and an off white hat with a fuzz ball on top.

12:51 PM DEC 26 2017

I'm wearing a red flannel, joggers, a coat, and boots

1:04 PM DEC 26 2017

Grey sweater, black heathered sweat pants, pink shirt with tassels, glittery socks, fake suede brown boots with fringe

1:10 PM DEC 26 2017

Navy employer branded hoodie, black tank top, grey sweatpants, birkenstocks, pink floral pattern socks

1:12 PM DEC 26 2017

Green plaid button down shirt , wizards hat, adidas sweatpants, Lebron Soldier 13s.

1:15 PM DEC 26 2017

A Chang green wool sweater, J Brand black jeans, DK NY black bodysuit, green Extasia earrings, La Canadian black leather boots

1:16 PM DEC 26 2017

My grandpa is wearing wire rim glasses, purple and green shirt, a gray sweater, black jeans, and Ecco boots. Have a nice day and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS

1:30 PM DEC 26 2017

Dressed like a 40 yr old mom but I'm 18

1:31 PM DEC 26 2017

Knit sweater, medium wash jeans, and white vans

1:32 PM DEC 26 2017

T-shirt leggings and my adidas originals

1:32 PM DEC 26 2017

White sweatshirt, really cute blue jeans, and checkered vans ofc!!!!

1:38 PM DEC 26 2017

Leggings, long sleeve tshirt, jacket, hat, gloves

1:40 PM DEC 26 2017

Black leggings, multi blue sweater, black boots, black cashmere long coat

1:49 PM DEC 26 2017

Black DC shoes, jeans, and a tiedied swirly cat shirt

1:50 PM DEC 26 2017

Pierre cardin men scarf, h&m skinny jeans, polo winter boots, grey tshirt, columbia preppy jacket and target coat.

2:02 PM DEC 26 2017

Black straight leg Vince pants Black v neck target shirt and cami Black underpants Rag and bone multicolor sweater Black knee high socks Black motorcycle boots No jewelry!

2:03 PM DEC 26 2017

White t shirt, green pants, black Chelsea boots

2:06 PM DEC 26 2017

Hoodie pants shoes jacket roses

2:07 PM DEC 26 2017

Extremely lame jacket with lame boots and the lamest of the lamest watch

2:09 PM DEC 26 2017

All black cloths with a hoodie that reads "PUNK IS DAD" on the back

2:12 PM DEC 26 2017

Tan and black boots, light skinny jeans, an oversized black and white knit sweater, black scarf, black winter coat, and a black knit beanie

2:13 PM DEC 26 2017

Maroon khaki pants, with gray adidas shoes, a blue tie dye hoodie, black jacket, and a beanie

2:14 PM DEC 26 2017

Cheat man madafequeurs

2:15 PM DEC 26 2017

Denim button down, black crop flair jeans, paisley neck scarf

2:17 PM DEC 26 2017

Uggs, blue jeans and sweaters

2:23 PM DEC 26 2017

1.Supreme F/W 17 bloom L/S tee 2 Uniqlo joggers 3 adidas yeezy powerphase core grey color way

2:24 PM DEC 26 2017

Fili, age 7: White cotton turtleneck Uniqlo white undershirt Under armour turquoise black and grey shorts Black leggings Adidas soccer sneakers: royalblue and orange w white stripes.

2:26 PM DEC 26 2017

Grey futures, and Blue jeans with a gray button down shirt and a black overcoat

2:27 PM DEC 26 2017

Sweater and jeans, thin jacket, black turtle neck

2:28 PM DEC 26 2017

Light blue denim skinny jeans with dark forest green sued knee high boots along with a matching dark forest green tank top underneath a plum purple sweater with a brown leather jacket and sparkly black choker.

2:52 PM DEC 26 2017

Striped vintage sweater with cut-off sleeves, black highwaisted loose trousers and black boots with heels

2:54 PM DEC 26 2017

Soft pink blouse with flowery design and glitter studs, jeans and black boots

2:58 PM DEC 26 2017

Black skinny jeans, black rm williams, linen white tee, green jumper

2:58 PM DEC 26 2017

Pink fluffy jumper, blue mom jeans, black RM Williams boots, dirty hair.

3:00 PM DEC 26 2017

Converse 70s Hugo boss pants Craig green work shirt Stone island jacket Gildan white tee

3:02 PM DEC 26 2017

Judi Rosen jeans, an old striped shirt, warm ugg boots, a puffy coat for the cold, and a colorful wool scarf that my husband got me in Iceland

3:03 PM DEC 26 2017

Light up sketchers, Andy Warhol hoodie, jeans. I am 5.

3:17 PM DEC 26 2017

Jackets scarfs hats sweaters yoooo

3:19 PM DEC 26 2017

New jackets from Zara

3:19 PM DEC 26 2017

Clothes made of cloth

3:25 PM DEC 26 2017

Jackets pants hats gloves

3:34 PM DEC 26 2017

A plain black short sleeve t-shirt, jeans with star studs, and white low-top Air Force 1s.

3:34 PM DEC 26 2017

A white turtleneck, grey sweater, black leggings, black scarf and black timberlands. Hi omma apa

3:35 PM DEC 26 2017

Grey knit sweater, light wash denim jeans, black low ankle uggs, green plaid scarf

3:35 PM DEC 26 2017

Black 1/4 zip sweater Jeans Black Vince shoes Black Patagonia jacket

3:38 PM DEC 26 2017

Black sneakers, long red winter coat, black sweater with three buttons on shoulder, rubix cube earrings

3:42 PM DEC 26 2017

Puffy winter coat, Camp Mason sweatshirt, Black leggings, Uggs, a blue purse,

3:46 PM DEC 26 2017

Black cowboy boots and an almond fur coat

3:48 PM DEC 26 2017

Cropped white & black turtleneck sweater under a cropped black tee, black flood pants, black belt, barbed wire chain, grey socks, checkered van slipons, green varsity jacket

3:50 PM DEC 26 2017

Hoop earrings, oversized insane clown posse t shirt, grey cashmere knit hoodie, miaou striped navy pants, converse white leather pros, vetements x eastpack backpack

4:03 PM DEC 26 2017

Dad wore a sweater vest under a sweater with khakis from landsend

4:03 PM DEC 26 2017

Black suede boot clogs, pink sweater, pearl necklace, Michelle watch, gap dark jeans, crossbody LV bag, north face coat

4:04 PM DEC 26 2017

Ron was wearing his Ron shirt, which was worse than Ron himself

4:06 PM DEC 26 2017

Sparkly necklace , earrings and bracelet and red stringy hairy scsrf

4:06 PM DEC 26 2017

Slacks and a sweater set- tailored sportswear

4:09 PM DEC 26 2017

Black jeans and sneakers and a tan and black striped tunic sweater

4:10 PM DEC 26 2017

//Green sweater// ripped jeans// bean boots//fuzzy socks//

4:30 PM DEC 26 2017

I am wearing a jacket due to cold weather I wish it was hot

4:32 PM DEC 26 2017

Black turtleneck black "yoga pants" rainbow knitted scarf, black leather sneakers

4:36 PM DEC 26 2017

Boots, tights, white corduroy skirt, red sweater, purple winter coat, purse

4:46 PM DEC 26 2017

Black wool scarf, a blue and grey strip wool dress from Lilith, UGG winter shows, grey stockings

4:50 PM DEC 26 2017

Handmade linen dress, organic cotton leggings, secondhand cashmere sweater, secondhand leather boots, handmade linen scarf.

4:51 PM DEC 26 2017

Knee high boots, leggings, c hook tank top, tribal print blazer and a red/green pashmina

4:54 PM DEC 26 2017

I'm wearing a jackets for the winter and nightmare before Christmas shirts inspired by Tim Burton's the nightmare before Christmas which debut in 1993Always be prepared for the weather

5:04 PM DEC 26 2017

The clothes I am wearing are: Merrell hiking shoes, black leggings by laundry, hoodie tunic by ll bean, wool scarf from a shop in Vermont, and jacket byCalvin Klein.

5:28 PM DEC 26 2017

A brown beanie with gold glitter pieces, white sneakers, mom jeans, a mustard polar neck jersey, a long teal green coat with a faux-fur hood.

6:27 PM DEC 26 2017

tonight i am wearing a selkie's skin

10:09 AM DEC 27 2017

Burgundy coat Black pants Black boots Green button up Black bag Brown scarfWhite glasses

10:50 AM DEC 27 2017

Black velvet leggings, tank top under a snow turtle neck and then a winter colored pullover and then a down jacket. Cashmere scarf and gloves, two pairs of socks, regular nondescript underwear and tall camel Uggs.

10:53 AM DEC 27 2017

Clarks Trigenic*Wind Breaker*BlueJean*Rings

10:53 AM DEC 27 2017

Nike Trainrandor, a Ralph Lauren coat and a t-shirt, a blue jean

10:59 AM DEC 27 2017

Souvenir hoodie from the Natural History Museum, grey and light pink flannel shirt, grey joggings, a beanie, and brown suede vans

11:02 AM DEC 27 2017

Ox blood ankle length doc martins, blue boot cut jeans, and a orange, long sleeved shirt

11:19 AM DEC 27 2017

Boots ,winter coat ,heat tech , tshirt,

11:33 AM DEC 27 2017

Brown boots, two pairs of white socks, black jeans over gray leggings, white beaded camisole, short sleeve beige sweater, gray LEDA hoodie, dark blue winter coat, black gloves (it's very cold today so I've layered everything)

11:36 AM DEC 27 2017

black and white striped sweater, black jeans, pug patterned socks, metallic pink slip on shoes

11:37 AM DEC 27 2017

Jeans, long sleeve black T-shirt

11:39 AM DEC 27 2017

Black and blue winter coat with zip up pockets and jeans

11:39 AM DEC 27 2017

Sweater, shirt, jeans, shoes, socks

11:54 AM DEC 27 2017

Alpaca sweater, black shirt, black pants

11:56 AM DEC 27 2017

Pink weather detector hat,A&F New York shirt, pink pants, brown and black fuzzy boots, jean jacket hoody,blue and purple coat and pink gloves

11:58 AM DEC 27 2017

Pink low top Converse shoes, high-waisted black jeans, a camofluge sweatshirt with a white ski coat and purse

12:02 PM DEC 27 2017

I am wearing an army green Barbour jacket, a grey sweater, an Apple Watch with a leather band, and a pair of blue jeans.

12:04 PM DEC 27 2017

White sweater and black jeans from AEO and black boots with silver embellishments. A #GirlLove rafiki around my neck. And lots and lots of layer underneath because it's SUUUUUPPPPPEERRRR cold.

12:08 PM DEC 27 2017

I'm wearing bright blue sneakers. For pants I am wearing a pair of black jeans on top of a pair of black leggings because it's cold. For my tops, I am wearing a good vibes shirt sweater thing with a little rainbow on it and a Seattle grace hospital sweatshirt on top with a black came underneath it all. I am also wearing a red/maroon jacket with a big fluffy furry hood. I have my hair in a ponytail and large square ish glasses which are black with purple accents on the inside. -Reyna A

12:10 PM DEC 27 2017

Hollister jacket//ugly justice boots//merch sweatshirt//headband//makeup//black jeans//layers of socks//leggings underneath my pants//undergarments//I am amazing this is Diya supppppp

12:12 PM DEC 27 2017

Black bra and underwear, tan knit stockings, wool socks, light blue jeggings, green floral turtle neck with sheer sleeves

12:14 PM DEC 27 2017

Lululemon leggings, urban outfitters sweater, Abercrombie parka, navy supergas .

12:21 PM DEC 27 2017

Steve Madden combat boots, beige. Dark American Eagle jeans. Softblack blousey sweatshirt- Altar'd State Purple FitBit Floral Headband

12:28 PM DEC 27 2017

A light gray turtle neck with military cargo pants, black curb stompers and a dark green down coat with a fur collar

12:40 PM DEC 27 2017

A sweetshirt and a jean

12:41 PM DEC 27 2017

A tee shirt a poll over a gins

12:42 PM DEC 27 2017

Fleece lined leggings, jeans, socks, floral boots, black v neck, patchwork wool sweater

12:46 PM DEC 27 2017

black turtleneck, pink sweater, blue ripped jeans, black tights, white leather backpack, black combat boots

12:51 PM DEC 27 2017

Air Force 1's, purple camo pants, black cashmere turtle neck, 3-M Fila x Barneys puffer coat, My mom's Alexandra Wang bag

12:54 PM DEC 27 2017

Dark blue skinny jeans, blue and white striped man-tailored button-down shirt; light blue cashmere v-neck sweater; blundstone boots

12:57 PM DEC 27 2017

Interplanet Janet's Travels with Chaitime with Mx. Melanie: Currently orbiting Earth wearing an interplanetary suit that is accented with a sparkling imagination.

12:57 PM DEC 27 2017

Jeans, cat woman shirt, uggs, cardigan, and cat ear headband.

1:12 PM DEC 27 2017

Adidas tracksuit with adidas high tops

1:17 PM DEC 27 2017

Hanes underwear, Victoria secret pink and brown dotted bra, socks, Steve Madden boots, 6 remaining stick on nails, target shirt, target sweater, gray peacoat, scarf, hat, Kate spade glasses.

1:17 PM DEC 27 2017

High waisted jeans A sweater Socks Tall Boots Army green coat Scarf

1:18 PM DEC 27 2017

Gap jeans, polo shirt, coat, scarf

1:20 PM DEC 27 2017

black converse, black jeans with rips in the knees, a long sleeve grey t shirt, a black denim sherpa jacket and a black choker

1:24 PM DEC 27 2017

Black boots, socks, scarf, sweater, vest. Burgundy courtaroy trousers. And aura of a fine being

1:34 PM DEC 27 2017

Light grey skinny jeans, a black turtleneck, studded black ankle boots, and a light grey suede rag and bone backpack along with a high ponytail.

1:38 PM DEC 27 2017

Vineyard Vines navy long sleeve, grey RVCA sweatshirt, beige pants, grey vans

1:44 PM DEC 27 2017

Mint shirt, grey sweater, doc martens, sushi socks.

1:46 PM DEC 27 2017

Wool socks. Thick grey jeans. Dad's belt and the buckle Parker gave me. Heavy black boots. Sports bra. Black camisole. Pink love sleeve t-shirt, black cashmere turtleneck sweater. Long, black, hooded, down jacket. Red wool hat-Alpine Modern. Woolen hand dyed scarf. Pink framed sunglasses on standby. Dark green backPack.

1:47 PM DEC 27 2017

Teal sweater, black skinny jeans, Calvin Klein knee highs, goldfish socks (it was cold out) Merelle hiking boots.

1:57 PM DEC 27 2017

A t-shirt and a pant

2:00 PM DEC 27 2017

Jeans Shirts Coats Gloves Hats Scarves Undies Socks Shoes Underclothes like tshirts

2:01 PM DEC 27 2017

Timex Rose Gold Watch, Uniqlo Red Sweater, Uniqlo Light Blue Selvedge Jeans, Vans Boots

2:05 PM DEC 27 2017

Black scottevest brand dinner jacket Black bowler hat Black denim jeans Skechers shoes White overcoat

2:07 PM DEC 27 2017

Black Long underwear top, light brown doctor who tenth doctor dress, ombre grey jeans, brown bog boots, beardo hat without beard, light blue puffy coat, black and white patterned scarf, socks.

2:13 PM DEC 27 2017

White puffy jacket, black hat with pom pom, gray scarf, jeans, gray van high tops

2:17 PM DEC 27 2017

Baby blue crew neck sweater , medium wash jeans, Guinness socks, black booties, pearl earrings

2:17 PM DEC 27 2017

Grey v neck sweater, jeans and black ugg boots

2:21 PM DEC 27 2017

Black shirt, gray ck sweats, and black and white vans

2:26 PM DEC 27 2017

Zara, clarks, primark, pull&bear

2:30 PM DEC 27 2017

Black turtle neck sweater and jeans

2:35 PM DEC 27 2017

Black shirt, western belt, black dress pants, black boots

2:35 PM DEC 27 2017

I'm wearing white jeans and and a white blazer with a pale blue button up shirt. Also, pale mint vans. It's hard to look chic in the winter. Plus, I'm visiting from LA and wanted to represent sunshine.

2:36 PM DEC 27 2017

Yale sweatshirt, dark blue jeans, floral Doc Martens

2:38 PM DEC 27 2017

Black leather leggings, pink sweater, black felt boots,

2:39 PM DEC 27 2017

Black ripped jeans, sneakers, maroon long sleeved peplum top, small side bag and a grey beanie

2:42 PM DEC 27 2017

i'm wearing leather boots, cuffed jeans and a sweater. trying to look like i belong in a museum

2:43 PM DEC 27 2017

I am wearing a black leather jacket, a black wool shirt with red stripes, a red zip polo, black jeans, red socks and a pair of new balance 993's

2:49 PM DEC 27 2017

Blue, brown and white hoodie. Blue corduroys, vans slip-ons

2:53 PM DEC 27 2017

Glasses, converse shoes, leggings, long sweater

2:55 PM DEC 27 2017

Many blue long sweater and stretchy jeans. And I don't what kind of shoes I'm wearing so let's just go with shoes.

2:57 PM DEC 27 2017

Gap jeans, Zara mockneck t-shirt, Free People sweater, Smartwool socks, Blundstone boots, Target earrings

2:59 PM DEC 27 2017

im wearing a long black jacket, a red body suit with blue demin ripped jeans and white adidas

3:01 PM DEC 27 2017

I'm wearing a Concrete color shirt , grey wool paints

3:07 PM DEC 27 2017

Under armor track jacket, stussy shirt, jeans, and Nike prestos

3:07 PM DEC 27 2017

Sweater, yoga pants, Nike training shoes, socks with the hole, blue hair on the arms

3:09 PM DEC 27 2017

Un pul, un pantalon, des bottes, un tshirt a manches longues

3:16 PM DEC 27 2017

Red Blundstones, Ralph Lauren "mom jeans," a brown sweater, and two jackets to keep out the cold.

3:20 PM DEC 27 2017

Red plaid sweater, blue jeans, and brown riding boots

3:21 PM DEC 27 2017

Maroon sweater with white infinity scarf, dark blue jeans and short combat boots

3:21 PM DEC 27 2017

Black converse, black leggings, striped T-shirt, my new favorite sweater, and a necklace from my best friend

3:22 PM DEC 27 2017

White mockneck sweater with blue and red stripes, frayed hem blue jeans, black ankle boots, red socks with white mustached cats

3:24 PM DEC 27 2017

Today I sport a sweatpant and sweater combo. No clash.

3:24 PM DEC 27 2017

Multiple jackets, with scarves and hats and gloves, down Jeans, Tommy Bahama, the classic white t-shirt Comfort, functionality, style that has been re-positioned over the years

3:27 PM DEC 27 2017

Margiella sweater, balenciaga sweatpants

3:33 PM DEC 27 2017

Sports jacket, hand knitted hat, jeans, warm underwear, tennis shoes, smart phone, socks, rings, gold earring(14 year old wears them since she was 1 month old), school hoodie, vest, old navy warm pants.

3:40 PM DEC 27 2017


3:40 PM DEC 27 2017

Moms beige sweater lulu leggings wool and leather boots turquoise socks

3:41 PM DEC 27 2017

Shiny metallic leggings, heeled booties, a black v-neck tank, grey knitted scarf, and a grey/orange down jacket

3:41 PM DEC 27 2017

fuzzy sweatertwo pairs of pantsblack bootsscarf

3:49 PM DEC 27 2017

Black vans with white socks, black Levi jeans, blue long sleeved tshirt with a gray sweater over it. The sweater has no pockets which is infuriating

4:05 PM DEC 27 2017

HeyPatagonia sweater, khaki pants, brown boots

4:07 PM DEC 27 2017

Blue dangle earrings, j crew striped sweeter, ripped jeans, college hat, parka, fuzzy boots, two rings

4:07 PM DEC 27 2017

Leggings, combat boots, leather jacket with olive green fabric

4:12 PM DEC 27 2017

White sneakers, blue socks with pink dots, blue jeans, grey sweater, scarf, black coat and not nearly enough to keep out the cold

4:17 PM DEC 27 2017

Grey sweater, fleece leggings, and uggs. Grey sweater has " no bad vibes " printed on it in red and white .

4:19 PM DEC 27 2017

I am wearing maroon sweater , blue jeans and long black coat.

4:21 PM DEC 27 2017

Today I am wearing two layers of pants , one t-shirt ,two layers of socks ,one black jacket and blue shoes.

4:23 PM DEC 27 2017

Hi Emily! timberland flannel champion sweatshirt alpha industries parka air force ones j crew jeans

4:24 PM DEC 27 2017

Earrings with a pearl in a snakes mouth, plum lipstick that matches my plum puffer jacket, a grey turtleneck, dark denim jeans and Timberland boots.

4:28 PM DEC 27 2017

Percy Is wearing clothes... Warm clothes

4:35 PM DEC 27 2017

Blue Jeanse, red pullover, dark brown shoes

4:40 PM DEC 27 2017

Jane is wearing blue jeans, a black pullover and black shoes

4:41 PM DEC 27 2017

Lilly is wearing blue jeans, light brown shoes ,pink+grey pullover

4:58 PM DEC 27 2017

White Air Force 1 Blue corduroys Flannel shirt Grey wool cardigan Plaid wool scarf Grey cotton t shirt Wool socks

7:27 PM DEC 27 2017

Black sweater black pants tall lack bboots green necklace

7:28 PM DEC 27 2017

Red silk scarf, black v neck sweater- boot cut jeans- Dansco boots - bangles- red lipstick!! Hello Emily- Abby - David Bornstein's wife here!!!

8:54 PM DEC 27 2017

Red beanie, white wool sweater with IRELAND in green letters, old black Levi's with rips, black docs

10:01 AM DEC 28 2017

Doc Martens, green half zip fleece, brown puffer jacket, black mom jeans

10:01 AM DEC 28 2017

Grafters boots , misguided teddy bear coat , gold hoops , charity shop blue jumper and some blue jeans

10:05 AM DEC 28 2017

Clothes you can't afford

10:06 AM DEC 28 2017

Converse chucks, black chinos, navy Polo sweater , black Wellensteyn vest

10:07 AM DEC 28 2017

Clothing you can't afford

10:08 AM DEC 28 2017

Just enough to repel the cold

10:18 AM DEC 28 2017

Cargo pants, David Dobrik merchandise, puffy black jacket, vans shoes and super colorful scarf

10:18 AM DEC 28 2017

Jeans, black sweater, leg warmers, black boots, long black coat and maroon scarf.

10:20 AM DEC 28 2017

Floral scarf Blue button up sweaterRed turtleneck Black corduroys Black hiking boots Cozy socks Long underwear pants Turtle shell glasses Black and white cross body purse

10:46 AM DEC 28 2017

Black leather sneakers, jeans, socks. Underwear, tshirt, confetti sweater & leather bag . Oh yea- bra too

10:53 AM DEC 28 2017

Today I chose to wear something different because of the occasion.Im wearing high waisted jeans, kinda old school, a tight black shirt with long leaves and a green hoodie with small leaves that has a animal on it.

10:54 AM DEC 28 2017

Everyone is wearing beauty inside and out

10:56 AM DEC 28 2017

Hello Emily. I'm wearing a white jumper with the 1975 emblazoned on it in white stitching, a tshirt that says 'pain in women' which depicts the various ways women endure pain, black leggings, nike's and big wooly socks.

10:57 AM DEC 28 2017

I am wearing an off white sweater, a grey camisole, blue jeans, black fleece tights, and grey adidas sneakers

11:13 AM DEC 28 2017

I'm wearing these new black gaucho style pants w cute lil sprays of rhinestones at the cuffs. They're short tho so I had to stick my heattech leggings on underneath and I'm still cold. Black tank top, long beige cardigan, blue & white floral zaras.

11:19 AM DEC 28 2017

Charcoal and magenta north's face winter coat, red/black/grey plaid infinity scarf, black knit cap with brim, light blue sparkly v neck sweater, black jeans, tube socks with the digits of Pi on them, light brown knee high boots

11:45 AM DEC 28 2017

White Hard Rock Cafe's t shirt , blue Abercrombie's jumper wrangler jeans and blue adidas shoes

11:53 AM DEC 28 2017

Black corset, black jeans, fur vest, combat boots

11:54 AM DEC 28 2017

Timbs, skinny jeans, Adidas sweatshirt, green parka, and matching green beanie. It's beanie season.

11:57 AM DEC 28 2017

Pink oversized sweater with black jeans and black ankle boots

11:58 AM DEC 28 2017

Grey northface peacoat Red/navy supreme flannel. John eliott black tee Ralph lauren navy tee Apc petit new standard jeans Black red jordan 1 (2016 release) Active ride shop socks Ralph lauren boxersRolex datejust

12:06 PM DEC 28 2017

Wool coat white leather sneakers grey wool scarf knitted ribbed top

12:06 PM DEC 28 2017

Grey beanie, grey scarf, lime green jacket, polo bear knit jumper, black thermals, navy chinos, white sneakers

12:13 PM DEC 28 2017

Dr martens Levi's Black turtle neck Wool long coat Blanket scarf Mini backpack

12:13 PM DEC 28 2017

College sweatshirt, combat boots, black leggings, tall wool socks.

12:13 PM DEC 28 2017

Levi's Jeans, Nike Roshe's, Black Knit Sweater, Aerie Underwear, Maidenform Bra, Fossil Watch, RayBans Glasses,Tommy Hilfiger Parka, Black Leather Backpack, Pearl Earrings, NYC Necklace

12:18 PM DEC 28 2017

A scarf that diedre knitted

12:18 PM DEC 28 2017

Boots. Jeans. Sweater. It is cold.

12:25 PM DEC 28 2017

Black long sleeve shirt, light washed ripped jeans, black Nike socks, llbean boots, long black coat with fur hood, yellow hat, and multiple rings and necklaces

12:30 PM DEC 28 2017

I am wearing light pink UGGs and dark pink pants and a shirt with different colored flowers on it By Stella McEachern

12:33 PM DEC 28 2017

Black and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt, black cuffed jeans, black socks, adidas Stan smiths

12:37 PM DEC 28 2017

A rose-colored yoga shift, grey leggings, black combat boots, and a unicorn horn necklace. Oh and a puffer coat, hat with headphones built in, & fingerless gloves because NYC is COLD, Y'ALL!

12:43 PM DEC 28 2017

Black EQT shoes, Old Navy Sweatpants that are gray and light green, Ski T-shirt, Team 87 hoodie

12:48 PM DEC 28 2017

A shirt that my son outgrew that says "Visit Mordor" and my wool cardigan and coat purchased from eBay. Jeans. And what the Brits call joggers.

12:51 PM DEC 28 2017

Faded blue jeans, white shirt with royal blue stripes on bodice and sleeves, green fleece sweater with baby blue stripes, navy blue jacket with charcoal lining, tennis shoes with pink botttoms.

12:51 PM DEC 28 2017

Timberland boots, wool socks, Old Navy briefs and Old Navy black jeans. T-shirt from Pied Piper Children's Theater, L.L. Bean wool pullover, plaid flannel. Pea coat and black frame glasses. That's me.

12:54 PM DEC 28 2017

Doctor Who shirt, navy blue sweater, grey and dark aqua coat, grey pants, grey shoes with orange sole.

12:55 PM DEC 28 2017

Grey glasses with red trim, a green, navy blue and white striped shirt, beige pants, grey and brown sneakers, a grey sweater and a navy blue jacket.

1:00 PM DEC 28 2017

Dark pink sweat shirt, light pink high wasted ripped jeans, tan button up uggs, red scrunchy, black winter coat, black over the shoulder purse

1:00 PM DEC 28 2017

Olive green long sleeve polo, down jacket, tan coat, wool scarf, black jeans, adidas

1:02 PM DEC 28 2017

Hiking boots, warm colorful socks, blue jeans, purple long sleeve top, arctryx warm jacket, cream alpaca scarf, blue trench jacket, winter cap. Ell - Australian in NYC

1:08 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue Woolrich jacket, grey jeans and black UGG boots

1:09 PM DEC 28 2017

A sweater

1:12 PM DEC 28 2017

Pink cropped sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and gray Ugg boots

1:12 PM DEC 28 2017

Black Merrill side zip boots Gray wool socks Gap straight leg jeans Black cotton undies from Pact Apparel Purple Calvin Klein bra Black long sleeve T-shirt Irish wool sweater Patagonia down jacket

1:14 PM DEC 28 2017

Black corduroy jeans, black ribbed turtleneck, grey striped turtleneck, burgundy thong, white and maroon sneakers, black and grey striped socks

1:18 PM DEC 28 2017

I'm wearing black leggings with a grey sweater and gold polka dots, and my new duck boots...

1:20 PM DEC 28 2017

Sorel boots, A&C green pants, Calvin Klein black t-shirt with grey long sleeve rag & bone sweater. Nice

1:20 PM DEC 28 2017

Jeans, camel colored wedge sorel boots, gray/green plaid shirt, cream scarf and purple gloves and a black coat

1:21 PM DEC 28 2017

Green knit hat, navy hoodie, dickies pants, huf high tops, supreme underwear

1:21 PM DEC 28 2017

Fuzzy off white quarter zip, light wash jeans, duck boots

1:21 PM DEC 28 2017

Bald guy, puffy coat, jeans, eco shoes

1:22 PM DEC 28 2017

Winter jacket, lame joggers, timberlands

1:23 PM DEC 28 2017

I'm not wearing anything

1:31 PM DEC 28 2017

Seagirt sweatshirt If/Then musical T shirt Old navy black skinny jeans All black nike skate shoes Black nike socks Dr.shols Towne by London fog leather jacket Light blue US Polo boxer briefs

1:38 PM DEC 28 2017

I'm wearing: Black boots, blue jeans, Grey pull, White shirt, red coat and Black gloves.

1:43 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue checker shirt, jeans, grey sweater

1:43 PM DEC 28 2017

A green v neck sweater with a grey turtleneck underneath. I'm wearing black jeans with black Docs and a necklace with my name on it and another one with a moon and star.

1:44 PM DEC 28 2017

Dark brown ankle boots, fuzzy white wool socks, jeans, olive green sweater, brown corduroy jacket, scarf

1:49 PM DEC 28 2017

Golden retriever stitched onto denim jacket, black cropped sweater, black leggings, maroon sneakers

1:50 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue jeans, grey sweatshirt, black boots, grey bra, white underwear, grey socks, white jacket.

1:54 PM DEC 28 2017

I (Sofia Leveratto) am wearing a gray shirt with black leggings, white over the knee socks, black sorel snow boots, a white fuzzy Abercrombie sweater, and an over the knee black Abercrombie jacket.

1:56 PM DEC 28 2017

Watch, coat, jacket, sweater, purse, scarf, hat, gloves, jeans, tights, socks, boots, necklace

1:57 PM DEC 28 2017

A pair of blue jeans, a grey and pink striped t-shirt, a light blue pullover and some random white Nikes

2:00 PM DEC 28 2017

Loose cropped beige pants, black t shirt, bordeaux pull over. White Nike. Gold swatch and ring. Homemade collar in laiton

2:02 PM DEC 28 2017

Layers, layers, layers. 2 black socks , black tights and jeans. White undershirt, black sweater, powder blue fleece, midi grey peacoat, black Pom Pom hat and Aztec inspired blanket scarf

2:05 PM DEC 28 2017

Banana Repiblic Jeans. Johnston and Murphy. Henley flannel. Nordstrom sweater. LL Bean down parka.

2:05 PM DEC 28 2017

Black beanie, Black denim overalls, White tee, White vans high tops.

2:06 PM DEC 28 2017

What i am wearing: Ugg boots Black leggings Gray top Long fur hood Macy's down white coat Heart necklace (gold)

2:11 PM DEC 28 2017

I am wearing two sweaters, leggings, jeans, and uggs. It is brutally cold outside!!!

2:13 PM DEC 28 2017

classic timberland shoes, wool socks, black athletic leggings, uniof miami crew neck sweatshirt, mid-thigh puffer calvin klein coat,handknitted wool scarf by my mum

2:22 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue wool socks for a second day, worn at the toes but warm.Soft cat sweater-yellow and black, with a white turtle neck underneath ,And cozy warm wool socks

2:26 PM DEC 28 2017

Hollister clothing :)

2:26 PM DEC 28 2017

Mom jeans, leather boots, orange socks, striped turtleneck, scarf, and beret :)

2:30 PM DEC 28 2017

Tennis shoes, sweat pants, athletic socks, Vikings jersey, Yankees jacket, Fitbit and spectacles

2:30 PM DEC 28 2017

A scarf from my mother, red turtleneck, oversized rod Stewart shirt, fitted dark jeans, puffy green jacket

2:33 PM DEC 28 2017

Olive long sleeve, black jogger pants, work boots. Black coat with fur hood, leggings, knee high socks with tall boots, and holding my boyfriend's two coats.

2:35 PM DEC 28 2017

American Eagle ripped jeans, fringe booties, grey long sleeve shirt, h&m shag jacket

2:41 PM DEC 28 2017

Flannel leggings from cvs, shearing coat, 10 yrs. red Marino wool turtleneck sweater, cashmere black sweater, ugs black shearing boots, lord and Taylor, black jeans, Chico's, hand knitted hat with pompon, knitted by Diane. Ugs shearing gloves from Lord and Taylor.

2:42 PM DEC 28 2017

Cowl neck dress from Anthropolgy. Black fur lined boots by Ugg. Beige zippered 3/4 coat from J. Crew. Mohair scarf multi shades of beige . Old and don't remember where I bought it. Ear muffs black from Target. Outside temperature 17 degrees. From TN where the weather is better!

2:57 PM DEC 28 2017

My grandma's brown & soft coat, black jeans, a blue sweater with asun pattern, dark rainbow scarf, blue sneakers.

3:04 PM DEC 28 2017

2 thermal long sleeves as based then a fleece over it. Canada goose jacket to seal the deal. A hat a scarf and gloves which I managed to keep a pair of. Still flipping cold ......

3:06 PM DEC 28 2017

Sweaters and a lot of leggings a top coat and beanie

3:09 PM DEC 28 2017

A black cap with a flazada face on it, a white t-shirt with black stripes, a navy jean, socks with roses on it, and white shoes

3:10 PM DEC 28 2017

A black sweater, red chord pants and black boots. Cheers

3:10 PM DEC 28 2017

Checkered sweater checkered shirt checkered pants black shoes

3:11 PM DEC 28 2017

Sand Sweater, long cut sand t-shirt, black ripped jeans

3:12 PM DEC 28 2017

My friend wears a black Stan Smith without socks because his feet are hairy, a green anti social social hoodie with brown jacket and a ripped black cap. He also wears a silver earring

3:16 PM DEC 28 2017

Checkers old skool vans white socks dark green straight leg pants black Patagonia fleece w purple trim and s black GOLF tee over a black long sleeve

3:16 PM DEC 28 2017

I'm wearing Air Jordan 4 Retro in the Oreo color way, medium wash jean joggers, navy blue sweater and black coat.

3:20 PM DEC 28 2017

Heavy blue sweater Levi's mountain boots

3:21 PM DEC 28 2017

Japanese jeans, Ugg boots, Eileen Fisher sweater and shirt, Club Monaco grey wool scarf, smart wool socks, warby parker glasses.

3:25 PM DEC 28 2017

RM Williams boots Levi's black jeans White t shirt Ralph Lauren sweater Our Legacy denim zip jacket No Nationality mac jacket

3:26 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue unicorn sweater, jeans, teal sparkly leg warmers, fluffy socks, and a flower headband

3:29 PM DEC 28 2017

Gray sweater (cozy & warm!!), jeans with soy sauce stains, red sneaks

3:29 PM DEC 28 2017

Thrifted bomber jacket and sweater with dark wash jeans, ski socks (it's cold!!!), and black boots

3:33 PM DEC 28 2017

Boots, slacks, t-neck sweater, 3 scarves, hat, long black heavy wool coat, gloves, sunglasses, red lipstick. An armload of bangles.

3:34 PM DEC 28 2017

Modern red hat fluffy white scarf colorful butterflies in gray sweatshirt with neon yellow corduroy pants. Gray Ugg's.Navy blue fisherman sweater over gold white polka dot longsleeve T-shirt with cream velvet jeans. Grey uggs. Navy bow in hair.

3:37 PM DEC 28 2017

.... and jeans.

3:38 PM DEC 28 2017

Boots, jeans, flannel tunic, silk scarf, cashmere scarf, black puffer coat, thick wool scarf, shearling hat, leather gloves. Sunglasses.

3:46 PM DEC 28 2017

A camo sweater, skinny blue jeans, brown leather boots, yellow socks with french bulldogs wearing red heels on them.

3:48 PM DEC 28 2017

Today I'm wearing my old pair of vegan leather boots (though I'm not vegan), crimson wool coat, navy trousers, grey bell sleeve jersey shirt, tortoiseshell frames, evergreen socks, dusty pink thong, purple lace bra

4:01 PM DEC 28 2017

Red wool coat, gray poncho sweater, blue cashmere sweater, black long sleeved shirt, black leggings, tall black Coach boots. Plus undies and socks of course. I'm carrying my super cozy furry hat with ear flaps, leopard print gloves, and some sharp new duds from the Uniqlo flagship store down the street!

4:02 PM DEC 28 2017

300 game bowling ring, large jacket with lots of pockets

4:04 PM DEC 28 2017

Fleece leggings, hoodie on top of a hoodie, thick socks and boots, pussy hat, handmade black scarf, watch and a wannabe Fitbit

4:08 PM DEC 28 2017

Uggs, jeans, turtleneck, long jacket, scarf, hat

4:17 PM DEC 28 2017

I am wearing a merino wool purple and gray sweater, a multicolored scarf, jeans, tights, socks and short black leather boots.

4:18 PM DEC 28 2017

Jeans and a coat and a Rutgers university sweater

4:22 PM DEC 28 2017

Black jeans, grey crewneck sweatshirt, grey suede desert boots, light khaki trench coat

4:31 PM DEC 28 2017

Puffer coat with ugg boots

4:36 PM DEC 28 2017

Forest green corduroy overalls, blue and white striped turtleneck, salmon cashmere sweater, black leather boots, and a gold bee hair clip.

4:49 PM DEC 28 2017

Black boots, black jeans, black & gray turtleneck, black sweater, black & gray scarf, black hat. I like black.

4:51 PM DEC 28 2017

gildan hooded sweatshirt, levi's 511 dark blue jeans, insulated blundstone boots, wigwam crew socks

4:51 PM DEC 28 2017

Thrifted ugly sweater, cuffed jeans, vintage steampunk work boots, Ukrainian market bracelet

4:52 PM DEC 28 2017

Black 3/4 length boatneck black, dark purple jeans, ankle black booties, black quilted vest, long black and gold sequined scarf (self made)

4:53 PM DEC 28 2017

I have no undies so I'm going commando, grey beanie and gloves though, politix jacket and jack and jones jeans. Topped off with some lip balm.

4:55 PM DEC 28 2017

Black pea coat, black manduka sweatshirt, light blue jeans, brown Johnston and Murphy boots

4:58 PM DEC 28 2017

Blue,grey,green socks

5:00 PM DEC 28 2017

Matt is wearing 3 pairs of pants - 2 long johns and jeans, forest green thermal shirt, long black dress coat, and grey striped scarf, and black oxfords.

5:03 PM DEC 28 2017

Grete wears jeans with leggings, charcoal wool sweater, a red and black plaid scarf, pea coat, a bright red winter hat, mittens, and sneakers.

10:22 AM DEC 29 2017

Hi! I`m wearing leggings, a tunic, scarf, and leg warmers.

10:23 AM DEC 29 2017

Sweater blouse and skinny cords by CAbi, uniqlo thermals, Franco Sarto suede ankle boots, jcrew leather tote, Tokyobay watch, banana republic earrings.

10:38 AM DEC 29 2017

Anti social social club hoodie, dsrcv track pants and Just Don air forces

11:04 AM DEC 29 2017

Under armor boxer briefs, Nike t-shirt, 7 for all mankind jeans, TAD gear Ranger Hoodie, Aero leather jacket

11:22 AM DEC 29 2017

Hair scruchie, gap sweater, free people overalls, ankle boots, initial necklace

11:24 AM DEC 29 2017

Blue jeans and black tshirt

11:25 AM DEC 29 2017

Black leggings, white (really soft) jumper and black and white shoes :)

11:27 AM DEC 29 2017

Tall black boots, vintage dress with geometric shapes, green plaid scarf, ceramic and leather earrings, black cardigan, black leggings, fur ear warmers and black hooded down winter coat.

11:30 AM DEC 29 2017

I'm mostly wearing garments I designed myself...they are one of a kind. Tapered green pants with black zippers and embroidered text. A black and white plaid shirt with upcycled t-shirt pieces quilted on the back and side zips. My two finger ring was designed by my partner and my love, and shows phases of the moon and the symbol of my Sagittarius birth sign.

11:48 AM DEC 29 2017

Today I am wearing Grey Nikes, Wool Socks, Blue Jeans, a brown leather belt, and an Arundel High School t-shirt. It is cold!

11:48 AM DEC 29 2017

Warm socks! It is cold. Plus a cowboys shirt, jeans and sneakers.. Go Cowboys!

11:51 AM DEC 29 2017

Lulu lemon sweat shirt, nike shirt, jeans, north face hat and winter jacket.

11:54 AM DEC 29 2017

Blue sport pants, sneakers, blue cotton shirt, red sweatshirt with soft grey lining

12:01 PM DEC 29 2017

Black boots, green socks, blue jeans, brown belt, a dark blue t-shirt, cream sweater, black coat, and a purple-and-blue patterned scarf from Edinburgh.

12:03 PM DEC 29 2017

Distrikt grey hoodie, Brown uggs, hollister jeans, and a blue jacket

12:03 PM DEC 29 2017

Maroon hoodie, blue jeans, Stan Smith's, 2 pairs of socks, and a beige coat

12:05 PM DEC 29 2017

Clothes sneakers and gloves

12:07 PM DEC 29 2017

Christiano Ronaldo Nike Air Force 1s, Levi's 503s, Uniqlo extra warm long sleeved shirt, Uniqlo hoodie, H&M heavy parka with fur hood

12:08 PM DEC 29 2017

black boots, maroon fuzzy socks, blue jeans, grey Basquiat shirt, thermal shirt and leggings, long black overcoat. essentially, too many layers.

12:11 PM DEC 29 2017

Sweatshirt, tshirt, jeans

12:13 PM DEC 29 2017

Turquoise oversized fanny pack

12:13 PM DEC 29 2017

Black turtleneck black and white long sleeve black leggings black jeans it's cold

12:26 PM DEC 29 2017

Pink fuzzy socks, cream Timberland boots, knit leggings, white turtleneck sweater, parka, maroon hat with pom pom

12:27 PM DEC 29 2017

Black mom jeans, a black top and a fuzzy white sweater on top. I have on adidas superstars and black and white fuzzy socks.

12:27 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing blue jeans and a a teal blue polo with a black leather jacket and brown shoes

12:30 PM DEC 29 2017

Black sweater, black and white stripe skirt, black stockings, white connies

12:32 PM DEC 29 2017

Grey skinny jeans, black turtle neck, docs and a big black puffer coat

12:33 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm sporting a rather stylish white Levi's hoodie, a cheeky pair of h&m jeans and some norty little CR7 astroturfs

12:38 PM DEC 29 2017

Jeans + grey winter socks + sport shoes + tee-shirt + fleece jacket + colourful scarf + dark blue coat

12:41 PM DEC 29 2017

Longsleeve black wool shirt, black wool skirt, athletes leggings, tall black teva books, wool socks, grey leg warmers, a black knit fleece lined hat, black mascara, space grey Apple Watch, black hair elastics, and a burgandy cross body bag and a blue knit infinity scarf

12:42 PM DEC 29 2017

I just wear wife calls it 'my uniform'...

12:44 PM DEC 29 2017

H&M turtleneck over NY Fire Department t-shirt, leggings, 2 pairs socks, rubber boots, beanie - all over the top of thermals. It's cold today

12:47 PM DEC 29 2017

Skechers boots, Levi's 501, Mango Pullover, Cubanas Bag

12:53 PM DEC 29 2017

Home sewn fleece skirt with vintage lace doily.

12:53 PM DEC 29 2017

Blue polo shirt, navy fleece top, grey Under Armour, blue jeans (a bit worn), wool ski socks and Hoka running shoes

12:58 PM DEC 29 2017

Brown combat boots, black jeans, fleece sweater, and grey coat. It's cold out there! Purple knit scarves and beanie

12:58 PM DEC 29 2017

Winter coat, scarf, corduroy pants, flat bottom shoes

12:58 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing a black Lands End turtleneck, a black and white wool sweater from Anthropologie, a luxurious red silk scarf from the Met museum, black running tights, and gray fake Uggs from Costco. BeigeVanity Fair panties, beige Warner bra, and black knee socks.

1:04 PM DEC 29 2017

desert boots, khakis, grey cotton t shirt, flannel button down, wristband, leather watch

1:12 PM DEC 29 2017

Brown cashmere sweater, brown corduroy pants and silver Dr. Martens. Jeans, sweater, flannel, it's cold out there!

1:13 PM DEC 29 2017

Nike leggings under denim jeans, tank top, 2 long sleeve shirts, fleece, puffy jacket, 2 pairs of socks and toe warmers, cashmere scarf, beanie and gloves.

1:14 PM DEC 29 2017

Light pink boots, sparkly yellow socks, mom jeans, black long sleeve 4 necklaces

1:15 PM DEC 29 2017

Wearing 2 layers of old pants and 3 shirts I would never put together ... it's cold and what doesn't matter IS fashion

1:20 PM DEC 29 2017

Dr. Martin's, Uniqlo leggings, Love Your Melon hat

1:26 PM DEC 29 2017

Brown Air Force 1 mids, customized carhartt work pants, carhartt WIP plain grey hoodie, kamil Abbas beanie

1:27 PM DEC 29 2017

1995 Florida Panthers Hockey Jersey Black Slim Jeans Columbia Dark Brown Boots Accompanied by my camera and orange strap

1:27 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing a grey long sleeve sweater made of wool with dark blue Levi jeans and black Steve Madden combat boots and a black michael kors clutch

1:30 PM DEC 29 2017

Black underwear, black spaghetti strap top, green cashmere socks, white shirt, blue wool pants, beige cashmere sweater, black wool jacket, red cashmere scarf. Trying to keep warm.

1:36 PM DEC 29 2017

Shirt- grey striped flannel, madewell Pants- black leggings Shoes- black matte boots, doc martens

1:42 PM DEC 29 2017

Black and white Henley, jeans, beanie hat, silky drawers, socks, Merrill shoes

1:44 PM DEC 29 2017

i am wearing: t-shirt, tank top, briefs, jeans, tubes socks, boots, bowler, sweater, light canvas jacket, heavy fur lined leather jacket, blue specs, woolinfinity scarf, wood watch, nail polish, pink howlite gauges.and a beard.

1:44 PM DEC 29 2017

Adidas sweat shirt that is making me sweat,gray almost pajama pants hiking boots that won't tie and red and black shirt that is wow

1:49 PM DEC 29 2017

Gray turtleneck, faded boot cut jeans from 2007, black boots, multicolored Tibetan scarf

1:51 PM DEC 29 2017

Pink sweater, gray pants, black boots, smile.

1:56 PM DEC 29 2017

Red Neff Mickey Mouse hoodie, blue skinny jeans, pink Nike Hurraches, camo jacket

1:59 PM DEC 29 2017

Jackets, skirt, wool hat

1:59 PM DEC 29 2017

Down jackets, jeans sweater socks training shoes and a hat

2:01 PM DEC 29 2017

Red long sleeve collard shirt (boyfriend's), gray wool skirt, gray sweater, pig tails, band pin (friends), two pairs of black leggings (it's freezing), thick black wool socks, brown boots.

2:02 PM DEC 29 2017

Down jacket, a hat, gloves, a scarf glasses, training shoes, a gray tone sur tone sweatshirt with geometrical patterns on the collar and cuffs

2:08 PM DEC 29 2017

Wool socks Vegan boots Skinny blue jeans Cuddle duds Long sleeved shirt Knit sweater Infinity scarf

2:13 PM DEC 29 2017

Calvin Kline glasses Coobie bra Red infinity scarf from Target Blue, black, and red sweater from the 80s, directly out of my grandfathers closet Black lands end long sleeve shirt Navy lauren Conrad leggings Lauren Conrad jeans Black belt from target Socks from Target Black suede wedge boots

2:17 PM DEC 29 2017

Frye wingtip boots, bottle green corduroy pants, red plaid flannel, brown pendelton sweater, Canada goose coat, tissot watch

2:19 PM DEC 29 2017

My companion is my son and he is wearing pink sweater and grey sweatpants

2:20 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing human fecal matter here xD

2:23 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing doc martens, jeans, a denim shirt, a kimono-ish jacket necklace and blue wool coat

2:25 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing a black dolman sleeve tee with a scoop neck & cut outs on the arms. I have on Pink jeans with a bright red, black & pink bold design. Black, suede, above the ankle, shearling lined boots. A bronze Cole Haan cross body bag with a gold chain. Earrings with silver spring bead, clear glass bead with red glitter flakes. Yellow & burgundy socks with "The Kiss" woven into them. Lastly a strapless nude bra & nothing else!

2:30 PM DEC 29 2017

Red hat, brown/ black checkered scarf, white long-sleeved shirt, black sweater, black pants

2:43 PM DEC 29 2017

White shirt and black pants like every day. But today I've added a black sweater.

2:43 PM DEC 29 2017

A funky hat and those pants that unzip into shorts!

2:48 PM DEC 29 2017

Another funky hat and a strip of bacon! ;)

2:52 PM DEC 29 2017

Ralph Loren pullover, Gap t-shirt, Jacob Cohen jeans, Nero. Giardini sneakers.

2:55 PM DEC 29 2017

Two layers of black leggings, black winter boots, yellow sweater, brown printed scarf, black winter jacket.

3:00 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing some ugg neumel boots, black fleece joggers, red flannel buttoned up, and a grey beanie

3:08 PM DEC 29 2017

Classic Levi black jeans- Saks black cashmere sweater v-neck/ Calvin Klein blue checked shirt/ black Johnston and Murphy overcoat w hand knitted black cashmere scarf. Shoes by Samuel Hubbard black.

3:09 PM DEC 29 2017

Black skinny jeans, a vans shirt, two twenty one pilots jumpers and blue adidas trainers.

3:09 PM DEC 29 2017

Hiking shoes, skinny jeans, Jigsaw shirt, merino sweater, Tag watch.

3:12 PM DEC 29 2017

Declan McKenna jumper, blue and red vans shirt, black skinny jeans, black converse and thick socks.

3:13 PM DEC 29 2017

North Face walking shoes, red diamonds-on-black socks, black trousers, boxer briefs, purple and black check ted baker shirt, blue wool sweater, red and black reading glasses. Striped scarf and long black coat are in the coat check.

3:15 PM DEC 29 2017

Vineyard Vines shirt with skiing whale, dark gray Fula joggers Under Armour socks, Nike shoes, and north face jacket

3:20 PM DEC 29 2017

Dark Brown Wolverine boots Light brown Levi Chinos Navy blue polka dot button down

3:29 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing a smile with gold lipstick. Stevie

3:32 PM DEC 29 2017

Green beanie, green north face, grey leggings, ugg boots

3:33 PM DEC 29 2017

Black athletic leggings, oversized black hooded robe sweater, shaded blue scarf and socks, and black uggs

4:01 PM DEC 29 2017

Buffalo plaid flannel shirt, skinny jeans, knee high boots, puffer coat, Warby Parker glasses

4:05 PM DEC 29 2017

Jeans, wool sweaters, vans, sneakers, polo shirt

4:26 PM DEC 29 2017

White mountain booties and a black and white cardigan

4:26 PM DEC 29 2017

MoMA exhibit -Black chunky heel ankle booties -Dark Denim bootcut jeans -Teal boutique woven sweater -Olive green knee length Nine West double breasted peacoat -GILI bronze crossbody purse

4:26 PM DEC 29 2017

Blue jeans. Black leather boot. Pink cashmere sweater. Black vest

4:26 PM DEC 29 2017

Light grey sweater with a laced up v neck, light wash ripped girlfriend jeans, duck boots

4:27 PM DEC 29 2017

Black Nike shoes, olive green high pants, beige turtle neck, long beige and black Cyrus sweater, red scarf, and beige beanie.

4:27 PM DEC 29 2017

Athletic tee, boxer briefs, plaid button down shirt, gray jeans, white socks (sssh don't tell anybody), brown belt, Skagen watch, andChelsea boots.

4:29 PM DEC 29 2017

Chestnut Uggs, tights, leggings and jeans, and a blue and gold McQueen dress. A leather jacket with a mink vest over it, and a Columbia fleece, North Face jacket, and LL bean overcoat with a white hat and a Prada purse

4:32 PM DEC 29 2017

Black jeans Re d tuque New balance shoes Kanuk winter jacket

4:33 PM DEC 29 2017

He's wearing Nike red sneakers, blue jeans, a black coat with fur and a electric orange vest underneath. And I love him!

4:38 PM DEC 29 2017

Blue knit leggings, black long sleeve tshirt, knitted black boot socks, brown Tommy Hilfiger boots and a black coat

4:47 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing exposed heart and light

4:48 PM DEC 29 2017

Jeans, tshirt,shoes, coat

4:49 PM DEC 29 2017

Cozy tight and workout T-shirt under darker green turtleneck with wonderful sparkly blue long starbof david necklace

4:49 PM DEC 29 2017

Green scarf, grey hat, black jacket, purple shirt, blue jeans, grey shoes

4:50 PM DEC 29 2017

Shoes are too hot, cold outside

4:50 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing my new 700 jacket. I'd hoped that the name implied the temperature below zero the jacket would keep me warm but it's not so. Ocean State Job lot military shoes works

4:59 PM DEC 29 2017

Leopard print long underwear, black wool pants, blue cotton long sleeved shirt, white Caron Callahan sweater, boots, down vest, down coat, furry hat, scarf with camels on it

5:01 PM DEC 29 2017

Pink H&M sweaters and jeans, purple Nike sneakers, black Calvin Klein winter jacket, black and white scarf, maroon beanie and gloves, and round glasses

5:10 PM DEC 29 2017

Chestnut uggs (new!) and lots of layers-tights jeans leggings Black Lace dress, two sweaters, a coat and a shell

5:20 PM DEC 29 2017

Target's undies, Victoria secret's bra, Aeropostale jeans, uniqlo knitted sweater and Calvin Klein scarf. Black socks and adidas superstar shoes.

5:23 PM DEC 29 2017

Gap merino wool grey turtle neck, high waisted black jeans , classic black doc martens, see through lace bralet, Zara oversized blanket scarf, Patagonia

5:30 PM DEC 29 2017

Red holiday sweater with a delightful holiday print on the front

5:34 PM DEC 29 2017

Grey "The Door" hoodie, plaid green flannel button down, patterned slacks, tan socks, and grey distressed combat boots. With a burnt orange peacoat with pins galore!

5:34 PM DEC 29 2017

I wearing boots with jeans coat my friend is wearing sneakers grey sweats coat handmade scarf black hoodie and a hat

5:47 PM DEC 29 2017

Medium wash denim skinny jeans, tan Clark's ankle boots, long darkpurple sweater, black leather tote bag.

5:51 PM DEC 29 2017

Gray Nike SBs, dark wash American Eagle jeans, American Eagle maroon sweater, gray Carhart baseball hat. Nolie Hill

5:54 PM DEC 29 2017

Black jeans with black leggings underneath. Green sweater with a black body suit underneath. Two pairs of socks. Black combat boots. Gray infinity scarf. Red jacket!

5:56 PM DEC 29 2017

Lumberjack shirt, old jeans and a big jacket

5:58 PM DEC 29 2017

Green and brown sweater, full of totoros, calcifers and no-faces, all characters of ghibli's studio. A blue jean and worm shoes.

6:06 PM DEC 29 2017

Red hoodie, black 511, white blue adidas varial sneaker, black leather jacket.

6:14 PM DEC 29 2017

Timbs w ripped jeans brown fuzzy hoodie n black over sized puffer jacket

6:23 PM DEC 29 2017

A yellow h&m coat, orange h&m toque, green Zara pant,white Zara shoe. And a camera :)

6:47 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing a red Michael Kors Wool coat with a gold, off center zipper over a hand knit off white Irish sweater and a red long sleeve t short from thegap. On the bottom I have tan corduroys from banana republic over black fleece tights with smart wool socks in gray and pink. I have big gray fake fur lined snow boots on, plus a long striped red yellow black and purple scarf from Anne Klein, red leather gloves from Florence with my initials on the cuffs, and a white and gray Arctic fox hat I bought at a second hand Soviet store in Russia. It is very puffy and round with no ear flaps. Normal bra and underwear.

6:57 PM DEC 29 2017

I'm wearing a black long sleeved Tshirt, black jeans, black boots, a Led Zeppelin sweatshirt, leather jacket and fingerless leather gloves :D

6:59 PM DEC 29 2017

Leggings, pants, tank top, long sleeve shirt, sweater, boots, scarf, coat

7:00 PM DEC 29 2017

I am wearing jeans with a blue flannel. On top of that I'm wearing a black sweatshirt and an olive jacket. I am wearing timberland boots and I'm wearing an infinity scarf and Penn State winter hat.

7:02 PM DEC 29 2017

Gray hat, long gray scarf, gray coat with faux fur trim, jeans, red Nike Cortez

7:03 PM DEC 29 2017

Blue jeans, black boots, black coat and galactic scarf #style

7:09 PM DEC 29 2017

Wine colored jocks, two pairs of striped socks, grey tartan trousers, a black tee with orange text (frayed. old.), blue jumper (first wear. v special), big heavy green coat with fur trim, tan and beige leather shoes. Still cold.

7:13 PM DEC 29 2017

Sweater and jeans with winter hat

7:15 PM DEC 29 2017

Winter jacket with big long scarf over a black and white striped body suit

7:16 PM DEC 29 2017

Black jacket, blue denim jeans, black gloves, black boots, Beige shin high socks, blue shirt, gray undershirt, black and silver underwear

7:19 PM DEC 29 2017

Black jeans, grey/purple flannel, puffy black parka with fur hood, black surgical mask, chipped black nail polish, mismatched Champion socks, day old black eyeliner

7:53 PM DEC 29 2017

New boatneck navy shirt, skinny gray pants I wore to work, black wedge boots, blue floral printed scarf.

7:55 PM DEC 29 2017

Aquamarine NorthFace jacket, red Harvard sweater, winter camo pants, and blue curry 3s.

7:55 PM DEC 29 2017

i'm wearing some docs, black jeans, and a big ol ugly grandpa sweater!!!

7:55 PM DEC 29 2017

Work boots, olive corduroy pants, red LLBean Flannel shirt, Canon DSLR.

8:10 PM DEC 29 2017

Maddie is wearing an owl t-shirt with pink pants and Sorel boots!

8:24 PM DEC 29 2017

Orange Reebok high tops, olive green jumpsuit, and a whole buncha layers underneath

8:35 PM DEC 29 2017

Zip pullover, army parka, orange laced skaters, newsboy hat

10:59 AM DEC 30 2017

A Star Wars t-shirt over a warm shirt with regular jeans and sneakers :)

11:02 AM DEC 30 2017

Supreme hoodie bape pants Louis Vitton jacket adidas futurecraft 4d shoes

11:20 AM DEC 30 2017

Brown leather shoes, khaki pants, brown leather belt, white button down shirt, navy blue blazer, red and buff striped tie

11:20 AM DEC 30 2017

Black jeans, black shoes, black turtleneck pullover... yes looks like it fits

11:23 AM DEC 30 2017

Black sneakers with super long laces Green-grey wool knee socks Grey denim jeans 2 sizes too large Oversize green-grey wool hunting socks cut to serve as leg warmers Budget multicolor underwear Yellow short sleeve t-shirt with logos Silk long sleeve thermal underwear Burgundy short sleeve t-shirt with logos Black long sleeve wool sweater three sizes too large, given to me by a beloved friend who has now moved away

11:29 AM DEC 30 2017

Under Armour jacket and pants, Nike glasses and shoes

11:39 AM DEC 30 2017

A red striped black dress. A red leaf necklace. Big black winter snow boots. Wedding ring. Black pants.

11:44 AM DEC 30 2017

Camo cargo pants, tie dye Florida t shirt, sparkly cardigan, heart of te fiti necklace and gold boots

11:48 AM DEC 30 2017

Black blundstone boots, black jeans, pink collared shirt, burgundy cardigan

11:50 AM DEC 30 2017

H&M Overalls, Brown Doc Martens, Tommy Hilfiger baseball hat, plaid bomber jacket, NYU long sleeve, UO glasses

11:52 AM DEC 30 2017

A Hawaiian hula skirt and a sleeveless rainbow t shirt and sandals :))

11:54 AM DEC 30 2017

Black floral cami under a black tank top under a sleeveless white button up --with lace detailing near the collar-- under an emerald knit sweater under a black puffy jacket. Black fleece leggings under a black fluffy skirt. Floral knee high socks under the leggings with olive corduroy slipons. Oh, and a scarf on. Knit hat and gloves in my pockets. What can I say, I'm a native Floridian seeing snow for the first time;

11:58 AM DEC 30 2017

Some toasty mittens bought in Michigan, a sleek under Armour quarter zip, a red t shirt, jeans, and vans

12:04 PM DEC 30 2017

Black sweatshirt, white Basquiat t-shirt, blue corduroys, my brother's really comfy socks, Dr. Marten's boots, red Swatch, Warby Parker glasses

12:06 PM DEC 30 2017

Today I am wearing dark blue leggings very thick socks and snow boots.i am wearing a thermal vest and a long sleeves top and a thick fluffy cardigan and a coat. Love Lielle from London I am seven.

12:13 PM DEC 30 2017

Silver and black watch, black warm t-shirt, blue like ocean t-shirt above, deep black pants, blue's in war socks and a brown shoes for walk and finish.

12:23 PM DEC 30 2017

Blue jacket. That is all.

12:29 PM DEC 30 2017

Swag pink ,scarf black ,boots leather jacket ,with a white jacket under it and white tea shirt under that and Christmas Nike socks.....Eleven year old twin boy from Texas .

12:29 PM DEC 30 2017

Swaggy pink scarf, athletic shoes, Nike socks a leather jacket cool sweater and a swaggy pink hat..........I am an 11 year old boy!

12:33 PM DEC 30 2017

Layers...everything almost velvet and a warm coat

12:34 PM DEC 30 2017

Jacket,Sweater,T-Shirt onions!,pants

12:36 PM DEC 30 2017

Sleeping bag coat and my snow clogs

12:40 PM DEC 30 2017

Grey sweater from pink, black Nike joggers, brown ugg boots, grey socks, purple jacket from northface ---- Leah D

12:50 PM DEC 30 2017

Black knit sweater, blue jeans, combat boots, thick blue hat with stripes

12:50 PM DEC 30 2017

Gray zip up hoodie, red h&m shirt, casual jeans, black Nike sneakers

12:51 PM DEC 30 2017

Jacket jeans socks shoes t shirt sweat shirt glasses

1:08 PM DEC 30 2017

I'm wearing a green and black flannel, a red flannel scarf, gray skinny jeans, hiking boots and new Christmas socks. And glasses. And my small green purse/backpack.

1:09 PM DEC 30 2017

Black Wolverine boots, black wool socks, black Uni-qlo chino pants, black All Saints Tshirt, green J Crew sweater and grey Thinsulate cap

1:13 PM DEC 30 2017

sneakers khakis green flannel and quarter zip sweater and navy blue winter coat - it's cold lol

1:13 PM DEC 30 2017

A stripy jumper, red long sleeved top, thermal vest, black skinny jeans, two pairs of socks, walking boots

1:13 PM DEC 30 2017

Jeans, uggs, white long sleeve t, long sleeveless sweater vest that hits at the knee. Bracelets (Alex and ani) and earrings

1:14 PM DEC 30 2017

Fluffy red h&m jumper, black skinny jeans, 2 pairs of socks and black timberlands

1:20 PM DEC 30 2017

white "colorado" long sleeved tee ripped skinny jeans white&black adidas shell top sneakers

1:24 PM DEC 30 2017

Black denim jeans, black sheer long sleeve top with flower embroidery, an olive bomber jacket and black ankle boots.

1:24 PM DEC 30 2017

Gray Boston hoodie jeans black nike sneakers

1:27 PM DEC 30 2017

I'm wearing light wash American eagle jeans (un ripped), an off the shoulder white brandy Melville shirt, a bracelet from Paris, silver converse sneakers (not the tacky kind with the white bit at the top, but the trendy kind), earrings (I forget where they're from), and a Sam coat

1:32 PM DEC 30 2017

I'm wearing the only trendy outfit I saw the entire time I was at this museum.

1:50 PM DEC 30 2017

Pants, two shirts, socks, and shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:52 PM DEC 30 2017

Black coat, off white hoodie, light tan boots, puffy silver jacket, checkered trousers

1:58 PM DEC 30 2017

Christian wears brown leather boots, blue jeans, a checkered flannel shirt to keep him warm in the snow and a navy gilet. His brown coat is across his arm as the line to the coat check was long.

1:59 PM DEC 30 2017

Katmandu jacket. Gray infinity scarf. Heather gray, knitted, wool, cap. Red sweater. Black gillete. Black jeans. High, black rubber gum boots. Hair in a pig tail.

2:01 PM DEC 30 2017

The clothing I am wearing today is a white Hanes tshirt, covered by a white button down, covered by a light grey vneck sweater from old navy. I am wearing blue Costco jeans, black gloves and a scarf I got from kohls. Black beetle boots and my New York islanders hat!

2:03 PM DEC 30 2017

Pants and other clothes you wear maybe?

2:10 PM DEC 30 2017

Blue fleece half zip, black leggings, sporto duck boots, Calvin Klein navy blue jacket

2:11 PM DEC 30 2017

Brown Keen shoes, brown fluffy socks, underwear, mom jeans, tie dye long sleeve shirt with a blue sweatshirt over it, reading glasses.

2:12 PM DEC 30 2017

I am wearing a fluffy blue sweater and skinny pants into black leather boots. Valentina is wearing green cargo pants, a white turtleneck and trekking shoes.

2:16 PM DEC 30 2017

Red nails, red undies, red sweater...maybe some pants, maybe not? My friend is wearing all new winter gear he bought..we're from Texas, where lows are 45 lol

2:18 PM DEC 30 2017

Jeans, Dansko shoes, a jacket with geometrical design ( perhaps Spanish in inspiration? ) and a Fitbit.

2:43 PM DEC 30 2017

Grey Sweatshirt ,jyk

2:45 PM DEC 30 2017

Black combat boots (on the verge of falling apart), a big cardigan, and a scarf crocheted by my sister

2:46 PM DEC 30 2017

Blue skinny jeans with black polyester leggings underneath, a gray Binghamton University Scholars long sleeve shirt, a red wool sweater, a brown coat, and knock-off Bean Boots

2:53 PM DEC 30 2017

Black shirt ugly face. Stupid brain

3:02 PM DEC 30 2017

Timberlands, beige pants, shirt and a sweater and a jacket we queued 2 hours for!

3:02 PM DEC 30 2017

Timberland boots, leather like pants, grey long sleeved top, long dark blue coat and an adorable Pom hat

3:05 PM DEC 30 2017

18 degrees and snowing today so turtleneck, T-shirt, grey hoodie, long blue down jacket, snow boots and baggy twill pants. And thick orange socks, and an ankle brace because I'm still recovering from a sprained ankle.

3:11 PM DEC 30 2017

I am wearing seven layers on top. A uniqlo olive green extra warm thermal, a white shirt that says fresh with cherries on them, a navy blue nike hoodie jumper, three layers of katmandhu coats and a Gorman rain coat. Additionally I have a beige scarf, and a mustard yellow beanie. I am wearing a loose black and white houndstooth trousers with a belt (it's high waisted and more thermals). I have good good earrings and timberland shoes

3:12 PM DEC 30 2017

all red adidas (even the laces), black tights with red and green cherries on them, under high waisted loose dark wash jeans, my mom's top that's shear orange with brown and yellow detailing, under a red velvet tank top. from mass living in louisiana visiting nyc!!

3:14 PM DEC 30 2017

Mauve turtleneck sweater, high waisted blue jeans, black boots, black jacket

3:18 PM DEC 30 2017

I'm wearing: A sweater An undershirt Leggings Jeans Socks Underwear Nike sneakers

3:38 PM DEC 30 2017

Grey jeans black leg warmers fake combat boots bicycle sweater red scarf

3:40 PM DEC 30 2017

Selena Quintanilla t-shirt, black Torrid leggings, Sperry duck boots, & big silver hoops

3:40 PM DEC 30 2017

Black turtleneck long sleeve top w/red and white stripes across the princess line, black leggings tucked into my olive green yeezy sock boots, black trench coat

3:43 PM DEC 30 2017

Docs, red fleece turtleneck, black jeans, green puffer parka, black beanie

3:48 PM DEC 30 2017

Red & white patterned cardigan, black t-shirt, jeans, black suede boots

3:48 PM DEC 30 2017

I am wearing a gray sweater with sparkly stripes on the wrist part, jeans, black Uggs, pink socks, and a gray scarf.

3:49 PM DEC 30 2017

Mauve turtleneck sweater, blue high waisted skinny jeans, black knee length boots, black jacket, black hat, black gloves.

3:49 PM DEC 30 2017

My dad is wearing a red checkered shirt, jeans, brown boots, and a black puffy coat

3:51 PM DEC 30 2017

A navy blue sweater, plaid scarf, high waisted dark wash denim jeans, and short black snow boots.

3:52 PM DEC 30 2017

I'm wearing fuzzy socks, jeans, worn out boots, a white shirt that used to belong to my grandmother, an old backpack, a dark blue winter coat, a light blue scarf, and a pained smile because it's so dang cold outside.

3:58 PM DEC 30 2017

Camouflage jeans, black sweater, scarf I received as a gift for Christmas, diamond cross necklace

4:00 PM DEC 30 2017

Black leather boots, black jeans, grey sweatshirt, white jacket, black hat

4:02 PM DEC 30 2017

Green peacoat, black skinny jeans, black doc martins, green and black sweater over a hawk eye t-shirt

4:07 PM DEC 30 2017

Uniqlo heat tech long sleeve shirt underneath a tan poncho-like sweater, express blue jeans, wool socks, and black Union and 5th snow boots.

4:08 PM DEC 30 2017

Johnston & Murphy Full-Zip sweater blue; J&M button shirt; Mavi jeans; Timberland boots custom grey nubuck/navy smooth leather; timberland Sherpa collared goose down puffy coat

4:22 PM DEC 30 2017

Hi there, I am currently wearing: - black hooded uniqlo down coat-My godmother Karen's vintage plaid red and green wool fiorucci shirt - dark wash cuffed Levi's -vintage red sweatshirt - LA Dodgers beanie - red, white and black scarf - Hot Chillys long johns - smart wool socks - Hanes undies - Calvin Klein bra

4:24 PM DEC 30 2017

Grey UGGs, ripped jeans, bright yellow sweater, black down vest and a beige Swatch watch.

4:25 PM DEC 30 2017

Winter fur boots with black exterior, dark navy blue pants and a dark navy blue lambswool over a linen shirt

4:26 PM DEC 30 2017

- oh and some black Merrill hiking boots!

4:35 PM DEC 30 2017

Snow boots, many black layers of leg warmth, gray tee and blue chambray work shirt. Big Uniqlo shawl on deck in case I get chilly

4:48 PM DEC 30 2017

Black leather jacket, grey pants and grey leather short boots

4:52 PM DEC 30 2017

A blue and white striped Brandy tee with a Goodwill find corduroy jacket with my Patagonia winter coat over. My boyfriend is in a blue flannel and and a Burton ski jacket

4:53 PM DEC 30 2017

Patagonia jacket, khakis, bean boots

4:54 PM DEC 30 2017

Timbs, Levi's, Vines, Beans, Dsquared

5:12 PM DEC 30 2017

She spilled the stinky miso soup on my coat and it smells like ... oh my

5:13 PM DEC 30 2017

My boyfriend is wearing a smelly coat because the server at the noodle place spilled some of the leftover miso soup on him.

5:14 PM DEC 30 2017

Red lips and gray sweater, black everything else !

5:14 PM DEC 30 2017

Zara, Sam, leather booties, pink lipstick

5:15 PM DEC 30 2017

Puffy coat, black sweater, checkered leggings, high tops

5:16 PM DEC 30 2017

Tshirt, Vans sweater, flannel, tan puffy coat, scarf, wool hat, Vans crew socks, black Doc Martins and my BeatsX

5:26 PM DEC 30 2017

A grey pull over sweater and jeans

5:45 PM DEC 30 2017

Dino vans, Blue chinos, Brown Corduroy Jacket, Grey penguin button down, Darker grey Batman shirt

5:45 PM DEC 30 2017

Black and red north face x Vans Sk8 Highs, adidas shirt, red hoodie, blue jeans, black jacket

5:47 PM DEC 30 2017

Thong, assless chaps, latex vest, 11 rings

5:47 PM DEC 30 2017

Vans beanie, Vans Jacket, Vans Sweatshirt, Blue Vans, a Pacsun brand long sleeve shirt and Guess glasses

5:56 PM DEC 30 2017

Black thermal tights & top, blue skinny jeans, striped torn black and white vertical striped jumper, tan high tops, champagne puffer coat, black a-symmetrical coat. A tinge of unexplained sadness.

6:06 PM DEC 30 2017

Light blue jeans with a dark blue t-shirt and black coat.

6:09 PM DEC 30 2017

Red sweater, blue t-shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes

6:32 PM DEC 30 2017

The North Face fleece pants and hat due to a snowy day in NYC...Elledjay

6:38 PM DEC 30 2017

Green and white and black Jordan 1's, black skinny jeans with zipper ankles, Supreme t-shirt, black hoodie, vintage Levi's denim jacket

7:07 PM DEC 30 2017

Grey coat, blue jeans, red and black scarf, black hat, grey hoodie, brown leather boots, black leather gloves

9:39 PM DEC 30 2017

my heart on my sleeve

10:46 AM DEC 31 2017

A NYPD sweatshirt, a lime green Nike shirt, black Abercrombie sweatpants and a black Abercrombie coat

11:02 AM DEC 31 2017

Trackies, socks, timberlands, hoodie, jacket, scarf , beanie

11:03 AM DEC 31 2017

The most exquisite black beanie in the world

11:16 AM DEC 31 2017

I'm wearing a sweater boots and jeans

11:18 AM DEC 31 2017

Pants and long sleeves

11:27 AM DEC 31 2017

Baby pink Reebok high tops, many layers of black leg warmth once again, long sleeved black top, extra long red plaid tunic vest

11:37 AM DEC 31 2017

Jeans and pullover and black shoes

11:42 AM DEC 31 2017

Leopard print flares, thick socks, fill shoes,

11:42 AM DEC 31 2017

Fake fur coat, thermals, black trousers and ash wedge , warm heart cold toes

11:44 AM DEC 31 2017

Cheetah print Flares, white top, brandy melville quarter zip jumper, thick grey socks, fila shoes

11:47 AM DEC 31 2017

Black boots, black jeans, mommy's navy blue sweater

11:47 AM DEC 31 2017

Adidas sweatshirt fills sweat pants teva yellow black and gray sneakers

12:04 PM DEC 31 2017

Eddie Bauer black coat, Grey knit sweater, sparkly black boots and chandelier earrings

12:04 PM DEC 31 2017

Long pants and t-shirts

12:05 PM DEC 31 2017

Pink checked sweatshirt, jeans and lightup shoes with sparkles

12:06 PM DEC 31 2017

Zebra yeezy gray nike sweats greely sweatshirt

12:09 PM DEC 31 2017

White turtleneck sweater, floral dress pants, white Stan Smith Adidas

12:09 PM DEC 31 2017

Silver star boots, 6 rings, sundial necklace and lots of layers!

12:10 PM DEC 31 2017

Creme trumpet sleeve sweater, black ripped jeans, black Chelsea boots, and a black jean jacket with red fur collar.

12:10 PM DEC 31 2017

Brown Frye's, blue jeans, white button down, moon earrings

12:11 PM DEC 31 2017

Jeans, turtle neck sweater, lots of Uniqlo warm base layers

12:14 PM DEC 31 2017

Flanel, free Zeezys, Long underwear, red denim stretch pants

12:21 PM DEC 31 2017

doc martens, tailored pants, and dress shirt, all black. vintage red and white vest. "The Who" pin. long black wool coat.

12:33 PM DEC 31 2017

Simple black graphic Peace Love Life tee layered with a charcoal and white leopard neck wrap. Powder pink glitter skinny jeans will complete the ensemble with powder boots and acrylic pink flower hair bands.

12:43 PM DEC 31 2017

Camel wrap coat, burgundy knitted beanie, embroidered rose top, AE skinny jeans and white Steve Madden boots

12:55 PM DEC 31 2017

turtleneck, fanny pack, t shirt, sneakers, hoodie

12:56 PM DEC 31 2017

Black jeans, black boots, chiffon blouse, light blue knit sweater, plaid scarf, beanie

12:58 PM DEC 31 2017

Blue jeans, black leather belt, black leather shoes, blue and gold plaid shirt

12:59 PM DEC 31 2017

Black jeans, black Doc Martens boots, a grey long sleeve with another turquoise adidas sweatshirt on top.

1:00 PM DEC 31 2017

...pair of black jeans, docs, polo, black sweater.

1:00 PM DEC 31 2017

Grey jeans, brown Docs, a plain black shirt with a black north face fleece jacket on top, Apple Watch and glasses

1:04 PM DEC 31 2017

To Emily spivack, for the art project. I am wearing original tan ugg boots dark blue banana republic skinny jeans and a tan woven jcrew sweater

1:13 PM DEC 31 2017

Athleisure to the extreme - leggings, workout tee, ankle socks that used to be white

1:13 PM DEC 31 2017

Signature resting bitch face and black Nikes

1:14 PM DEC 31 2017

Black leggings, striped light and dark grey shirt, light grey sweater, and black Nike free sneaks -- all under an old black puffy coat

1:18 PM DEC 31 2017

I am wearing brown Timberland boots, two layers of socks, which include one white and pink snowflake sock and the other pair white polar bear fluffy socks then jeans and a Pink jacket and a North Face jacket.

1:18 PM DEC 31 2017

Black leather shoes Tote from Brown Arts Initiative with blue ink blotsCharcoal turtleneck Green, crimson, off-white and navy striped scarf with moth holes Navy and grey speckled overcoat Dark navy corduroys Dark grey socks

1:18 PM DEC 31 2017

Tennis shoes, jeans, long sleeved T-shirt

1:19 PM DEC 31 2017

Layers of warmth...tee shirt, warm-up long sleeved shirt. Leggings, wind-breaker pants. Knee length down filled coat, Wool, fake fur lined hat with ear flaps, Irish knit infinity scarf, long socks and running sneakers. Liners and mittens. It feels like one degree outside...

1:23 PM DEC 31 2017

Two socks, a pair of black shoes, a jeans that is too wide, underpants (my dads) and a black shirt

1:27 PM DEC 31 2017

A white blue and yellow striped flannel over an Emory University champion shirt; dark blue pants with navy Adidas neo's and non perscription circle shaped glasses

1:38 PM DEC 31 2017

Scarf, jeans, long sleeve hoodie t-shirt, purple polka dot socks, ugg slip on shoesUnderwear and bra

1:45 PM DEC 31 2017

I am wearing a sky blue collared button-down underneath a thin gray v-neck sweater, coupled by a pair of lack jeans and black shoes. I imagine my countenance reflects a casual art observer, alone in the city but free from any measure of loneliness.

1:52 PM DEC 31 2017

My sisters rain boots, black thick cotton pants over leggings, big wool socks, silk long underwear, a big green sweater, and a snug ear muff

1:52 PM DEC 31 2017

Red corduroy blue stolen Patagonia blue Dad fleece blue puffy black Columbia shell slim khakis wool socks hiking boots mismatched laces black cap and a cheeky smile

2:01 PM DEC 31 2017

I wear a beautiful wax print dress I bough from a lovely Cape Verde lady who sewed I herself. It's bright and colorful and makes me feel happy. I hope people will never think aim doing some fucking cultural appropriation. As it's not the case

2:10 PM DEC 31 2017

A random green striped white sweater bought in Korea, Abercrombie and Fitch blue pants, Aussie bum underwear, and Levi's shoes.

2:13 PM DEC 31 2017

A small black fisherman beanie, too small to keep my ears warm.

2:44 PM DEC 31 2017

Blue jeans over gray leggings under black boots. Off the shoulder black shirt with a gold crocheted cardigan.

2:46 PM DEC 31 2017

Cowboy boots, blue jeans, black Tui sweater over button up shirt

2:46 PM DEC 31 2017

I'm wearing a pair of black stretchy pants from lane Bryant, a red tank from old navy, a sparkly gold cardigan from old navy, a pair of black boat shoesfrom crocs. Red scarf from Calvin Klein

2:53 PM DEC 31 2017

Black tailored short sleeve button down shirt, blue jeans, wool socks, warm jacket.

3:01 PM DEC 31 2017

Black black black black black grey black black black blue maroon black.

3:02 PM DEC 31 2017

Dark blue skinny jeans, black knee-high leather boots, and a flannel shirt with a wool sweater over it. Rose-gold ring and pink rose-shaped earrings. Hair half-up in a clip. Purple glasses.

3:43 PM DEC 31 2017

Charlie Brown-esque sweater, cropped jeans, fuzzy jacket :)

3:49 PM DEC 31 2017

Maroon red dress with black crochet tights, black cardigan, statement necklace, fur booties, and a Louis Vuitton cross body bag.

3:51 PM DEC 31 2017

Black suede dress with pockets, grey lacey wool tights, black wedges with gold buckles and loose ankles, long gold chain necklace with a rock pendant and gold tassels, navy blue scarf with fringes, two rings, and two silver bangle bracelets

4:24 PM DEC 31 2017

layers for the cold; jackets, jumpers, etc.

4:24 PM DEC 31 2017

Pink fluted sweater along with white adidas superstars, brown tote bag, and an oversized camel coat on top to shield cold

4:46 PM DEC 31 2017

Leilani A. Is wearing blue jeans and jacket with a multi color hoodie and black uggs. JaSon, Jr. A. had on a Mickey Mouse shirt and grey pants and a blue and grey sweater and black boots with a multi color blue coat. Grandma Monique has a beige coat and red scarf with blue jeans and black uggs with a black sweater. Daddy Jason has on a blue coat with black jeans on with a grey hoodie.

4:49 PM DEC 31 2017

Uncle Destin has on a red jacket with blue jeans and a red hat with grey hoodie. Whitney has on a black jacket with blue jeans and brown boots and a black hat. We had fun!

4:50 PM DEC 31 2017


4:51 PM DEC 31 2017


4:55 PM DEC 31 2017

Ciao today it's super cold I am wearing layers of clothes and two pair of socks

5:01 PM DEC 31 2017

Yellow furry scarf, pinstripe off-shoulder top, pinstripe trousers, 'love' cursive broach, plaid fleece, black coat, glittery socks, doc martins

5:04 PM DEC 31 2017

Two KUKLA-dresses (one yellow/light grey as a skirt and the other black/darkgrey as a dress) and black fitflop boots

5:08 PM DEC 31 2017

Cougar snowboots, jeans, Uniqlo red ultrawarm thermal, a monoprix navy blue wool jumper and a grey puffer jacket

10:40 AM JAN 01 2018

Sneakers, trousers, shirt and pullover + warm jacket and chapka

11:06 AM JAN 01 2018

Blue duckdown coat, jeans, black sweater

11:16 AM JAN 01 2018

Closer monkey hoodie, black leggings, and Nikes.

11:17 AM JAN 01 2018

Green buttoned down shirt with a piney green rolling pattern, green corduroy pants, green socks. All green!

11:40 AM JAN 01 2018

Brown Desert Boots, Dinosaur Socks, Olive Green Chinos, Grey Oxford, Black Jacket, grey scarf, and black glasses

12:05 PM JAN 01 2018

Debido al trio de new york tenemos Que abrigarnos mucho. Algo de busos Calsas y zapatillas con medias calentitas, gorro, guantes y un buen abrigo

12:11 PM JAN 01 2018

Black sneakers yellow and black caution tape socks lined synthetic pants synthetic boxer briefs blue long sleeve t shirt black fleece sweater black overcoat yoda hat.

12:33 PM JAN 01 2018

I'm wearing a jean jacket. Striped dress stained glass window pants and shoes with flowers green and orange

12:48 PM JAN 01 2018

Brown suede Chelsea boots, two pairs of graphic print socks, dark blue wash American eagle jeans, thermal leggings, thermal long sleeve shirt, maroon oversize fuzzy sweater, flat circle gold earrings on each ear, a moon earring on the right ear upper lobe, a gold paper clip earring on the left cartilage, a silver claddagh ring on right ring finger, a silver leaf ring on the left ring finger, an Apple Watch series 1 with pink sport strap, a brown leather purse

12:57 PM JAN 01 2018

A gold jacket with a black skinny pant and my new UGG !!

1:19 PM JAN 01 2018

Plaid shirt, navy blue khaki pants, black down jacket

1:24 PM JAN 01 2018

I'm wearing a white s/s off white sweater and light blue jeans. Also, I'm wearing yeezys beluga v1 on the left foot and beluga v2 on the right.

1:44 PM JAN 01 2018

I'm wearing clothes for a freezing day: a heavy black oversized v-neck wool sweater, gray turtleneck sweater, black long-sleeved shirt; blue jeans over blue leggings; black socks and black and white high top leather sneakers; tiny blue and white purse made from recycled materials.

1:49 PM JAN 01 2018

Skinny jeans, black ugg boots, and a grey turtle neck sweater

1:56 PM JAN 01 2018

Wrangler jeans, Columbia winter boots, a Cafe Mondegar t shirt, Tumi Downs Jacket, an Outdoor Master Snow Jacket.

1:59 PM JAN 01 2018

We wear the ability to enforce the power of media

2:12 PM JAN 01 2018

Blue/black jeans, a white t-shirt, a jumper and two puffers!

2:26 PM JAN 01 2018

A black Ramones graphic tee. Black pants. Black boots. Maroon beanie.

2:33 PM JAN 01 2018

Jeans, 2 socks, hoodie, 6 jackets, no undies, only one glove, half a hat

2:43 PM JAN 01 2018

Black winter coat, red t-shirt, grey sweats, black and white shoes, glasses

2:43 PM JAN 01 2018

Jesse is wearing clothes... warm clothes

2:47 PM JAN 01 2018

Gap sweater, skinny jeans, boots

2:47 PM JAN 01 2018

Hollister sweater, old navy jeans, And 1 shoes, raiders beanie

2:47 PM JAN 01 2018

Grey hoodie red hat khaki pants blue sneakers

3:02 PM JAN 01 2018

Supreme Cordoruy Cap Thrifted Marmot Jacket Uniqlo Fleece Sweater Cargo Pants Air Force Ones

3:16 PM JAN 01 2018

A cheap in quality but expensive in price NYC hoodie. Olive green cargo pants. Black Old Skool Vans. And an Orange beanie.

3:18 PM JAN 01 2018

Chestnut UGGs, Blue boot cut Levi's, A grey turtle neck sweater, Black Colombia coat and a grey and black beanie (+ a ring on every. single. finger.

3:20 PM JAN 01 2018

Michelle is probably wearing a sweater/long sleeve/t-shirt that is oversized, not hers or both.

3:21 PM JAN 01 2018

Cashmere sweater, black pants, earmuffs, scarf.

3:33 PM JAN 01 2018

Dio is wearing a white ruffle sleeve jumper, black boot cut jeans, vintage belt, red patent leather boots, and gold hoop earrings.

3:34 PM JAN 01 2018

Krystal is wearing a mauvy pink coat with a fur hood, salmon colored sweater, and grey jeans with thermals underneath because I'm from FL and I'm not used to this weather.

3:37 PM JAN 01 2018

Grey cableknit sweater, black jeans, black suede boots, black winter parka

3:38 PM JAN 01 2018

Fuzzy pink sweatshirt/turtleneck, boots, scarf, wave ring, elephant fork ring, polka dot socks, leggings, headband

3:40 PM JAN 01 2018

Black corduroy pants, stripped socks, brown Blundstone boots, knit light blue crop sweater, blue plaid coat

3:40 PM JAN 01 2018

J crew jeans, j crew t-shirt, j crew crewneck, black Calvin Klein briefs. Call me.

3:41 PM JAN 01 2018

Black down jacket, navy sweater, black turtleneck sweater, black jeans, grey Blundstones, big grey scarf, red bralette

3:43 PM JAN 01 2018

A jeans. And shoes.

3:48 PM JAN 01 2018

Beige synthetic suede boots, navy jeans, blue and teal plaid collard shirt with a teal v-neck Jersey, blue scarf. Hand-made handbag with shwe-shwe fabric.

3:49 PM JAN 01 2018

Green shirt-Blue jeans-White shoes

3:56 PM JAN 01 2018

Black jeans, black turtleneck, black ankle boots , and a smile

4:20 PM JAN 01 2018

Pink tshirt, jeans, down jacket, and uggs

4:38 PM JAN 01 2018

Big white wool sweater with a neck that can be unfolded to cover her head. A worn purple NYU sweater he bought after graduating.

4:49 PM JAN 01 2018

Hey Emily, at the Moma on New Year's Day wearing the snow boots I bought on the way up to VT in a snow storm, yoga pants, and my favorite zip sweater, which is too short for the yoga pants but I love it anyway. Mid-move so the closet pickings are slim.

4:59 PM JAN 01 2018

The governor's academy high school sweatshirt. Eames 4 lyfe

5:16 PM JAN 01 2018

Color block poncho turtleneck sweater, black GAP pants, and black flat ankle boots.

5:18 PM JAN 01 2018

Dark blue jeans, black ankle boots with block heel and pointed toe, grey turtleneck, calf-length cardigan, Native American-made sterling silver and turquoise earrings, black faux-leather purse

5:30 PM JAN 01 2018

purple jogger pants blue llama socks clogs winter coat grey lightweight coat sweatshirt tshirt undershirt underwear tote bag hat mothers purple mittens

8:30 PM JAN 01 2018

Debido al trio de new york tenemos Que abrigarnos mucho. Algo de busos Calsas y zapatillas con medias calentitas, gorro, guantes y un buen abrigo

9:14 PM JAN 01 2018

I saw ur sign at the moma! Tonight I'm wearing a black Denver university t shirt, a green red yellow plaid flannel which is longer t Black; yellow checkered socks; pink; white adidas superstar snehan my coat. Black leggings, black scarf, camel coat w/ white trim.akers I got for Xmas. Gold hoops :)

11:04 AM JAN 02 2018

Timberland-like boots, grey cargo pants, grey napapijiri hoodie, light grey and blue American Eagle t-shirt

11:17 AM JAN 02 2018

Una sciarpa Delle scarpe un paio di guanti Una giacca Delle calze Un boxer

11:58 AM JAN 02 2018

Mint green Nikes, fancy black sweatpants, blouse w black and white graphic lines, black buttonless cardigan

12:06 PM JAN 02 2018

Black cashmere sweater, shearling coat, black denim and high tops.

12:40 PM JAN 02 2018

Both wearing fresh, red kicks. Sylvia is wearing rainbow pom-pom sweater. Daddy is wearing a green, wool cap. Also fresh. Like fruit.

12:49 PM JAN 02 2018

Pink sweater, fuchsia converse, black pants, cat-eye sunglasses

12:49 PM JAN 02 2018

Grey sweater, black jeans with ribbon ties on the bottom, knit grey uggs, and blue mirrored sunglasses. Outerwear includes black puffy coat, white cable knit hat, and bright pink gloves.

12:54 PM JAN 02 2018

Nectar is wearing dark blue overalls, vintage sweater, oxblood Chelsea boots, tortoise shell eyeglasses and a smile.

12:56 PM JAN 02 2018

Hi (fellow) Em! Black and white striped turtle neck, black leather tee over it, navy blue wide leg pants, sheer trouser socks, doc marten Chelsea boots, floor length oversized black padded coat, see through clear bag. #detroitvseverybody

12:57 PM JAN 02 2018

Some H&M slave labor pants which have an undeniably nice cut I can't seem to find elsewhere. An awful Christmas sweater I wear regardless of how close or far from Christmas we are. Some docs

12:57 PM JAN 02 2018

Black doc martens, black Levi's 510, grey wool sweater

1:12 PM JAN 02 2018

Black Thigh-high panty-hose (for warmth!), deep blue (nearly black) jeans with hems cut and distressed by yours truly, black turtleneck, grey cashmere sweater, polka-dot cotton socks, black leather thigh-high boots, black puffy coat, green fur scarf, blingy shades, eggplant suede bag, and jewelry galore !

1:19 PM JAN 02 2018

I have jeans on (of course), a down filled, pocket filled, coat. A cream knitted jumper (not sweater - I'm English) and riding boots - although I have no horse! A cream knitted hat with faux fur pom pom and a small tan handbag filled with passports, reading for the long journey home. My companions (teenage family) declined the art experience of MOMA in favour of further retail therapy. Their loss.

1:25 PM JAN 02 2018

Brown leather winter boots, dark blue jeans, black v-neck shirt and a white Pokemon Cypher 2016 hoodie

1:29 PM JAN 02 2018

Dr.Martens, distressed denim jacket, turtleneck, paperboy hat

1:30 PM JAN 02 2018

My name is summer and i'm wearing a red/blue/green oversized jacket, some black jeans, a gray beanie, brown ankle hiking boots, and ablack scarf.

1:30 PM JAN 02 2018

Black Guess furry parka, Black Free People jeans, Black NYC TShirt, Black Timberlands, Black Top Shop paperboy hat

1:35 PM JAN 02 2018

I am wearing Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, American eagle skinny jeans, 2 pairs of socks, a back to the future t shirt, a thin grey hoody, a warm mauve zipper neck jumper and a grey wool overcoat, leather gloves, navy scarf a navy wool that with a cream bobbin

1:36 PM JAN 02 2018

Army green parka with fur hood, red plaid scarf, ripped jeans with black tights under, grey Nike shoes

1:37 PM JAN 02 2018

Grey beanie, denim button up shirt, tights, khakis, boots, scarf and coat

1:55 PM JAN 02 2018

Something I paid too much for and something I borrowed from my grandpa

1:56 PM JAN 02 2018

Overdressed A thin layer of sweat underlying

2:01 PM JAN 02 2018

Green polo pullover sweater and off blue Levi

2:01 PM JAN 02 2018

A fleece jacket, black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, black beanie, and gray and orange running shoes

2:04 PM JAN 02 2018

Scooby Doo Onesie (cause why not)

2:24 PM JAN 02 2018

GAP Flannel, American Eagle Jeans, Columbia socks, Timberland Chukkas. Apple Watch and Apple AirPods

2:33 PM JAN 02 2018

Today I am wearing lulu leggings which are super comfy and a olive green v neck sweater and bean boots that are navy as well as fuzzy socks

2:34 PM JAN 02 2018

Today I'm wearing a white long sleeved shirt under a knitted white sweater with j crew jeans and bean boots

2:38 PM JAN 02 2018

Ivory cardigan, black skinny jeans and a pair of sketchers sneakers

3:38 PM JAN 02 2018

coat with hood/fur around hood Yoga pants, regular pants Hat, heavy duty scarf and suede mittens

3:48 PM JAN 02 2018

My name is @ fatitaj and I am wearing ugg boots gray sweater circle pendent from Nepal , spiral necklace from Navaho .

3:51 PM JAN 02 2018

Navy Chinos, Grey UCLA long sleeve, Purple & Green Patagonia Synchilla, Someone Else's Socks, and Three Day Old Boxers

3:52 PM JAN 02 2018

Docs (found at a bus station) // black jeans (Cambridge thrift) // green polo sweater (L train) // handkerchief (LA thrift)

4:00 PM JAN 02 2018

Black pullover, blue jeans, runner's sneakers

4:00 PM JAN 02 2018

LBD, grey sweater, black tights, ankle boots, and a scarf my boyfriend's mom knitted for me

4:03 PM JAN 02 2018

brown doc marten boots, wool socks, black denim jeans, cotton t shirt, cotton hooded sweatshirt, blue puffy winter jacket

4:03 PM JAN 02 2018

Frigid out, feels like 16 degrees: Bra, panties, socks, suede boots with furry lining Long sleeve shirt, sweater, 3/4 heavy sweater jacket and suede 3/4

4:23 PM JAN 02 2018

Black cold sleeve turtleneck, black and bleached jeans, rain boots

4:25 PM JAN 02 2018

Black boots, maternity leggings (I'm not even pregnant I just enjoy comfort) Ralph Lauren navy sweater, a black Apple Watch, black peacoat and a white beanie.

4:38 PM JAN 02 2018

navy and green plaid pants, black top, black boots, wool socks, thin framed glasses, calvin klein underwear

4:40 PM JAN 02 2018

Black Uniqlo down jacket, navy blue Gap sweatshirt with holographic lettering, choir t-shirt, dark blue jeans, burgundy socks, grey Nike sneakers, hot pink beanie with Women's March pins.

4:44 PM JAN 02 2018

Vans Shoes Old Navy trousers Uniqlo turtleneck American Apparel mesh shirt Top Man coat

4:50 PM JAN 02 2018

Hi from DC! I am wearing a Patagonia pullover, bonobos khakis, a fisherman's overcoat, and a Patagonia t shirt

4:53 PM JAN 02 2018

Wearing black trousers and grey sweater; red suede Uggs. Hippie necklace.

4:53 PM JAN 02 2018

Beautifully appointed striped long skirt . Matching simple silver gray sweater. Hair flowing with a tousled look. Simple Silver hoop earring. Black comfortable boots. Michael Kors black simple over the shoulder bag and my daughters hand in mine.

4:54 PM JAN 02 2018

Over-the-knee tan boots, jeans, tan sleeveless, high-collared shirt, neutral color-schemed rauna wrap, brown ear muffs. Oh! And hot pink undergarments

5:03 PM JAN 02 2018

Grey Jordan hoodie, Nike Air Tshirt, Dark blue jeans, Adidas Pureboost

5:09 PM JAN 02 2018

I'm wearing 6 shirts because it's cold outside

5:10 PM JAN 02 2018

Undershirt, Nordstrom shoulder cutoff sweater, hollister fuzzy wool sweater, leggings too thick for words, and quilt-patterned doc martins

5:12 PM JAN 02 2018

Sweater with rainbow stripes, blue jeans with white stars on them, and blue Ugg boots

5:20 PM JAN 02 2018

Pink sweater Red and white long sleeve Blue jeans 2 pairs of boot socks Black adidas

5:20 PM JAN 02 2018

My mom is wearing a dark grey turtleneck under a light grey cashmere sweater with frills and grey leggings with metallic Uggs.

5:24 PM JAN 02 2018

My dad is wearing faded grey fitted jeans with cuffed bottoms, a black t-shirt under a black mock turtleneck with gold zipper accents and a vinyl black mini backpack and black leather boots with beige soles and multicolored flower socks.

5:26 PM JAN 02 2018

Two rings, one from my grandmother and one from my mother, a watch from an ex-boyfriend, vintage Gucci denim that may or may not be authentic (probably isn't) black cashmere crew neck, studded Chloe booties. Great Aunt's pearl necklace

6:26 PM JAN 02 2018

1/02 @ 7:14 From top to bottom: - loose knit grey hat, over knit headband covering ears - Landsend Starfish black knit pants - Black cotton mock-turtleneck top - Landsend red quilted front zip vest - Calvin Klein navy quilted hip length jacket. - Cheap synthetic knitgloves, navy - Landsend low top walking shoe/boot w/zip top opening. - craft bracelets (l didn't make) - Cheap watch - Gold loop earnings - Canvas tote instead of a purse or shoulder bag What's theproject?

10:39 AM JAN 03 2018

Sperry's, Docker Pants, Polo Button Down, Nautica Pullover

10:42 AM JAN 03 2018

Karrimor walking boots (black), navy blue jeans, thermal underwear, base layer, green t-shirt, craghoppers expert jacket.

10:50 AM JAN 03 2018

Leg warmers, jeans, shocks, ankle boots, black top, white turtle neck sweater, wedding band, engagement ring, bra, earrings, white coat, pink scarf and gloves, make up.

10:58 AM JAN 03 2018

French blue down jacket with white wool collar by Dior Homme; 3 shades of gray wool jumper by Prada; Black Velvet long pants with zips at the bottom by Dior Homme; beige desert boot from bottega V; Black cashmere scarf by Louis Vuitton.

11:00 AM JAN 03 2018

Leather jacket that makes him look gangsta

11:10 AM JAN 03 2018

I'm wearing a designer dress made from my aunt

11:13 AM JAN 03 2018

A jumper that makes me look like a turtle and a marshmallow with pants that have cat fur on them because I lost a wrestling match to my kitty named fuzzy Ethan Australia. Bye guys

11:18 AM JAN 03 2018

Rockamora Pullover, Levi's Jeans, timberland boots, H&M scarf

11:19 AM JAN 03 2018

Barbour West, Pullover, T Shirt, Lloyd Cord Trouser, Boots

11:41 AM JAN 03 2018

Brown boots, jeans, black tunic, black toque - and long underwear!

12:13 PM JAN 03 2018

Timberland tan shoes, black jeans, local motion blue t- shirt, camo sweater

12:13 PM JAN 03 2018

Chemo pump

12:13 PM JAN 03 2018

Jeans, sneakers, a purple v-neck t-shirt, 2 hoodies, and a black puffy jacket.

12:13 PM JAN 03 2018

Unicorn leggings, UC Davis sweatshirt and hiking bootsOne contact lense

12:15 PM JAN 03 2018

brown Koolaburra Uggs, black leggings with sweatpants over them, and a Led Zeppelin sweatshirt

12:16 PM JAN 03 2018

Woke up, did a quick cleaning, put on what was handy to walk the dog and that became the outfit for the day. Pair of earrings and lipstick is what my mom said you never leave without. It stuck.

12:31 PM JAN 03 2018

Black toque, long-sleeved v neck green dress, black tights, and winter boots, carrying a canvas tote and a blue coat

12:34 PM JAN 03 2018

Tan scarf, with a black sweater turtleneck, a layered tank underneath (gray and black), dark wash skinny jeans, rolled at the bottom, tall grey woolen socks and grey sorrel boots.

12:35 PM JAN 03 2018

Skinny blue jeans, white t-shirt tunic, Sherpa color block grey & black cardigan, chestnut Lodge-style Ugg boots, grey nail polish

12:37 PM JAN 03 2018

Clark Wallabees, grey bonobos trousers and a blue sweater.

12:38 PM JAN 03 2018

Duckboots, plaid socks, leggings and a long black sweater.

12:55 PM JAN 03 2018

A blue sweater. A blue jeans. A grey scarf. Black Ugg boots.

1:02 PM JAN 03 2018

Vans pink shoes, black jeans, light blue long sleeved shirt, shoulder bag, hair elastic

1:07 PM JAN 03 2018

Pink crew neck sweatshirt, white joggers, white canvas sneakers

1:07 PM JAN 03 2018

Black turtleneck, light wash wide-leg jeans, pointy black suede heeled boots, Taschen tote bag

1:07 PM JAN 03 2018

White blouse with pink vertical stripes. Blue jeans. Old white Reebok's

1:30 PM JAN 03 2018

I am wearing black jeans a withe turtle nake sweater and some hunter boots

1:33 PM JAN 03 2018

Hoodie, t-shirt, thermals, joggers, socks and shoes.

1:51 PM JAN 03 2018

Black Gap long sleeve T Black leggings Oversize poncho Nike shoes

2:05 PM JAN 03 2018

Black overalls, long sleeves black shirt, white adidas

2:05 PM JAN 03 2018

I'm wearing a grey turtleneck I got for christmas, a necklace witha key on it from my best friend, black velvet pants, light grey socks, and black suede ankle boots.

2:10 PM JAN 03 2018

Coats and scarfs pants leather

2:12 PM JAN 03 2018

Hat leather jacket sweater jeans leather boots silk scarf

2:18 PM JAN 03 2018

Jeans, a blue shirt, a heavy zippered wool sweater and winter walking boots.

2:20 PM JAN 03 2018

Cropped wool trousers, turtleneck wool sweater, ankle-high boots and a jacket.

2:30 PM JAN 03 2018

White sweater, tights under jeans because it's so cold out, very tall boots, hat, giant jacket, 2 scarves, and some gloves

2:33 PM JAN 03 2018

The same black pants and Nike janoskis I wear everyday. A light blue sweatshirt that I got for free. Thermal pants underneath and double socks. My jacket tied around my waist

2:33 PM JAN 03 2018

Your mom ooooooohhhhhhh

2:40 PM JAN 03 2018

A striped turtleneck, glasses, skinny jeans and boots

2:40 PM JAN 03 2018

Rick and Morty tee, a little worn in. Black skinny jeans. Leather sneakers. Transitions glasses that won't turn clear.

2:43 PM JAN 03 2018

Burnt brown Uggs, blue fuzzy socks, Lulu Lemon leggings, TCS NYC Marathon 2017 finisher Teeshirt, grey camo Sitka jacket, and stylish Fitbit Charge 2

2:44 PM JAN 03 2018

Black Uggs, soft cabin socks, fleecy leggings, basketball t-shirt, and a styling Fitbit (5,804 steps so far in the day)

2:44 PM JAN 03 2018

black vans

2:46 PM JAN 03 2018

Black Uggs, black leggings, a pink Abercrombie sweater with stripes , and a green Abercrombie coat

2:59 PM JAN 03 2018

Thermal shirt with holes on the right sleeve and a silk screened design on bottom left that reads "two funerals." Long Johns, blue jeans, boots w the fur, black onyx necklace

3:00 PM JAN 03 2018

Uniqlo Heat Tech T-shirt, COS wool sweater, Calvin Klein underwear, Uniqlo Heat Tech leggings, ZARA jean, Uniqlo Heat Tech socks, Timberland 6 inches black boots, Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket, Canada Goose Trillium Parka

3:12 PM JAN 03 2018

Shawl neck brown sweater, black Frye boots, Levi 511s, and a beanie impulsively bought from The Strand bookstore

3:33 PM JAN 03 2018

Bulova watch, Gold Chain, Cole Haan Sweater and Socks, H&M Black jeans, mid top Vans, and Adidas Dad cap #sauce ~CDH

3:34 PM JAN 03 2018

Off white fur sweater with a rust color cardigan along with blacks high waist jeans. To top it off, I'm rocking thigh high black boots and a brown and black cheetah scarf.

3:43 PM JAN 03 2018

Black sweater, green leggings, black boots, and a sling for my broken arm.

3:52 PM JAN 03 2018

Black jeans, blue-green plaid shirt, Steve Madden black combat boots, Kate spade cross body bag.

3:52 PM JAN 03 2018

Dark blue jeans, black Bearclaw boots, a white and blue striped shirt with green and red tribal designs, and a black puffy vest.

4:17 PM JAN 03 2018

Lululemon leggings, hiking socks, tshirt and sweatshirt, Levi's skinny jeans, L.L. Bean hiking boots, Urban Outfitters beanie

4:21 PM JAN 03 2018

Adidas superstars, pacsun blue jeans, blue and white pinstripe button down blouse, brown red Uniqlo down feather coat

4:26 PM JAN 03 2018

Sketchers light up shoes in blue, neon orange and white socks with fast food on them, grey sparkly leggings, white shirt with a heart on it made out of school supplies, black and purple coat, orange ragges

4:31 PM JAN 03 2018

Beige common projects shoes, dickies black cargo pants, supreme dash snow t shirt, likesushi beige fleece, Gucci monogram scarf, APC parka

5:24 PM JAN 03 2018

Kit + Ace black turtleneck, kit + Ace black cashmere wrap, madewell high waisted blue jeans, white vintage belt with gold hued buckle, sweater tights fromaritzia (its cold!), lucky brand black suede ankle boots, Rebecca minkoff forest green purse, Nixon gold plated watch, lulu frost rings, earrings from madewell,lulu frost and Maria tash. Silver glitter gel nail polish, coral colored toenail polish

5:26 PM JAN 03 2018

A brown Barbour parka that I found on the sidewalk a block away from home, in Brooklyn

10:22 AM JAN 04 2018

All black converse, black jeans, black turtleneck, burnt orange long cardigan

11:01 AM JAN 04 2018

Blue jacket, blue skirt, white knitted sweater, brown shoes

11:01 AM JAN 04 2018

Black, coat, knitted red sweater, jeans, doc martins.

11:03 AM JAN 04 2018

Black, leather shoes. Black jeans. Pink, T-shirt. Brown winter jacket.

11:44 AM JAN 04 2018

Ann Taylor blouse, William Rast jeans, Rip n Dip socks, Columbia snow boots

11:47 AM JAN 04 2018

Brown boots, acid-washed jeans, grey waffle t-shirt, white jumper with burgundy stripes

11:47 AM JAN 04 2018

A black long sleeve cotton t-shirt from Pennington's & black skinnny jeans from Ralph Lauren & black blunderstone boots. Flying home today so I wore something that is comfortable & breathes.

11:48 AM JAN 04 2018

Woolly socks, grey walking boots, cuffed denim jeans, dark red thong, heart sleeved ribbed black jumper, Tiffany necklace.

11:49 AM JAN 04 2018

my heart on my sleeve.

11:52 AM JAN 04 2018

Jeans, grey sweater, white shoes

11:56 AM JAN 04 2018

So I'm wearing comfy pink sweatshirt from supportbypustovit collection, velvet jeans, cool funky socks with strawberries and attention-attracting buffalo shoes

12:23 PM JAN 04 2018

Je porte un pull bleu et un chapeau russe en fourrure. Aussi, mon pantalon est noir avec les bottes en cuir cognac

12:27 PM JAN 04 2018

Rien du tout. in English it means NOTHING AT ALL.

12:36 PM JAN 04 2018

Jeans, ugg boots, winter coat

12:50 PM JAN 04 2018

Red puffy jacket, navy blue barrette, black and white oversized sweater, black leggings, black chunky high heeled boots, rose necklace.

12:57 PM JAN 04 2018

Black shirt of justice store Grey legging from Zara Winter boots from Canada

1:03 PM JAN 04 2018

Ripped jeans long sleeve shirt Blundstone

1:04 PM JAN 04 2018

Black flare pants, Mustard Patagonia sweater, brown Blundstone boots

1:10 PM JAN 04 2018

Calvin Klein Timberlands American Eagle Hollister Hot Topic

1:10 PM JAN 04 2018

Black coat with a red scarf , light blue washed jeans with brown ugg boots

1:17 PM JAN 04 2018

Black chelsea boots, grey socks, black trousers, blue collarneck shirt, black down jacket

1:21 PM JAN 04 2018

Supreme 6 panel, supreme comme des garcon shirt, off white flannel, vetements gloves, supreme shoulder pack, bape shark shorts, 2 supreme shooting sleeves as leggings, off white Jordan 1s

1:22 PM JAN 04 2018

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur

1:22 PM JAN 04 2018

Pink raglan sweater, blue pants, brown Chelsea docs

1:24 PM JAN 04 2018

Snow boots, stretchy jeans, under layers for warmth, and my caramel-beige thin gauge knit pullover sweater

1:30 PM JAN 04 2018

H&M jeans and black Dr Martens

1:38 PM JAN 04 2018

Worn out Nike trainers A navy, heavy snow jacket A grey fleece with a luminous zipper Some black and grey tracksuit bottoms Star Wars socks A t-shirt with a monkey on it

1:44 PM JAN 04 2018

A Kenzo pullover, a denim shirt, a black jean, vintage Reebok baskets and a red Valentino Bracelet.

1:45 PM JAN 04 2018

I'm wearing a green woolen turtle neck, black jeans and brown leather boots

1:46 PM JAN 04 2018

Oversized green tartan shirt, black tights and brown Chelsea boots

1:53 PM JAN 04 2018

Salomon hiking boots, blue jeans, black buttoned-down shirt, comfy(iest) white sweater, and my mother's pink wool hat

1:55 PM JAN 04 2018

I am wearing a white and red striped shirt, high waisted dark wash // baggy jeans, a red purse, black boots and a hair tie.

1:59 PM JAN 04 2018

Today I'm wearing black skinny jeans, high top white converse shoes, a Levi's denim button down, a red Hilfiger fleece pullover, and a green winter coat.

1:59 PM JAN 04 2018

1. Uniqlo pocket t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on pocket 2. Uniqlo olive green slim fit chinos 3. USMC issues desert combat boots

2:02 PM JAN 04 2018

Grey-ish tracksuit bottoms, old Adidas shoes, American-themed shirt, a flannel shirt an glasses

2:03 PM JAN 04 2018

Vans hoodie, black jeans, denim jacket and boots

2:04 PM JAN 04 2018

Team jersey, Team jumper, Blue Jeans, Adidas Gazelles

2:05 PM JAN 04 2018

Black cropped hoodie, Blue jeans, Nike black runners, Black cap

2:12 PM JAN 04 2018

I am wearing black Calvin Klein jeans, black boots and a grey long-sleeved Old Navy shirt, with a stripe across the middle. My coat is black and I have a dark green beanie.

2:14 PM JAN 04 2018

Jacket x2 jeans socks boots

2:24 PM JAN 04 2018

Kodiak snow boots olive green; denim skinny jeans, grey fleece, thermals, pashmina, snow-coat, glasses

2:28 PM JAN 04 2018

two pairs of black leggings, two pairs of fuzzy socks, tall black shiny hunter boots, a fuzzy purple sweater with a bralette underneath BMG

2:29 PM JAN 04 2018

I am wearing a maroon hoodie on top of a UVA t-shirt (go hoos!) with a navy blue Brooks Brothers jacket on top. To finish, a checkered scarf and leather gloves. MG

2:29 PM JAN 04 2018

Red plaid shirt and black scarf with gray jeans and black boots with brown soles and a ferragamo belt:)))))

2:33 PM JAN 04 2018

Black three quarter sleeved tshirt with leather trim, bordeaux fur vest, grey-black jeans, gold screw cuff bracelet, black leather bag with gold studs, 3 earrings, LA Works eyeglasses... and shearling-lined Bean boots.

2:50 PM JAN 04 2018

La Sportiva waterproof high tops, wool socks, no name blue jeans, ibex Merino wool long sleeve button down black shirt, fly low beanie hat, high societyblack hooded jacket

2:52 PM JAN 04 2018

Blue polo, tan Dockers, that I should be wearing back in Denver, flight out was cancelled, along with many others. Also thermal leggings, walking in the blizzard is cold!

2:56 PM JAN 04 2018

What I'm wearing: black cotton long sleeve tshirt, distorted plaid jersey skirt with pockets, leggings, blundstones, a hand knit scarf

3:03 PM JAN 04 2018

Navy-blue pearl-button long-sleeve shirt with tiny white dots. Inky-black jeans. Red Tretorn rubber knee-high boots with a yellow accent. Red lipstick.

3:07 PM JAN 04 2018

Black Blundstone boots; black Urban Star jeans; long sleeve cotton shirt under a black Izod sweater; red down-filled Northern Adventurers hooded parka made by Moose-knuckles for The Hudson Bay Company. Typical walking about town garb for a Canadian exploring NYC on a snowy day in January.

3:21 PM JAN 04 2018

Black coat, white sweater and boots. Monochrome love.

3:22 PM JAN 04 2018

Black sweater with "Marc 93" on it, olive green pants, glasses, and black boots.

3:40 PM JAN 04 2018

Mustard yellow turtleneck, high-waisted jeans, waterproof boots

3:40 PM JAN 04 2018

Maroon sweater, black jeans (over leggings it's sooo cold), two pairs of socks, black jacket, scarf, and gloves!

3:50 PM JAN 04 2018

Jeans, snow boots, burgundy sweater and matching plaid scarf

3:51 PM JAN 04 2018

Jeans with a light brown sweater, snow boots, and a plaid scarf

3:52 PM JAN 04 2018

I am wearing a thong

3:52 PM JAN 04 2018

Navy cords, grey sweater, navy and burgundy plaid scarf and snow boots

4:16 PM JAN 04 2018

I'm wearing a red and black plaid shirt, kind of like a lumberjack shirt, with flowers made of little multicolor beads and sequins on the too around the shoulders, blue jeans with faded white stars on them, and blue Ugg boots. I also have a small cross body Kipling bag that is a bunch of different colors, it looks like different colored paints have been splashed over it. It has a black strap. Oh I forgot to mention that I am also wearing a grey undershirt beneath the shirt that I mentioned.

4:22 PM JAN 04 2018

New Balance trainers, 2 pairs of wool socks, blue jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt, oatmeal sweater, black American Giant hoodie, black wool overcoat, blue/black/cream/tan scarf (and plastic bags over the socks)

4:22 PM JAN 04 2018

Brown leather Chelsea boots, wool socks, grey sweatpants, grey long sleeve t-shirt, a black overcoat, and my heart on my sleeve.

4:24 PM JAN 04 2018

Vegan dr. Martens , dark wash skinnies, ridiculous turtleneck , light wash denim jacket

4:39 PM JAN 04 2018

A broken heart , with a grey cloud over my head, and clothes to keep me warm in the snow

4:56 PM JAN 04 2018

Uniqlo heattech socks, thermal pants layer, track pants, black snow boots, grey tshirt, alpaca sweater my brother gave me, wool scarf, New Yorker tote bag, white headphones

5:00 PM JAN 04 2018

Black jeans, black snow boots, a gray sweater, and a black parka

6:17 PM JAN 04 2018

I am wearing a Palace navy and red track jacket, pinstripe denim jeans, a vintage black button down blouse, gold hoop earrings, and Doc Marten boots. Mysocks are Boot Boyz Biz.

11:42 AM JAN 05 2018

I'm wearing a shirt, jeans, a sweatshirt, boots, and a winter coat.

11:42 AM JAN 05 2018

It's cold so I'm wearing a down jacket, wind proof hiking trousers, wool hat, scarf, fleece gloves, wool socks, and long underwear.

11:55 AM JAN 05 2018

Sweaters so many sweaters so cold NYC winters brrr

12:19 PM JAN 05 2018

Warmth in the guise of multiple layers of useful garments appropriate for the conditions. Everyone's an artist now.

12:39 PM JAN 05 2018

Navy dress, black tights, black snow boots, glasses, white sweatshirt, black winter coat, green hat

12:39 PM JAN 05 2018

Black dress with semi reflective roses with silver flowers. Black leather jacket with silver studs. Tights and brown snowboots with faux fur lining. Small grey hand bag

12:41 PM JAN 05 2018

Brown boots, jeans, blue button down shirt under a pullover sweater with a high collar

12:43 PM JAN 05 2018

Marceline printed Doc Martens, black skinny jeans with a white belt, a black t-shirt, an asymmetrical black cardigan, and a dark green flat brimmed fedora to top it off.

12:51 PM JAN 05 2018

Red paisley tunic, black leggings furry calf boots.

12:58 PM JAN 05 2018

Black cowl-neck shirt Jeans Long sweater Snow boots Good luck! (M.Chadwick)

1:17 PM JAN 05 2018

Clothes and stuff...........

1:19 PM JAN 05 2018

DM's, blue jeans, thick wool socks... t-shirt with a long sleeved shirt on top... winter hat (grey) and a tan pea coat from Goodwill.

1:32 PM JAN 05 2018

Black bowling shoes. Jeans. Grey long sleeve tshirt. Grey zip up sweater. Green knit hat.

1:35 PM JAN 05 2018

Dark green cargo pants, black boots, white under shirt, green blue and gray striped three quarters to long sleeve shirt, bright green Pom Pom hat.

1:45 PM JAN 05 2018

Bra Underwear Tights Brushed fleece leggings Compression slip Blue Striped long sleeve top Black Merino long sleeve top Floral swing dress (Hearts & Roses brand) Knitted cardigan Grey quasi-military style coat Knitted fleece lined hood Blue fleece lined boots

1:48 PM JAN 05 2018

Blue sweater, grey sweatpants, ugg boots, beaded choker, Tiffany necklace

2:28 PM JAN 05 2018

Blundstone boots - suede, Nudie Jeans - Slim Jim, Icebreaker undershirt & zipup jumper - Moss, Wedding ring - platinum.

2:29 PM JAN 05 2018

Black Chelsea boots, grey Levi's skinny jeans, chunky chunky sweater, my mums old bag

2:33 PM JAN 05 2018

Blue sweater, grey leggings, green parka, grey boots Grey parka, adidas pants, timbs, adidas shirt

2:45 PM JAN 05 2018

Brown boots, nothing else

2:45 PM JAN 05 2018

Mink coat, tall boots

2:46 PM JAN 05 2018

Tims, Levi's, turtleneck, scarf, optimism

2:52 PM JAN 05 2018

Timberland boots, legging, pink sweater

2:52 PM JAN 05 2018

Brown sweater, plaid button down, blue jeans, and boots

2:53 PM JAN 05 2018

Grey sweater, jeans, timbs

3:38 PM JAN 05 2018

Grey flannel pants with black top and favorite necklace. Warm boots with merino socks. Underwear.

3:38 PM JAN 05 2018

Jeans by Levi, tshirt and duster jacket by Free People , Sperry boots and Rx glasses with Madewell frames.

3:41 PM JAN 05 2018

White button up, cropped navy v-neck crew neck, acid wash jeans, white adidas and Studio Ghibli socks. Accessories? Brown glasses, messy hair, Nikon dslr and MoMA's audio guide.

3:44 PM JAN 05 2018

Three layers of wool sweaters, long underwear, leggings, stockings, wool socks, hiking boots, hat, down parka with hood, gloves -- it's 8F outside!

4:11 PM JAN 05 2018

Clark's Desert Boots, medias de lana, leggings, jeans, un sweatshirt manga larga rojo vino, una bufanda gris, una chaqueta de nieve, guantes, y lentes

4:23 PM JAN 05 2018

Jewel toned blouson sleeve knit tunic tee with dark gray base, many black layers of leg warmth, and snow boots bc it's still real darn snowy

4:26 PM JAN 05 2018

Cowl neck tunic sweater, leggings, puffy vest, Ugg boots

4:26 PM JAN 05 2018

I am wearing a maroon v neck, long sleeve shirt with an off white cardigan, ripped jeans, blue socks and Vans high tops.

4:44 PM JAN 05 2018

I am wearing blue boots, grey sweatpants, black graphic shirt, adidas sweatshirt, burton coat and a sock hat (pook toque)

4:44 PM JAN 05 2018

Door knockers, Doc Martens, Pink Hair, White shirt, green kimono, Camo pants

4:51 PM JAN 05 2018

Van Gogh socks, a silver bikini, snow boots

4:51 PM JAN 05 2018

Tights second pair of tights black jeans cotton boat neck cable knit sweater scarf gloves beanie club jacket two pairs of socks boots

4:52 PM JAN 05 2018

Black jeans, black boots, black turtleneck, black coat and a bagel

4:52 PM JAN 05 2018

Navy turtleneck, gray blazer, black dress pants, black fuzzy socks, black doc martens and rainbow striped boxers

5:04 PM JAN 05 2018

We are here on vacation, not expecting this kind of weather so we are wearing layers, layers and layers...and had to buy a new coat just to stay warm. I even wear stockings under my jeans.

5:21 PM JAN 05 2018

I am wearing only a pair of earrings

5:23 PM JAN 05 2018

Winter boots, jeans, sweater, back pack, winter coat, gloves and hat

5:26 PM JAN 05 2018

North Face fleece jacket, black skinny jeans, black hiking boots, and long underwear. It's sub zero outside!

5:30 PM JAN 05 2018

My sister is wearing a black North Face coat, pink boots, black leggings and a pink graphic tee

5:39 PM JAN 05 2018

Jeans, blue sweater, salt and pepper scarf, green winter coat, aging Adidas, black socks

5:40 PM JAN 05 2018

Jeans, light pink turtleneck, blue jumper on top of it, black winter boots, blue winter coat, light brown scarf, black cool backpack

5:47 PM JAN 05 2018

Black knit heattech beanie (outdoor tech in everyday wear items), grey wool scarf, merino wool sweater over an ultrawarm heattech hybrid long john cut in swim trunk style/length, khkai windproof weather resistant and heattech lined pants, sand leather top weather resistant Vans boots, Smartwool thermal grade socks, a grey/Keith Haring print inside bubble type jacket with hood ultra light down by uniqlo

5:59 PM JAN 05 2018

Brown boots, brown jeans, a red shirt and a white cardigan.

5:59 PM JAN 05 2018

Black sweatshirt, mountain boots, green trousers

6:03 PM JAN 05 2018

Jacket tshirt under ware I hope

6:04 PM JAN 05 2018

Nothing searusly nothing

6:05 PM JAN 05 2018

Jeans, t-shirt and a jacket

6:12 PM JAN 05 2018

A Gucci shirt, Armani trousers, leather shoes and.... Jk I am poor lol ;)

6:13 PM JAN 05 2018

Scottish skirt three bottles of whiskey

6:17 PM JAN 05 2018

Grey suede booties Black leggings Purple sweater Knee length white cardigan

6:18 PM JAN 05 2018

It's cold. Down coat, hat, scarf, wool banana republic sweater I've had for 17 years (even though I'm still way young), maroon wool pencil skirt, teal sweater tights, Timberland boots. And Makeup. To make me look like I'm still way young.

6:19 PM JAN 05 2018

Floor length wool coat, scarf from bhaktapur, nepal, too many suffocating layers.

6:22 PM JAN 05 2018

Leather ankle boots, grey wool pencil skirt, thick scarf & red lips.

6:28 PM JAN 05 2018

Black Doc Martens, tights under my jeans, a black sweater and down jacket under a leather jacket, and a teal scarf.

6:32 PM JAN 05 2018

Olive winter coat, green flannel scarf, orange flannel shirt, black and white baseball Raglan, thermal underwear, tan jeans, black socks, Red Wings boots, black tuke, black glasses.

6:33 PM JAN 05 2018

Red jacket and Chewbacca sweatshirt. Black and blue striped shirt. And black pants.

6:34 PM JAN 05 2018

Red coat, grey turtleneck sweater, buffalo check flannel shirt, blue jeans, shearling boots

6:41 PM JAN 05 2018

Wearing Timberlands, black jeans, a tee shirt and a massive coat

6:49 PM JAN 05 2018

Gap jeans, sorel boots, brandy Melville sweatshirt, Patagonia coat

6:51 PM JAN 05 2018

Madewell beanie, sweater, vintage adidas track jacket (swag), boyfriend jeans, big jacket , doc martins (and then what ;)

6:53 PM JAN 05 2018

Black UGGS, undies, thick socks, leggings, jeans, tank top, sweater, bonnet, heavy jacket, and a bunch of tissues. :-)

6:53 PM JAN 05 2018

I love ugly pants (with adidas soccer pants underneath cause it's hecking cold outside), adidas nmd, super dry winter coat, blank slate beanie and a smile

6:54 PM JAN 05 2018

Black beanie, grey scarf, adidas sweatshirt, black turtleneck, dark jeans, adidas shell toes, cabin socks, UA gloves

6:58 PM JAN 05 2018

Black wool coat, black top, black boots, yellow socks

7:01 PM JAN 05 2018

Uniqlo Down Vest Polo RL navy cotton button down shirt Collegiate Reverse Weave Champion Sweatshirt Uniqlo Dry Stretch Drawstring Jogger Sweatpants LLBean Duck Boots

7:06 PM JAN 05 2018

Black jeans, pink sweater, great cardigan and black boots.

7:08 PM JAN 05 2018

Black boots, three pair of socks, jeans, striped t shirt and a dark blue sweater.

7:09 PM JAN 05 2018

Jeans, grey sweater of wool, new balance sneakers and a black ski jacket.

7:15 PM JAN 05 2018

Long brown cardigan from an unknown owner with a olive cowneck shirt and cut up leggings with snowboots that aren't warm enough. But blanket scarf MVP

7:24 PM JAN 05 2018

Women's sweater, men's pants, my first real pair of boots

7:24 PM JAN 05 2018

What I'm wearing: black leggings, BANGS sneakers, MoMa+uniqlo graphic tee shirt, j.crew down coat

7:26 PM JAN 05 2018

Black coat (Macy's), blue LL Bean down jacket underneath to keep warm, purple scarf from Xiahe, China, light shirt from South Africa, black skinny jeans from Comptoir Cotonnier, black belt from BMW M/C accessories, black boots

8:02 PM JAN 05 2018

What I'm wearing today: Pair of gray crew socks with pink trim Pair of hiking boots Pair of panties Pair of skinny jeans Bra Red v-neck 3/4 length slavelightweight sweater With me: 1 cranberry knit hat 1 black lightweight down jacket 1 green raincoat, 2 sizes too big 1 navy blue travel purse

11:05 AM JAN 06 2018

Black shirt, grey pants, black shoes, black vegan leather jacket. Star of David necklace.

11:41 AM JAN 06 2018

Brown winter coat for the BOMB CYCLONE, white scarf, jeans, tall boots, and a UF cap

12:00 PM JAN 06 2018

Jack wolf skin warm suite

12:08 PM JAN 06 2018

singlet, two long sleeve shirts, sweater and a winter coat, jeans and boots - really not used to the cold winters in NYC when I live in australia !

12:13 PM JAN 06 2018

Well prepared capsule wardrobe clothing while stuck in NYC for four days due to airline delays after "explosive cyclogenesis". Down jackets, zip fleeces, hardy footwear, thermal base layers, post-holidays clothing deals.

12:13 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jumper and than another jumper on top because it's freezing outside. Then I have thermals and jeans on top. I then have bright pink socks which has cats on them. Then I have my snow boots on. I am sunscreen on so I don't get burnt.

12:32 PM JAN 06 2018

A black turtleneck and grey jeans with a pair of snow boots

12:33 PM JAN 06 2018

Dark wash skinny jeans, striped black and white high neck quarter length sleeved shirt, black shirt over top, and black mid- calf boots.

12:37 PM JAN 06 2018

Blue Jeans, new boots from Clarks, a grey top, beige/camel coloured coat and a beautiful smile

12:56 PM JAN 06 2018

Black motorcycle boots, skinny jeans, a grey oversized sweater, and a Manchester United knit hat with an "I'm feline fine" cat pin

1:10 PM JAN 06 2018

Gap dress with leggings, an h&m carding and snow boots

1:11 PM JAN 06 2018

Plaid buttonup over yoga shirt, spandex under jeans, snow boots, with the fur

1:11 PM JAN 06 2018

Black pants, black boots, red scarf, green purse, gray sweater

1:14 PM JAN 06 2018

North face quilted navy coat. Jeans and a warm wool sweater. Green Uggs galoshes and a wool grey scarf. My favorite earrings from Anthropologie.

1:14 PM JAN 06 2018

The emperors new clothes

1:15 PM JAN 06 2018

I'm wearing grey sweatpants, pink UGGs, a black shirt, grey sweatshirt, and a purple headband

1:16 PM JAN 06 2018

Jeans , boots black long sleeve shirt and black vest

1:17 PM JAN 06 2018

Maroon pants, maroon sweater, black sweater, lots of sweaters. It's cold out. Boots on boots on boots.

1:26 PM JAN 06 2018

A Christmas sweater with reindeers on it, a pair of jeans and alpaca socks that I bought in Humahuaca (Northern Argentina).

1:26 PM JAN 06 2018

Wool sweater, wool socks, jeans shirt, tracking shoes, leggings, underpants borrowed from a friend because our flight was deleted and I am blocked in New York until next Monday.

1:30 PM JAN 06 2018

Deep plum sweater, black thermal leggings, black converse, and charcoal grey headband.

1:30 PM JAN 06 2018

Green scrub pants. Black t-shirt. Dark brown loafers.

1:41 PM JAN 06 2018

Urban outfitters floral taupe hoodie, red A&F trainer, ugly snow boots (cuz baby it's coooooold outside)

1:41 PM JAN 06 2018

Black vest, gray shirt, black pants and black shoes.

1:50 PM JAN 06 2018

1. crew cuts jeans dark wash 2. aeropostale soft tapestry t-shirt 3. black patagonia fleece 4. vineyard vines blue shep shirt 5. adidas college navy and gold sneakers 6. target gray socks

1:53 PM JAN 06 2018

Grey and white striped sweater with the word "adore" on it. Black pants.

1:56 PM JAN 06 2018

Sweater from Hannah Anderson e

2:01 PM JAN 06 2018

All black, like a woollen spider

2:06 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing my favorite shirt with has a unicorn on it. The unicorn is under a rainbow. I also have big fluffy horse socks on because it is very cold outside. I am wearing a big purple jacket.

2:09 PM JAN 06 2018

Beige scarf, black glasses, black pea coat, stained grey hoodie, blue jeans, black combat boots.

2:49 PM JAN 06 2018

To start with, ultra warm black Uniqlo leggings. Rust red jeans. Ultra warm black Uniqlo shirt. Sweatshirt from target with cute flower patch. Zara coat Uniqlo scarf. Lost my gloves in George's uber. Hat in pocket. Socks and boots obviously. Bra. I almost wore another sweatshirt.

2:50 PM JAN 06 2018

Naked Naked Naked Naked Naked

2:51 PM JAN 06 2018

All black everything & some Tims.

2:53 PM JAN 06 2018

Supreme Noah Stussy Nike Acne Balenciaga Off-White #hypebeast

3:10 PM JAN 06 2018

A red woolen blouse with blue jeans and unmatched boots with blue socks underneath. A jacket and white winter coat to coverup in this snow.

3:12 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing a coat, two shirts, two leggings, and a hat, and gloves -Awesome

3:12 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing a jacket sweatshirt tshirt and sweatpants and snowboots - Cool

3:24 PM JAN 06 2018

Short Gray leather Dromedary Boots, old lady Eileen Fisher jeggings, gray sweater, navy North Face puffy coat sporting my #RefugeesWelcome button

3:32 PM JAN 06 2018

Light grey turtleneck, light washed jeans, tan fur snow boots, purple wool scarf, and navy and teal sweater

3:33 PM JAN 06 2018

Black boots, black pants, butt tee shirt underneath plaid button down, black puffer, apple watch

3:33 PM JAN 06 2018

Black sweater, Levi jeans, and brown boots

3:39 PM JAN 06 2018

I'm wearing light wash jeans, a blue sweater, a navy blue coat, a plaid scarf and brown bearclaw boots.

3:39 PM JAN 06 2018

Gray and black etnies beanie, navy blue under armour hoodie, green half zip, O H I O STATE BUCKEYES short sleeve, blue jeans, random underwear, combat boots USAF, And mismatched socks

3:45 PM JAN 06 2018

A Uniqlo coat and a foldable pair of glasses I bought at the Moma store!

3:49 PM JAN 06 2018

Olive green llbean jeans, orange Henley t shirt with small buttons, teal sweater with pockets, coil of joy earrings, multicolored scarf, hiking boots, belted black down coat with hood

3:49 PM JAN 06 2018

Shoes: Stan Smith Adidas, pants: black Cos, Sweater: Atelier APC

3:50 PM JAN 06 2018

Dark blue Golden Goose shoes, blue jean, red and blue checked shirt, grey jumper, dark green bag, black parka coat

3:51 PM JAN 06 2018

Van Heusen gray v neck sweater. Van Heusen black t-shirt. Van Heusen khaki slacks with brown belt. Reebok underwear black with red piping. Black Hanes socks. Timberline tan boots.

3:58 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing an adidas sweatpants and an adidas sweatshirt with a Nike t-shirt with L.L bean snow boots -cool

4:00 PM JAN 06 2018

I am wearing a Target long sleeve shirt, Abercrombie jeans, Cat & Jack leggings, Payless boots, two pairs of Payless socks, Zara hat, Lester's gloves, Chili undershirt.

4:01 PM JAN 06 2018

Jeans, rose patterned button down, boots

4:09 PM JAN 06 2018

Black doc marten style vegetarian boots, blue polka dot ankle socks, black leggings, black and white chevron-print sleeveless dress, black scoop neck sweater, grey HoodLamb parka

4:09 PM JAN 06 2018

Columbia snow boots, smart wool socks, athleta polar tights, black tights, junya watanabe x north face puffer, Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater, silk long underwear top, Canada goose Light puffer, porter nylon backpack

4:09 PM JAN 06 2018

Uniqlo heattech: black tights, denim jeans, beige long sleeve undershirt, socks. Men's xs pink crew sweatshirt, also Uniqlo. Uniqlo ultralight down coat in black. Aerie black bra and underwear. Skagenwatch with a blue strap. Hunter boots. Gold stud earrings.

4:11 PM JAN 06 2018

I am super RICH ! I am wearing a 24kt golden necklace and a the most exspensive diamond earings in the world I have a Gucci handbag with a Prada tight dress with a Victoria secret bra and under wear with Dolce and Gabbana high heel

4:12 PM JAN 06 2018

Patagonia black puffer, bape x champion polar tech jacket, tse cashmere hoodie, Yellow bape shirt, acne corduroy jeans, adidas x white mountaineering nmd r1 stance socks

4:13 PM JAN 06 2018

Black chiffon chambray shirt with polka dot detail, olive charcoal skinny jeans and black ankle booties with sunglazed strawberry pink coat and ash grey scarf

4:15 PM JAN 06 2018

Crimson chin red mandarin collar shirt, midnight pants, burgundy and grey NMD's, grey jacket with unnecessary leather shoulder pads

4:18 PM JAN 06 2018

Nike thermal zip shirt... purple of course Carhardt bib overalls... tan Long johns... NYC Sorel tall lined boots cause it's mighty cold

4:20 PM JAN 06 2018

Pink sweater, black pants, small winter boots

4:20 PM JAN 06 2018

Blue wool coat over two sweaters, button down shirt, cashmere scarf, jeans, red boots

4:24 PM JAN 06 2018

Today I'm wearing just socks, I'm kinda cold, not sure how they let me in this place lol

4:27 PM JAN 06 2018

Bean boots (shearling lined), two pairs of black leggings, Grey and white sweater from &otherstories, tan Rebecca minkoff bag

4:29 PM JAN 06 2018

It is cold today. Wearing blue Woolrich jacket, UGG, jeans, underwear, sweater, shirt, jumpers, hat and gloves.

4:34 PM JAN 06 2018

NASA sweatshirt, black converse, dark wash jeans

4:46 PM JAN 06 2018

A turtleneck, a maroon flannel, a Christmas sweater, a Hamilton Hoodie, an olive coat, a yellow and black striped scarf, and saddle shoes with two pairs of socks.

4:53 PM JAN 06 2018

Wearing my daughter's Patagonia fleece pullover.

4:59 PM JAN 06 2018

Perfect Moment red "duvet" down jacket, uniqlo heat tech leggings, Aquatalia black suede waterproof boots, uniqlo heat tech crew neck long sleeve white tee

5:03 PM JAN 06 2018

ll bean sweater, black lips band tee shirt, levi jeans, black patagonia jacket, uniqlo puffy jacket-liner, REI long underwear, redwing boots

5:06 PM JAN 06 2018

Navy blue Hunter rain boots (ankle-length), dark blue straight-leg jeans, leather belt, white t-shirt with navy blue floral print, navy blazer (narrow lapels).

5:09 PM JAN 06 2018

A list of what I am wearing at MoMA today: striped black and whiteturtleneck & long underwear under cuffed overalls, thick socks, high heeled doc marten ankle boots lined with faux fur, hoop earrings, my grandfather's plaid wool shirt, a down parka, huge scarf and black beanie for outside, gloves, underwear, bra.

5:12 PM JAN 06 2018

Rockin a heavy grey turtleneck sweater, Burberry scarf that my sister got me w/ my initials embroidered on it, slightly faded jeans, grey beret my other sis gifted me, and combat boots

11:29 AM JAN 07 2018

Snow boots, thermal leggings purchased for the cold, jeans, thermal long sleeve, lululemon sweater, borrowed socks.

11:29 AM JAN 07 2018

Bean boots, khakis, and my roommate's sweater

11:30 AM JAN 07 2018

Jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, boots, jeans, sweater

11:41 AM JAN 07 2018

Sweater jeans sneakers parka

11:42 AM JAN 07 2018

-purple mock neck sweater -black high wasted skinny jeans -Black knee length down coat -white knitted infinity scarf -Black classic timberlands

11:44 AM JAN 07 2018

Scarf sweatshirt jeans duck boots socks Thinx

11:47 AM JAN 07 2018

r.m. williams boots, levi's 505 vintage jeans, brandy melville sweater, brandy melville scarf

11:47 AM JAN 07 2018

RM Williams boots and socks, Eileen Fisher gray jeans and black cashmere sweater, Arcteryx down vest

12:15 PM JAN 07 2018

Redback UBOK boots, Uniqglo green socks, levis 559 jeans, j.crew grey checkered button down shirt, Baskit boxerbrief underwear and t-shirt in black, BenSherman padded coat in blue.

12:16 PM JAN 07 2018

Boots Jeans Tank top Cardigan Rings Earrings

12:26 PM JAN 07 2018

American girl sweater, leopard leggings, boots, hair ribbonBlack leggings, black jacket, warm boots

12:35 PM JAN 07 2018

Homemade faux fur yolked crew neck in white, atop Yeezy Season 3 long sleeve tee in Camo No. 9. Beneath is yellow Hidden Characters x Notre Shop pop-up tee. Pants are salmon KITH embroidered sweatpants. Shoes are Yeezy 950 in Moonrock.

12:44 PM JAN 07 2018

dark dark dark blue fleece, charcoal turtleneck, jeans with exaggerated cuffs, shiny plastic platform rain boots, plus edgar allen poe pin.

12:56 PM JAN 07 2018

I am wearing- Adidas Black Zippered Sweatshirt Jeans with fun patches Gray Snow boots with fur on the top Black Long sleeve T-shirt Blue Glasses

1:40 PM JAN 07 2018

ll bean Long underwear, purple wool lined Boots, black pants I bought at a thrift store, an Eileen fisher wool sweater, wool socks with tomatoes on them, jockey underwear and a purple bra and in the coat check I have a hat, scarf, wool gloves made from old sweaters and lined in fleece, a wool buff and north face long down filled coat, an ski hat

1:53 PM JAN 07 2018

Bottes noirs always run the city

2:00 PM JAN 07 2018

Red button down shirt with black sleeves. White t-shirt. Gray leggings. Black and white striped underwear. Snow boots. Find me on the second floor

2:00 PM JAN 07 2018

Black jeans, two chunky black sweaters, black booties and a green balenciaga

2:00 PM JAN 07 2018

Heavy gray chevron patterned sweater, snow boots with fur trim, red jeans, wedding ring.

2:01 PM JAN 07 2018

A beanie with a pom pom, sweater with thumb holes, black leather bag, plain blue jeans, two pairs of socks, & leather boots

2:01 PM JAN 07 2018

Sweatshirt from Dear Evan Hansen, black leggings, ski socks, and bean boots.

2:01 PM JAN 07 2018

Unknown shirt and pants

2:03 PM JAN 07 2018

I am wearing a dark blue vest and blue pants and a gray shirt with polka dots and my boots that are dark blue withe a bow

2:04 PM JAN 07 2018

Likely the same thing as previous person, due to the rules of trends and acceptance. Lol

2:07 PM JAN 07 2018

I'm wearing a white winter coat, sleeveless jacket, a t-shirt with a provocative message and green Chinos.

2:14 PM JAN 07 2018

Off-white cable knit sweater, blue jeans. Bombas socks, blundstone boots, gap underwear

2:15 PM JAN 07 2018

Black sweater and grey washed jeans from Theory, scarf, Timberland boots, my wearing ring

2:20 PM JAN 07 2018

Two pairs of fur-lined stockings, blue jeans, an undershirt, and a crochet sweater. I have wool socks on and black boots.

2:21 PM JAN 07 2018

Shame, desire, dissapointment

2:21 PM JAN 07 2018

Uniqlo kaws snoopy sweatshirt Old navy gray tshirt Gold necklace Black gap high waisted jeans Hue leggings Aeries underwear Polla dot socks Black lace up leather steve madden boots

2:22 PM JAN 07 2018

Thrift store wool sweater from Edinburg. Uniqlo jeans, Timberland winter boots. Socks from meUndies. Adidas boxer briefs. Walt Cassidy Studio T-Shirt. 2 Gold rings.

2:33 PM JAN 07 2018

Black bomber jacket, dark blue beanie, black fleece zip up, green long sleeve shirt, dark jeans, bean boots, scarf knitted by my mother

2:35 PM JAN 07 2018

Black and white striped turtleneck, motorcycle boots, blue wide leg pants, black hat from Dublin, underwear

2:48 PM JAN 07 2018

Black leggings grey sweater bean boots and a maroon blanket scarf. Black coat bc it's FREEZING outside

3:01 PM JAN 07 2018

Hello, people. I am wearing a very stylish outfit today... purple snow boots, ripped light blue jeans, and a Rock 'N' Roll" long sleeve.

3:03 PM JAN 07 2018

Blundstone boots, high-waisted dark blue jeans, grey cashmere mock neck crop sweater

3:07 PM JAN 07 2018

Maroon beanie, olive green sweater, mom blue jeans (not a mom), duck boots, black watch

3:09 PM JAN 07 2018

Grey super dry sweater, ripped grey jeans, black and white vans

3:09 PM JAN 07 2018

I am wearing a patterned scarf with a baby blue and white striped button down and Lucky Brand mom jeans. On my feet, I have black Doc Martens. I am also wearing 2 bracelets and a ring

3:15 PM JAN 07 2018

a smile

3:17 PM JAN 07 2018

Beige sweater from Primark, lululemom leggings and black boots from topshop

3:19 PM JAN 07 2018

Black sweater, black jeans, black boots, a smile

3:19 PM JAN 07 2018

Green sweater, black jeans, brown boots

3:41 PM JAN 07 2018

I'm wearing gray fake Moncler jumper, my loving sister's blue and gray scarf, coco color turtle neck sweater, super comfy salmon color underwear from Uniqlo, a pair of blue jeans, dirty black leather boots, navy socks, brown leather gloves and I like your project.

3:46 PM JAN 07 2018

Dark brown timberland chelsea boots, dark blue 511 Levi's jeans, emerald green J crew sweater, Grey t shirt, thick black socks

3:49 PM JAN 07 2018

Black Doc Martens, faded black skinny jeans rolled up, striped long sleeve tee shirt and a wool lined parka

3:57 PM JAN 07 2018

Red pants, pink tights, pink shirt, white sweater, gray boots

3:58 PM JAN 07 2018

Chhotin is wearing a grey jacket ,green sweater,blue jeans and black boots

4:05 PM JAN 07 2018

A sport coat, collared shirt and black pants. I usually dress less formally, but I came here from an academic conference.

4:23 PM JAN 07 2018

A Rolex with a real comfy orange jacket, some blue jeans and a wool sweater.

4:24 PM JAN 07 2018

I'm wearing dark blue Jeans, black knee-high boots, a turtle neck with a chest cut out, a Columbia fleece and a plaid coat from h&m Paris ;) #cozy

4:30 PM JAN 07 2018

Grey uggs black sweatpants black long coat

4:32 PM JAN 07 2018

Babson sweatshirt and sweatpants

4:35 PM JAN 07 2018

Black pants and red sleeveless turtleneck with grey sweater and white cashmere scarf from the company Black.

4:37 PM JAN 07 2018

Mustard yellow cowl neck sweater, black jeans, black combat boots, & full length puffer coat.

4:39 PM JAN 07 2018

Light blue Levi's. Red check flannel. Black zip up sweater. Light camel car coat. Blue beanie. Grey scarf. Wool socks. Black Nike x Pendleton Air Max 1.

4:41 PM JAN 07 2018

A grey, loose fitting, long, knit turtleneck sweater Dark denim jeans Thick grey and black socks pulled all the way up Black heavy work boots 5 small silver earrings, studs Underneath: A blue mesh sports bra A grey off the shoulder, thin t-shirt Black workout spandex A tattoo of a boat with a flower

4:42 PM JAN 07 2018

Jeans, button down, jackets

4:43 PM JAN 07 2018

Sunglasses, shorts, t-shirts,

4:44 PM JAN 07 2018

Pants, shoes, shirts, long sleeve shirts and hats

5:13 PM JAN 07 2018

Tennis Stan smith shoes red, black long open cardigan, jeans, pattern socks. Black uniqlo heattech (thermal basically)

11:15 AM JAN 08 2018

Boots, blue jeans, long line jumper

11:20 AM JAN 08 2018

Sorel boots, stretchy black pants, j crew button up, old navy sweater, black hat.

11:20 AM JAN 08 2018

Winter boots, jeans, orange long sleeve with cream cardigan, burgundy scarf, black beanie, grey purse

11:42 AM JAN 08 2018

Levi's from goodwill, uggs bored from a friend. Homemade bag. Store bought puffy coat, sweater.Borrowed

11:43 AM JAN 08 2018

Dr. Martins, wool socks, black wide leg jeans, Patagonia jacket, black sweater, lulu lemon undershirt

11:46 AM JAN 08 2018

I'm wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt under a Uniqlo Jacket, coupled with jeans and high tops.

11:47 AM JAN 08 2018

I am wearing a black and white plaid long sleeved shirt, with black distressed jeans. On top of my shirt I have a black jacket with a silver zipper. I came also with a gray scarf, a white and navy blue striped hat, and a blue Patagonia coat. It is very cold outside. I left these items in the coat check.

12:25 PM JAN 08 2018

Black tight pants, black short sleeve T-shirt, black zip-up down jacket, white shoes with pink accent on heel

12:26 PM JAN 08 2018

Free People velvet sweatshirt, GAP black jeans, Polar snow boots, UGG boot liners, Hermes cross body.

12:50 PM JAN 08 2018

Fuzzy boots, jeans, long sleeve black cotton shirt, grey sweater, down coat, white scarf and socks featuring a photo of my dog, Archie

12:52 PM JAN 08 2018

Dark blue cardigan, brown corduroy shirt, black jeans, dark brown Chelsea boots,

12:52 PM JAN 08 2018

White turtleneck sweater, black coat, black jeans, brown boots, and gold earrings

1:03 PM JAN 08 2018

Cameo sweater + black leather boots Black on black + blue print scarf

1:22 PM JAN 08 2018

Tan colored adidas sneakers (brand new), black American Eagle jeans that are quite warn, and a maroon Abercrombie sweater. Not very unique but comfortable.

1:22 PM JAN 08 2018

High-waisted jeans, short faux-leather laced boots, black mock-neck shirt, black-grey-white thick sweater cardigan, and fuzzy socks.

1:29 PM JAN 08 2018

A super cute sweater with foxes on it, paired with lightwash jeans and maroon timberland boots.

1:29 PM JAN 08 2018

5 layers of sweaters, 3 of pants, 3 socks and 2 gloves.

1:45 PM JAN 08 2018

It's cold in New York today! Layers! I'm wearing a pieced urban renewal sweater skirt in earth tones with faux fur leggings and long sleeved sweater and pashmina wrap.

2:26 PM JAN 08 2018

Brown riding boots, jeans (embarrassingly ripped up in the wrong places), true emotionally-vintage 1980's rhomboid patterned 6-color sweater (my mother's), and a long braid.

2:32 PM JAN 08 2018

Vegetarian shoes (it's a brand), black Levi's pants, black T-shirt of organic cotton, warm sweater of American Vintage (it's a French brand, though).

2:35 PM JAN 08 2018

A vegan sweater, Levi's jeans and loads of underwear. This weather asks for so many layers, whereas Stephen Shore's photography made me blush and sweat like unshaven sheep on desperate, Indian summer highways.

3:02 PM JAN 08 2018

Fair isle sweater, dark wash skinny jeans, black ugg boots

3:41 PM JAN 08 2018

Black Over the knee boots white sweater grey scary and white turtle neck

3:42 PM JAN 08 2018

Vintage Levi's 501s, cream turtleneck, black scarf, leather chelsea boots :)

4:40 PM JAN 08 2018

black leather riding boots, black fitted slacks, black turtle neck

4:41 PM JAN 08 2018

Brown Moto boots, black skinny jeans, black long sleeve shirt, leopard print sweater, black leather jacket, large plaid scarf

4:53 PM JAN 08 2018

I'm wearing a cap sleeved denim dress with deep pockets. I've got a chunky wool blanket scarf that I'm wearing as a shawl. It's printed with blocks of brown, taupe and grey. I'm wearing back tights with athletic socks pulled over them and blue sneakers (ugly but essential for slushy manhattan wandering)

5:11 PM JAN 08 2018

brown boots, dark denim jeans, camo-green high-low sweater, blue purse

5:12 PM JAN 08 2018

I'm wearing black and brown Polo boots with Socks that have pretzelson them, Nike jogger sweats (medium) a black under shirt and acamouflage sweater

11:03 AM JAN 09 2018

Underwear Tights Black overalls Zebra patterned shirt Black socks Brown boots Multicolored wool scarf Green parka

11:13 AM JAN 09 2018

Woefully underdressed for the cold-as-balls NYC winter in black and white checkered vans slip ons, black jeans, navy blue wool (but still too thin) sweater, leather biker jacket, and some fancyass lingerie (take my word for it.)

11:54 AM JAN 09 2018

Zadig navy peacoat with camo cardigan and Cos knit sweater. Nudie jeans and grenson boots. Working winter!

12:12 PM JAN 09 2018

Navy blue pattern scarf, kelly green sweater, black undershirt, black loose jeans, Grey wool socks, black oxfords with 1inch heel, large orange leather purse, light pink gauge earings

12:16 PM JAN 09 2018

Im wearing Maison margeila sneakers, Ralph Lauren pattern pants, Uniqlo white shirt, gant jean jacket, supreme fanny pack red hat!

12:20 PM JAN 09 2018

Right now I am wearing my mom's scarf and my dad's boots.

12:22 PM JAN 09 2018

My morning starts off with my dads knee high bowling socks, I then wear my uncles Irish skirt that he gave me on goose day. I then proceed to my favorite " I love turtles" turtle neck haha

12:22 PM JAN 09 2018

Right now I am wearing a shirt woven with human skin and chest hair (don't ask where I got it from ) #sorrynotsorrytommy. #thatswhatyougetforcheating

12:28 PM JAN 09 2018

Floral crop top, orange cardigan, jeans, rainbow socks + beat-up red converse

12:33 PM JAN 09 2018

Naked naked naked naked

12:41 PM JAN 09 2018

Grandfather's vintage black Fordham University varsity jacket, Navy striped Balenciaga turtleneck, Gucci belt, Black Mike Amiri denim, with black and suede biker boots.

12:49 PM JAN 09 2018

Black hoodie, three sizes too big Black sweatpants w white rope drawstring Hair up w a mechanical pencil in it

12:55 PM JAN 09 2018

Black hoodie Orange long sleeve shirt light wash denim jeans Black high boots with fur inside Black squared glasses

12:55 PM JAN 09 2018

Fleece pullover, denim blue jeans. Leather boots

1:27 PM JAN 09 2018

black windowpane tunic, gray skinny jeans, gray cable cardigan, black ankle boots

1:30 PM JAN 09 2018

I'm wearing my Chen Zhi multicolor jumper (or, in U.S. parlance, asweater), black leggings, and black boots which I have worn almostevery day this winter. One pair of shoes per season, worn and repaired! And my mum's undies! :)

1:31 PM JAN 09 2018

Black Air Force 1s, skinny jeans, graphic tee shirt, choker, earrings ordered on amazon #humble

1:31 PM JAN 09 2018

a rose sweater, blue jeans, hunter boots, a black ski jacket, a watch, earrings, a purse

1:31 PM JAN 09 2018

Winter boots, black turtleneck sweater, burgundy coat, black jeans, crossbody bag

2:38 PM JAN 09 2018

White tennis shoes black skinny jeans beige oversized sweater black scrunchie

2:39 PM JAN 09 2018

A black "Dark Side" shirt from Otigyae sportswear #MANUP

2:40 PM JAN 09 2018

just went through the MoMA exhibit wearing regular wash skinny jeans rolled up at the bottom, a black turtle neck under a baggy forest green knit sweater, white crew socks, and white vans

2:41 PM JAN 09 2018

Black boots, tights, blue jeans, maroon long sleeved top, black & white scarf, pink hair

2:43 PM JAN 09 2018

Red stockings, black jeans over, NBA socks, black heeled boots, black underwear, black bra, bailey Nelson glasses, star earrings, studded earrings, Michael Kors grey bag, rag scarf, diesel orange jacket, black jacket beanie, gloves...YEET

2:45 PM JAN 09 2018

lilac cashmere V neck sweater with 5 pearlescent buttons high waist loose jeans brown boots with dark Crimson ribbing to seem like fake socks

2:46 PM JAN 09 2018

Uniqlo turtleneck, Tabi boots and a pair of 501 jeans

2:53 PM JAN 09 2018

Lame Star Wars shirt, ash covered beanie, black jeans

2:59 PM JAN 09 2018

I'm wearing two gold chains, two rings, small hoops earrings, a black tshirt dress, black tights, a black sailor beanie, an elastic around my wrist and Saucony running shoes with a black italian leather purse

3:05 PM JAN 09 2018

Uniqlo hoodie, Uniqlo x MOMA Andy Warhol T-shirt, Uniqlo Green Pants, Timbaland Boots, Smartwool Socks, Jockey boxer briefs

3:10 PM JAN 09 2018

I am wearing a black and white and great tunic with black leggings and grey ankles boots

3:29 PM JAN 09 2018

Calvin Klein white knitted jumper, black jeans, warm black Kathmandu socks and hiking boots (for the snow!), a Nine West brown shoulder bag and a Fitbit

3:30 PM JAN 09 2018

Black jeans and blue jumper

3:33 PM JAN 09 2018

White and black knit jumper and black jeans. Warm hiking boots for the snow and a Fitbit. Flower earrings and a beautiful necklace

3:50 PM JAN 09 2018

Wearing a ruffled pink and vintage dress purchased on my honeymoon in Tokyo, red beret, thrifted acid green faux (hopefully) fur boa, thriftier sequin sweater and my gold Gucci knock up platforms gifted by my hubby- it's a good day! : )

3:54 PM JAN 09 2018

Black turtleneck and white Levi's.

4:05 PM JAN 09 2018

Nothing but the skin I was born in

4:05 PM JAN 09 2018

The collective weight of my sins and past transgressions

4:11 PM JAN 09 2018

Frye boots, found red plaid scarf, target hoodie, dark blue jeans, heavily worn h&m jacket and David Kind spectacles.

4:11 PM JAN 09 2018

Free people boots, urban outfitters black t shirt, black leggings, black leather jacket, cheetah scarf

4:12 PM JAN 09 2018

I wear different versions of my soul everyday

4:14 PM JAN 09 2018

Black sheer and fuzzy long sleeve turtle neck shirt with black thick leggings and black booties with metal on it. I am also wearing a black purse and silver jewelry. Black on black is the way to go baby

4:46 PM JAN 09 2018

Black Chelsea boots High waisted black skinny jeans Gray cropped t-shirt Gray knit sweater Black watch

4:54 PM JAN 09 2018

Orange reebok high tops, jeans I don't really enjoy wearing, and a nice thin purple sweater with a very slightly lacy texture

5:02 PM JAN 09 2018

Black Doc Martens, light blue jeans, black crew neck sweater, Seiko SKX with a navy and gray NATO strap.

5:05 PM JAN 09 2018

Bape sweat pants, Supreme 5 panel, Thrasher jacket, Maple comics hoodie, Stan smiths, Bape shark face mask

5:05 PM JAN 09 2018

Columbia kids boots, HH black thermal pants and top under Topshop black jeans, The North Face black puffy and HH navy windbreaker, donut scarf from Japan, Tiffany's ring, Chanel tortoiseshell glasses and mismatched Bonds socks

5:16 PM JAN 09 2018

Ripped jeans, green velvet v-neck sweater, purple Doc Martens, Brown belt with silver buckle, red/blue/green checkered sweater scarf, gold earrings

5:18 PM JAN 09 2018

Winter Doc Martens, black jeans, grey t shirt and a black purse

5:18 PM JAN 09 2018

Yellow beanie baggy denim cardigan black t shirt blue jeans and black boots

11:03 AM JAN 10 2018

A turtle neck sweater, jean jacket, fake docs, cabin socks & two pairs of pants #gotdressedat2am

11:05 AM JAN 10 2018

I'm wearing American Eagle jeans and a grey Volcom sweatshirt with Nike shoes.

11:07 AM JAN 10 2018

Black Nikes, Red Socks, Black Jeans, Black Underwear, Brown Belt, Olive Under Shirt, and a t a n p i n e a p p l e h o o d i e

11:08 AM JAN 10 2018

Jeans, long sleeve shirt and snow boots :)

11:11 AM JAN 10 2018

Gray adidas sneakers that match my adidas underwear. Gray underarmour joggers. Mizuno running jacket.

11:12 AM JAN 10 2018

I am wearing a gray t-shirt from a Rhode Island track meet I did not go to, blue jeans, white sock, black Nike sneakers, purple and white striped boxers, and a black North Face coat that has a blue and white pompom hat with two gray and black gloves in the pocket

11:30 AM JAN 10 2018

Black basque beret, black sweater and leggings. Multicolor fur scarf with pockets. Statement eyewear ,modern pearl ring, Apple Watch, red nails, lots of 31 February beads. Black suede boots.

11:31 AM JAN 10 2018

Black puffer jacket, white trapeze blouse, black cigarette pants, black leather ankle boots, pale green linen and cotton scarf, tortoise shell glasses, thin gold bangle with embedded diamonds

11:33 AM JAN 10 2018

My mother's vintage steel blue Chanel boucle jacket. Angel feathers from Minimil, beaded white yoke neck tee with black pants. Black riding boots. Magic bead. Chartreuse green Hermes bangle. Lots of bling on fingers.

11:50 AM JAN 10 2018

black size women's 12 doc martens, tall gray socks, jeans, a gray shirt with a pocket, and a black and red striped cardigan

11:50 AM JAN 10 2018

hi i am wearing a purple sweater under a blue dress with maroon tights, maroon socks, blue sneakers, and a gold watch

11:56 AM JAN 10 2018

Red jean jacket, gap black sweater, j slide sneaker, just black ripped black jeans

12:14 PM JAN 10 2018

I am wearing a red puffy sleeve jumper with blue jeans and knee high boots that have straps and buckles x

12:14 PM JAN 10 2018

Today I am wearing a black baker boy style hat from Zara, gold rectangular hoop earrings, a high neck green cashmere jumper with balloon sleeves, black jeans and shiny black platform boots. I was wearing a black puffer jacket but that is in the clock room

12:15 PM JAN 10 2018

I am wearing black jeans, suede black knee high shoes and a black jumper

12:30 PM JAN 10 2018

Flannel shirt and blue jeans

12:33 PM JAN 10 2018

Navy pompom beanie, gray crewneck, tan scarf, ripped jeans, brown boots, tan leg warmers, navy coat.

12:34 PM JAN 10 2018

Ugg boots, wool socks, insulated leggings, black tank top

12:35 PM JAN 10 2018

Long sleeve shirt, Levi's jeans, belt, fruit of the loom, Nike shoes, wiener dog socks

12:37 PM JAN 10 2018

Black leggings, space age top, baggalini, leather boots, pinkie ring that I bought for a dollar

12:40 PM JAN 10 2018

Hi I'm wearing a striped jumpsuit, black leather booties that have a hole near the toes, and a very heavy purse containing all the NYC necessities. Also can't forget about my favorite velvet scrunchie! :)

12:40 PM JAN 10 2018

Hello! I'm wearing a black leather jacket, black undershirt, grey skinny jeans with black roses on them, and black boots from pacsun!!! I like black lol

12:47 PM JAN 10 2018

Black and gray long cardigan, black pants, very dirty gray uggs

12:48 PM JAN 10 2018

Black skinny jeans Cashmere sweater with black racing stripe Snow boots Lip gloss

1:02 PM JAN 10 2018

Blue jeans, grey cardigan, green scarf, bean boots and an Apple Watch :)

1:10 PM JAN 10 2018

Vans x Eley Kishimoto Slip-Ons, Uniqlo Sherpa easy pants, Champion S101 Black, and Uniqlo Sherpa Jacket

1:23 PM JAN 10 2018

Red Wing boots Black GAP jeans Navy GAP henley Canada Goose Wings + Horns coat Tiffany's platinum wedding band

1:23 PM JAN 10 2018

Our hearts on our sleeves

1:26 PM JAN 10 2018

Brown Oxford shoes, ripped black jeans, black turtleneck, speckled overcoat, fiery red hair

1:38 PM JAN 10 2018

American eagle everything. Black knee-high boots. Black leggings. Purple three quarter sleeve lace shirt.

1:38 PM JAN 10 2018

Vince Cabcuto, Levi's, Garage

2:06 PM JAN 10 2018

My friend Holly is wearing a navy jumper, a thermal top, blue loose fit jeans (to fit thermal leggings underneath!) and black Doc Martens boots. We thought New York would be colder than it is.

2:07 PM JAN 10 2018

My friend Jess is wearing a bright orange jumper, a black and white checkered scarf, funky glasses, blue jeans and very cool doc martins which tie up with ribbon. She also has a tiny bag which is packed with stuff.

2:12 PM JAN 10 2018

Black vans old schools jeans a black shirt with ruffles down the sleeves and a a red plaid blazer and a gold necklace

2:45 PM JAN 10 2018

Nothing baby ;)

2:50 PM JAN 10 2018

Gray business pants, pink long sleeved casual top paired with deep purple silk scarf to dress it up. Black Oxford style shoes which could use some polish on the toes.

3:04 PM JAN 10 2018

Chinos, wool pull-over, sport sneakers, and cross-body bag.

3:05 PM JAN 10 2018

Purple converse with ae jeans and a white blanket sweater

3:51 PM JAN 10 2018

Brown boots. Blue corduroy pants. Wool socks. Blue tshirt. Fleece jacket.

4:04 PM JAN 10 2018

White tshirt, green jacket, blue jeans, brown boots

4:04 PM JAN 10 2018

Skinny jeans, a big sweater and sorel boots

4:04 PM JAN 10 2018

Grey turtleneck, dark wash jeans, brown boots with red laces.

4:07 PM JAN 10 2018

Black and white nikes Black tights Black skirt Black puffer vest Black Bra Tan pull over Home knitted peach scarf Navy winter jacket with white faux fur

4:22 PM JAN 10 2018

Valentino coat/dress with black and white jacket. Air Force 1's.

4:29 PM JAN 10 2018

Satin blush shirt, puffy black jacket, grey heels

4:29 PM JAN 10 2018

Grey long sleeve flannel shirt, Polo cap

4:32 PM JAN 10 2018

maroon cotton and polyester blend thermal shirt found on a sidewank to fit jeans purchased online a reddish brown Redwing belt witlk in New London, CT grey briefs from uniqlo Black Levi's shrih simple brass buckle purchased at a thrift store in Brooklyn off white coarse wool hand knit socks purchased from a market in Prisnd, ORtina, Kosovo dark brown leather Danner boots purchased in Portla

4:45 PM JAN 10 2018

Light grey turtle neck, dark grey washed jeans, black Wyatt boots.

5:15 PM JAN 10 2018

Forever 21 ripped jeans, a vintage green shirt with a totoro sweatshirt and olive green vans

6:40 PM JAN 10 2018

Black sweater, flared jeans, dansko clogs, scarf.

6:42 PM JAN 10 2018

vans sk8-hi, levi's 550 jeans, hanes white tshirt under a green long-sleeved button up shirt

10:38 AM JAN 11 2018

Black work shoes, black tights, tan linen maxi dress with black toile print and drawstring waist, thin black cardigan, and the new sidewinder cowl I designed that I just finished knitting last night

10:41 AM JAN 11 2018

Lederhosen, white button down, Tyrol cap.

10:41 AM JAN 11 2018

Light pink shirt with ruffled sleeves and rose-gold buttons, dark wash jeans, pink and navy new balance sneakers, and chandelier earrings, with my hair left curly

10:42 AM JAN 11 2018

I'm wearing a navy holed blouse with flow sleeves and ripped jeans, with converse

10:43 AM JAN 11 2018

dark wash skinny jeans, light grey sweater, metallic platform sneakers

10:43 AM JAN 11 2018

maroon v-neck sweater with flare sleeves, dark wash jeans, black boots, gold m necklace

10:43 AM JAN 11 2018

Bell-sleeved wool sweater, faded jeans & black ankle boots

11:31 AM JAN 11 2018

A black deep neck bodysuit, doc martens and a leather jacket

11:32 AM JAN 11 2018

I am wearing a pair of black leggings, paired with my favorite patterned button down blouse and brown leather booties

11:35 AM JAN 11 2018

Blue and white sweater, jeans, black winter boots, black winter coat

11:36 AM JAN 11 2018

Nike shoes, Nike socks, Joggers, North Face

11:37 AM JAN 11 2018

Jeans, blue button down, black sneakers

12:10 PM JAN 11 2018

Long black puffer coat over a dark green sweater and black skinnies, red beanie, striped socks, and baby pink Skechers

12:26 PM JAN 11 2018

Navy Brandy Melville long sleeve, orange Uniqlo scarf, black AE jeans, husky socks, black Vans old skools, black North Face jacket.

12:26 PM JAN 11 2018

Brown sweater, selvedge dark denim jeans, gray hoodie, light wash Sherpa denim jacket, and brown Clarks

12:58 PM JAN 11 2018

White Museum of Jurassic Technology T under standard issue black button-up, blue m&s briefs, blue hikers' socks, black jeans and tan hiking boots. It's hot in here so my grey wool sweater is slung over my left shoulder. Let me tell you about my camera, which I'm wearing in lieu of a necklace.

12:59 PM JAN 11 2018

Brown Merrell boots, high-waist dark denim trousers, merino wool longies (top & bottom), burgundy cowl-neck many-wools (camel! yak!) sweater from Vince.

1:00 PM JAN 11 2018

a black woolen tunic over black leggings. sleek black snowboots, a grey silk scarf (the square kind), and a necklace w/ a fire agate pendant. carrying agrey wristlet

1:13 PM JAN 11 2018

Sleeveless turtleneck from COS Red sweater from a thrift shop Khaki wideleg pants from GAP Black socks All black Nike laceless VaporMax Statement earrings Marimekko black and white striped fabric totebag

1:25 PM JAN 11 2018

A gray shirt with feathers and a jean skirt and leggings as well as a blue coat

1:25 PM JAN 11 2018

Black jeans and white sweater. With a coral pink coat. With combat boots and a purple flowery scarf.

1:53 PM JAN 11 2018

Skin tight blue dress black leggings leather flats

1:55 PM JAN 11 2018

Black duffel coat with wooden toggles, a lilac button up shirt with a tree pattern, black denim jeans, and beige boots

2:50 PM JAN 11 2018

Guess boots, "World's No1 Uncle" socks, denim jeans, CK boxers, souvenir tee from Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, corduroy hooded top by Pretty Green.

2:50 PM JAN 11 2018

Navy Bomber, Striped button down, Sweats, Nike sneakers,

2:53 PM JAN 11 2018

H&M White Hat, A&F Turquoise Sweater, Levi Jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor II High Black

2:54 PM JAN 11 2018

Zara jeans and lace top, Victoria's Secret leather jacket, long flows wool coat, manolos

3:02 PM JAN 11 2018

Grey jumper, faded black cropped jeans, white ankle socks, navy new balance runners, maroon bra, white underwear, black and gold watch, brown glasses and a great personality : D

3:03 PM JAN 11 2018

Long sleeve white Champion tshirt, jeans I've had since I was 15, brown leather belt I bought with my mother, Bean boots, white socks, clear glasses, high-rise underwear, my best grey bra

3:06 PM JAN 11 2018

Multicolored book print dress with burgundy belt, burgundy heat tech shirt, green wool cardigan with guinea pigs in reading glasses on pockets, grey and burgundy striped tights

3:13 PM JAN 11 2018

Dark blue corduroy trousers, purple shirt, oversized grey purple and blue wool sweater, grey socks, burgundy vans. Dark green waxed jacket and red scarf.

3:15 PM JAN 11 2018

Dark jeans, long sleeve ecru tee, navy sweater, navy/grey New Balance trainers, Superdry watch still set to London time.

3:30 PM JAN 11 2018

Everything visible: fuchsia jacket, eggplant skirt, red/green/orange striped socks, bright red sneakers, my wedding ring.

3:58 PM JAN 11 2018

Skinny jeans with maroon vans and a Rutgers crew neck

4:01 PM JAN 11 2018

Blue and white striped sweater, dark wash high rise jeans, brown riding boots with tall white socks

4:01 PM JAN 11 2018

I am wearing unshakeable confidence and a ear to ear smile

4:11 PM JAN 11 2018

my name is Emma and i am wearing a chunky mauve sweater with bell sleeves, low rise dark wash lightly ripped jeans, white ankle nike socks, grey knockoff vans and a silver scrunchie with a Rose Gold Series 3 apple watch

4:14 PM JAN 11 2018

Hey Emily: I'm wearing red fluvogg biits, black trouser sox, one white ankle support. Stone washed boot cut blue jeans, light pink underwear. Chocolate Brown flannel men's style button up short over a tan with brown scroll print uniqlo scoop neck long sleeve heatech top, tan bra. Whie scrunchy at the bottom of my very long braid. NYC subway token earrings. Vintage Tomato picker token necklace. Oval Topaz with diamond chip gold ring. Two diamond with gold nugget on white gold ring, silver sparkle nail polish and mascara. Chapstick. Hope that helps.*boots*shirt*white

6:40 PM JAN 11 2018

Hi I was at MOMA Wednesday, Jan 10th. Brown guess boots. Black Uniqulo courdiry pants. Black shirt with faint letterpress printed spiral pattern onit, that my friend made. Bright bubblegum pink and silver button down jacket from a shop in the mall/casino in Pennsylvania near Allentown. Silver looking circle necklace, not hallow, with pattern in center and pale blue fridge at bottom of circle, from tourist shop in Sedona, AZ. Silver plated earrings, circles grouped together in 3 sections from my Great Aunt Ettie.

11:21 AM JAN 12 2018

Converse w/ dress socks Black suit pants White Button up-long sleeve Blue tie Suit-jacket

11:21 AM JAN 12 2018

Adidas, Levi's jeans, Sorel boots, icebreaker, Kathmandu

11:23 AM JAN 12 2018

Black Lulu Lemon Leggings, black Target champion 3/4 zip tight, pink lulu lemon sports bra, navy blue knee height hunter boots

11:24 AM JAN 12 2018

A grey pfg grey and pink sweatshirt, a pair of black lululemon leggings, and a pair of hunter rain boots.

11:25 AM JAN 12 2018

Beige Nike sweatshirt, burgundy leggings, and ugg rain boots

11:49 AM JAN 12 2018

Worn exodus T-shirt, shredded jeans, black Vans, "Choose Life, Hail Satan" beanie.

12:00 PM JAN 12 2018

Black sweater dark blue high waisted skinny jeans black velvet high heeled booties and a rose gold leather tote bag

12:03 PM JAN 12 2018

Leilani wore all black. Black everything. Except her boots, those were dark brown.

12:16 PM JAN 12 2018

Grey Timberland boots, off white socks with donkeys, black tights, black and grey stripped dress with a black long sleeve shirt underneath, Printed Matter tote bag, rust-colored beanie

12:19 PM JAN 12 2018

I am wearing a pink y&r hoodie, denim pants, dirty Stan smiths, blue American Apparel backpack

12:43 PM JAN 12 2018

Camel colored boots, beige socks, cotton underwear and bra, blue rubbed tank top, green plaid flannel shirt, black infinity scarf, handmade earrings

12:58 PM JAN 12 2018

I am wearing a long black lightweight jacket with a v-cut black top and black pants paired with light blue vans sneakers

12:59 PM JAN 12 2018

I am wearing a grey graphic tee with dark jeans and Timberlands

1:02 PM JAN 12 2018

A gray long-sleeve carhartt t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and tan boots.

1:08 PM JAN 12 2018

Striped navy and white shirt, blue jeans and hiking boots

1:09 PM JAN 12 2018

Black adidas sneakers, blue jeans, striped tee, navy coat and NY baseball cap

1:10 PM JAN 12 2018

White sneakers, blue jeans, grey jumper and beige coat

1:22 PM JAN 12 2018

Black leather loafers with laces, opaque black tights, black underwear, grey pencil skirt, oversized red button down shirt, red bra, gold hairpins, giraffe earrings.

1:23 PM JAN 12 2018

Black doc marten loafers, green wool dress, black tote, black tights

1:42 PM JAN 12 2018

For Emily Spivack MOMA Project: Wearing Today for 62 degrees; the rain/fog 1/12/2018! Black boots, green/black/orange/white print cotton pants, multi greenish ruffled sleeveless crepe v-neck tunic, DKNY silver/reflective-tape hooded lightweight raincoat, leather clutch with back smartphone pocket, 8x11" cotton drawstring backpack, red& white cotton tasselled forever scarf, rubberized fingerless gloves, green glasses

1:43 PM JAN 12 2018

Black long sleeve t-shirt with a pocket, black denim, black shoes and a cap with an ENGIN logo in white.

2:00 PM JAN 12 2018

For your new project: Grey furlined boots Dark blue skinny jeans White cashmere sweater Shiny brown raincoat Gold monogrammed necklace Lipstick

2:03 PM JAN 12 2018

Apple Watch, my new jeans and some UNIQLO

2:04 PM JAN 12 2018

Ticket bag, non-waterproof jacket, random other assorted garments plucked from the bottom of my suitcase while dressing in the dark

2:10 PM JAN 12 2018

Shear, flowy black hi-low top, cozy speckled gray slouch sweater, light scarf with blue and gray leopard print, dark skinny jeans, tall black leather boots.

2:12 PM JAN 12 2018

Blue jeans, a turquoise blouse, tan flats, a necklace with owls I bought in a Goodwill, a scarf my girlfriend loaned me.

2:14 PM JAN 12 2018

A dark green heavy coat, a black hoody, grey jeans and black boots.

2:31 PM JAN 12 2018

Champions grey sweatshirt Casio digital watch Tommy hilfigur grey tee shirt American Eagle blue jeans White Converse Thanks!

2:48 PM JAN 12 2018

Navy turtleneck, slightly muddy black jeans (it's raining)

2:48 PM JAN 12 2018

My grandpas green flannel shirt, ripped blue jeans, a hair scrunching made out of llama fur, of flyers and gnome socks

2:53 PM JAN 12 2018

I am wearing a navy canada goose jacket, grey alo long sleeved top, purple lululemon leggings and grey sperry duck boots :)

2:55 PM JAN 12 2018

Grey sweater, 2 pink tank top, black yoga pants, orange sneakers with white socksAnd a turquoise purse

2:55 PM JAN 12 2018

Yoga pants, a hoodie, and an infinity scarf. Panda socks!

2:56 PM JAN 12 2018

Blue Lululemon Sweater, Red Hollister Joggers, MVMT Rose Gold/Black Watch, Banana Republic Boxer Briefs, Adidas Black Socks, Adidas NMD Shoes.

3:12 PM JAN 12 2018

wide leg jeans, william blake doc martens, vintage floral scarf, vintage leather belt, long sleeved orange turtleneck, sf moma backpack

3:30 PM JAN 12 2018

Black jeans, black boots, a cami over a rose tan tee

3:44 PM JAN 12 2018

Uniqlo blouse, pink sweater with a ribbon on back and Uniqlo pants

3:49 PM JAN 12 2018

White shirt from Target, the kind that makes your chest come alive a little bit but in a socially acceptable way. LEVI jeans that have holes in the pockets small enough that my keys are ok but I can't carry pens. Doc martens that my sister said looked ok at first then bought me new shoes and told me to throw these out, which made me want to wear them more

3:52 PM JAN 12 2018

I'm wearing black yoga pants and a red, long-sleeve athletic top. What I affectionately refer to as "coffee clothes."

3:53 PM JAN 12 2018

Knee brace, brown jeans, long denim shirt, one of my mom's grey tank tops, orthotic hiking boots

3:56 PM JAN 12 2018

Brown Burberry hoodie. Green t-shirt from Target. Dark blue Joe's Jeans. Hot pink 2(X)ist briefs. Black Tretorn rubber boots. Timberland socks. And a smile.

3:58 PM JAN 12 2018

Vintage mens FUBU jeans from the nineties. Black and blue vintage fur coat, camper x bernhard wilhem sneakers. Blue Escada sweatshirt.

4:00 PM JAN 12 2018

line "young vines" t-shirt, navy toggle coat, 2 scrunchiesnavy/tan leather duck boots, gold glitter socks, black jeans, long

4:04 PM JAN 12 2018

Dark blue skinny jeans, grey blousey t-shirt with silver dots, grey jacket, Tommy Hilfiger rain boots

4:15 PM JAN 12 2018

Black skinny jeans, red and black flannel shirt, shearling-lined motorcycle boots, Balenciaga Velo bag.

4:18 PM JAN 12 2018

I am wearing adidas shoes camp cedar sweat shirt and Nike pants and wayland hat

4:25 PM JAN 12 2018

navy/tan leather duck boots, gold glitter socks, black jeans, long line young vines t-shirt, navy toggle coat, 2 scrunchies

4:32 PM JAN 12 2018

T-shirt Jeans Adidas sneaker

4:33 PM JAN 12 2018

Brandy Melville Flying monkey Balls

4:34 PM JAN 12 2018

Black legging pants, black long sleeve shirt, blue flannel and dark blue boots.

4:35 PM JAN 12 2018

Solid black turtle neck, jeans with no name of significance and black leather boots.

4:40 PM JAN 12 2018

Shear leggings, black sweater over gray tank top and L.L. Bean Boots, with adidas hat

4:44 PM JAN 12 2018

Dirty black low-top converse, blue jeans and a grey and green hoodie. Red ski jacket worn around waist.

4:44 PM JAN 12 2018

Jeans, adidas sneakers, striped tshirt, long black winter coat, Steve Madden backpack

4:52 PM JAN 12 2018

Vans shirt vans checkerboard sneakers jeans and a red hoodie!

4:53 PM JAN 12 2018

CROCS and SOCKS and booty shorts and a crop top

4:54 PM JAN 12 2018

Jeans from Kmart Shoes from sketchers Shirt from dollar bin from Walmart Dora Watch from Dollar General Belt from Gucci

5:01 PM JAN 12 2018

Faded red tshirt, ripped dark wash jeans, black doc martens, Barbour jacket, black beaded choker

5:01 PM JAN 12 2018

White old skool Vans, maroon jumpsuit, olive JCrew jacket, minimalist choker, lapis lazuli earrings

5:07 PM JAN 12 2018

Jeans, nirvana t shirt, red shirt cool face

5:08 PM JAN 12 2018

Lipstick in my Valentino white bag

5:09 PM JAN 12 2018

Levi's jean jacket, bill blasts green corduroys, vegan doc martens, and a teal fjallraven kanken

5:10 PM JAN 12 2018

Grey sweatshirt, red plaid pants, Nike huaraches

5:10 PM JAN 12 2018

Two inch little brown Bebe shoes

5:10 PM JAN 12 2018

Navy sweater, black jeans, black Doc Martens, light grey Burberry Brit rain coat around waist, quilted Vera Bradley backpack, silver cuff, rosary bracelet

5:12 PM JAN 12 2018

Striped socks under black boots. Tan pants. Shoelace belt. Shirt. Jean jacket. Watch. Pins. Panty liner.

5:14 PM JAN 12 2018

Combat boots, high waisted jeans, off the shoulder black top, pulled together with gold hoop earrings and a ribbon in my hair

5:15 PM JAN 12 2018

Spongbob square pants long johns, hot pink cat ears, green turtleneck with unicorns, and converse

5:16 PM JAN 12 2018

Jeans with jagged hem, boots, long cardigan, beanie, striped turtleneck shirt tucked in

5:27 PM JAN 12 2018

White Hollister pullover, blue jeans and gray boots

5:37 PM JAN 12 2018

Green sweater, gray thermal, black jeans, gray wool socks, fur-lined boots, a rain jacket, and an Italian leather cross-body purse.

5:37 PM JAN 12 2018

Blue long sleeve, suit coat with a hood lining, and lucky jeans. Lucky you!

5:45 PM JAN 12 2018

Red cowl neck sweater, timex wristwatch

5:45 PM JAN 12 2018

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5:55 PM JAN 12 2018

high waisted black jeans, black timberland boots, a dark blue turtleneck and hoop earrings. black lace bra and see-through panties. dignity and pride.

5:56 PM JAN 12 2018

high wasted blue boyfriends, oversized turquoise sweater, black short boots, blue socks, laced bralette and laced pants. oh, and alsobee and pins.

6:05 PM JAN 12 2018

Black rain boots, black & dark red plaid leggings, black tank top with large gold rococo print on the front, long black cashmere vest with deep pockets, and my yellow scarf

6:09 PM JAN 12 2018

Kith zip up, gap Jeans, j crew hoody, aj1 bred , and Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs 100% cotton

6:10 PM JAN 12 2018

Wearing a gap hoodie grey sweats comfy sneakers and cute undies

6:14 PM JAN 12 2018

Coat, trousers, tshirt, trainers

6:25 PM JAN 12 2018

Nike Prestos #sneakerhead

6:25 PM JAN 12 2018

My new Pumas #sneakerhead

6:34 PM JAN 12 2018

Urban outfitters Phase eight Uniqlo Clarke Marks & spencers

6:36 PM JAN 12 2018

Blue beanie, moma champion hoodie, green jacket, and PlayStation trackpants.

6:46 PM JAN 12 2018

Brown and white, vertically striped, button up, long-sleeved shirt, brown/tan pants, plain grey sweatshirt (no words or logos), black scarf, blue hat that says "New York" because of course I am, I'm a tourist

7:08 PM JAN 12 2018

My old 10 years Superman blu T-shirt bought in NYC, grey pants and the new gold jacket for NY. And black Nike .

7:14 PM JAN 12 2018

Hi! I'm wearing camo pants, hiking boots, a Profanatica black graphic tshirt, a Blind Guardian black hoodie and a military style Luminox watch

7:15 PM JAN 12 2018

Levi's Jean Jacket, High School Football Sweater, Zara Cargo Skinny's, Palladium Boots

7:16 PM JAN 12 2018

Black baseball inspired zip up shirt, black laced leggings, black socks, and black adidas ultra boosts.

7:19 PM JAN 12 2018

A one piece dress with matching tights & ring by Japanese Lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty, cute pink rings, pink beret, two pink headbows, a gold and pink star clip and pink tea party shoes carrying a My Melody plushie

7:29 PM JAN 12 2018

Black and dark blue silk button up shirt with slit in back, dark jeans with frayed bottom, leather black flat boots with thick sole

7:32 PM JAN 12 2018

Burgundy vans with white and black stitching on the top

7:33 PM JAN 12 2018

Vans,black ripped jeans,white shirt and a green sweater

10:15 PM JAN 12 2018

Hello, I'm wearing my new brown boots, with tight black jeans, a collarless grey and white shirt, and a half button down sweater. My girlfriend on my arm as we traverse through the fields of people and art. Thank you! Michael

11:23 AM JAN 13 2018

Black shoes, jeans, red jacket

11:24 AM JAN 13 2018

Anna is wearing her new blue jeans from Gap and pink sweater from Uniqlo

11:25 AM JAN 13 2018

Jeans and a jumper, jacket and scarf cause it's cold

11:30 AM JAN 13 2018

Ripped jeans, loose beige jumper and fur lined hooded coat.

11:30 AM JAN 13 2018

Grey zipped hoodie, dark brown suede boots, blue firetrap denim jeans, super dry tshirt, frederique constant automatic smart watch.

11:33 AM JAN 13 2018

I am wearing light blue stone wash Levi's, a plaid green button up under a green/brown striped Gap sweater. Hawkings McGill brown leather desert boots. I hope this helps.

11:33 AM JAN 13 2018

-Levi's wool multicolored sweater -blundstine leather boots -hiking socks -Casio watch -vintage light mom jeans from my mom - vintage pbsc basketball cheerleader tee from my mom -sports bra -black underwear -diva cup -multicolored septum ring

11:47 AM JAN 13 2018

Camo green turtle neck. High waisted jeans. Black boots.

11:48 AM JAN 13 2018

Green shirt, high waisted ripped jeans, tall brown healed boots and a brown leather jacket

11:49 AM JAN 13 2018

Black three quarter sleeve V-neck blouse with dark wash jeans and combat boots

11:51 AM JAN 13 2018

I'm wearing my black, orthopedic shoes with black pants, a black jacket, and a black sweater. Feeling very dirty. Second day this week wearing this pair of underwear + socks.

12:11 PM JAN 13 2018

Beige wool bodice with metallic beads, grey long sleeved tee shirt, jeans, belt, flat shoes with ankle straps

12:35 PM JAN 13 2018

Jeans and t-shirt mmmmmmmmm

12:42 PM JAN 13 2018

Yale hoodie, black jeans, and brown bean boots

12:43 PM JAN 13 2018

Jeans, black boots, green shirt with ruffled sleeves

12:44 PM JAN 13 2018

Brown knit sweater, khakis, brown leather boots

12:52 PM JAN 13 2018

Conard shirt. Brown pants w a hole in the knee. Socks. Shoes.

12:52 PM JAN 13 2018

Fruit of loom underwear, Conard long sleeve, the Mountain School hoodie, black jeans and black boots

1:10 PM JAN 13 2018

Black doc martens Black forever 21 pants Striped yellow ringer tee Color block jacket- left sleeve green, front navy blue, right sleeve fuschia, back greenBlack doc martens Black forever 21 pants Striped yellow ringer tee Color block jacket- left sleeve green, front navy blue, right sleeve fuschia, back green

1:10 PM JAN 13 2018

plain yellow tshirt, green overalls, 4 rings, 5 bracelets, black doc martens, a blue vans beanie, a beige jacket, and jellyfish socks

1:15 PM JAN 13 2018

h&m crop tank top cheap urban outfitters gold watch cheap lace bralette hand wrapped gem necklace american eagle black jeans classic white reebok's light wash jean jacket over black hoodie

1:16 PM JAN 13 2018

Large gold hoop earrings with black fur trim, camo sweatshirt that says "eternal dilemma," black leggings with leather tuxedo stripes, adidas superstars, vintage leaf wrap ring

1:21 PM JAN 13 2018

Red knit turtle neck, ripped jeans, checkered vans, grey tights

1:21 PM JAN 13 2018

I'm wearing my brand new Nike air max 97's with blue jeans, my favorite nasa shirt and a flannel. Oh and I warm winter hat.

1:28 PM JAN 13 2018

I'm wearing a yellow green and white striped long shirt with skinny jeans brown boots and a golden bee earring

1:53 PM JAN 13 2018

Snoopy vans, jeans, comfy sweater, Louis bag and feminist pin

1:54 PM JAN 13 2018

Green Flannel, Blue Pants, Boots, and a smile

1:54 PM JAN 13 2018

Brown shoes, black socks, blue jeans, Knoxville Horror Film Fest shirt, green sweater.

1:56 PM JAN 13 2018

Top to bottom -pony tail, aqua scarf, winter green sweater with crystals star details, gray skinny jeans with gray boots

2:12 PM JAN 13 2018

Grey jeans green sweater blue jacket

2:13 PM JAN 13 2018

Booger shorts, green jeans, small fuzzy booties with tiger fringe

2:30 PM JAN 13 2018

I am wearing an AllSaints Coat, INQ Shirt, UNIQLO Turtleneck, Off-White Flannel, AllSaints jeans, White YEEZYs My friend is wearing some cheap shit

2:31 PM JAN 13 2018

I'm his friend. Bershka top and jeans. $6 Macy boots

2:34 PM JAN 13 2018

White sweater, Paige jeans, black sneakers

2:34 PM JAN 13 2018

Black leather knee high boots, jeans, black wool turtleneck

2:36 PM JAN 13 2018

Nike killshots, jeans, Polo quarter zip, Woolrich parka

2:44 PM JAN 13 2018

Classic Vans, wool socks, black skinny jeans and a pocket T-shirt

2:50 PM JAN 13 2018

Black puffer, racing stripe trousers & silver Raf Stans x

2:51 PM JAN 13 2018

Black leather skirt, oversized red jumper, grey timbs, charcoal macintosh

2:57 PM JAN 13 2018

I wore my heart on my sleeve

2:59 PM JAN 13 2018

Adidas leggings, vans sneakers, coat, long champ purse

3:02 PM JAN 13 2018

Wool Socks, Boat Shoes, Khaki Pants, Long SleeveTee, Fleece Vest, Jacket

3:04 PM JAN 13 2018

Jeans, black knee high boots, white short sleeve shirt, black and white thin long cardigan. Pearl earrings with a blue necklace.

3:06 PM JAN 13 2018

I wore down my resistance to sinful indulgence today

3:10 PM JAN 13 2018

Moncler parka with shearling collar, leather leggings, Mr & Mrs Italy moto boots with fur lining, Saint Laurent leather tote, Maiyet sunglasses. Basically a lot of animal products :-/

3:11 PM JAN 13 2018

Black denim skinny jeans maternity with black glitter polo knit turtleneck and black neubok

3:12 PM JAN 13 2018

Navy suede skirt with white mock neck and bulk patent ankle boots

3:16 PM JAN 13 2018

Jeans, 1/4 zip Itza sweater over button down shirt over tshirt Jeans, black turtleneck Glen plaid slacks with white stripe at seams

3:20 PM JAN 13 2018

PAC sun highwaisted ripped jeans, goth platforms, a shirt by balletcats, a crystal necklace and a brown jacket

3:25 PM JAN 13 2018

A scarf with the Burberry pattern (it's everywhere!), a watch and a bracelet my stepsister got me on my birthday a couple years back, jeans button-up-shirt vest overcoat

3:30 PM JAN 13 2018

A grey short sleeve mock neck shirt with a blue and grey plaid skinny pant with short black suede heeled booties.

3:33 PM JAN 13 2018


3:56 PM JAN 13 2018

Black booties with tassle laces, fishnet stockings, leather draping skirt, ivory front-tie blouse with ruffles, black embroidered bomber jacket, maroon hat

3:57 PM JAN 13 2018

Green flannel Black hoodie Blue jeans Black dr martins Turtleshell glasses

3:59 PM JAN 13 2018

Pink hair Black cable knit cardigan White graphic tee Vintage gap jeans Christmas socks Pink timbs Assorted jewelry Canvas tote bag

4:02 PM JAN 13 2018

I'm wearing a red shirt with some black leggings and my favorite boots, they're all dirty from the snow

4:05 PM JAN 13 2018

Blue Timberlands, blue jeans, black Columbia ski jacket with green highlights

4:11 PM JAN 13 2018

bandana earrings necklace bra 3 shirts 2 pants long underwear regular underwear pad 2 pairs socks boots ring scarf coatgloves in coat pocket

4:14 PM JAN 13 2018

Flannel shirt, grey sweatshirt, darker grey coat. Raw selvedge jeans. Wool socks, boots.

4:14 PM JAN 13 2018

Grey sweater, light wash high waisted jeans, vans, and diamond studs

4:15 PM JAN 13 2018

Cropped grey sweater, light wash high waisted jeans, old skool vans, brown coat, and diamond studs

4:31 PM JAN 13 2018

Steve Madden shoes clown socks 511 30-30 maroon Levi's gap gap Zara sweater Taso Ella jacket Kenneth Cole watch

4:44 PM JAN 13 2018

Black sweatshirt, black ripped jeans, Adidas XR1 tennis shoes

4:45 PM JAN 13 2018

Black Yankees hat, tan Kith hoodie, black jeans, black Adidas NMDs

4:48 PM JAN 13 2018

Brown leather boots, black high-waisted skinny jeans, black tank top, light gray sweater.

5:04 PM JAN 13 2018

LlBean long sleeves shirt, LLBean brown vest, hand woven scarf from Bhutan, brown jeans, hand knit socks.

5:05 PM JAN 13 2018

Black leggings, gray wool turtleneck, velvet slip one, white scarf and black down jacket

5:06 PM JAN 13 2018

Brown desert boots, dark blue jeans, cream Henley button down, green Patagonia pullover, blue windbreaker with internal hood pattern

5:15 PM JAN 13 2018

My cousin and I are both wearing gray hoodies and black jeans. Sheis wearing green canvas sanuks, a beige neff beanie and a navy T-shirt from a thrift store. I'm wearing brown leather boots and a sleeping bag black jacket.

11:14 AM JAN 14 2018

Black leggings, tall gray boots, off shoulder black long sleeve shirt, gray cardigan. Chelsea

11:14 AM JAN 14 2018

Jeans, Minnetonka boots, a black kimono with flowers on it, black turtle neck and wide black head band. Silver jewelry.

11:15 AM JAN 14 2018

Black Ponte leggings, white tank top, gray Victorias Secret pullover, black boots Susan

11:25 AM JAN 14 2018

Black shoes, black jeans, and a grey sweater.

11:30 AM JAN 14 2018

A grey hoodie with a description of the sports team I represent in school... and blue jeans cause my mom says I wear leggings to often

11:30 AM JAN 14 2018

Many are wearing long sleeves long paints, basically anything that people would normally wear in winter.

12:06 PM JAN 14 2018

Purse sweater jeans boot long John 2 pairs of socks long sleeve shirt

12:08 PM JAN 14 2018

Cute green shirt with stripes and pockets, also jeans that fit me just right. Red knee high socks,Dwight school cardigan, and black scarf.

12:09 PM JAN 14 2018

Cute plaid button down shirt over pretty pink shirt with pink plaid scarf also black leggings and bear paw boots with really cute handbag!

12:13 PM JAN 14 2018

Black slim fit pants, oversized dark blue sweater, plaid wool scarf with fringe, silver jewelry, white nails

12:14 PM JAN 14 2018

A cream sweater with jeans that have flowers embroidered onto them. A navy scarf and brown doc martens. A scrunchie from Peru.

12:21 PM JAN 14 2018

Grey Timberlands; wool socks; light-washed, high-waisted skinny jeans; grey, cropped, vintage sweater

12:24 PM JAN 14 2018

Grey pants, spider man socks, grey & pink shoes, ivory turtle neck, and star wars themed vest.

12:29 PM JAN 14 2018

She wears a black sweater and black pants. He wears Batman hoodie, red turtle neck, blue pants, white and black sneakers, and black socks.

12:42 PM JAN 14 2018

Blue jeans, blue tee shirt,blue button down shirt,blue yankee hat.

12:51 PM JAN 14 2018

Green velvet full-body jumpsuit with maroon doc martens

12:58 PM JAN 14 2018

Black jeans, black shirt, black socks, pink cheeks!

1:03 PM JAN 14 2018

I'm wearing my salt

1:04 PM JAN 14 2018

My Jesus tshirt because I love god can I get an amen to that sister

1:04 PM JAN 14 2018

A rock crop top, with a lace up neck line, paired with black jeans and light brown timberlands

1:05 PM JAN 14 2018

Red crop top w high waisted black jeans fishnets n vans

1:08 PM JAN 14 2018

A long sleeved stripped grey shirt with a Superdry sweatshirt and a grey scarf, and grey jeans, and size 4 Osiris black high tops.

1:14 PM JAN 14 2018

Leggins, bean boots, white fossil watch, denim shirt, 9 rings

1:15 PM JAN 14 2018

I am wearing a cream colored boule coat, gray waffle knit sweater, jeans, brown clogs with gray socks and a dark blue knit hat with a fluffy pom pom on top.

1:15 PM JAN 14 2018

Peacoat vneck chinos sneakers

1:16 PM JAN 14 2018

My youth council sweatshirt, forever21 jeans, and my no bull shoes

1:20 PM JAN 14 2018

Black, Quarter-zip Sweater. Dark Blue Jeans. Dark Blue Nike Sneakers.

1:20 PM JAN 14 2018

Tan books. Black patterned tights. Black mini. Oversized, large knit, oatmeal sweater.

1:24 PM JAN 14 2018

Thongs and high heels

1:24 PM JAN 14 2018

Absolutely Nothing, Nude; full nude

1:30 PM JAN 14 2018

I am wearing nothing

1:30 PM JAN 14 2018

I am Wearing Black NIKE Sneakers, white socks, ripped black skinny jeans, gray t-shirt, black hoodie

1:31 PM JAN 14 2018

I am wearing a 34DD bra baby

1:36 PM JAN 14 2018

Knee high black leather boots, jeans, blue knee high socks, a stretchy gray tank beneath a scratchy blue sweater

1:49 PM JAN 14 2018

green fuzzy cat hair-like sweater fuzzy pink scarf pants four socks black faux leather boots with rubber

2:02 PM JAN 14 2018

Everything is shit colored

2:09 PM JAN 14 2018

Jeans, tshirt, scarf, cap & trench coat

2:14 PM JAN 14 2018

Them tapered sweatpants, pink Reeboks w the straps...

2:23 PM JAN 14 2018

Cream fisherman's sweater under black overalls with black boots. On top, a long gray wool coat with a pink scarf and blue hat

2:31 PM JAN 14 2018

Black suede high-heeled ankle boots with inside zip and button & loop design on the outside; black wool high-waisted flared leg trousers; white silk Armani tunic with jewel neckline, long sleeves, and tails; black Issey Miyake Pleats Please vest with horn closures; silver and pearl long earrings; black Winky watch; red-framed glasses

2:35 PM JAN 14 2018

Black turtleneck, ribbed. Grey circle scarf, cotton. Blue easy jeans from American Apparel, Docs with holes, makeup, cheap purse

2:35 PM JAN 14 2018

Black pants, green sweater, blue socks, brown boots, green earrings

2:40 PM JAN 14 2018 sweatshirt and cargo pants.

2:45 PM JAN 14 2018

Skechers,jeans,red shirt

2:50 PM JAN 14 2018

Thick wool scarves lace jacket leather gloves leggings sweater trying hard to make a. No coloroutfitmore sophisticated by varying textures and my friend is wearing a jacket reminiscent of napoleon Bonaparte she is a lovely person with a n excellent taste in historical figures

2:51 PM JAN 14 2018

Grey palladium boots, olive joggers, forest green zip up, grey shirt, white, grey, and gold alpaca coat.

2:52 PM JAN 14 2018

Computationally patterned pant suit, crisp white button down, black leather Catherine Malandrino slides with velvet tassels, silver Express pyramid stud watch, leather choker.

3:02 PM JAN 14 2018

Frame black tee, frame jeans, heeled chelseas, camera hanging by my hips

3:06 PM JAN 14 2018

New balances, Patagonia jacket, arctic monkeys t shirt, jeans, gloves

3:07 PM JAN 14 2018

Yellow jeans, red flannel, blue sneakers, black peacoat, white framed glasses, leather belt.

3:14 PM JAN 14 2018

Jeans, Oregon ducks sweatshirt, and an Adidas drawstring bag kangaroo-style

3:14 PM JAN 14 2018

Jeans, pink cold shoulder sweater, grey uggs, and a really uncomfortable hat

3:17 PM JAN 14 2018

Grey sweater tan chinos brown boots black coat red hat multicolored scarf

3:18 PM JAN 14 2018

Navy blue crew neck sweater, dark wash denim jeans, grey wool socks, and brown Chelsea boots.

3:21 PM JAN 14 2018

Dafna is wearing two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a thick jacket, scarf, gloves, and earwarmer. It's very cold today.

3:23 PM JAN 14 2018

Orange polo and black elastic pants. Brown boots, green jacket and a blue sweater.

3:24 PM JAN 14 2018

Black sweatshirt, blue jeans, lucky brand over-the-knee grey boots, sapphire blue Michael kors crossbody.

3:24 PM JAN 14 2018

A pink velour track suit, fedora hat with a rare pigeon feather, bright blue faux leather loafers. A belt made from endangered rainforest moss.

3:28 PM JAN 14 2018

Black pullover hoodie Dark grey washed Levi's Jeans Black, canvas docmartens drizzled with clay

3:30 PM JAN 14 2018

Shirt, sweater, kakhis, sneakers

3:31 PM JAN 14 2018

Denim male romper and thigh high h&m boots

3:32 PM JAN 14 2018

Peter Pan costume with a tinker bell on my arm

3:35 PM JAN 14 2018

Blue jeans, knockoff Adidas shoes, and a SUNY Geneseo sweatshirt

3:35 PM JAN 14 2018

Hello Emily, I am wearing a Sherpa coat, black turtleneck sweater, vintage Stan Ray pants and converse high tops. Have a great day!

3:36 PM JAN 14 2018

Black adidas ultraboosts 3.0, striped h&m undershirt, grey Uniqlo sweater, faded skinny blue jeans, and a g-star raw jacket

4:02 PM JAN 14 2018

Jeans Sweatshirt Hiking boots

4:07 PM JAN 14 2018

A blue jacket,gray sweatpants,a purple coat,black pants.

4:12 PM JAN 14 2018

Levi's Commuter Jeans Craft thermal vest Giro hooded long sleeve Chrome over the calf socks Chrome waterproof work boot

4:24 PM JAN 14 2018

Blue jeans, Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour t-shirt, purple Vans, Blackhawks hoodie, North Face jacket

4:33 PM JAN 14 2018

A burgundy North face fleece with a spiderman shirt, grey jeans and green boots

4:34 PM JAN 14 2018

Purple, yellow, and orange.

4:34 PM JAN 14 2018

Jeans, Firefly hoodie and t-shirt that says OMG NO WAY in illegible rainbow op-art letters.

4:54 PM JAN 14 2018

Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt, Clarks desert boots, vintage ski sweater, and a pair of dark grey corduroys.

4:58 PM JAN 14 2018

Black scoop neck shirt, jeans, black sneakers

5:10 PM JAN 14 2018

Black AG jeans, burgundy turtleneck sweater with a grey split cardigan, brown Studded Frye boots, Mikimoto Pearls, Pink Radley watch, and a diamond ring.

5:17 PM JAN 14 2018

Black winter jacket, blue jeans, long sleeved shirt, Hiking boots

5:17 PM JAN 14 2018

Silver, Gold and Diamond wedding rings, blue and pink under wears..!!!

10:54 PM JAN 14 2018

Black jeans, grey turtleneck, denim jacket, black scarf, black cold weather boots, brown bag, gold hoops and a silver bumble bee ring.

10:33 AM JAN 15 2018

Grey cashmere polo neck jumper dress, black leggings, flat leather boots

10:58 AM JAN 15 2018

Jackets,jeans, sweaters

11:40 AM JAN 15 2018

Hoodie Hoodie Hoodie

11:50 AM JAN 15 2018

Marshall statesmen 2019 t-shirt, red chincoteague jumper, black leggings, gray fuzzy socks, black boots

11:51 AM JAN 15 2018

Black leather boots that front zip, gold socks, no stretch denim skinny jeans, Steven Alan linen top, grey wool cardigan, you must create plaid coat, blue barrette, black over the shoulder bag filled with yoga clothes, gold stud earrings, pink nail polish.

11:58 AM JAN 15 2018

Blue jeans button down black boots black jacket, 5 o'clock shadow and a Cartier watch.

11:59 AM JAN 15 2018

Brown shoes, black jeans, brown belt, blue long-sleeve shirt

12:00 PM JAN 15 2018

I'm wearing grey ankle boots, black high waisted jeans, and a black and white striped hoody shirt

12:14 PM JAN 15 2018

What I'm wearing: white cotton dolman short sleeve button-up shirt, cropped vintage Levi 505 jeans, leather Madewell loafers, Catbirdgold jewelry, and a checked Baggu canvas tote

12:15 PM JAN 15 2018

What I'm wearing: Multi striped button up shirt, cropped wide leg jeans, Tall Missoni socks, navy laced booties, leather tote bag, tiny opal ring.

12:29 PM JAN 15 2018

Crocodile boots, old sweater, skinny jeans, and aviator sunglasses

12:29 PM JAN 15 2018

Sam Edelman boots, black j crew leggings, white Uniqlo button-down, black Mochino scarf

12:53 PM JAN 15 2018

Fuzzy pink turtleneck sweater, plaid scarf, blue corduroys, black long johns, blue bikini underwear, faded beige bra, green patterned fleece socks, and sneakers

12:57 PM JAN 15 2018

Chambray shift dress with oversized metallic polka dots overtop olive green heat tech shirt, a fuzzy sweater coat with big grey polka dots, chunky green and pink knit scarf, grey tights, and black faux fur trimmed booties

12:59 PM JAN 15 2018

Grey cropped hoodie and high waisted black leggings with light grey Nike sneakers

12:59 PM JAN 15 2018

Black high top vans and all old navy clothes

1:00 PM JAN 15 2018

Red Eddie Bauer shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Nike shoes and approximately 10 pounds of thermal clothing underneath it all (I'm Mexican. Help me please: it's too cold).

1:05 PM JAN 15 2018

A nursing dress, black leggings, black boots

1:06 PM JAN 15 2018

Dead pool shirt grey pants Nike shoes DANK MEMES

1:11 PM JAN 15 2018

Brown hat, white long sleeve, green coat, black leggings, brown uggs

1:12 PM JAN 15 2018

I'm wearing Merrel Hiking Boots Red Joggers from UO Tractor Brewing Co. Pigg the pug baseball tee Brown thermal And a Green Chile Roaster Baseball Cap for the ABQ Isotopes

1:30 PM JAN 15 2018

Sporty boots, black jeans, red shirt with two red glittery hearts, black jacket with faux fur hat

1:33 PM JAN 15 2018

White see-through sari under a black leather jacket with black leggings and thick black heels, grey tweed scarf, glasses.

1:36 PM JAN 15 2018

Basketball shorts , black leggings, sweater with gym logo, maroon hat, basketball shoes, grey sock. And underwear. (Of course.) and auburn hair.

1:45 PM JAN 15 2018

Jeans, blue plaid shirt, grey jacket, and rod lavers.

2:00 PM JAN 15 2018

Navy jacket with a fur collar I feel ambivalent about, navy wool sweatpants, navy wool sweater with olive details, navy sneakers and a teal and grey knit scarf.

2:05 PM JAN 15 2018

Black boots, jeans, grey tshirt, black and white flannel, green jacket, leopard scarf. Gold ring with an opal stone can't leave home without it.

2:06 PM JAN 15 2018

Long sleeve blue t-shirt, blue jacket, black beanie, jeans, and duck boots

2:10 PM JAN 15 2018

Jeans Jumper Scarf Boots Eye glasses

2:10 PM JAN 15 2018

Black jeans with a yellow cropped shirt with a grey hoodie

2:11 PM JAN 15 2018

Grey hoodie Black jeans Long furry brown boots A smile on my face

2:12 PM JAN 15 2018

Navy jeans with a black top and black cardigain. Also a blue black and white scarf

2:16 PM JAN 15 2018

Peach/orange v-neck sweater, blue jeans, black converse sneakers.

2:27 PM JAN 15 2018

Gray Old Navy sweatshirt, blue jeans, black Nike snakers

2:30 PM JAN 15 2018

Westbound casual cream sweater, light blue Levi mom jeans, canvas Doc Martin shoes, "love God. . ." Tshirt, yellow long socks with cherrys on them

2:31 PM JAN 15 2018

A Pastel oversized green sweater made of thin soft material with a wide v-neck accompanied by green camouflaged cargo pants, tan ugg boots and a large draping tan scarf

2:33 PM JAN 15 2018

Icebreaker top and jeans D Phoon

2:35 PM JAN 15 2018

Mustard sweater, teal floral skirt, black tights, yellow and red bobs burgers socks, black scuffed dr marten Chelsea boots

2:47 PM JAN 15 2018

brown boots, blue jeans, white pocket t shirt, yellow chore coat, silver down lined jacket

2:52 PM JAN 15 2018

I'm wearing Zara stripped white and blue long dress with a Zara black sweater, black patterned tights and Sam Edelman black booty shoes.

2:58 PM JAN 15 2018

Wearing combination boxer/jockey shorts, white long underwear, light brown socks, buster Brown-ish leather shoes, khaki slacks, white t-shirt, black vertically striped long-sleeve shirt, gray hoodie.

3:13 PM JAN 15 2018

Hi Emily! I'm wearing: -eggplant colored toque -tortoise shell glasses -snakeskin print scarf -grey, kind of heather, long sleeve tee shirt -white tank top -beige bra -black yoga pants -white with pastel pink/blue/yellow horizontal stripes -purple and black socks -black leather boots -olive colored long winter coat with a long silver zipper down the front That's it! (Well when I list it out Ididn't realize how many items there were!!)

3:21 PM JAN 15 2018

Jeans sneakers wave pattern shirt and Apple Watch

3:22 PM JAN 15 2018

Aritzia turtleneck sweater, Uniqlo pants, Alexandra Wang boots, Celine bag

3:27 PM JAN 15 2018

Leather boots, blue jeans, and three layers on top. Brrr!

3:28 PM JAN 15 2018

Dark wash jeans, tartan plaid shirt, black insulated vest

3:33 PM JAN 15 2018

Black sweater, black wideleg crop pants, black Blundstone boots, black tote, black coat with coyote fur hood.

3:46 PM JAN 15 2018

A sweater ,t shirt,jeans,socks and shoes

3:46 PM JAN 15 2018

My sweater is Ralph Lauren and I have no pants

3:50 PM JAN 15 2018

White and light blue superstars, light wash boot cut jeans, and "Girls Do It Best" tee.

3:54 PM JAN 15 2018

WALTER T shirt Black Belt Blue Jeans White Socks Black Boots

3:55 PM JAN 15 2018

Black tank top, black shirt with gold sequins, blue jeans, sparkly grey keds

3:59 PM JAN 15 2018

Green rimmed glasses, pop.1280 black band t shirt, green 90s Gap sweater, green cutoff carhartt jeans, white vans socks, low cut black doc Martins

4:16 PM JAN 15 2018

Blue sweater Gray corduroys

5:00 PM JAN 15 2018

Nike air sneakers, red sports pants, gray long sleeve shirt, warm blue coat

5:03 PM JAN 15 2018

Lace-up stacked heel black leather boots, black thermal leggings, black ribbed tee shirt, blue, grey and black striped vintage shirt (open) and black mascarawith a black cane

1:31 AM JAN 16 2018

Saw this on ig so here goes. I'm wearing a purple long sleeve fuzzy sweater and pink and yellow stripe pants. I have a giant scarf (black and orange) wrapped around my head and I'm barefoot

10:59 AM JAN 16 2018

Brown shoes, blue jeans, black sweatshirt, and a Dunderdon coat I probably should have left at coat check because I'm sweating

11:02 AM JAN 16 2018

I'm wearing a shirt like this. Very dark blue shirt. And very dark brown and black shoes. And blue jeans. Mine have two pockets. I'm not wearing the banana sweatshirt anymore. Undies--only blue undies. My name is Jonah and I'm 4 years old. I mean 4 and a half.

11:58 AM JAN 16 2018

Jeans Sloppy blue cashmere sweater Yellow purse

12:45 PM JAN 16 2018

warm camisole, leggings, knee high socks, wool socks, cropped long sleeve t-shirt with a rainbow stripe down its middle, favorite long black glittery skirt, black fuzzy sweater, navy scuffed doc martens, small gold hoop earrings, and a mini red backpack.

12:45 PM JAN 16 2018

Black boots, salmon pants, red shirt. If you want to know my underwear, first invite me a drink.

12:45 PM JAN 16 2018

Black socks, black jeans, black thermal shirt, black polo, yellow hat

1:05 PM JAN 16 2018

Polo boots, g star sweater, shearling jacket and jeans. #SLVRSTN3

1:12 PM JAN 16 2018

Long black cashmere coat, navy blue DHL sweatshirt, black jeans, Doc Marten boots

1:12 PM JAN 16 2018

Black leather shoes, brown shirt-dress from COS, grey wool sweater, black jacket also from COS, silver Casio watch, black scarf borrowed from a friend, 2 rings, silver hoop earrings

1:18 PM JAN 16 2018

Skinny blue jeans, white long sleeve shirt, brown leather boots, gray fleece vest, tan wool scarf, "statement" necklace; diamond wedding band.

1:23 PM JAN 16 2018

A blue jean jacket of sociable cider werks, pink sweatshirt, a white t shirt with a crying Kim Kardashian illustration, navy blue pants, fun socks and ankle high vans half a size too large.

2:01 PM JAN 16 2018

I'm wearing George's clothes and weapons so my enemies have hands but can't touch me So my enemies have feet but can't reach me So myenemies have eyes but can't see me And even in their thoughts theycan't make me anything evil Excerpt of Caetano Veloso's song "Jorge da Capadocia".

2:13 PM JAN 16 2018

Debra Walters. Grey Sugar Pine Seven "Boys only club" zip up hoodie, Black The frights band t-shirt, light blue jeans, converse all stars DC's Batman Penguin high tops

2:32 PM JAN 16 2018

Gosh Rubchinkiy ace 16 sneakers, Alexander McQueen recycled denim, random hoodie

2:41 PM JAN 16 2018

Acne Studios Uniqlo Adidas Apple Watch Thirsted beanie Wolf vs goat

2:42 PM JAN 16 2018

A striped grey and black long sleeved top from Uniqlo, a black zip up hoodie from H&M, black Madewell jeans (9 inch high rise), mustard Vans with black detailing.

3:24 PM JAN 16 2018

Black jeans, rose cowl-neck cashmere sweater (l.l. bean), black suede SAS oxfords with black sparkly laces, four rings (two on each hand), and I have shortwhite hair with hot-pink bangs.

3:30 PM JAN 16 2018

Sketchers: grey sneakers, black corduroy jeans Macy's, blackbGap long sleeve shirt bateau neck, beaded Indian belt, fushia sport longsleeve shirt under the black one .

3:53 PM JAN 16 2018

Basebal cap, tennis shoes, jeans, gi joe t-shirt and a hoodie

4:02 PM JAN 16 2018

Jeans, grey sweater, bear paw boots, cat ear headbands, and my attitude.

4:02 PM JAN 16 2018

Gray hoodie, gray logo tee, blue jeans (Gap), Nike runners.

4:10 PM JAN 16 2018

Baby pink Reebok high tops, black leggings with white splatter pattern, black and white graphic tunic top, long black cashmere vest w the big pockets

4:12 PM JAN 16 2018

Necklace from my best friend for my birthday, thermal underwear, purple jumper (shrunk in the wash), Levi's (blue with a stain on the knee I just found), new socks, hiking boots I wore on excavation to Myanmar, one of those telephone cord hair ties I stole from my sister back home in Australia

4:21 PM JAN 16 2018

Black suit jacket, dark blue short-sleeve button up shirt with stripes, black jeans, black belt, gray sneakers

4:52 PM JAN 16 2018

i am wearing clear, round glasses, copper timberland boots, dark gray jeans, green camo adidas windbreaker, and a dark brown camo winter coat with a comic strip print lining inside

12:55 PM JAN 17 2018

A black turtleneck from Everlane, Uniqlo Heat Tech, Gap jeans, snow boots, and a watch

12:58 PM JAN 17 2018

Gray and lime green north jersey Vipers 1/4 zip up, black jeans, fuzzy grey socks, Timberlands

12:59 PM JAN 17 2018

Maroon strappy bra, black scooped three quarter length tight shirt, high waisted JNCO jeans, maroon lace socks, vintage block heeled brown lace up boots, vintage red over the shoulder coach bag.